Apex Legends | Stories from the Outlands – “The Old Ways”

Faðir! Faðir! Faðir! They thought machines
could tame this land for them. That power seduced them. Made them veikr. Let their death be a warning, child. Come. That will be your final test. Traust your instincts, young one. All machines fail. But the old ways
preserve our felagi people. Uncle Artur… You will return as one of us. Or, return not at all. I, Blódhundr… will slatra. Til Valhall!! Mitt test is fylla! I gipt my offering to the Allfather. The rikr Jötunn
that plagued our people. I found its lair. Bless me, uncle. Have you chosen exile. I have brought down a creature that none among us has ever slatra! You traded the lesson of the hunt for a quick kill with a trigger. You betrayed the old ways. Heimskr! Watch your tongue, child! You are afraid of a power you do not understand! That power enslaved us! You reject the very wisdom
that kept us alive. You reject us. I have spent ten winters proving myself to you. It’s not my respect you must earn,
young one. Artur! Ren-na!! Hey! Hey! Artur… Nei Tyr!!!! Artur! Do not weep for me. I failed you. Fyrirgef mik! Nei, young one. Nei. I lived to see you pass the test. It was not the gun that protected them. It was you…. Perhaps there is more to the old ways than the weapon we choose… A beast none has slatra. You will be the first Blódhundr. The Allfather guides you now. For Artur! Far Vel. Go now to Valhalla end.

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