ASK THE EXPERT – How To Generate More Clients With Your Own Book

Hello, this is Neil Howe and welcome to this
presentation on what you need to know about generating leads and positioning yourself
as the expert with your own book. Now it is no secret that expert recognition provides
a strong advantage for getting the upper hand on the competition. And this is especially
true for business owners in competitive fields like real estate, health and wellness, home
services, legal, financial, and just about any other competitive consulting or professional
services field. Like many business owners. You may have tried spending a lot of your
marketing dollars on SEO, pay per click and Facebook ads. And while these things are all
effective strategies for generating traffic, they’re really just one part of the marketing
equation because they are focused on getting prospects to find you. And one thing I know
with traditional online marketing is whenever people find you, they’re likely to find your
competition as well. So what so many business owners and even marketing
consultants, neglect is the other equally important part of the equation. And that is
getting prospects to choose you. The fact is people have no idea how to pick a real
estate agent, a chiropractor, an accountant, or an attorney. They don’t know what skills
or knowledge or experience to look for. They’re not really sure how to tell if you’re even
able or competent. But one thing that they do know is that they want to work with an
expert. And when prospects see you as the expert, it makes it easy for them to choose
you over the competition. And one of the most powerful and proven ways to create instant
credibility, trust and expert positioning is to be the author of your own book. A book
instantly conveys the message that you are knowledgeable, capable, and confident in yourself
and your topic. And it establishes you as a subject matter
expert in your field. Now, if you think that writing a book is beyond your reach, well
guess what, so do your competitors. And that’s why having your own book is such a powerful
way to stand out from your competition. You see writing a the book is something very few
actually accomplish. In fact, most of the population don’t think it’s something that
they can achieve at all. They get overwhelmed just thinking about how to begin and that’s
where most people start looking for excuses to quit before they even start and maybe you
feel the same way too. I mean it’s certainly understandable because writing a book the
traditional way can be frustrating, expensive and very time consuming. Let me ask you a
question. If I could show you a fast and simple and affordable way to create your own book
that would make you stand out from the competition and generate prequalified leads and get more
referrals and position you as a subject matter expert in your field. Can you think of any reason you wouldn’t want
to hear about it? Well good because that is exactly what I’m going to share with you right
now. You see the ask the expert method is the fastest and easiest way to create your
own book that will generate pre-qualified leads and position you as a subject matter
expert in your field, even if you’re not a writer. So, you probably have a bunch of questions
like what is an ask the expert lead magnet book anyway? Well and ask the expert lead
might be book is a concise and easy to read book. It is short 50 to 80 pages and in question
and answer format. It answers the questions that your perfect prospect wants to ask or
maybe is afraid to ask or doesn’t even know how to ask. And it is extremely customer-focused. Now don’t books have to be three to 400 pages
to be taken seriously? Well, this is a big misconception that prevents a lot of smart
people from even thinking about it right in the book. Now you definitely don’t have to
write a 400 page, the complete guide to book that covers everything that you do to be recognized
as an expert. Take for example, this best selling book, the art of war, this ancient
Chinese military classic. You establish the author of general Sun Tzu as one of the most
brilliant military strategists and tacticians in history. And many successful CEOs, entrepreneurs,
politicians, and sports giants. Consider this one of the most valuable books in their library,
and it’s only 64 pages long. Why? Because it’s concise. It’s focused and it’s results
driven. Now, as online and digital media has advanced, the attention span of the consumer
has declined. And if you look around, you’ll notice how
the business and the entertainment world is catering to this recent phenomenon. Ted talks,
the popular platform hosts live speeches by top influencers and experts from science and
technology, business, entertainment, and global issues. It doesn’t matter if you are Elon
Musk, Sheryl Sandberg or the Pope. Stage time for every speaker is limited to 18 minutes
or less. Amazon also, the world’s number one book store has bestseller categories dedicated
to books that are 15, 30, 60 or even 90 minutes or less to read. And these are just a few
examples of how today’s thought leaders are taking advantage of the opportunity to get
their message heard by practicing the art of brevity. And that’s why less is more when
it comes to creating your ask the expert lead magnet. But, why are Ask The Expert books
in a question and answer format? Well, while it might make your fifth grade
grammar teacher cringe, presenting your content in a conversational style allows the reader
to connect with your message because it feels like you’re talking directly with them one
on one, and by answering direct questions that are on your prospect’s mind and short
two or three paragraph bite sized chunks, it makes your content easier to digest and
to remember. And because your answers are based on your unique experiences, your book
will be unique. Allowing your voice and your personality to shine through. Now you might
be thinking, well, I’m really busy. Why even have time to write a book? Now let me ask
you this. Would you have time to sit down with your perfect prospect to answer their
most pressing questions, to educate them on your process and to describe what they can
look forward to if they choose to work with you? Well, that’s about how long it takes to create
the content for your ask the expert lead magnet book. Look at it this way with the ask the
expert lead magnet book, it’s really not a question of how much time it will take. It’s
really about how much time you will save because once your book is complete, you can put it
to work by starting conversations with dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of prospects on
your behalf. You might be thinking, well, what if I’m not a good writer? Well, what
makes the ask the expert lead magnet formula completely different from any other book writing
system is that you don’t need to be a great or even a good writer to produce a quality
book that actually helps the reader. We do it using a very simple but powerful strategy.
You see, conversations are a big part of success in business. Now just answering your prospective customers
common questions and addressing the common myths and misconceptions in your industry
and warning them about the common mistakes and potential pitfalls that can occur. It
plays a powerful role in turning your prospects into customers and following a specifically
designed format. I sit down with you to record a no stress 60 minute version of that conversation,
which becomes the core content of your ask the expert book. It’s that simple. In fact,
you don’t really need to write anything at all. Not in the traditional sense anyway.
Remember we’re not trying to write a textbook or a Pulitzer prize winning novel. We’re simply
helping your potential customers make the decision to choose you by being an educator
and an advocate for their success. So some people might think, well, I’m not really qualified
to call an expert, and this is one of the biggest myths that an expert has to be someone
who knows everything there is to know about their field or their industry. And the fact is such a person just doesn’t
exist. Being seen as an expert isn’t about trying to convince people that you’re the
best in the world or you know everything about what you do. If you can genuinely help your
customers and if you’re willing to share your knowledge then to your customers, you are
the expert and the ask the expert lead magnet system completely removes the need for you
to try and convince anyone that you’re the expert at all. This formula is designed to
allow you to be an educator and an advocate for the success of your prospects. And when
you’re seen as that educator and advocate for the success of others, you never have
to call yourself the expert again because you’ve made it easy for others to call you
the expert instead. So how do you, should you decide what your book should be about?
Well your book topic should focus on a specific type of customer that you help on how you
help them? Now, one of the biggest mistakes people make
when they try to write an expert positioning business book is that they make the content
focused on themselves and almost reads like a resume because they’re trying so hard to
convince the reader that they are the expert. Instead, the ask the expert lead magnet book
allows you to be the educator and the advocate for the success of the reader by focusing
on the problem that you help themselves and the outcome that you’re going to help them
achieve. And one of the first things that I do with a new ask the expert author is to
determine the perfect topic for their book. So you might be thinking, can I make money
from selling my book? Well, the ask the expert lead magnet book will certainly be valuable
enough to put a price tag on and sale, but it would be extremely short sighted to make
that your strategy for generating revenue from your book. Well, you have to realize is that they asked
the expert lead magnet system is not about creating a book to sell. It’s about creating
a book that sells you. And one of the most valuable aspects of the ask the expert lead
magnet book is that it’s so easy and affordable to give away. That’s right. Give it away.
The expert positioning, the prequalified leads, the branding opportunities and the referrals
created by giving your books away will produce far more income on a lot faster than any royalties
that you might collect from trying to sell copies. Think of your ask the expert lead
magnet book as the ultimate business card. But unlike regular business cards and flyers
or brochures that generally end up in the trash, your book will have a high perceived,
especially when there’s a price tag right on the cover and your ultimate business card
will be easy to give away. And your customers are also more likely to
put a small book in their purse or their laptop bag to read or to give to a friend that could
benefit from that information. And besides being easier and more profitable, giving away
your book is actually a lot of fun too. And the size of the ask the expert lead magnet
book makes them extremely affordable and easy to keep several copies on hand so that you
can hand them out whenever you need. So how can your ask the expert book generate referrals?
Well a customer selling you to other customers or word of mouth marketing is the most powerful
promotion of all. One which no advertising can replace. So a book enables word of mouth
better than almost any other marketing out there. And an ask the expert lead magnet book
isn’t meant to make the sale for you. It’s meant to be the handshake and the start
of the conversation that leads to an opportunity for the sales process to happen. So if your
book provides valuable, easy to understand information and you’ve made your terms, your
phrases, your ideas, easy for people to share with others and they will want to talk about
your book at a cocktail party or a networking event or give it to anyone that they know
who has a problem that your book solves, because it makes them look better. And that’s how
word of mouth marketing works. So how can you use your book to get more exposure for
your business? Well thanks to celebrity entrepreneurs like Dave Ramsey, dr Oz, Lori Greiner and
many others. Having a book not only positions you as a subject matter expert, it can even
put you in the category of celebrity, at least for your professional niche in the mind of
your customers, even if they’ve never read your book. That’s just how powerful having your own book
can be. Now, according to marketing legend Dan Kennedy, he says, the simple truth is
if you aren’t deliberately, systematically, methodically or rapidly and dramatically establishing
yourself as a celebrity, at least a your clientele and target market, you’re asleep at the wheel.
Ignoring what is fueling the entire economy around you and neglecting development of a
measurably valuable asset. So you’re book can open doors to getting booked to speak
as a subject matter expert in your field. And if you don’t have much experience speaking,
start with contacting the local meetups or networking events or chamber of commerce trade
shows that might be interested in your topic and offer to speak for free. Organizers of
these events are always looking for guest speakers and having an expert author is an
easy choice, especially if they have a book to give away to their attendees. And being an author also makes it easy for
reporters and journalists to interview you and quote you in their stories, especially
local news reporters that send them a copy of your book and let them know that you’re
available if they ever need a comment or a quote from a subject matter expert in your
field, radio show and podcast they love having authors as guests because it makes them look
good too. Please welcome the author of…, And once again, the credibility that comes
with being the author of a book instantly identifies you as a subject matter expert
on the topic and in turn makes you an attractive guests for many hosts. So how much does it
cost to write and publish a book? Well, for a traditional business book, you’d either
need to hire a ghostwriter or plan to spend about a hundred to 200 hours of your time
on the writing process. And that’s just for the writing. You would
still have the expense of editing, formatting, cover design, and setting up the publishing.
And this can easily set you back $15,000 to $30,000 and that’s before you even print your
first copy to give away. Now you compare that to the ask the expert lead magnet book and
based on our recorded conversation, there’s no writing required. The whole process only
takes about three to five hours of your time and my team manages the entire project. Everything
is handled in one place so you don’t have to to spend your time trying to find service
providers or manage the complicated process yourself. My team handles the book creation,
the editing, the formatting, the cover design, the publishing services, and we provide you
with the first 50 copies of your book to get you started all for a very affordable flat
fee of $2,500 Now ,most business owners are pretty shocked about how small the investment
is versus the return. In fact, most only need to sell or generate
a couple of leads to completely cover the cost and once your book is complete, you can
put it to work by starting that same conversation with dozens, hundreds or even thousands of
people on your behalf. And because this is a marketing expense for your business, it’s
tax deductible. I’m not a CPA and this is not tax advice. So check with your tax professional.
I’m certain that they will agree with me. So how does the book creation process work?
Well, I use a proven five step process that quickly moves from our first interview session
to getting your first box of books to hand out to prospects in about eight weeks. Step
one, we schedule a 30 to 60 minute phone call where we gather the information about you
and your business and we’ll define your target reader and the topic for your book based on
a specific type of customer that you help. We’ll talk about their biggest fears, theimyths,
the misconceptions and mistakes that they commonly face and the solution that you are
able to provide. We’ll also go over the book cover options and information needed for your
about the author page. After the call, based on our conversation, I’ll put together a list
of the most important questions that are on your prospect’s mind and I’ll send you those
questions along with some notes and possible bullet points that we can address and you’re
free to adjust or to add to that list if there are specific questions that you would like
to address in the book. Step two, we schedule a low stress 60 minute recorded conversation
and I’ll guide you through addressing those topics and questions that we put together.
Just as if you are doing a consultation with a prospective customer. Step three, this is where I take over the
most tedious steps of the content creation process for you. Our recorded conversation
will be transcribed and the transcript of our conversation will be edited for clarity
and readability. And you get a digital proof of the book cover and an editable copy of
the manuscript. And as you read through the manuscript, you can reword anything you want
or approve it as is a step four. Once the final edits are made, you’ll receive a physical
copy of your book in the mail to look over and give final approval. And once I receive
your final approval of the physical copy, I will ship you out your first 50 copies so
that you can hand them out to your prospective clients. You’ll also be provided with a special
link to purchase additional copies of your book for three to three 50 each plus shipping. There are no minimum purchases and the cost
of your additional copies depends on the final page count of your book. So by eliminating
the need for you to do all the technical and time consuming stuff, you’ll have your own
quality book that you can help bring in new customers with and develop more opportunities
in just a few hours of your time. Now, before I go, I want to thank you for letting me share
this information with you. And if you feel you are that educator and advocate for the
success of your customers, I’d like to give you a free copy of my, ask the expert book
and answer any questions that you have about creating a book of your own.

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