Are you an astronaut? Cause you’re out of this world. Shut up! I am Lucy. I will guide you through your expedition. T – 3 minutes until the launch of Space Q Legacy. Powered by Google. [Gibson] Did she just say google? [Carter] Yeah they’re sponsoring this whole expedition, Gibson. We linked your Google accounts to the spacecraft for optimal communication. [Gibson] Our Google accounts? [Gibson] Uhh, I just need to..delete some search history really quick. [Carter] No we have more important things to focus on here Gibson. [Carter] We all watched porn. Don’t be embarrassed man. Masturbation is natural. [Gibson] No it’s not THAT [Carter] Ahhh… you’re a furry too huh? Pound it brah [Gibson] No guys can we just drop it? [Carter] Ok fine. Fine. I’ll drop it. [Gibson] Thank you. Lucy, look up Gibson’s most recent search history [Gibson] No. No [Lucy] Retrieving Gibson’s most recent Google search. How do you fly a space plane? [Carter] Are you f***king serious? You’re the pilot. [Gibson] I know that. [Carter] I don’t know what’s worse, the fact that you don’t know how to fly this spaceship Or that you referred to it as a space plane. [Gibson] Okay look it was just one question. I know all the other things that comes with being uhh a space person. [Lucy] Space Q Legacy will launch in T-2 minutes. [Carter] Lucy, look up Gibson’s THREE most recent Google searches. [Gibson] guys we don’t need to do that. [Lucy] Directions to Mars. Is space good? What flavor is space jam? [Carter] Space jam? [Gibson] Yes,I needed to know. I brought space bread. [Carter] Oh my god. We are going to DIE. [Gibson] Oh really? [Carter] Yes [Gibson] Oh okay, if you’re so perfect. Lucy, look up commander Carter’s last three Google searches [Carter] Oh no no no no no no no no no [Lucy] How long can people survive without food? Where to buy food in space? How to get your co-pilot to forgive you? [Carter] *cRiEs* [Gibson] Did you eat all of our food? [Carter] You know I stress eat [Gibson] Oh my god. So even if I could fly this space plane [Carter] Spaceship [Gibson] Spaceship. Whatever. Even if I could fly it, we’d starve to death! [Lucy] Space Q Legacy will launch in T-minus 1 minute [Gibson] Nope nope nope nope nope. I’m just cancelling this mission. [Carter] No, Gibson. We’ll be the laughingstock of Space Q We’ll lose everything [Gibson] Dammit you’re right Okay. We use Lucy’s auto pilot to take off and we’ll just resupply the space station. [Carter] Thank god. I’m starving [Gibson] Okay Lucy, engage auto pilot. [Lucy] Are you sure you want to do that? [Carter] Yes. Engage auto pilot, Lucy. [Lucy] No I think you guys got this. [Gibson] Lucy, what the hell is going on? [Lucy] Nothing [Carter] Let’s look up Lucy’s Google searches [Gibson] Yea [Lucy] No let’s just stay mad at Gibson [Gibson] How to sneak into a space shuttle? [Carter] How to hide inside a computer? [Gibson] How to sound like a ROBOT? [Lucy] Okay, I have a confession to make. [Lucy] It’s me, dad. [Carter] Lucy? What are you doing here sweetheart? [Gibson] Your daughter’s a computer? [Carter] Nnnoooo [Gibson] So the computer became your daughter? [Carter] What? No [Gibson] *whispers* Are all women computers? [Carter] No this is literally my daughter, Lucy. [Gibson] Oh. [Lucy] I’m sorry dad. Ever since you became an astronaut, I never see you anymore [Carter] So you snuck aboard this spaceship, dismantled the computer, dooming our mission, almost guaranteeing our deaths Just to spend more time with old papa? That’s so sweet. I love you Lucy. [Lucy] I love you too dad [Gibson] Okay. How are we gonna fly this space plane? [Carter] With love, Gibson. With the power of love [Gibson] Yea. Alright. Let’s do this guys [Carter] Alright Lucy. Count down when you’re ready sweetheart [Lucy] Space Q Legacy will launch in 5…4..3…2…1 [Carter] All systems are go [Gibson] We’re doing it! WHOOO [Anthony] Thanks so much for watching guys. That was so inspiring. Got a tear in my eye. Click the box on the left to watch bloopers from this episode and deleted scenes And click the box on the right to watch the last time artificial intelligence tried to kill us. *voice breaking* I’m gonna go cry.

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