Be Part of History at the 2020 Burton U·S·Open Snowboarding Championships

Seeing the ladies compete in the US Open when I was younger before I even really started competing. Then thinking like I
want to go there one day. I have a few memorable moments from the US Open. I got second last year. That was a huge accomplishment for me. 2016 was really special to me. I ended up getting fifth place and trying my first ever backside triple cork in it. Another insane moment that I think a lot of riders can remember is when you Yuki Kadono did his back-to-back triple 16s out of nowhere. Being at the bottom of the course
for that like I still feel that moment it was crazy. Making a final last year was the dream
come true to me. my best friend Luke and my best friend Red pretty much just do the most psycho run I’ve ever seen them put down and that was definitely those memorable things I’ve ever witnessed in my life so far.

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