Beyond The Megavalanche | Alpe D’Huez Epic Ride

– Like that and then that or just, like mate I’m old-school,
just the old handshake. Yeah, oh. (laughing) – [Both] Ah! – Oh, ah! (banging) – I’m in sunny outdoors, French Alps, going for an epic ride
on my own, how boring. Neil’s not here, Doddy’s
filming, boring tech. I don’t know what, oh, Ben Deakin! – Oi oi!
– Hey! Dude, I was just about
to go for an epic ride. All on my tod, like no friends whatsoever. – Do you know what, Blake? I was going to do an epic ride also, but you’re finally here, it’s
going to be even more epic. – Let’s go!
– Shall we effing do it? – Yeah, let’s do it. – Let’s do it, son. Deaks, have you got your lift, bud? Well done, Deak. (upbeat music) All alone, eh?
– [Deakin] Root section! (upbeat music) – We’re up here in Alpe
D’Huez, in the French Alps. We’re about 2,800 meters roughly? – 2,800 meters roughly. – Roughly
– Give or take. – Give or take. And we’ve got so much of descending to do. I’m on a Hard Tail, you’re
on your DMR Sledge, enduro rig, fresh off the Mega Avalanche. And we still want to shred bikes. – We love shredding bikes, don’t we? – And I heard you did an enduro that way. – I did and I wanted to show you the ropes of this enduro race. – I mean, it looks that big. It looks like the moon,
so or I can go that way, and go see some epic views. – It’s about exploring, mate. – It is about exploring. Exploring, exploring. (upbeat music) – [Deakin] It’s beautiful. (upbeat music) Ah. Yeah. (upbeat music) Ah, look at the lake! (upbeat music) Well, that’s absolutely stunning isn’t it? – [Blake] That is beautiful isn’t it? Epicness. – [Deakin] Wow
– [Blake] Nice Yes, brother. – [Deakin] There’s loads
of these little lakes. Like glacier water lakes,
up here in these mountains. – I tell you what, it’s a weekend, so there’s loads of people around, but on the other side
of this, like Rocky Bit is where we’re going to go. – All right – I’ll show you. Here’s another viewpoint over there. And I’ll show you and you
where we’re going to end up. Yeah? – Let’s do it – Back that way I think. (upbeat music) Do you know where you’re going Deeks? – I’ll make it up as we go along I think. – [Blake] Are you sure? I don’t want to get lost. (upbeat music) Tell the viewers who you
are, where you’re from, and what you actually do. But I know you’re an epic rider. – I don’t know about that. – Ha ha ha – So then, guys, my name is
Ben ‘the Deakinator’ Deakin. I am a former elite racer
turned, I guess, media mong. Racing’s still my bread
and butter, love it. But at the same time, the
whole social media side is sort of taken a bit more
preference in my eyes way. You get to travel to some amazing places, with amazing friends. Just like you, Blake Samson. Epic views. – Yeah – And that just means I can
ride my bike with no pressure, but have a laugh. And some of you may
well know me for Oi Oi. – [Blake] Like your helmet. – [Deakin] Just like my
helmet, look at that. (upbeat music) Oh, you got me. I guess the interesting
fact, I’m a former, royal marine commander. – Yes, now tell us a little story about you being in the Marines and how. – I don’t want to bore
everyone too too much. – Make it snappy. – But I got shot in Afghanistan,
hence why now it was the golden bullet, and I’m now, riding my bike for a living. – [Blake] Yeah. – [Deakin] There you go. Don’t want to bore everyone
too too much, there. – That’s Ben Deakin. I’ve
known you for so long, ’cause we used to ride in the local spot. – We have. – Down in Limington. He’s from the United Kingdom. – [Deakin] On the Southwest Flat. On the Southwest Flat where its flat – [Blake] And you’re out
here on the mountains. (upbeat music) – [Deakin] Epic! (upbeat music) Ah Deak, it’s the wood section! – [Deakin] Oh, the famous woods. – [Blake] Yeah. Woo! (upbeat music) Oi it’s bloody slopes well done (laughs) Didn’t do that one, dude. Now this little wood, well
this massive wood actually, is where the Megavalanche
does come through. So we know this section a lot. But we love it so much
we want to do it again. – We do. – Yeah. – It’s steep, it’s gnarly, but it’s epic. – And it’s epic. And I’ll tell you what, there’s some epic root garden coming up. It’s off camera, gnarly, ah. Yup! On the hardtail, how much do you find
the back wheel bouncing? It bounces, it tracks everything. Like you’ve got a suspension
to just track the ground. Let your back wheel do its
thing, your bike stays level. This, your whole body is doing everything. You’re the suspension. It is absolutely nuts. I don’t think I’m going to do it again. – [Deakin] Oh the mutiny.
– The famous root section! The famous loamy bit. (upbeat music) Epic man! (upbeat music) – [Blake] Oh my gosh this is steep! – [Deakin] Oi he’s blowing up boulders left and right, you’ll never. (upbeat music) – [Blake] Deak! (upbeat music) ♪ Your one and only ♪ (upbeat music) – [Deakin] Ho ho ho ho. – [Blake] Why do you do this to me? – [Deakin] Ho ho ho ho. (Deakin farts) (laughs) – [Blake] That’s how scared I was. – [Deakin] That was quality. – [Blake] Wow. – [Deakin] Oh, wow. Fair play, Blakers Right, should we get a lift? – [Blake] Yeah, let’s get a lift. – [Deakin] Let’s get a lift. (upbeat music) – [Blake] It’s not over yet. We’ve still got to go
back up, and down again. – Epic. (Blake laughs) – [Blake] Oh quite. Let’s do it. – Let’s do it. (upbeat music) – [Blake] Look at this
view at the finish, Deaks. Look at it. That’s home. – [Deakin] That is insane. That is really, really cool. – Man, thank you so much
for watching this video. Thanks, Deaks for an epic ride, mate. – Thank you very much for having me along. – So good. And it’s so good to just
head out with your friends, and just to go and
explore wherever you are. It’ll be epic no matter what. But it’s good to do it with friends, eh? – It’s all about friends. We’ve see some epic views. We’ve got some epic trails. – The count is going up with the epicness. – And I was amazed of your epic
skill riding that Hard Tail. – Oh, man, I tell you, it is pretty hard. Thank you very much for
watching this rad video. If you want to stick around
and see another epic video, click just on the screen just over there. – And if you want to
subscribe, there’s a massive, round thing right here. Just tap that little number, and that will get you
subscribed to the channel. – If you want to see some
more epicness, let us know in the comments down below, and give us a thumbs up,
like, if you love Ben Deakin. (both laughing) Cheers. – Oi oi. – Cheers. – Hey, lets go for a beer run. – Let’s go for some beers, mate. – Let’s go for a beer
to finish this epicness. – Right. – How many epics have we counted? – Let us know in the comments. Look at you. (upbeat music)

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