Authoritarianism: The political science that explains Trump

“He’s a war hero because he was captured.
I like people who weren’t captured ok? I hate to tell you.” The 2016 Republican presidential nominee disregards
the norms of adult behavior. He disregards the norms of American democracy
as we know it. “It should be heartbreaking to every American
that we have a frontrunner who suggests there will be a religious test for anybody that
wishes to come to our shores.” He’s so unusual, his rhetoric at times so
extreme, that political experts and commentators were blindsided by his rise. “We better be ready for the fact that he might be leading the republican ticket.” [Laughter] “I know you don’t believe that” How did Donald Trump attract such broad support
within the Republican party? And what does it mean for the US, beyond this election? And it turns out that this is
a question that can be answered to a really surprising extent via this niche field of
political science. It developed a theory about what’s called authoritarianism. We’re not talking about dictatorships here.
Authoritarianism is a term political scientists use for a worldview that values order and
authority, and distrusts outsiders and social change. And when authoritarians feel threatened, they
look for strongman leaders. Leaders who are punitive, who target
out-groups and have a simple, forceful leadership style that makes them feel strong. And if
you were going to grow that candidate in a lab… “I’m going to bomb the shit out of
them.” He would look a lot like Donald Trump. “When you get these terrorists, youhave to take out their families. They care about their lives. Don’t kid yourself. But they say they don’t care about their lives. You have to take out their families. Authoritarianism is not, in an of itself,
necessarily a partisan issue. For most of this country’s history, authoritarians
were likely divided between the two parties. But now, only one of the parties really appeals
to them. What happened was the Republican party
started to embrace what it referred to as traditional values, and it stood against a
series of major social changes in this country. After initially supporting civil rights, Republicans
began courting southern white voters who opposed racial integration. They turned against the
Equal Rights Amendment, denounced abortion, and later, fought against same-sex marriage. Our nation must enact a Constitutional
amendment to protect marriage in America. More recently, foreign threats like terrorism
have become major political issues, with Republicans taking positions that align with authoritarian
fears and preferences. 2002 headline: Republicans get a bonus from
War on Terrorism So Marc Hetherington and Jonathan Weiler,
two political scientists. They tracked data over several decades, and they found that
authoritarian voters were shifting into the Republican Party. So that means that when
authoritarians become scared, when they become activated by a particular social change or
issue, the Republican Party can’t ignore them. And they are a ready-made constituency
for a candidate like Donald Trump. Are you going to have a massive deportation force? “You’re going to have a deportation force.” “’d bring back waterboarding. And I’d bring back a hell of a lot worse than waterboarding.” Testing people for authoritarianism is a bit
tricky. You can’t just ask people, you know, ‘Are you really freaked out by social change?
Do racial differences unsettle you? ‘Do you support strongman leaders?’ because
those are very sensitive questions and people won’t necessarily answer them honestly. So instead, political scientists ask people
about something more neutral: their parenting preferences. Please tell me which one you think is more important for a child to have: independence, or respect
for elders? Obedience or self-reliance? These questions seem like they’re about
raising children, but really what they’re asking people is how much they value order
and authority. So when political scientists tested these 4 parenting questions against the behaviors
they knew authoritarians exhibited, they found out that the correlation was very close. It was very predictive, at least for white voters. Using this 4-question test, Vox worked with
Morning Consult in February to poll a large sample of likely voters. Our results yielded a few really interesting things. The first one was that, yes, scoring
high on the authoritarianism questions was very predictive of support for Trump. A political science PhD student named Matthew
MacWilliams has found similar results. He’s done 2 polls, both of which found that authoritarianism is not only strongly
predictive of Trump support, but that it seems to do a better job of predicting it than virtually
any other factor. We also looked at what authoritarian voters
are afraid of. On things like gun violence, or car accidents, or prescription drugs, there wasn’t a huge difference between authoritarians and nonauthoritarians. But
when it came to threats associated with people, and particularly foreign people, authoritarians
were much more afraid. And we identified policies that authoritarians
were more likely to support. So authoritarians were much more likely to say for instance that the United States
should use force rather than diplomacy when dealing with countries that threaten our interests
overseas. And they were much more likely to want to sacrifice civil liberties in exchange
for safety. “I want surveillance of certain mosques,
ok? If that’s ok. I want surveillance.” It’s a set of priorities that doesn’t
always align with the Republican establishment. They don’t seem to have that much
interest in small government. And they definitely don’t seem particularly interested in shrinking entitlements like Social Security or Medicaid. This theory doesn’t fully explain the Trump
phenomenon — researchers will probably study this election for decades. But what it tells us is that he’s benefitted from a larger shift in this country – one that goes beyond any
one candidate. Trump isn’t just a fluke. He’s not somebody who is just doing well because he had name recognition or was a famous TV star. This is a large group of people. They want these things. And they’re going to be looking for politicians
who can give it to them. And that means that Donald Trump could be just the first of many Trumps in American politics.

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  • I have never seen so many lies in one spot by a main stream media outlet. This is the land of the free and the home of the brave and we are protected equally under the law the rhetoric spewed by Zox is simply an American and propaganda from the pit of hell this channel should commit suicide

  • Democrats are like an old satellite re-entering the atmosphere; the heat is going to be so bad… Did they even think about that? Welcome back to earth ?

  • The Democrats are promoting censorship, demonization of anyone that disagrees with them (not necessarily even conservatives), and want inherently anti-democracy policies, such as socialism, which can't coexist with democracy. This video is all misleading hurt feelings and opinions.

    Even Europe sees this, and felt the sting of these policies trying to be enacted here, and are actively shifting. We know who the real authoritarians/totalitarians are.

  • 5:32

    But those authoritarians are on the right, supoorting 1 and 2 A.

    Seems legit


  • Stop giving people an out and call it what it is. White supremacy !!!

  • Mental gymnastics.

  • How does this pass as science

  • still waiting for the hit piece on communism and its hundred years of death and failure

  • "But now, only one of the parties really appeals to them"… Slick, but no. Both parties are variably authoritarian or liberal on any one issue, there is no strong appeal of either to some net group called "authoritarians." I'm sure Mao wouldn't have chummed up with the Republicans because he was authoritarian, and supposedly so were they.


  • Haha. Trump is owning it right now.

  • Exactly. These ppl are gonna get another great, big TRUMP surprise. Lmao.

  • Fast forward 2 years later: this "authoritarian" has brought back the economy and has given the country its lowest unemployment since half a century and the lowest unemployment for minorities. And guess what, I'm a Muslim and I'm still here!

  • I thought Democrats were pro big government and Republicans were against it?

  • He is going to get a second term !

  • I can’t wait for Mayor Pete to go into the Presidency, he is THE change we need since the back roll on LGBTQ+ Rights in the US

  • Bigger, better, stronger.

  • Gawd, of all the good people and civil rights leaders who have been shot/killed, its a wonder why we cant find a bullet for trump. ugh.

  • basically scared white people vote for Trump

  • Authoritarianism is in the soul of American politics.
    It has always been there. Trump and his mafia-like gang just make it easy to see for dummies.

  • you use the fact that some parents value respecting your elders to determine if they are scared of change

  • Censor opposition, the hallmark of liars and propagandists

  • Maybe if EVERY AMERICAN actually voted……

  • Authoritarianism is both left and right wing ie communism (non-anarcho)

  • Trump is the master finesser, hypes everything up, gets people scared of each other, rinse repeat

  • That last line though. Damn.

  • NOW watch Hitler-A Career and take note of every single similarity. It is shocking how scary close to history repeating itself we are.

  • Sounds like dictatorship and totalitarianism run amok to me.

  • When Trump weaponizes the intelligence agencies in hopes of sabotaging the campaign and Presidency of his successor, give me a call.

    Btw, Authoritarianism is not a Left/Right phenomenon. Just ask Stalin and Chairmen Mao.

  • Trump is good

  • AOC seems to me like another Trump. She's power hungry, overly confident and ideologue. For her it's going to be her way or the highway. She's not about meeting people halfway it's all about her and what she wants. Maybe the Democrats need someone like Trump. Maybe that someone has already come. I wish AOC luck in the coming year.

  • The US were never a democracy

  • The AUTHORITARIANS are on the LEFT. That's why we voted for Trump.

  • Only Trump is DRAINING THE SWAMP, among other things. See you in TRUMP WORLD 2020

  • Wait?
    Drop in taxes=authoritarianism
    How the heck does that work?

  • Conglomerates supported Trump so they could go to war for tax free profit(Oil). Tax War and give peace a chance. The US just has to pay for it not get any benefits from it…. unless you count hate an asset.

  • Thank god Trump ran for the job and won

  • trump supporters are psychos

  • What does it mean???? IT means The left will lie, accuse Him of what they are guilty of…. And we the country Got The Best President America has EVER had. Thank God !!!! Lesson Learned: We can never let the Left have control again.

  • Heil Trump! m*ther f*ckers. Trump needs to be MORE authoritarian, not less.

  • There is a Trump painting on German ebay for 1.225.000 € Germans in Germany are worshipping Donald Trump as God! Video is on my chanel or you can find it on German ebay.

  • In summary: blame the voters!

  • Lmao, Trump is not even close to authoritarian, I say the opposite is true. Now If you all were calling the Democrats and Neocons out for their authoritarianism, you would've hit the nail right on the head.

  • Far more perspicacious is the publisher with F before OX.

  • That is because TRUMP IS AMERICA. Stop trying to make him seem like he is an outsider. He represents Americanism.

  • No. What's happening is the left keeps pushing the Overton Window in one direction and then labels people who stay in place "extremists".

    In the early 2000's, Amnesty was basically completely off the table. Of COURSE people who came here illegally were subject to deportation. Of COURSE people who overstayed their visas are subject to deportation. Open borders, as a concept, was laughed off the stage.

    Fast forward to today. Trump states the blatantly obvious: Muslims are vastly overrepresented in terrorist attacks and limiting their entry would reduce terrorist attacks. Walls are effective and borders are necessary. Many people on welfare are there because they're lazy leeches who think they can get away with it. Democrats want Amnesty and Open Borders to get more votes because their base is the coalition of non-whites (and some white women and other sexual and religious minorities).

    He's cast as "authoritarian" because he cuts through the stuffy conventions of the political class (that they think define "adult behavior" but really are just liars). The establishment is a class who have made their living by telling people what they want to hear and promising kickbacks and handouts to their constituency.

  • Give it up, Vox

  • They are conflating race and culture. People don’t have a problem with your race just your culture.

  • I would agree. Trump ain't no one's punk.

  • We've had authoritarianism before Trump. Trump is just more open about it, which disturbs the elite class.

  • We know Vox is full of never trumpets from Cali.

  • Great video. Do some pro trump videos. O, the dnc paid vox 200 million dollars ?. Can’t do that

  • Hey VOX are you going to do a report on Obama when this Sypgate house of cards tumbles, ps Barr has opened the widow and it is windy

  • ❤? president Donald Trump is victorious 2020 ?❤

  • NOT TRUE!!!

  • A theory…..So its not fact??

  • Money nothing else

  • Make America Great Again

  • at 5:08 look at the graph to the right. if Authoritarians tended to be Trump supporters… oh the irony

  • Someone should explain to me how socialism isn't authoritarianism. You're forced to pay into the system via taxes for their welfare programs to work. If you don't pay up you are sent to jail.

  • he is the greatest president since lincoln.

  • This is obviously NWO elite backed. Program not critical thinking!! ?

  • As an Anarchist I agree that trump is too populist and authoritarian, but I find this channel hypocritical as it promotes a more authoritarian ideology

  • I have the answer. Trump won because he's not a politician. Boom… When Trump comes out at every rally you should hear hulk Hogan's music background…. Hey libtardos it's in the first two lines. Sing it with me now. I am a real American, I fight for the right of EVERY MAN!

  • Trump is the symptom…the disease is the GOP…

  • In the beginning, was Trump talking about Indian captured pilot in the beginning that was taken as a hero in India,

  • Trump is now officially can be called a racist.

  • Very similar video on Modi ji can be made

  • VOX (and other liberals) support the government crushing their political position, they do it all the time. Authoritarianism only becomes bad to liberals when they're on the receiving end of it, never when their dishing it out.

  • Oh Voz you're so patetic.
    Even i'm being against any government you're the authoriarians.
    you're who most want to censor anyone who thinks different than you.

    Shut up.
    And put your tail beetwen your legs.
    You deserve nothing.

  • vox is a joke

  • Не. Х. А. Д. Ч. Не. П. З. С. Ч. К. В

  • hahahahaha this is bs

  • The only authoritarianism in America is the left, who seek to silence any and all dissent. Let's be honest for a second. The ONLY reason the left opposes Trump is because he does not support their desire to enslave Americans in the living death that is socialism. You know it; I know it. 150 million dead is not enough to satisfy the socialists of the world. No, those death worshippers demand more.

  • I wondered how long it took vox to blame white people in this video.

  • the people that didnt know it was coming now have the explanation for why it happened, only to support their own world view…

  • Wow… social science is so full of mumbo jumbo these days.
    How do curiosity and good manners oppose each other? Same with being considerate "vs" well-behaved?
    And isn't Trump the guy, who is considered NOT being well-behaved, NOT having good manners and NOT giving enough respect (McCain, women etc…)?
    So it seems, that just on the contrary, Trump is the guy who succesfully tickles the antiauthoritarian spine of his voters, by acting as the rebel against the established authorities and the political correctness, they demand from everyone.

  • this video is for hooples

  • Omg, music is like in the war-movies

  • Thank you for this video. I'm a social psychologist (one of my specialities is obedience and resistance to authority) and I agree very much with what was said.

  • Doing a Progressive Tax on (Just) the “Greedy Part” of Wealth & Conservatively Spending (Just it) on Social Programs gets us a “Stable Society” (the “True Creator” of All Wealth!!) AND we do it with “Direct Democracy” where WE Directly Propose, Enact & Enforce “Merit Based Standardized” Laws & “Money” isn’t a factor!! – "Like" this so we all See & Do this!!

  • turns out trump is bad – every Republican ever after the election

  • I wish Trump was authoritarian.

  • To say authoritarianism is a philosophy of the Right is a fallacy. The Left has Authoritarian philosophies of its own, historically authoritarians existed at the same time and to this day, on both sides of the isle. If you look at Hitler, an authoritarian on the Right, the direct parallel would be Stalin, then later, Mao, who politically was Left.

    Using your own definition of order and authority, the Left has policies they’re pushing today that use the government to try and force culturally and social change on people who don’t wish it, but at the same time would resist, violently, social changes the Right would try to push. Which in turn creates your other condition of distrust in outsiders. If you don’t believe that the Left can be as authoritative as the Right, how many Trump supporters are you friends with? If the answer is ‘a few’, you distrust outsiders just as much, considering 64million people voted for the man.

    Pinpointing extremists on the Left is hard to do when the tent is so large. There is no idea so out there that isn’t a nonstarter on the progressive Left, like there is on the conservative Right. What I mean by that is, if you’re a white supremacist, or think that segregation is correct, you’re an outsider (and rightly so), but find me a thought or group who identifies as Left politically that is an outsider, that their ideas are so crazed that you wouldn’t even begin to listen to them, there isn’t one.

    This was probably a waste of time considering it was a YouTube comment ??‍♂️

  • "Fear & Hate" spread by Trump and like-minded people made him elected.
    Something similar has happened in India in 2014 and 2019.

    You are not alone(dumbfucks), America. There are similar people resides in India too who hates other religions except Hindus.

    Where have we come to? Yuck!!

  • By the test, I am not authoritarian…I just think it makes logical sense for us to be more closed off right now with our borders, considering how often we get terrorists attacking our citizens anyway???

  • What she said at the end is starting to happen

    -Boris Johnson


  • Trump isn’t that bad.

  • Boris Johnson is the next of many more TRUMPS.
    This over simplification is why the left don't get it.

  • Just remember that the things that come out of trumps mouth that “shock” you are the same things that >50% of this country are thinking.

  • Yes, and what I like about Trump is that he wants to listen to the Citizens of the USA FIRST. He is not doing what Cuba and Venezuela and what Europe did to their countries and look at what they are going thru now.

  • Authoritarian presidents don't support gun rights

  • Who’s better?
    Barack Obama-Like (don’t be racist)
    Donald Trump-Comment (don’t comment just because he’s white)
    And please don’t Like without a reason!

  • What was it for black voters?

  • Had an ad about trump ;-;

    Why do ads do this to me

  • I watched this video with an open mind. Just another hate video.

  • This video hasn't aged well

  • According to Russia's foreign strategy that Russia must spread Anti-Americanism and Anti-Westernism everywhere: "the main 'scapegoat' will be precisely the U.S and the West."

    In the United States:

    "Russia should use its Intelligent services within the borders of the United States to fuel instability and separatism, for instance, provoke "Afro-American racists". Russia should "introduce geopolitical disorder into internal American activity, encouraging all kinds of separatism and ethnic, social and racial conflicts, actively supporting all dissident movements – extremist, racist, and sectarian groups, thus destabilizing internal political processes in the U.S. It would also make sense simultaneously to support isolationist tendencies in American politics."

    P.S. Trump does just like that. Russian spy in the White House. According to one anonymous Russian special agent that Trump's victory in a presidential election was the greatest Russian espionage operation that was ever performed in the US.

  • It's the truth people

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