BERMUDA TRIANGLE’S MYSTERY SOLVED? | In Search Of (Season 2) | History

of the Bermuda Triangle may finally be close
to being solved. Experts have theorized that
the area’s high concentration of magnetite could be causing
interference with the Earth’s magnetic field,
leading to weather anomalies, dangerous
algae growth, and problems with navigation. If that’s the case,
then the issue lies much deeper than the ocean floor. It lies at the very
core of our planet. And according to geophysics
professor Dr. Justin Revenaugh, a potentially catastrophic
magnetic shift is happening there right now. JUSTIN REVENAUGH: My interest
in the Earth’s magnetic field began when I was in college. Because of a big solar
storm, the northern lights move further down from
the poles than usual. And I thought it was amazing. And as a result, I’ve kept
tabs on the magnetic field through the rest of my life. And what it’s doing
right now is unusual. ZACHARY QUINTO: What
it’s doing is moving. And it might be
taking the Bermuda Triangle right along with it. JUSTIN REVENAUGH: So here,
we’re looking down on the north pole of the planet. Geographic north
lies right there. And shown in the colored
dots are the position of magnetic north over time. We start down here in 1900,
moving steadily northward slowly, until about
1990, at which point, it started moving
much more quickly. And at the present day, it’s
moving at a rate of 35 miles per year to the north and west. If that motion continues,
it’ll cross the Arctic Ocean and work its way into Russia. ZACHARY QUINTO: The question
is if the Bermuda Triangle features a deadly
magnetic anomaly, how might it be impacted by
the planet’s magnetic shift? JUSTIN REVENAUGH: The
average person has no idea that magnetic north is moving. Why should they? Can’t see it. You don’t feel it. But it affects the navigation
of ships and airplanes. ZACHARY QUINTO: It’s a problem
that sounds a lot like what could be happening in
the Bermuda Triangle, except now, it’s beginning
to occur on a global scale. These changes are requiring
us to update maps and software to accommodate the shifts in
the poles that are necessary to make sure that GPS and
compass-based navigation continues to be accurate. ZACHARY QUINTO: But
according to Dr. Revenaugh, there could be even greater
consequences for life on Earth. JUSTIN REVENAUGH: The
Earth’s magnetic field acts like a forcefield. If you think about “Star Trek,”
the USS Enterprise, when they would be shot by lasers,
and photon weapons would be deflected away
from the spacecraft. “Star Trek” didn’t pull
this out of thin air. Our planet’s magnetic
field is protecting us from space weather, solar
radiation, solar winds. If they reach the
Earth in full numbers, it could shut down electrical
grids, gas and oil pipelines, cellular and satellite
communication, television, aircraft flights, and
potentially other things that we haven’t
even thought about. It won’t happen overnight, but
we are seeing signs that it could happen rather soon. Scholars like Dr.
Revenaugh are currently trying to identify
all of the issues that a magnetic
shift could cause. After that, they’ll still
need to convince governments, private companies, and engineers
to shore up our infrastructure before it’s too late. As for the Bermuda Triangle,
if it is moving northwest as we proposed, thankfully, it
remains an isolated area just 500,000 square miles on the
surface of a nearly 200 million square mile planet. But if we don’t
plan for the future, the entire world may one day
become a Bermuda Triangle– a place where safe navigation
of the seas and skies can no longer be possible. The search continues.

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