Berlin Alexanderplatz- Episode One, “The Punishment Begins”

Based on the novel by Alfred Döblin, a film in 13 parts with an epilogue. Biberkopf, Franz. His discharge papers. Thanks. All the best. Have fun. Part 1 : The Punishment Begins Hey! -Yeah?
-Something wrong? -What do you mean?
-Are you afraid? No need to be afraid. Times are bad for most people. One more won’t be noticed. It’s easier when you get out now
than it was in the past. Only four years, wasn’t it? What are four years? Nothing at all. My God,
others have served far longer. See, it’s as simple as that.
You just cross the threshold. It’s simple, isn’t it? Okay, now you give it a try. The main thing is to not look back. It’s all superstition
and doesn’t help usually, but that’s how you have to do it. But if it doesn’t help? Who knows what helps who? It’s one of those rules. If you don’t
turn around, you won’t come back. The fact that most of them
do come back is a mystery people like us
will never understand. All these people and the city and the world, and me… Just don’t cause any trouble, buddy.
You’ll be all right. About time too. And remember, don’t look back. Idiot! What’s the matter? You don’t feel well? They have forks and stick meat
into their mouths with them. Then they pull the forks out again and they don’t bleed. You don’t feel well? Are you in pain? Cognac. A cognac. A cognac. “When the bell rings,
work must begin immediately. It may be interrupted only at
the times appointed for eating, walking and instruction. When walking, prisoners
must hold their arms exended and swing them back and forth.” Stand still. Do you feel sick? What should happen? It can’t be so bad. You won’t go under. Berlin’s big. Where thousands live, there’ll be room for one more. There comes a call
Like thunder’s roar Like clash of swords Waves dashing on the shore
To the Rhine The German, German Rhine! Guardians all we’d be of thine Rest easy, dear fatherland of mine! Strong and true stands the watch The watch on the Rhine Strong and true stands the watch The watch The watch on the Rhine Prisoners are kept in solitary
confinement, cells and in groups, In solitary confinement, a prisoner
is isolated from other prisoners, A prisoner in cell confinement will be brought together with others
for exercise, instruction and worship, Come inside with me. I’ll tell you a story. What’s the matter? Down into the ground, into the earth, where it’s dark. For God’s sake,
you’re not at home here. I’m only a guest here too. Get up! Be quiet, for God’s sake! If the old man hears… We’ll get along with each other. No one’s going to
take me away from here. No one’s going to
take me away from here. The parable of Zannowich. If you won’t say what’s wrong with you, I’ll tell you a story. Why does he groan and sigh? A decision must be made, A certain course has to be pursued, and you don’t know which one, Franz, You don’t want the old one, and in your cell, you just groaned
and hid yourself and didn’t think, You didn’t think, Franz, Don’t worry about yourself so much. Listen to others. Who says you’re so important? God’s hand lets no man fall. Now, I’ll tell you the story of Zannowich, Stefan Zannowich. My late father, God bless him,
told us many tales. There were seven of us,
seven hungry mouths, and when there was nothing to eat,
he’d tell us stories. It doesn’t fill your stomach,
but it helps you to forget. It’s easy to whimper, A sick mouse can whimper, In this world, we know life’s
not all gold, beauty and joy. Who was this Zannowich? Who was his father?
Who were his parents? Paupers, Iike most of us. Shopkeepers, peddlers, traders, and almost starved in the process. He took up cards and played with the people. It cost them a mint of money. Old Zannowich was a cheat. A cardsharper. But he had brains. He bought himself an estate in the end. A whole village. And he sent his children to college… …and he died in old age, respected and at peace with the world. That was the life of old Zannowich. A sick camel can groan too, If the father’s a tiny plant,
he wants his son to be a tree. If the father’s a stone,
the son should be a mountain. Stefan Zannowich Junior was a great orator, even as a young man of 20. He could be pliable, ingratiate himself. He had a way with women and knew how to play
the swell among men. It was like a miracle
to young Zannowich. Everywhere, people flocked to him. He had the key to everyone’s heart. Fool! You should repent, acknowledge what has happened, see what needs to be done, Now, I want to ask you how Zannowich got as far as he did. Father and son, for that matter. Because they had brains,
they were clever, you think. Other people have been clever too, but they haven’t achieved
as much at 80 as Stefan at 20. What’s most important
are a person’s eyes and his feet. You have to be able to see the world… …and go toward it. So listen to what
Stefan Zannowich did, the man who had seen people and knew how little one need be afraid of them. See how they smooth one’s path, how they almost show
a blind man the way. They wanted him to be Baron Warta. “Okay,” he said, “then I’m Baron Warta.” Later, that wasn’t enough for him,
nor for them. If one can be a baron, why not more? Hey, listen, little man, were you hit by a car or something? A bit cracked, maybe? So maybe I was run over. First I’m a fool, then I’m meshugge. Why are you sitting here
giving me a load of bull? Who’s sitting here and won’t get up?
Me? When there’s a sofa behind me? If it bothers you, I’ll stop talking. It’s more comfortable sitting like that. Just cut the bull, will you? Whatever you want. I’ve told the story many times. I don’t have to go on,
if you’re not interested. No, no, no.
You carry on with your story. I just wanted to open your eyes. This Stefan Zannowich
I told you about got hold of money, so much that he could go
to Germany with it and be free. The moral of Zannowich’s story is that he knew about himself
and about people. Yet he was as innocent as a little bird. You see, he wasn’t in the least afraid of the world. Surprising conclusion to the story and the invigorating effect
this has on the released prisoner. I haven’t met an odd fish like you
in a long time. Maybe you haven’t been looking. There are still some around. What’s your line, anyway? Baying at the moon? That’s good. Now we’ll talk about the moon. Who is this man?
What are you doing with him? And what are you doing here, Eliser? I don’t know who he is.
He won’t tell me his name. Been telling stories again? What business is it of yours? Has he been telling you stories? He doesn’t talk. He goes around
singing in the courtyards. Let him go, then. What I do is none of your business. I heard at the door what was going on. You told him about Zannowich. -All you ever do is tell stories.
-Who on earth are you? How did you get in here? Why do you meddle in his affairs? Did he tell you
about Zannowich or not? He did tell you. My brother-in-law Nahum
goes around telling stories and can’t even help himself. I never asked for your help. Can’t you see he doesn’t feel well,
you nasty person? So he feels unwell. God didn’t command you to help. Listen to him! God had to wait
until he came along to help. You nasty person. Steer clear of him. He’s probably told you
how Zannowich got on in the world. Are you going soon? Listen to the old fraud, the do-gooder. Thinks he can tell me!
Whose place is this? His? What did you tell him about Zannowich? The lessons to be learned from him? You should have become a rabbi.
We’d have fed you. I don’t need your charity. And we don’t need parasites
hanging on our coattails! Did he tell you what happened
to his Zannowich in the end? You nasty person! Did he tell you that? Hey, don’t run away. Don’t be upset. Let him blather. He drives people meshugge. Let him tell you how it all ended
with his Zannowich, Stefan. He doesn’t say. Why won’t he say? I ask you. Because you’re a nasty person, Eliser. So how long did he live,
your Zannowich, huh? Thirty years. He wasn’t allowed
longer because of his evil deeds. He couldn’t pay back borrowed money. They took him to court.
And so it all came out about his hero. Nahum, did you tell him about his terrible end in prison? How he cut his veins and how he died? A fine life! A fine end!
Tell him about that. Afterwards, the executioner came,
the flayer with a cart for animals, and they loaded Zannowich onto it
and threw him down near the gallows and dumped garbage
from the city over him. Is that true? A sick mouse can whimper too. So that’s how you are, brother-in-law. Go ahead. Say it isn’t true. Hey, just a moment. Is it true, what he said about the man and how they locked him up
and killed him? Killed? Did I say they killed him? No. He killed himself. All right, he killed himself. And what did the others do? Who? Who? Surely there were others like him,
like Stefan. What should they have done? They just watched. Here. Just look at my pants. That’s how big I was once. And now they’re so loose, two big fists would go in there. That’s hunger for you. It’s all gone, my whole gut. That’s how you’re broken… …if you don’t always behave
as you should. But the others ain’t much better, if you ask me. They want to drive you crazy. A jailbird. So what? Then they say: “You’re released.” And you’re back in it, in the mire. And it’s the same mire as before. It’s no laughing matter. You see what they did
with that guy there. They take him out of jail,
and the bastard with the dogcart throws the dead man on top
after he’s killed himself. The goddamned bastard. They should have killed him right away. Sinning against people like that. You can say what you like. Well, what can one say? Are we nothing anymore,
just because we did something once? Anyone who’s done time
can get back on his feet, no matter what he’s done. Why repent? You have to get it off your chest,
strike out, put it all behind you, and then it’ll be over,
the fear and everything, I just wanted to tell you not to believe everything
my brother-in-law says. Things don’t always work out
the way you want them to. There’s no justice
in throwing a guy on a dung heap and pouring garbage over him. Is that justice for a dead man? It’s revolting! I must say goodbye now.
Give me your mitts. Come on. You mean well, and so do you. My name’s Biberkopf, Franz. Nice of you to take me in. My little birdy sang quite a song in the yard, huh? Don’t worry. It’ll pass. Are you really all right? Can you manage on your own? Don’t worry your little head.
You can let me go. You told me about the eyes and the legs. I still have them. Nobody’s chopped them off yet! I could use a cognac. And if anyone tries anything, I’ll paste him one. I must see where I can get a cognac. An orphan’s fate – in six acts Showing today: Orphaned All very interesting. Could do that again, but in this damned weather. I don’t know. And anyway, what’s the point? God-awful weather. How much is the girl? -Let me go!
-What’s the matter? I can’t breathe, you jerk! Are you crazy? Give me my three marks first. That’s the rule. Why are you staring at me like that? Because l’ve been in jail
a few years, fatso. Out in Tegel. You can imagine. There once was a prince and a princess,,, That loved one another so dear. When the dog with the bone
runs across the street… Cluck, cluck, cluck, my rooster
Cluck, cluck, cluck, my hen,,, Anything wrong? Who’s that guy next door? It ain’t a guy. It’s my landlady. What’s she doing? What do you think? She’s in her kitchen. Tell her to stop moving around. Why’s she walking around?
I can’t stand it. My God. Okay, I’ll tell her. Mrs. Priese, could you be quiet
for a few minutes? I have to talk with a gentleman.
It’s important. -Making soup, Miss Stein?
-The yellow oxfords need resoling, -I’ll get a spoon,
-Kitty’s guy will do it for 2 marks, -Cooking noodles?
-I won’t snatch him from her, -Give me noodles, Miss Stein!
-Dye them brown, Iike my blouse, It’s an old rag anyway, It’d make a good coffee cozy, The ribbons need to be pressed, I’ll tell Mrs, Priese,
She probably has a fire going, What’s she cooking today? Don’t you like me? Don’t make me laugh. Lie down again. Hey, you’re not going to cry here? I’ll be right with you and bring something good.
Then everything will be fine again. Come on, open your little beak.
Big boy has to drink. People are always cheerful here. That’ll be another 60 pfennigs. Come on, big guy. Trouble with the eyes?
Drink Mampe’s brandy and you’ll feel fine and dandy. And l’ve got something here. Read that and everything will be okay again. “Sexual potency is the outcome of the combined actions of first, the internal secretory system, second, the nervous system,
and third, the sexual apparatus. The glands responsible for potency are: the pituitary gland, the thyroid gland, the adrenal glands, the prostate gland, the seminal vesicle and the epididymis. Within this system,
the gonad predominates. The substance it produces
charges the entire sexual apparatus, from the cerebral cortex to the genitals. The erotic stimulus triggers erotic tension
in the cerebral cortex. A current in the form of
an erotic impulse travels from the cerebral cortex to the control center
in the diencephalon. The stimulus then rolls down
the spinal cord… …but not without impediment,
for before leaving the brain, it has to overcome the
braking effect of inhibitions, those mainly emotional inhibitions that,
for fear of failure…” It’s not my fault. You owe me 60 pfennigs
for the two Mampes. Mr. Biberkopf. You’re so late.
I expected you much earlier. Miss Eva paid your rent and said
you were coming today, but much earlier. Come in. Thanks. You remember where your room was,
don’t you? It hasn’t really been so long. The next door. Or you can use the other one, here. Four years. My God. You, Franz. Yes. Open the door. Let me in. Rumbledy, bumbledy, bumbledy, bee. There’s a piece of twine on my tongue. What do you want here?
If somebody had seen you on the stairs. So what? What would it matter? They know what they can do. Good morning. Rumbledy bumbledy… Rumbledy bumbledy… Rumbledy bumbledy… Damn piece of twine on my tongue. Can’t get it off. It doesn’t matter. Just a stupid feeling
on the tip of the tongue. What do you want here, Franz? You must be crazy. I’ll just sit down. I devote myself to you With heart and hand The Kaiser relinquishes the sword. The Kaiser must return the sword to me. That is the way of the world. If you don’t go, I’ll scream for help. I’ll yell I’m being attacked. But why? Rumbledy, bumbledy, bumbledy, bee. I’ve walked so far. Now I’m here and I’m sitting here… Have they let you out already? Yeah, it’s all over. And because they let me out,
I’m here. They let me out, all right. But how. The trumpet’s broken. It’s all over. What do you want?
What’s up with you? Franz. I’ll scream. Let me go. Karl will be back soon, any minute now.
That’s how it all started with Ida. What is a woman worth among friends? The London divorce court,
at the suit of Captain Bacon, dissolved his marriage
on the grounds of his wife’s adultery with
Captain Furber, a fellow officer, and granted damages
amounting to £750, The captain would not seem
to have attached any great value to his unfaithful wife,
who intends to marry her lover soon, There’s nothing you can do, Men like this have arms of iron, Iron, I’ll scream for help, Franz. Oh, God. Have mercy, Franz. That’s the look he gave Ida, It’s Ida he’s holding in his arms, It’s her, He’s holding Ida in his arms, and Ida’s my sister, No more of those terrible brawls, No more boozing, I’m not in jail anymore, It’s the Garden of Eden, with dazzling fireworks, No house, No gravity, centrifugal force, Gone, sunk down, extinguished,
The red diffraction of solar radiation, the kinetic theory of gases, the transformation of heat into energy, the electrical oscillations, induction phenomena,
the density of metals, of fluids, of nonmetallic solids, Go on, strangle me. I’ll keep still if you can do it. You sure deserve it. What’s the sound of the trumpets? What’s the sound of the trumpets?
Hussars, ride forth! What’s the sound of the trumpets? Hussars, ride forth! Hallelujah! Franz Biberkopf has been released! Franz Biberkopf is back again! -I’ll tell Karl.
-Franz Biberkopf is free! I’ll tell Karl. They should have kept you
four more years. All Franz. Franz is back! Franz is free again! Take your hat and get out of here. If he meets you
and I’ve got a black eye… A black eye… Don’t show your face here again! Don’t come here again, or I’ll tell Karl. Tell him. Tell him everything, Minna. I’m so happy, Minna. I’m so happy. I’m a human being again. And who’s paying for my apron? Just like a man. So stupid. I’d like to be so full of myself for once. Just once in my life. Franz killed his girlfriend, Ida,
her last name’s not important, in the flower of her youth, It happened during a quarrel
between Franz and Ida, Initially, the following organs
of the woman were slightly injured: The skin at the end of her nose, and in the middle,
the bone and cartilage beneath, This was noticed later at the hospital
and played a role in court records, In addition, the right and left shoulders suffered light bruising,
with a discharge of blood, All he took in his hand
was a small, wooden cream whip, With two mighty blows,
he brought the whip into contact with the rib cage of Ida,
his partner in this altercation, Up to that day, Ida’s rib cage
had been completely intact, which one couldn’t say of this
attractive little person herself, Indeed, the man she supported
suspected, not without good reason, that she was about to ditch him for
someone newly arrived from Breslau, Anyway, this sweet girl’s
rib cage was not built to withstand contact
with the cream whip, At the first blow, she cried out, She no longer called him a dirty pimp, but said, “Oh, God!” The second encounter with the cream
whip occurred with Franz standing firmly after Ida had made
a quarter turn to the right, Whereupon Ida said nothing at all, but opened her mouth in a strange way, What had happened to the woman’s
rib cage a second before has to do with the laws of
rigidity and elasticity, impact and resistance, Without a knowledge of these laws,
the case cannot be understood, The following formula may be applied: Newton ‘s first law says that
a body remains in a state of rest unless acted upon
by an external force, open parentheses, which applies to Ida ‘s ribs,
closed parentheses, Newton ‘s second law says that
the change of momentum is proportional to the force
and is in the same direction, open parentheses,
the effective force being Franz, or his arm and fist and the contents
thereof, closed parentheses, –requests your attention, I shall be happy
to comply with your wishes and enclose my new catalog
and price list, In my store,
you’ll find an even larger selection,,, Come in. Visitors for you, Mr. Biberkopf. -Yes?
-Franz. Hello, Franz. Hello. Why didn’t you drop by? Should you decide
to purchase from me, you will enjoy my company’s services, The decision is yours, I’d be delighted if you accepted
my invitation to view our remarkable display, You’re welcome anytime, Remember: Hübner’s Furnishings
and the Radio Review… Oh… I don’t know.
I… What is it? I don’t want to go on as before. I don’t want to go on as before. I don’t want to go on as before. I don’t want to go on as before. I don’t want to go on as before,
I don’t want to go on as before. I don’t want to go on as before… -What’s up with him?
-He’s all screwed up. I don’t want to go on as before. -I don’t want to go on as before.
-Franz. I don’t want to go on as before. I don’t want to go on as before.
I don’t want to go on as before. Franz. I don’t want to go on as before. You should go away. I told you before. I just brought the aprons. What aprons? Go on, pick some out. You can keep your stolen goods. Mom, there’s a strange man
in the house. Mom. Don’t get the wrong idea.
It’s just so the neighbors don’t see you. I just brought the aprons. I told you,
you can keep your stolen stuff. It isn’t stolen. Look. It’s really not stolen. Really. Minna. It’s all for you, Minna. It’s my pleasure, Minna. I’ve been looking forward to it all day. I dreamed about you last night. You really make a person unhappy. What’s the matter? Karl didn’t believe me
about the black eye. He wanted me to show him how
I could bump into a cupboard like that. You really can get
a black eye like that if the door’s open. He should try it. I don’t know why,
but he doesn’t believe me. I don’t understand it. It’s because of the marks on my throat here. I didn’t even notice them. What do you say
when he points them out and you look in the mirror and
don’t know where they came from? You can scratch yourself
if something itches. Don’t let Karl push you around like that. I’d have given him a piece of my mind. And you keep coming up here. I bet the neighbors saw you. Go away, Franz.
Don’t come back again. You make me unhappy. Go away, Franz. Is it going to start all over again? What do you mean? I just want to sit with you in the parlor. -Would you like one?
-No, thanks. Don’t come back, Franz. God, Minna. What you can do to a guy. Why shouldn’t I come back? All right, I won’t come back. No, don’t come back, Franz. Franz? Hey, Meck! I’ve been following you
since you left home. You should have said something.
Why didn’t you say anything? Why didn’t you say anything? I don’t know. Just a feeling I had. What do you want with them up there? Isn’t that lda’s sister? Of course it’s lda’s sister. What about it? Haven’t you had enough of all that? Yes, it’s all over. I just couldn’t help it. I don’t know why myself. But what I did, I had to do. It was necessary for me.
Do you understand? Well, that’s your business. Yeah, it’s my business. Let’s have a drink together.
It’s been ages. Yeah, it’s been a long time. Yeah. Exactly four years and a few days. Tell me, honestly, how was it in there? No different from outside.
You can’t believe it, can you? But it’s the truth.
And the truth is the truth is the truth is the truth is the truth. Do you know her? That’s Lina, a Polish girl.
She’s always here. Say, what’s up with her? Nobody knows for sure. But she’s a nice girl.
Everyone knows that. I could go for her. Are you sure there’s really nothing up with her? No, really not. She gets by. Everyone tries to survive. It’s the times we live in.
You have to make ends meet. Yeah. Everyone tries to survive. What about you? What are you doing? Well, what does one do? One thing today,
another thing tomorrow, and something else the next day.
This, that and the other. That’s life. It should be something new.
That’s right. New and different. Completely different, completely new. We all come to our senses. That’s right. We all come to our senses,
even the most sensible guy. Even the most sensible guy
comes to his senses. Cheers. Cheers. Okay, now bring us three more. And a cognac for the lady. If she feels like it, she should join us. And if she doesn’t, she doesn’t have to. Hey, Lina. This is for you, Lina,
from the gentleman over there. Drink it, if you like,
with no strings attached. Or if you feel like it, you can join them. What’s up? Don’t you want
to drink to something? Later. Thank you. No need to say thanks. You say thanks afterwards, or not at all. It doesn’t mean much. Have you been sick, or…? That’s one way of putting it. Yeah, that’s one way of putting it. You did time. Wait a second. I’d say three… No. More like four years. I… Don’t let it bother you. That’s just my way sometimes. I see things like that. I don’t know how it happens. I just see something,
and in the end, I’m proven right. I served four years in Tegel. There, you see?
Everything’s okay again. Cheers. Cheers. What’s one meant to believe? You can believe in this,
you can believe in that. But reality isn’t real. It’s constantly changing. One day, it’s this, the next day, something else. Yeah. Four years. It’s not much, four years. Did you ever feel Homesick? Heartache that won’t heal Homesick? Everywhere around Cold and gloom abound Soft the sea’s waves sound Homesick Did you ever feel Homesick? Homesick? Homesick Testifortan. Where did you get this? Oh, that. Some guy who was here.
I don’t know exactly. Ten days, three weeks, maybe. He took the stuff. Testifortan. Testifortan, registered trademark number 365,635. Medication for sexual disturbances
by Dr. Magnus Hirschfeld and Dr. Bernhard Schapiro of the Institute for
Sexual Research, Berlin. The main causes of impotence are: A, insufficient tension, caused by a dysfunction of
the internal secretory glands. B, excessive resistance, caused by extreme
psychological inhibitions or exhaustion of the erectile center. At what point the impotent person
should attempt to resume sexual activity will depend on
the circumstances in each case. Abstention for a time
can often prove helpful.” Abstention can often prove helpful. What’s the matter? That’s my way. Oh, yeah? -That’s your way, is it?
-Yes. Well, fine. Yes? Your skin’s so beautiful. It’s what a man dreams of… …without knowing exactly
what he’s dreaming of. And your ears. And where your hair begins. And your smile. And the way you look at me. Did you feel that? Do other people feel the same? Not knowing, when they dream,
what they’re dreaming of… …when they lie there
with their eyes closed… …and dream? Now I know… …what I wanted to do today. I was looking for an excuse to do what I wanted to do anyway. Now I know what it was. I wanted to do it before and didn’t know what it was. I wanted to make a promise. I wanted to take an oath that I’d stay honest. That I would stay honest and that I’d never again do anything… That I’d never do anything different from what others do. That’s what I wanted to swear. I wanted to swear never to be dishonest again. That’s what I wanted to swear. And now I’ve sworn it,
and you’ve heard it. I have taken an oath. I’ve sworn to stay honest. I have sworn to stay honest! I’ve taken an oath,
and you’re my witness. You heard it. You heard that I want to stay straight.
I’ve taken an oath, and you’re my witness, that I always want to
stay honest, always. That I want to stay honest for ever and ever. That I want to stay honest forever… -Good morning.
-Good morning, Franz. I wasn’t expecting you anymore. You know I’m the
most reliable guy in the world. A leopard can’t change its spots. Well… Well, so that’s how it is. Well… Mrs. Bast. Mrs. Bast! You were away all night. That’s life. This is Lina, Mrs. Bast, simply Lina. -You’ll have to get used to her.
-Yes, but… No buts, Mrs. Bast. Lina. Go over and shake her hand. You’ll have to get along with her. Go on. She’s okay. My name’s Lina. Just how it all came about,
I can’t tell you, but I like Franz. And what else? What else? I just… …I like him, that’s all. Well, since nothing can be changed, feel yourself at home. That’s good, Lina.
It’s very good she likes you. Anyone she takes a liking to is okay. Hello, Mr. Meck. Still as cheerful as ever? As much as times permit, Mrs. Bast. You know how it is. How right you are. By the way, Mr. Biberkopf,
I don’t know if it’s important, but a letter came for you. A letter? For me? Yes, from the authorities.
But it doesn’t have to be serious. “Re: Franz Biberkopf. Having been convicted
of threatening behavior, assault and battery and inflicting
bodily injury resulting in death, you must be considered a danger
to public safety and morality. In accordance with Clause 2
of the law of December 31, 1842, and Clause 3 of the law
relating to freedom of movement dating from November 1, 1867, as well as
laws dating from June 12, 1889, and June 13, 1900,
I decree your expulsion from the following districts of Berlin:
Charlottenburg, Neukölln, Schöneberg, Wilmersdorf,
Lichtenberg and Stralau, as well as the administrative districts
of Friedenau, Schmargendorf, Tempelhof, Britz, Treptow, Reinickendorf, Weissensee,
Pankow and Tegel. I call upon you to leave this area
within a period of 14 days. Should you be found
within the described area or return thereto after expiry
of the appointed period, in accordance with Clause 132,
Paragraph 2 of the General State Administration Law
dating from July 30, 1883, you will be fined
the initial sum of 100 marks, or, in the event of inability to pay,
be sentenced to 10 days’ imprisonment. Furthermore,
should you take up residence in any of the following municipalities
around Berlin: Potsdam, Spandau, Friedrichsfelde, Karlshorst, Friedrichshagen,
Oberschöneweide, Wuhlheide, Fichtenau, Rahnsdorf,
Carow, Buch, Frohnau, Köpenick, Lankwitz, Steglitz, Zehlendorf,
Teltow, Dahlem, Wannsee, Klein-Glienicke,
Nowawes, Neuendorf, Eiche, Bornim and Bornstedt,
you will be expelled from the respective locations in accordance with form number 968.
Police Headquarters, Berlin.” No need to look like that. I’m so fond of you. Well… Say something. Say something. For God’s sake, say something. What should I say? What should I say? Say something. I say Prunerstrasse 1, Prisoners’ Aid. Very well. Then write: Mr. Franz Biberkopf has placed
himself under our supervision. We’ll check that you’re working,
and you must report to us once a month. Every month. -That’s all right.
-We shall inquire whether he is working. Mr. Biberkopf has also undertaken
to report to us each month. Thanks. Goodbye. Goodbye. Make sure you stick
to our agreement. Forgotten the fear, Tegel, the red wall, the moaning and all, A new life begins,
Gone is the pain, The old life is over, Franz Biberkopf’s back again, The
Prussians are happy and shout, “Hurrah!” We’ve won. Lina, we’ve won. Do you understand? We’ve won, Lina. We’ve won! We’ve won! Oh, man! I don’t have to leave Berlin. End of part one, with:

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