Aston Martin History – The beginnings

“Born to run”, “pureblood” or “aristocratic” are just some of the terms that are often used to glorify products that never got near to the race world. But in the case of the old, glorious British House of Aston Martin these words have a real significance. In the course of it’s long history, the Aston Martin has always benefited of components and technical solutions experimented on the race fields. In an old documentary of 1956 we can observe the official Aston Martin team that is leaving Great Britain and heading to Germany to participate at the 1000 miles Nurburgring, one of the valid proofs for the world sport brands prototypes. While we follow all the various phases that came before the development of the race, at which the British team participated with the pilots Peter Walker, Roy Salvadori, Tony Brooks and Peter Collins, we briefly want to recall the history of Aston Martin. In the first decade of 1900 Lionel Martin and Robert Bamford started to prepare race coaches. In 1913 Martin participated in an uphill race near Aston Clinton’s town and won in his category. The two friends, to remember what happened, decided that the cars that they would build would be called Aston Martin. The first Aston Martin prototype was realized combining a coventry-simplex engine with a Isotta Fraschini car frame. After World War I Martin recovered the activity with new partners, with no Bamford. The 24th of May 1922 a second Aston Martin on the circuit of Brooklands won over different world records, driving around the circuit for sixteen hours, at the media of 76,20 per hour. In 1925 Cesare Augusto Bertelli, of Italian origin, took over the society, and gave new incentives to the company. The results did not hesitate to arrive and in 1926 orders for fifty coaches arrived. Afterwards were also prepared some race frames, denominated LM, which obviously meant Le Mans.

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