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This video is sponsored by the armchair historian website more on that later Today we’re going to talk about the unsuccessful American invasion of Canada. The first one let’s start with some context in 1763 the British Empire emerged victorious against France in the Seven Years War Suddenly the British found themselves with a large number of ethnically French citizens in their new Canadian colony Because of the French Canadians dubious loyalties the American Continental Congress sent a letter as early as May 29th 1775 writing the following to the oppressed inhabitants of Canada Join with us in the defense of our common Liberty They were flatly ignored just when Congress had all but given up Ethan Allen and Benedict Arnold the two commanders who had captured Fort Ticonderoga in northern, New York Pleaded to the Congress to launch an invasion further north So it was decided on June 27th that a force would be sent to capture Montreal in the West and Quebec in the East the British perception of their Canadian subjects was also misguided General Guy Carleton was so certain that he could recruit a new regiment of French Canadians that he sent two battalions of his standing Garrison to reinforce general gage in Boston during the summer of 1775 in the coming months he eventually realized that he had overestimated the French Canadians loyalty to the crown and was unable to Successfully raise a new regiment to protect Quebec the Continental Congress saw this moment as the perfect opportunity to strike They dispatched Brigadier General Richard Montgomery to seize Montreal and make his way east How they expected to do this with just seventeen hundred men is beyond me WJ would author of battles of the American Revolutionary War 1775 to 1783 other problems with the impending invasion Unexpectedly rough terrain the forces of nature and the abilities of general Guy Carleton governor of Canada and commander of the British forces Montgomery began his expedition by making his way north to Lake Champlain But was stopped on September 16th at fort st. Joan’s which was garrisoned by 725 British red on November 2nd The fort was captured and nothing stood in the way of Montgomery’s path to Montreal once he had made it there He used a similar strategy surrounding it by landing a forest north of the city. It was the infilling that Washington could only dream of Carleton who commanded the garrison abandoned the city and was almost captured in his escape on November 13th the city fell just a month prior in September George Washington gave Colonel Benedict Arnold one of the earliest advocates of the Canadian invasion orders to march to Quebec with 1,100 men and rendezvous with Montgomery who did not have enough men on his own to successfully besieged, Quebec City Arnold and his men had to put up with grueling conditions on their Trek up north and with highly inaccurate maps – By the time they arrived on November 9th only 600 men remained with no cannon and inadequate equipment The well-equipped British defenders. Meanwhile numbered some 1,800 men luckily Montgomery arrived just in time to take command on December 2nd with over 300 fresh troops Munitions food and captured British uniforms 8 days later the cannon that Montgomery had brought with him were set up But they couldn’t even put a dent in Quebec Stick walls Furthermore the ice-covered ground made digging trenches and defensive structures nearly impossible And only 20 days remained before his men’s enlistments expired Montgomery had to act fast on the night of December 27th under the cover of snow fall colonial troops Prepared to launch their assault but just as the attack was to commence the clouds cleared and moonlight revealed all of the Americans positions Forcing Montgomery to call the attack off by then only four days remained before the bulk of his army would head home To make matters worse one of Montgomery’s sergeants who had deserted revealed to general Carleton all of his plans Thus a new scheme was concocted to launch a pincer movement into these supposedly weaker sides of the city while two diversionary Forces attacked the city center on the night of December 30th Just a day before the men’s enlistments expired a blizzard rolled in it was Montgomery’s last chance to launch the attack At 2:00 a.m. He ordered his men to assume their positions Montgomery first made his way south to the plains of Abraham and began moving his men among the snow-covered Bank of the st. Lawrence River Montgomery assumed that he had the element of surprise and being the inspiring leader He was took 17 of his men and rushed to capture a British redoubt that he thought was undefended unbeknownst to Montgomery this was one of the most heavily fortified positions of Carlton’s line of defense as Montgomery and his men broke into a sprint Cannon and men appeared seemingly out of nowhere And delivered a volley straight into the incoming room Montgomery was killed instantly by grapeshot and those that accompanied him ran the other way as Montgomery’s men retreated back to their camp Arnold had no idea what fate befell them He and his men had set off at 4:00 a.m And successfully snuck past an artillery outpost beyond the palace gate But some time after his men were discovered – and promptly fired upon under a barrage of bullets Arnold and his men made their way into the streets and scrambled for cover in Preparation for a charge against the first barricade Arnold stood up and you guessed it led the charge himself He was luckier than Montgomery though and bullet struck him in the leg Incapacitating him for the rest of the battle But he was taken to safety by those around him instead of retrieving his men elected a new leader captain, Daniel Morgan Morgan did exactly what you’d expect leading another charge against the British He was the luckiest of these three commanders Successfully capturing a British captain and his men with only a graze on his cheek and a bullet hole in his hat The Lowertown was now open and undefended but Morgan stopped to consult with his officers before assaulting it They had captured a hundred and fifty prisoners and could not proceed without risking overextension Thus Morgan’s officers convinced him to stop there and wait for Montgomery to rendezvous with them after which time they could continue the attack as we know Montgomery had been killed by then so after an hour of waiting Morgan decided to continue the attack, however Carlton had used this lapse in the fighting to direct his men to strategic positions on the walls Surrounding colonial forces seeing that he had been outplayed Morgan ordered a retreat but the British had already covered his rear He was now trapped and being fired on by all sides his men dropping all around him at 9:00 a.m He turned over his sword surrendering himself and about four hundred and thirty of his troops at the end of the day sixty Americans had been killed and 34 wounded compared to five British soldiers killed and 13 wounded in the aftermath of this disastrous incursion the defeated Arnold found his way back to the remnants of Montgomery’s Men and together they held out for winter with drooping spirits any Hope of spreading the revolution to Canada had died with Montgomery but even if Quebec had Successfully been taken it remains doubtful whether the Patriots had the resources and men to maintain it in May 1776 the Patriots finally gave it up when British General John Burgoyne landed with 4000 reinforcements Arnold was the last American to leave Canada On June 18th still hungry for a victory Thanks for watching If you want to gain full access to this series which will cover nearly every battle of the American Revolution you can go to the armchair historian dot-com go to join and sign up for as little as $4 for your first month If you’re one of the first 30 people to use my promo code Revolution those who pay for the premium membership will also be able to request their own lecture videos every few months Which all members will be able to view and the best part is is that no videos on the website will have ads or sponsorships We shall take your castle by force Meudon Franken ass You

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  • Benedict Arnold had to have been the worst military commander of the whole revolution.. Some say he was a British saboteur from the beginning..

  • American history leaves out a key part in this story. As the Americans retreated they burned settlements in winter leaving people out on the cold. Hence when the British attacked they burned the White House in retaliation. Karma

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  • England could of crushed Washington and his uprising

  • After failing militarily, they decided to invade by other means: economically and culturally. Obviously, Canada was more accommodating to that… to a point.

  • The Americans have had not much lucky with invading Canada

  • So they made French people as PM.. ok

  • I very much enjoy your channel already. But by god I’ll be damned if you did you not win my subscription at roughly 3:50 with the “Quest for the Holy Grail” reference.

    “Your mother was a hamster!
    And your father smelt, of elderberries!”

  • God bless America !

  • Lose… yes 4X (incl. the Fenians and the assassination of D’Arcy McGee)

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  • USA is a weak country with a big mouth, we used this against them in both language and burned down their little white house..


  • The Brits sent them packing.

  • They lost when Britain won the war in France USA actually sued for peace as they new that the British would BRING thier entire might AGAINST the Americans the 1812 war waS SECONDARY TO THE WAR IN FRANCE ONCE ENGLAND BEAT fRANCE the US WAS DONE . USA could barely keep up with the Canadians let alone have to face the entire might of the British Empire. So the US gave up banking to the British The FED and life went on

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  • My father's regiment burnt down the Whitehouse.

  • So it appears to me that Canadians are just Australians that live in snow?

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    – whaaaaat was 1768-1773 like
    thanks for sharing ur Great Show

  • Quebecers cry about sovereignty day and night but when they were called upon to resist occupation they chose to hang around by the chimney back then. These days they complain on social media. 🤣

  • United States not America

  • Quebec was there long time before canadien .

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  • “How did America lose in Canada?”

    They mistook kindness for weakness.

  • When I was in public school there was not one mention of any past tensions between 🇺🇸& 🇨🇦

  • Canadian: have some bacon
    American: that's not bacon it's just thickly sliced ham!
    Canadian: THIS MEANS WAR!!!

  • Not "Fort St=Jones", it was "Fort St-Jean" (St-Johns). Twit!

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  • Canada is in the continent of America North American ignorance knows no bounds. Some even think there are two continents ,, North and South. Poor fools.

  • Why did Quebec people not join American people to fight British?

  • The defenders of Quebec did not say sorry?…………not very Canadian.

  • America or the Unites States? America is a continent not a country.

  • I'm sad that the USA didn't win. Trudeau is a disgrace on what the founding fathers intended.

  • BuT aMeRiCa nEvEr gEts defeated!

  • Good time to point out that Canada ceded thousands of square miles to the US. Who won again?

  • Many decisive battles were won with less men. 1700 soldiers is not bad at all. I'm surprised and glad that they didn't succeed.

  • Benedict Arnold enough said

  • It is interesting that American Historians still think that the USA won the war of 1812. If you look at the reasons why President Madison declared war on England and compare those reasons against the treaty of Ghent, you will find that none of the reasons for starting that war were resolved by the treaty of Ghent. Thus the USA LOST the war of 1812. At the end of the war, British forces held control of half of the state of Maine. The British returned Maine to the USA because they decided that it wasn’t worth anything!

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  • We Americans stabbed France, Britain and Canada and Britain in the back. We never have paid back the French. We never have paid back the Anglo-Canucks nearly 40% of loyalist Americans who forced to leave for UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand. WOULD YOU TRUST US?

  • Canada would be British North America until 1860s.

  • There is a memorial plaque to Montgomery and his troop next to the Citadel's entrance in Quebec city.
    The US Constitution still gives a right to Lower Canada (Quebec) to join the US.

  • Fake news!!! According to FOX, and all other conservative media outlets, the USA! USA! USA! never lost ANYTHING, and was ,and IS…… always right. 😁

  • General WINTER wins another battle te he he

  • Round 2 anyone?

  • Vive le Canada libre!!!!!

  • I think about in 2005 the French speaking Canadians wanted Quebec to be a separate country from all of Canada. They want to separate from the province. Meaning Quebec have to give up it's status being a province. Have to return most of the land to the native Indians and Inuits they took from. And national and foreign corporations will pull out of the country and they have to print and coin their own money, operate their own banks. Run their own government and operate their own transportation systems and infrastructures. Those French speaking Canadians decided to remain with provincial Canada rather than being separatists.

  • Looking back to school I notice led the war of 1812 was barely mentioned at all. Truth is America May of lost if Britain was not occupied with Napoleon.


  • Canada was defeated from within by leftists.

  • The USA , created by traitors and ending the same way.

  • Fucking with Canada on Canadian soil is like trying to swim up to a shark and capture it.

  • Canada and USA – both can benefit by being a single country.

  • Was Canada ever “OURS” to win?! Besides, I’ve in both Montreal & Quebec City days before Halloween and it was really cold. So we Americans never stood a chance.

  • I wonder if Quebec was American they would still be a distinct society 🤔

  • What if America invaded Canada? Hallo!!!! When are you going to get it??? United States is not America is IN the American continent just like Canada is, Mexico, Venezuela en many other countries. Canada IS!!!!! part of America you morons!! United Statesians are the only people to persist calling themselves Americans, THERE ARE NOT! They are United Statesians. See…. Canada? Canadians right? Mexico? Mexicans right? Venezuela – Venezuelan, etc. United States? United Statesians. It seems that US people no matter how educated they are and their corrupt schools such as Harvard/Yale, same gangsters of truth; they seem not to get it, that A…M…E…R…I…C…CA! Is NOT! a country, but a CONTINENT WITH MANY COUNTRIES IN IT. North America, Central America and South America. Is it too hard to get it? Remember that white people imposed their presence, their language and their religions in the land of the Native Americans and Mexicans by stealing it. Also! How Stupid it is the abbreviation of USA? See how stupid it sounds: Again, there are many countries in America… So, if US is USA, then Canada, which is also in America, then Canada of America – CA, Mexico of America – MA, Venezuela of America – VA, etc. Stupid practice. Now Europe: France of Europe, Italy of Europe, England of Europea….. Do you see the stupidity of this practice?

  • America could kick Canada’s maple syrup ass so easy this video sucks

  • You yanks came up all mad at my gggggrand father. Burnt down his Maissone.cause he captured some of your ships. Built a bigger mansion after. Sir James Cuthbert. Also Dan Akroyds ggggggfathet.

  • You yanks came up all mad at my gggggrand father. Burnt down his Maissone.cause he captured some of your ships. Built a bigger mansion after. Sir James Cuthbert. Also Dan Akroyds ggggggfathet.

  • The country is too frozen to be of any worth

  • Never knew the Americans tried to take Canada.

  • If the french wanted freedom they could fight for themselves

  • I don’t get it, why were the Americans repelled by the locals, weren’t they spreading freEdUm and dEmOcrACy?

  • We should have let them have them. There just a sore to Canada.

  • The men were all going home in 2 days, the commanders had to get the battle done before their contracts were over. What could possibly go awry?

    The U.S. is not America. America is the name of our Continent, from Canada to Argentina. They called themselves America without consulting North, Central, and South America. That group of united states in our American continent, who wants to own the World, never had a country name like us.
    Latin Americans are happy to be part of America since 1492. Some since 14,000 years ago.
    U.S citizens are US Americans, Unitedstatesians, USANIANS, or USONIANS.
    They are from North America. We are from South America. WE ARE ALL AMERICANS!
    Please, people of the world, respect us and share this.

  • Do you call that war? Traffic gang fights in Rio have more people and shooting than this.

  • Too many fronts for the available resources to deal with

  • cause USA sucks lol

  • Interesting, nicely done. Being from those areas, here is a suggested edit: the Quebec City fortress sis on very high bluffs. Only the area known as the plains of Abraham are level with it. The terrain has always played a part in its defence, for the francais or the English. My people saw the ‘rebels’ as yet other Protestant brits who had joyfully participated in the conquest. Now they did not enjoy the taxes raised to help pay for it. So no, no thank you … non merci 🧐🥃🇨🇦

  • America lost to Britain, not Canada. Canada didn't become Canada until 1867.

  • Only reason GB lost the USA, was because they had troops in Australia, India and the far East etc

  • Weeded

  • Because the British won…

  • We brought hockey sticks!

  • Montreal and Quebec City

  • Guy Carleton (Carleton University) was well liked by the Quebecois because he was a fair and kind governor. French Civil Law, the French language, and freedom of religion had already been guaranteed by the British when France ceded Canada to Britain in 1763. (Actually they swapped it for Guadeloupe–a tiny Caribbean island).
    But the Quebecois have been notoriously fickle since 1763. They, by and large, hated their English conquerors, but fought against the Americans in the War of 1812. They maintained their "Frenchness" but refused to enlist to go to WWI and help protect France in what they called "An English War" that had nothing to do with them. When France was invaded again about 30 years later, they again opposed joining the expeditionary force to help France.
    When English Canada says black, Quebec says white. When English Canada sits down to reason with Quebec, Quebec says there is no point because the "English" wouldn't understand anyhow. Quebecois call themselves such and call themselves French. (The actual French, in France, call the Quebeckers Canadians.)They call non-Quebecois "Englishmen". English-speaking Canadians call everyone who resides in Canada Canadians–including Quebecois.
    In some parts of Quebec whole generations of children were forbidden to sing O Canada, our national anthem. Such is the hatred some Quebeckers feel for Canada and "the Englishmen".

    Don't even get me started on the Americans and their bully-gun culture.

  • They didn’t have the French to back them up like they did in the war of independence

  • Hello America didn't lose in Canada THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA lose. THE CANADIANS ARE AMERICANS the last time I check. Saludos

  • But what if the invasion succeeded?

  • Yes love the yanks getting fuked up. Brits Canadians Vietnam.

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