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– Please welcome from the
women’s team, Dani Ryan. (cheering) (rock music) today you had to demonstrate contrast by tattooing a neo-traditional animal. Let’s start with Dani. (suspenseful music) – The red in the gloves, great. The black eye that’s
blue and purple, great. And that eye really stands out because that blue is next to that black, that brown’s next to that black. It all stands out because you
have something to contrast. You’re giving me something
here that I want to root for. – Good job. – Dani. – The guys are trying to screw me over with the sternum tattoo. The ribcage is moving up and down, it’s painful for everybody. She wants to do sternum underneath here. – It’s like an array of flowers
kind of getting smaller. – The smaller you get with
your little details and stuff the more it’s gonna
end up being like an X. – I have two tiny tattoos, but I literally just don’t feel anything. – Like anything at all? Well, if they were trying to
get me, complete backfire. Flowers worked in my favor because when you see
something cross stitch on a pillow or something it’s a flower, so I think it looks like your grandma’s actual cross stitch piece. – Yours definitely looks
very cross stitch-y. – [Dani] It does? – [Holli] Yeah. You met the challenge, bitch. – [Dani] That’s what I want to do. – Yeah. – Just do what I’m told. The more tattoos we do
and the more chances I get to show things that nobody has seen me do it’s starting to hit
people that I might be a decent threat in this competition. I’m slowly learning that
cross stitch is not my style, so crossed off. – Dani. (suspenseful music) – I’m gonna tell you
that I hate this tattoo because people are gonna want this shit. – Oh (beep). (laughing) – [Chris] This is a really
solid applied tattoo. Less is more. – Thank you. (rock music) I was nervous when she picked the subject because I knew it was gonna
be something totally crazy because she’s definitely from
another planet, for sure. – Dani is one of the strongest competitors not only on the girl’s team,
but in the entire competition. – I was in my mind I think making it more difficult than it was. – Dani and Laura. Laura, you called out a new school alien holding a milky way galaxy. Let’s take a look at Dani’s tattoo. It’s an incredible rendering. I’m super impressed for
throwing this together having no concept of
what this was gonna be. – I love this battle. I wish this battle was every week. – [Dave] Me too. – If anything, if you have certain areas that you’re not comfortable with, like how the claws and the feet are, bring the wing across it and hide it. – [Woman] I wish the tattoo
actually felt like this. – [Dani] Yeah, right? Be a lot easier, wouldn’t it? – What I think is the
shining moment to this is the composition that you
have of the parallel wings coming down and the hands
crossed nicely in between them. The shading in this
tattoo, the rich deep black and the skin breaks that
you leave are beautiful. It sells the look of this thing. – Thank you so much. – I was born with spina bifida and I’ve been in my
wheelchair my whole life. – [Man] He plays for a
wheelchair basketball team. – Oh my God, that’s awesome. Can I have a high five? Wish me luck. (rock music) I’m just trying to make sure that it looks like a bald eagle. The head’s mostly white, right? – White stops about here. – I love to paint. That’s what I was doing before I tattooed. – Leave some of this, the body, ’cause right now you have the legs kind of attaching to the neck. – All right, thank you. The best way for me to
show finesse right now is to get these designs to
be as fun as Joey is himself, so I want to mimic his personality in these little paintings. (gasping) – (chuckling) Oh, buddy! – [Dani] You like it? – What do you think?
– Yeah, I love it. – You love it? – [Dani] I need a high five. – Yeah. – Yes! – What do you say? – Thank you. – You’re welcome. – Dani. (rock music) – Joey, I think you got the
toughest eagle in all the land. It’s beautiful color. – I love how you put that background. It makes it look like it’s turning even if it’s sitting still. Fantastic. All right, thanks guys. – Dani. – Oh shit, okay. Was not expecting that. I’m stocked. So how did you know this kid? – [Man] We were in
basic training together. – Oh, really? That’s where you really make
the bonds I think, right? – Yeah.
– ‘Cause you’re going through- – We got real close. – Any time you make a memorial piece the expectations are super, super high. This is his friend. He passed away overseas
and that’s heartbreaking. My boyfriend’s in the military. – [Man] Okay. – Yes, he’s actually about
to go to Afghanistan again. Every time my boyfriend
leaves to go overseas I can’t think of all the bad
things that could happen, but for some reason I always do. My mind just goes there and I hate it. I can’t even imagine the people out there who have lost their loved ones overseas. Worst possible scenario right now is that I (beep) up this dude’s face and it does not look like his friend, and I am not prepared to do that. It is not gonna happen. I am not gonna let it happen. – Dani. The way you simplify the clothing, the clothing looks really great. The beret looks really great. – Thank you. Compared to what we just did the other day I feel like I have all
the time in the world. I’m gonna fight my ass of. The beloved broccoli wizard, I have no idea how I’m gonna beat that but I’m gonna do my frickin’ best. You imagine in your mind the
critic that they’re gonna say, and then you’re like, “Oh,
maybe I should do that.” You just hear them in your head going, “I wish you did this and I don’t
like the way you did that.” I’m like, “I’m trying!” – [Woman] Must be terrifying. – My mom since I was a little kid has been my number one fan. There are so many people that
are just unreal supportive of my life, my career choices, and I really want to prove it to myself that I’m as good as they think I am. – [Dave] Dani. You picked creepy Jason’s
new school broccoli wizard. – The black fade leading into your red and you skin breaks,
super soft, super smooth. This is a very clean sticker tattoo with no questions in the design. I think it’s very strong. (tense music) – I have come up with about 45 different designs for this tattoo. They gave me biomechanical. It’s gonna be a lot of
cool colors on the outside and then we’re gonna have
this big like fireball. – That’s pretty wild. – I studied the best I
could from great artists, but I have to just do it
the way I would do it. – That’s a lot of stuff. – There’s a lot of stuff back there, yeah. (man speaking indistinctly) (laughing) Sweet. I’m doing my first biomechanical tattoo and I’m doing my first large back piece on the biggest stage for tattoo artists. The pressure is on. No (beep) way. Because who else would
this happen to, right? Power lines coming down? The whole entire town of
Warren just lost power because a tree went over a power line. My luck. (laughing) (crying) Power. Got it, it’s on. We have light. I’m so glad that you have a
truck that has a plug in it. Our own little personal
generator, it’s pretty sweet. I’ll do what I can. You did it. I feel like 10 million pounds have just been lifted off my shoulders. First biomechanical tattoo ever. – [Dave] Let’s check out
their 35 hour master canvas. Dani. (cheering) You’re up. (cheering) – What the (beep). – Looks really good up there. – [Dave] All right, Dani, you
were assigned biomechanical. Tell us about your design. – I really wanted to make something bold and bright and vibrant. I know light source, really important, so I thought I’d make one of my own. – [Dave] It’s pretty dazzling. (cheering) – Thank you so much. (rock music)

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