Bellarmine University faculty, staff and students adapting to COVID-19

our primary value here is the health and
well-being of our students faculty and staff we felt that getting out of
getting out ahead of the situation was the right the right decision to make fortunately we had a community of
faculty and staff who were enthusiastically supportive and stepped
up like no other faculty that I’ve ever worked with I know that students are generally anxious
anyways and so their their sense of anxiety I think needs to be calmed by
the presence of faculty in situations like you know virtually right so we want
things to continue as they’ve been continuing just in a different platform
just to deal with the situation we’re dealing with right now and to help them
to realize that what we’re doing both faculty and students help them to
realize that we’re not just doing this for us but it’s the step that we at Bellarmine can take to work for the well-being of our community and it’s not ideal but
it’s what we can do for our neighbors one of the advantages of a place like Bellarmine is that the values that that that surround an institution like this
in the mission aren’t just statements on a website they’re they’re actually
animated every day in our work with students it’s part of the fabric of
working here and living here and interacting with people is that those
those values in that mission are right here at the front of everybody’s mind
every day

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