Audemars Piguet Presents the [Re]Master 01 – A Modern Take On Vintage #audemarspiguet

Hello and welcome on and today
we will present a new Audemars Piguet timepiece we didn’t really expect, the Remaster 01,
a very nice watch limited to 500 pieces, a watch that makes sense for AP and this mainly
for business and brand perception reasons and I will share my thoughts on this in our
next PRIMETIME video, but today we are in for some more classical product description
as we had the pleasure of having it here at and we have some pretty sweet
detailed shots to share with you. Sweet right! Today, for most people Audemars Piguet resumes
itself to the iconic Royal Oak and it’s a fair enough assessment, the Royal Oak and
the Off-shore version accounting for approximately, well let’s say 100% of the brand’s turnover. Ok I exaggerate a little bit, maybe it’s
99% but joke aside you have to remember that AP exists since 1875 and the Royal Oak was
introduced in 1972, and by the way it wasn’t an immediate success, so between these two
dates there have been many fantastic watches developed and produced by the brand of the
Vallée de Joux and when you say Vallée de Joux, then you think of complicated watches,
a true local specificity and many examples can be seen in the brand’s museum that we
visited on a few occasions, for instance during our first Watchmaking Roadtrip adventure and
we are actually anxiously waiting to discover it again after it went through a very serious
overhaul and looks absolutely stunning. This museum was supposed to be inaugurated
in the coming days and with it, well the watch that I’m talking about today was supposed
to be revealed, but this has all gone up in smoke because of what is currently going on,
but at least we can still talk about this ReMaster 01 which is an “updated” version
of an original model dating from 1943, a timepiece specifically developed upon the request of
one of the brand’s third-generation owner, Mr Jaques-Louis Audemars. And I used the word “updated” on purpose
because we are not talking an exact replica of this original model, something we have
been so used to in the recent years with so many brands “simply” digging into their
vintage portfolio to come up with what they call “homage” and sometimes even new watches. I like vintage watches, I wear vintage watches
a lot, but I’m seriously a bit tired of seeing over and over again these re-editions,
often feels like a lack of creativity even though there are obviously some pretty nice
ones, but in the case of the Re-Master 01 and for some quite subtle reasons it feels
more like a modern re-interpretation, but it’s true that the original model already
had a slightly edgier feel to it from the start with this quite unusual steel and gold
bi-toned case and these elegant tear-shaped lugs, a nice art deco touch. Ok, so on this new version, the case size
is slightly bigger, passing from 36 to 40mm since it houses AP’s new integrated chronograph
introduced last year. The case features a sapphire case back, and
the steel part and the gold bezel are polished. The champagne dial is more or less the same
as the original, but sub counters have all been inverted, precisely because of this new
movement’s architecture and now the minute counter is at 9 o’clock, hour counter at
3 and small seconds at 6 and just a quick side note with this special red 45 number
featured on the minute counter due to the fact that Mr Audemars liked to keep track
of time during football games and the hands again more or less the same, but nevertheless
re-interpreted so slightly. But a clear wink at the historical model is
the logo with this “Genève” indication, as the brand used to have a workshop here
and obviously Geneva being slightly more well known at the time then Le Brassus, something
used by other brands, think of Omega or Breitling for instance. Coming back to the watch, this is a flyback
chronograph and you activate it with these nice oval pushers, a shape we are not so used
to anymore, pusher at 4 o’clock for the flyback function or to reset it to zero once
you pressed the on and off pusher at 2 o’clock. Personally, I think the crown is a bit big,
but faithful to the original model and that’s only my personal opinion, so who cares, but
makes it easy to operate when setting the time and when you pull it, it triggers the
stop second mechanism. And regarding movement specificities, well
it beats at 4hz, offers 70 hours of power reserve and contrary to the historical model,
it’s automatic, as you can see this big gold rotor with “Clou de Paris” feature,
a design characteristic obviously quite dear to the brand. Something additional I wanted to say is that
it’s a slightly revised version of the movement introduced last year, since this last one
also has a date feature and thankfully the date was removed on this ReMaster 01, I doubt
it would have cohabited nicely with this design. The leather bracelet goes very well together
and there is also an alligator version coming with it, well overall a very nice timepiece,
sincerely I like it, but at more or less 50’000 Swiss Francs, approximately the same in Dollars
and Euros, well it doesn’t come cheap. But will that be a problem for AP? Well I doubt it. The brand is so hot now and though 500 pieces
may seem a lot, this only represents around 1% of the brand’s yearly production and
they sell practically everything. Ok it might not appeal to what I would refer
to as “traditional” collectors, these would rather like the historical version and/or
other smaller independent brands, but again I am not afraid for AP regarding these watches
which on top of it will only be available in AP’s own boutique, another way of sending
a message on the advantages of being part of the club of loyal AP customers. Well I still have tons of things to say about
the meaning of this watch, but this will be part of our next PRIMETIME show; the ReMaster
01 put in the perspective of the Code 11:59, the evolution of AP, the evolution of its
perception from collectors, who says ReMaster 01 implies 02, 03 no? Well tons of interesting things. Until then, I hope you enjoyed this, see you
real soon, thanks for watching and Viva Watchmaking, stay safe!

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    The code 11/59 is fail and this one here as well.

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    Best wishes from Thailand.

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    At first they were ranting about how they've gotten bored of the Royal Oak design. When AP came with 1159 they didn't like it and now with this. 🙁

  • Glad to see AP trying something new and not being dependant on the Royal Oak success.

  • Great review! Every time I say I’m tired of vintage inspired watches something like this comes along and blows me away! Well done AP! It’s miles better than when I wanted something fresh and got the 11.59
    PS: They really need to work on naming watches though

  • It’s very nice, but with the hour & minute hands almost as thin as needles and highly polished, its tricky reading the time. Especially with all that’s going on with the (also metallic) dial. Really the hour and minute hands on these new-gen APs are ridiculous, almost invisible ?

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    The position of the counters on the new model makes more sense tot me!

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  • Finally! I've been waiting for this review! Thanks Marc!
    By the way, my input or, opinion for this watch is, due to the bigger diameter of this watch compared to the original, the the whole design balance in this watch unfortunately a little bit off in my opinion.
    I think if they changed the hour and minute hand a teeny weeny bit longer, with the hour hand a teeny weeny bit thicker, it would works perfectly. And one design detail that I miss compared to the original was the bent minute hand as it approached the marker, it's such a rare thing to do nowadays aside from De Bethune or any independent watch with a non-flat dial. And I wonder if the one you showed us is the production version or a prototype, because from the video, the hour minute hand color is white (steel/white gold?) while the running seconds is in rose gold, which doesn't make a lot of sense to me. And the oscillating weight on the back is sadly covered up the good stuff as well as I think the code11.59 chronograph isn't sold quite well while sadly this movement is the latest chronograph movement by them that needs to be recognized, it was covered in this rather "hot AP watch of the year", I would love if it had the similar oscillating weight that they put in the code11.59 instead with a lot of view of the movement.
    Great video, Marc! Stay healthy and stay safe as we and the watchmaking industry still need your contents!

  • Looks great. Stay safe

  • it's simply too close to the original, that it looks like an oversized replica, even if the internals are updated, who cares. Either you just make a faithful replica or you take this opportunity to design something new, truly limited, that could be heavily inspired by the past model with some ingenuity. The main lines that define the visual look of it are exactly the same. Sadly, seems AP's designs are going a bit flat these days. Would've liked to see something a bit more daring from them

  • Belle montre, même si je n'aime pas beaucoup le poil dans le guichet de compteur minutes, avant le 30… Les gros plans avec une forte lumière ça ne pardonne pas ce genre de loupé du contrôle qualité ! Mais l'erreur est humaine et c'est vite corrigé après un retour en manuf.

  • Beautiful watch, and I agree with you on date feature.

  • This period will be very tough for the industry

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  • Although being a chronograph I found the dial strangely uncluttered……I really like this watch. Stay safe all…….Viva !

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  • I'm trying to not be negative but this release just looks like AP is in a crisis. Code11.59 was pretty much a flop, they tried to innovate and failed. With this limited edition, they're simply playing safe, betting on a used formula. I don't see much originality in it.

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  • For me, making a brand new dual look old and tarnished is a bit of a crock, short-changing the care that went into the watch with a bit of fakery. A pity.

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  • Thanks again Marc!!
    The OG is insanely beautiful.
    They didn't become trinity material
    by accident 🙂
    Thanks for the review and
    I applaud AP on this piece.
    All the best in these times!

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