AP U.S. History

Hey what’s up, we’re the AP US History Kids That’s us [giggle] So here we are talking about AP US History What sort of content will they learn in this class? You learn all kinds of content, honetly it dates back from 1607
pre-columbian to of modern america the time period we live in now you learn everything in between that time period so pretty any day any little month or minute that happens in american history you will kinda
cover at least go over and yea the big the big events
that happen in our nations history its pretty much the whole content of this class yea definitely big events and ahhh important people such as presidents and that sort I’m going to agree with Alise you cover from pre Columbian days all the way to modern America but why this is different from ordinary History its at a faster pace in this class and the break down is like one section each week we’ll be given a quiz on it each wednesday and at the end of the month we’ll be given a test based on all the based on all the units that were covered which ah each unit is 30-50 pages long and ah occasionally we are given presentations at the end of the month as well so something that is different about this class too there is a lot more testing than with normal US History classes and we do memorize presidents and their years and party and all the events they did in their presidency so that’s that something to keep in mind when you are filling out your paperwork for this class it’s a lot of work but it’s worth it so what sort of challenges did you face while taking this class for me one of the biggest challenges is this guy right here this text book uh… it’s a lot its a lot of work every week you’re expected to take notes on a chapter you are assigned and the hardest part for me though are the timed essays those are the worst I don’t know about you guys but I always struggle with timed essays if you’re not good at essay writing this class will teach you how to do better it will force you to be better one of the biggest challenges for me was figuring out a way to balance sports at the same time reading all the assigned chapters and taking notes and preparing for the quizzes one solution to that that I haven’t mastered yet is not procrastinating I strongly strongly recommend I cannot stress it enough you have to read throughout the week don’t try to pack it all in three days before tests because it’s gonna be really challenging to process all the information yea I have to completely agree with Malik because like time management is not my my strongest thing, and so sometimes it can be difficult the reading and the note taking and processing the information getting it in your head can sometimes be tough so its important to ah make sure you have a schedule to make sure you have time to do the assignments uh… managing time it’s critical to the class really the time aspect is uh… is a huge when it comes to the AP tests as well so when we take our um when we take our test we’ve got to stop watch what’s going on so like we are training or are getting ready for the AP test because that AP test ultimately comes down to time and that challenge of time uh… when we take classes when we take tests in the classes it really stresses you out you feel like you are rushing you’re not getting the questions really wrapping your head around that concept of I’m on time ya’know i have to finish or I i still have some questions to go over and I havent i haven’t really gotten them enough That is really That is a huge challenge that I haven’t personally had because I am used to taking my time going over my questions rereading them making sure that they are right and sometimes i’ve got to skip a question
or a leave a question blank and i can go over just because that clock hit zero zero and I’m out of time also going off of what Luis said time management is very important especially if you are taking a number of AP classes the homework load can be a lot Its a very important skill to have I recommend if you like AP but not really into US History you probably shouldn’t take this class especially with all the homework That leads us to our next question For this class how much time should I expect to spend on reading and homework? a rough estimate usually seven to ten which goes on the reading I do for the class um… I usually do some note cards or some kind of the study habits for um for important vocab each section and then on resetting my notes huge part of it but you have to be so
you know once he did not get there really go back and take clear concise notes
and reread then they go over them for the
unit test you are going to have all that all that that I do usually around my week I spend seven ten hours uh… dependent chapter on sometimes
more sometimes less that’s usually a rough estimate I have to agree with Luis on that I think the most time consuming part would especially be the reading yeah expecting usually depends the amount of time sometimes it will take 3-4 hours just reading the textbook and taking notes sometimes it will take longer due to the fact that I get distracted very easily the chapters can be long sometimes its important to minimize the amount of distractions so that you have so you can just focus on your reading so you can get it done sooner and you can learn the material better I as well agree with luis and nancy I spend about 6 – 8 hours a week on APUSH I know it seems like a lot it kinda is, but it’s not too difficult like I said earlier if you plan everything out right and don’t procrastinate to the last couple of days to finish your reading and make your note cards because those will be vital to help you with quizzes I also recommend you utilize the online quizzes all you have to do is go to the website for the book that will only take about 15 minutes that will vitally help you with what you need to know I might also recommend you form a study group Which is important for you guys to meet up and makes it easier to cover the wide range of material that is covered in the class I agree with Malik study groups are so essential to this class taking notes is a lot, but studying notes is the most important part you find a group of people that you get along with and you have about the same grade you will be able to work off each other and succeed I’d say I spend about 10 hours is probably the most I’ve spent in a week yea its a lot why did you take this class did meet
your expectations so the main reason I took this class is to cut down on college costs I think that’s what ‘s on everyone’s mind but also wanted to take it to learn about US History I didn’t know a lot coming in I know a lot more than I thought I was going to i’ve heard all the things that we talked
about its a hard class and a challenge its all true But it’s all worth it a lot of work you’re always pushing yourself, growing it’s a great experience and if you think
that you had just enough to make the commitment you should go for it i decided to take APUSH because I’m quite fascinated in History especially the history of America and honestly I didn’t know what to expect when I came into this class I came from a different school so I hadn’t heard anything about the workload so I was really shocked when I first came to class then I realized how much work had to be put in but then I realized that once you become committed enough to put in the work the reward is worth it like Abby said it cuts down on College costs if you do well on the AP exams ya um defiantly College costs is one of the reasons that I took it also um I think loving History, I wasn’t History isn’t always my strongest subject but I do really love to learn I really was interested in taking History ya that’s all I wanted to say I think the main reason I took it is because in prior years a real fascination of historical
subjects spend it uh… especially with leaders that had um lead in the past and helped our society grow function the way it is today you know in order to to be better prepare for my
future how to handle the past and uh…that is what I hoped for in AP World History to gain that knowledge about my past and
why things function the way they do today and why america’s going into a prosperous and the amazing society it is today that is why I mainly decided to take the class

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  • I honestly love these short videos for AP classes. They're super helpful even if I don't go to the same school. THANKS!!!

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