Are perpetual motion machines possible?

[MUSIC PLAYING] What if I told you I built a
machine that creates energy? My ingenious design
works like this. As the wheel turns, the
coins fall in the slots so that one side of
the wheel is always heavier than the
other, which would keep pulling that side
down, and the wheel would never stop turning. Without so much as a push,
this wheel would spin forever. Think about the possibilities. I could build a giant
fleet of wind turbines that turn without wind to
power the entire Earth. We wouldn’t have to burn
fossil fuels anymore. This could solve climate change. So let’s see it
in action, or not, because it doesn’t
actually work. You may have seen
this wheel before, and there is a reason
it doesn’t work– well, physics, but also
friction here on the axle, which will eventually stop any
wheel from continuing to spin. But then there’s
also gravity, so what I said earlier about
one side of the wheel being heavier than the other was
misleading because of the way gravity works on wheels. Imagine a regular wheel. Its center of mass is at
the center of the wheel. Now, imagine a wheel
with a single coin in it. It might swing back and
forth a couple times, but it won’t rotate. Add a second coin. Add a third coin. The wheel swings back
and forth, slowing down until it stops where
the center of gravity is at its lowest
position, always, so the unbalanced
wheel will swing back and forth like a sad
pendulum until friction wins. This wheel is a
perpetual motion machine, a device that is supposed
to move without any energy. NARRATOR: But by far the most
persistent dream of inventors has been to get
something for nothing. That is to create a machine
that will start itself, overcome all friction, and
still have enough power left to do useful work–
in short, perpetual motion machines. In countless
instances in history, people have claimed that
they’ve made a perpetual motion machine– Bhaskara’s
unbalanced mercury wheel in the 1100s, Zimara’s
self-blowing windmill in the 1500s, the capillary bowl
where capillary action forces the water upwards, the
Oxford electric bell, which takes back and forth due to
charge repulsion, and so on. In fact, the US
Patent Office stopped granting patents for
perpetual motion machines without a working prototype. The reason you’ve never
heard of Cox’s timepiece and you don’t power your
smartphone with a capillary bowl is that perpetual
motion machines are the snake oil of physics. They are impossible. This is the classic
drinking bird toy. It tips itself into a glass of
water and then rights itself and then tips again, over and
over, looking forever thirsty. Where’s the source of energy? At room temperature,
inside the bird is part liquid and part vapor. The bird contains a substance
called dichloromethane, the same stuff in
this little toy, which boils at a much lower
temperature than water. When the bird dips its
beak into the water, the bird’s top cools down. Because of the ideal
gas law, PV equals nkT, the pressure in the tube
at the top of the bird is lower than the pressure
in the bottom of the bird. This pressure difference
pushes the liquid into the top of the head. The toy gets top
heavy and tips over. When the bird tips over,
the bottom of the tube is exposed to the vapor, which
rises up and pushes the liquid back into the bottom. The bird stands up, and
the cycle continues. But it’s not perpetual motion. There is an energy source making
this bird drink over and over, but it’s hard to spot. The energy source for the
bird is the ambient heat in the room. Bear with me. The water cooled
the bird’s beak, creating a temperature
difference between the top and bottom, and that caused
the pressure difference that made the liquid flow to the
top and tipped the bird over. When the pressure equalized,
the top and bottom of the bird became the same temperature,
but slightly cooler than it started out. Then the room warms
the bird up again, and that’s where we
see our energy source. This back and forth between
pressure and temperature is what causes Earth’s
weather, and though it seems like weather and
wind and storms never stop, they’re powered
by the sun’s heat. So even Earth’s weather isn’t
a perpetual motion machine. Now, there is a more fundamental
reason why these machines are impossible, and it’s called
the law of conservation of energy, which states that
energy can neither be created nor destroyed. Energy never comes for free. If you see a machine
producing motion, heat, light, or another form of energy, keep
looking for the energy source. I repeat, keep looking
for the energy source. So now you know. If anyone tells you they’ve
built a perpetual motion machine, tell them to peddle
their wares elsewhere. Thank you so much for watching. It’s all very, and so are
you if you think it’ll work. NARRATOR: You can’t get
something for nothing. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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  • not bad video

  • You're missing one very important point. You CAN'T CANNOT, never never never can you ever stop climate change!!!
    Because if you did that then millions of people would have nothing to complain about.

  • I bet Nikola Tesla figured this one out, but didn't have the time to market it because he was busy inventing the 21st century and stuff… you know.

  • Another one on the garbage pile

  • But from where all energy come from the beginning, where located the source what created all energy?

  • You wrong, owerunity device exist, they cant ignore that so they call it "toy"
    Will you say that to people??


  • the laws of thermodynamics bullies everything

  • Play this at .25 speed and enjoy the song😘

  • But what if there was rubber bands running inside the axel so when it spun it built up tension to a point then it'd swing the other way? And Change it's shape to be more elliptical just slightly to match the Earth's shape. Maybe play with how the coins accelerate in their groves and tinker with the weights.

  • A energia existe e encontra-se no Γ©ter( ar) estΓ‘ numa forma de repouso

  • who needs a wheel that spins forever, i dont mind push it once in a year to get free energy for another year…

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    Either way, regardless, no pressure, blah blah tangent… IAMWEAREPERFECTLYHAPPYNOLIESORSPACESORanyROOMFORerror


  • Jason is clarifying that he thinks you two made a behind the scenes agreement. That's all fur NIE

  • Then The Problem is solved! Or not?………

  • as she said it's not possible and it never will be. The clue is that this is always pursued by people with no understanding of science.

  • First you need to make the bearing magnetic so it's frictionless. Two you need to put a couple of magnet's on and off the wheel opposing each other. The two action should give the wheel a very long spin time at least a year of continuous motion. Between the weights and magnet's you should generate continuous electricity:-) once the magnets lose there power they would need replacement,but it could be violable.

  • What if (the best q ever) if you fed back the "lost" energy back into the motion? Kick start the process and??? And what happens if we advance with our tech? One thing I have to say is; science is only as relevant as its provable theories…and scientific standards change over time. Fact.

  • All this did was push me to make a perpetual motion device and prove you wrong. Let me get my handy dandy notebook.

  • You can’t get something for nothing. If we could only get socialists to understand this concept.

  • She sounded like a visco girl

  • You are very gorgious and your video is very awesome

  • Please explain 'impossible' to my ex mate. He's been sat at home trying to make his fortune by nailing junk together for the last 25 years.
    The mortgage company arnt impressed.

  • Please explain us why you break up your ex. .

  • If we just had stronger magnets!!

  • You said " look for the energy source" Your wheel with the coins, Gravity is what makes it move in the first place, And gravity and friction is what stops it. You have only failed in using gravity as your energy source.

  • so these birds can fix climate change and the energy problem at the same time!!! amazing! we need more of them.

  • Great video

  • You did harness some energy but it will eventually wear out.

  • I've seen a energy device that uses cavitation in water. it creates more heat and power than what is put in. It's not some magical machine, and apparently a lot of professors and scientists cannot explain it. They did make several of these water heaters and place them in a fire department. Pretty cool documentary!
    A lot of the devices & machineries that people label as "free energy"
    Some of these things work!
    Only our current technology level cannot explain them. When we advance in technology, it won't be such a mystery!

  • You're turning the wheel backwards genious

  • We will without stop looking for the energy source. When will we find the origin of the energy source

  • What about human stupidity? πŸ˜‰

  • Ok. Lets build a giant thirsty bird.

  • Have you ever re-searched Joseph Newman's energy device? This gentleman's life work is one of the greatest inventions made. It's unfortunate he passed away in 2017. He truly invented the solution to all energy answers and broke many laws of physics, many laws needing to be re-visited. If you have any hope that there is evidence out there to crush several of these laws from some of the greatest minds to exist, please spend 10-15 minutes research this man's work.

  • It isn't possible

  • Never included magnets in the video, why ?

  • i had a idea of using ferrofluid and strong magnet to keep boyle's flask flowing? then it could be used to turn a small electrical generator and light a l.e.d πŸ€”πŸ§²πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

  • so even sun is not a perpetual motion machine

  • Can you suspend with magnets?

  • Can you make a video on how does eulier’s disk works?

  • A subtler point is why the Drinking Bird isn't a Perpetual Motion Machine of the Second Kind.

  • What is the source of the Sun's energy?

  • I’m not a physicist, but I’ve got a pretty good scientific mind.
    I know it is impossible, but the unbalanced wheel really does seem like it should work. πŸ˜„

  • strange idea what if you have two magnetic rounds in which the magnetic middel is mounted? would that make a difference?

  • The answer to your question is no

  • Also with the drinking bird, if you leave it long enough, it will eventually stop drinking. Why? Every time it dips its beak into the water, it absorbs some of the water (which is later evaporated into the room), so the water level in the cup will eventually drop below beak level.
    Initially, the bird will continue 'drinking' fresh air, but once all the water has evaporated from its head and its head reaches ambient temperature, it will stop.

  • Okay its not perpetual but u can extract energy from it for free… not get energy out of nowhwrre but the abient temperature is free, u just covert the waste energy to something more useful. Just like wind turbine. It give u electricity for free, it dont create energy, it just covert energy from wind into electricity

  • i have ask me how

  • How is a perpetual motion machine, powered by gravity, a success? Isn't it just using the energy from a known source?

  • They are good thought exercises to understand physics. If you can't explain it, then dig, make your own, figure it out πŸ™‚

  • The first 'machine' : WRONG CONSTRUCTION.

  • "you can't get something for nothing" But what about free healthcare and free college tuition? /s

  • Earth revolving around the Sun is a perpetual motion machine.

  • Can't or impossible are words for those who lack the will, imagination and motivation.

  • The impossible has been done and will continue to be done

  • No, they're not possible.

  • How long has the earth been in motion? How long has the sun been creating heat? One standing on a moving object that is running about 5,000 miles an hour is telling me there is no perpetual motion? And so it goes. What is perpetual, is people thinking that others have to observe and tell them what they are observing….

  • 13.77 billion years ago i built an atom and the electrons are still whirling around the nucleus. I call it my perpetual motion machine.

  • sure they are but building one big enough and powerful enough to be practical is another story.

  • give the Hulk a 50 gallonΒ barrel of pinto beans and onions to eat and you will see perpetual motion

  • Piezo electricity. Perpetual quartz watches.

  • Just have a panel that absorbs solar energy that is connected to a UV flashlight so the solar energy powers the flashlight which flashes on the panel thus powering itself but.. you would need to put it into sunlight for half a minute or so until it starts to power itself

  • No!!!! Even the motion of earth and the sun will eventually end.

  • You are obviously trying to mislead watchers and make them think you have no inner order knowledge of Alien Technology! The UFOs solve this by making the outside of the axile and the inner ring of the wheel of metal with the same magnetic charge. Like the north end of two magnets they will repell…and thus move over each other without friction!

  • She is right nothing is perpetual motion every thing has a shelf life on it even the earth and the planets. For every motor there is a law of physics wrote for it that some one watch and then said there is no way any more energy can be made or produced by this object. The earth and sun are big magnetic repulsion motors that are slowly losing energy and going to stop one day. Designing a motor like that you have to know the law with magnetics magnets only move when there is a unbalanced or attraction to the opposite pole on the magnet that is how the planets work and they will stop some day too.


  • not built correctly

  • Ok
    Die Erde 🌍 ist ein Ball

  • 00:10 friction stopped it lol

  • So does the drinking bird never stop? Does it never find a point of equilibrium? If the energy source is something as permanent as the earth, I think that is close enough to consider perpetual.

  • Tesla’s free energy. It would have worked.


  • youre so gorgeous..

  • you can't have a free lunch.

    That's how you know it is a con

  • I did it with magnets on a small wind turbine, yes it will not last forever but it will last longer than my lifetime, just have to replace bearings in the turbine once in awhile

  • Here's the secret design Johann Bessler used for his famous perpetual motion wheels:

  • One word β€œmagnet”

  • Is that a quickies bearing?

  • You've never met my friend andy…his mouth is a perpetual motion machine

  • Perpetual motion machines – impossible!!! 'That' statement is ignorance based upon scientific intellectual codswallop! Simply put, no one has yet designed a real functional perpetual motion machine. But they will come, and ignorant scientists will have rotten egg in their faces.

  • The drinking duck isn't perpertual motion machine also because, the water will eventually evaporate

  • watch it

  • what if we use gravity to make.. energy? IDK how but gravity is a force, right?

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