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hasalways been known that the pharaohs andqueens of ancient Egyptpracticedincestand adulterypublic displays ofsexualitybuts itsbeing discoveredevidence that sexualityandindispensable for the entire societyhere and thereIt was a magical and sensual land insex andorigin of allmuleven the universe itself sex in antiquitythe heatthesecond pharaoh Rameses was the mostimportant of all the pharaohs and their sexual appetitewas up to itsmarried status countlessPrincesses who came from landsNUMMI distantexotic women toLibyan and Babylonian if perhaps also withhis sister and three of their daughters at the time of his deathin 1213BCat the age of 91 yearsRancés claimed to have had more than20 queensand many lovers orconcubinesinancient textspicks whofatheredmore than100,00025 is anAmerican archaeologist whoHe spent ten years in the valley of theKings in Egypttrying to proveauthenticity of such statementsRanses turned15 when hisfather gave a woman a dozen concubines and all keysharems countryI remember when I was 15 I was given a shirt butRamesesseconds was suddenlysurrounded byallthese womensincehe was bornRamesesit destined for greatness child was common to see him for taming bulls people that meant he was the man that couldguarantee the blessing ofthe gods andbring Egyptprosperity to the countryimagine an hourglass godsThey would be at the top andmortals in the bottom ofthe paradorIt would be the link between the two spheres and all communicationIt could beestablished between this lifeinliving the here done throughPharaohthisplaced him in athe extremely important positiongods expressed their wishes through Figure hosteland it was greatcommunicatorwhich allowed the soul andthetwilightmoonrise thesuccess in flood not to nile all thesegodsdepended messagesPharaoh and his ability to transmission between the two levels one of the fundamental tasks of Pharaoh andensure that the godstrajinan soil fertility and nileduring an annual ceremonymasturbated in water Pharaoh was fertility closely linked to the success of the harvest for the people sexual powerPharaoh his god on earthwillequally important because they believed that sex was what had led to world the first power of the universe being supreme act arose from the night of the He masturbated times and became ra the sun god gave birth to his semen the first beingthe god of divine hislight and air and sisterPh thegoddess ofmoisture your vaginacreatedthemorning dewher incestuous loveHe created ‘nude’heaven and the earthDr. Richardmuseum parkinsonBritainis an expert in mythologyof ancient Egypt sexual activity was very important in theEgyptian mythsif the wall you can see a picture ofcosmos in which the sky goddessnetmichaelis about her husband who wasgod of war usuallyisShe is lying on the floorbut whatyou can see how she approachesunion give that the next generationGodsand is the beginning of allEgyptian historyafterbirththe cosmos richard studiesparkinsonPharaoh suggested that onlythoseclosest priests couldadmirethese intimate performancesofmen in this matchwe can see another example of theiconreligious whose sexual charge is quite unusual for our mentalitywe can see a modern vignettecosmosin which theboatskyItis presented asa goddessprostratedonearth god of gea andself – healing fertilityEarth is represented by aKing then action giving rise to ascene in Western culture This onlygiven and genderpornographic while in ancient EgyptHe could be found in the highestspheres of religious artisthat theseparties belong to thepriestsawoman of theeliteand wereI placed inthe sacred place your tumatea womanhigh in most categoriesEgypt was the firstgarros love is thelargenetwork in doorHe died on thetwenty – fourth yearof hisreign was buried in a tomb spectacularwalls perfectlypreservedshow ushow the coupleReal conceived their relationship the tomb is dedicated to the goddess carnal lovehatthe equivalent ofGreek goddessof African QueenNefertariHathor arerepresented with the same size Egyptian religious artwasthesizevery importantRameses believed that he and hisqueenThey were at the same level of thegodsBrazilianreal was only 48 years old when theriva near the fashion oriaof thegods committed incestmarriedthe eldest daughter he had with nefertarimary princess’s worldbypromoting to the rank of QueenHe would marry one of his daughtersdina nath Princess with which had aRameses took his role descendantsupreme symbol of fertility veryserious Ihave traveled in Egypt forweekstry the exploits of rancherasand thecountryin at least three temples toegypt recorded along the wallsscenes processions formed by their childrenare representedinnothingless than 29with processionstheir daughters and birth order each casea legend detailing hername their titlesmeng one soiree gave much importance totheir children as didRamesesaresubject to frequentreferenceshistorical texts that wrote about the activities of their reignscheck it has been a complicated taskRances tomb in the Valley of thekings wasdestroyed by a floodhowever your body with more than3,500years remains in the museumica antiquesevery dayhundreds of peoplevisit themummy man who lived as a god surrounded byhis children their wives theirlovers and their slaves the thekettles life of ordinary peopleIt was much easier Pharaohhas always had a roleessential in Egyptian society many women multitudeof children allset was something inherent to Pharaoh certainlythe courtiers in peopleThey eat humble lived cutmuch simpler way for Mosteveryday was a strugglefor survivalas they sawsexand marriage has always been a mysterybut now we can studyevidence that had been hidden datatellinghowordinarypeopleandHe is wearing a sensual and erotic life likePharaohthesquare tothe cupkings and queens of ancientcopyBiblian as gods in a worldwhich for themsexual potencywere theybut know little abouthowthey lived called the rest of thepopulationMany remains were dragged through theNile floodshostos in 7000 of the vineEgypt was limited to the riverbanksnilein thisstretch of lushvegetationis beyondendless African desertplusexcept somereal temples and tombsconstructions of ancient Egyptbrick arebelow along thelast 200 years theannualNile floods haveIt destroyed almost all traces of the old history thereforethe small town ofDeir elMedinais anincomparable treasurerests on the desert dunesopposite the ancient capital of gastoday the residence ofthe workers whofences builtthe royal tombsProfessorlink readingof the monthColumbia UniversityHe spent ten years studying lifeIDL and results of medinasjustbe publishedMarine lidl is special because it has notIt has been destroyed bythe constantmovementsNile floodsPeriodicthroughout the centuriesnile haschanged position and hasdestroyed many villages of auditors probably settlements cities They could be seenthrough the thicketnile vegetationcemeteryIDL medina ofhosts the land of themore powerful villagers thecashtomb of the architectand his wifemary is a revelation contentssuggests that at least the middle classesThey aspired to lead a lifestylelike PharaohKaymer and ‘thesun ‘now in the Egyptian Museum of Turinin italysurprisesat the topthe sarcophagusthere are ten masses of leaveswhich they have been preserved alsoownsmáncorawe can still seewas what flowersthe dry desert air has preservedevery detailof the tomb 3,500 yearsoldTeakandmaryis clear that the classhalf should bededicated to the medina greatoftheir income to their appearancethe finely woven linen shirts decade with his name 50 undergarments ormakeup boxare proofand wigand marycollection ofmascarasandlipstickkings and 10 permitread observetheirpossessionsturethis belt butat a cost has madeof gold inlaid strips that it is safer to be goldco also a ram suchornament wastypical of women andfemale representingyourskin me come to him toorings and earrings found smaller objects andwhich cast awayhouse beatthis beetlecorporately by that famousbeetle heart probablywith extinctionWe havealsofound earringsringsand all kinds of ornamentsboth men and women wore large amountof ornaments like jewelryearringsrings bracelets if boththey trained travelingespeciallyThey wore mascara equally huge amounts ofPerfumecertainly notcollectedbyI will quote our under which theWomen are the mainjewelry carrying menalso they looked very rods jewelryThis desire to lead a sensual lifeifaccepts 5 of the tomb of a foremanIPEI calledon the walls thererepresentations of a luxurious banquetjorge there is homosexuality andbeauty Thisallows usAfore moreSensual sample imagesperfume flowers that give us an idea of howthis would violate banquetmusic probably came fusionsflowerscameinfast type of substancesnarcotics andcounter a pocketsensoryexperiencethe inhabitantsof Medina were IDLcraftsmento work for Pharaohthey decided to give their own gravesthat air of royaltybutalsothey left behind remains of their lives dailyIDL medina was full of wallsdecorated letters and official documents This is how I have found documentsorcensustellsushow many peopleIt was registered as an inhabitant of this house look like traditional families his grandparents and auntsbut I think those housesgaveshelter tomany peopleandif you look at theGenealogical information we are in condition stating that peopleseeIt will be up to nine in ten childrenIt is a lot like lifethe present inhabitants of Egyptanimals and humans sharespacewith the roof is the centervitalthepeople spend much time in theroof slept there because it is a placein the cool especially during the summer and developed other activities such as animal husbandry that is something thatstill gives inour daysSaturday would also slashanyfree space availablealthoughthere are similarities between theegypt current and formerattitudeto sex could not be more differentwhenthe French bernardbruguière madethefirstIDL medina excavations in1900then he foundthehousespublic displays of imageryerotic thefirst thing you see whenyou walk into ahouseare scenes depictingwomenintheir particular sceneslifetime2 either givingbirth breast-their children and in a particular house in thesoutheast house8 can observe agreat fresco of a naked womanplayingin thedouble flutegiven this type ofso erotic imageseventual is not something todayWe attended theinherent decorationa househe let alone thebesides the first staysIDL medina erotic paintings wasfull of sacred objectsusedprobably in fertility ritualsIt is that these objects were taken bydolls for many years that aresmall representations of women and in many cases withelaboratehairstylesbut in the end it became clear thatwas sexually charged objects as the female genitals are clearlyrepresenteda darling of the medina prepared to goavery explicitdocumentasdivertimento or custompapyrusIDL eroticmedinabegins withnormal animal scenesuntilStrandja suddenly bullsome experts have suggested that we are facing a sexual treaty or religious allegory others opt for a questionSatirical papyrus assume that the manbeing bald is a priest and the woman behave this waymakes clearwhich is a prostituteso ittrya social satirebutI think these explanations areacademic tempermental butPapyrus develops clearly notHe said as aparodyhumorousMan shows off the tremendousflexibilityof your penis what is commonin the comedy genre you havethethese findings with those of a thousand yearsoldhave been studiedwhen they discovered no one thoughtexpose such sexual imagerypublicly it would have been offensive andthese objects simply hidtheVictorians in the late19th centuryEgyptology was bornexperts thentendedto focus on the lives of the pharaohs and notpaying attention to classesLow of societyAncient Egyptnow we are very interested in whatI mightdesire tothink and feeleverymanthey did in theirfree time scribes in menwhopaintedthiswallwe are much moreclosed in gettinga vision ofhow cultureonlyEgyptianandeight more than theactorHe saved the Victorian Phoeniciansstory thatthis would not bemore than a count of battles and succession the first archaeologists were not Supporters of studying sex objects It is closer to the Valley of the Kings inmaiden sea andthe workersof themedina erected a huge templeMortuaryforQueen anses or morea sanctuary dedicated to the goddess hathorclimbers they found awide collection ofwooden penaltiesThey could have been used in rituals fertility since its discoveryhave remainedstored in the British Museumthese areless than peniseswood found in excavations TempleDavao and jatoearly20thcentury wereFound placed baskets around the shrine and of course They were referenced with no reports original excavationsallianceitis not yet clear in what contextThey were used orwhat their functionisabove the temple there are caves thatworkersusedbay the medinafor shelter from the midday sunone of them found a paintingof ancient Egypt Professor mohamed the baydirectorantique Valley of the Kings maintainscave is closed to the publicperhaps this is a small mistake grottoor cave that is where you canobservejuices representing scenessun sexual content workers whoworked in the templewereprotectedthe sunin these cavesduringthebreaks during these free time ishadnt isimagined and drawn inbrugal walls worseasThey would like to be doing inthen they shared with their companions as they lay in the small cave this manis in a hurry to dolovein that positiontheexplicit imagery wasThis Egyptian life from the royal templesto the caves ofworkersbut so far no one hasknow the reason whatisItis taking a look back easyassume that thetypical modesty of aallepuz some timeand nothinderstudy of this material isso strangebut we must not forget that every timehas itsbuzz and issues that theChilean society talkdocuments found inidenmedina are starting to give an idea clearerwhythe oldEgyptians were so obsessed with sex I’ll let youadmire me fills mecovera tunic rather betterGillcinnamon oilacenight’re like my mannowMidonends this kissed andI’m lips responds very excitedeven withoutdrinkingfragments of love poetry and imagery found inDeir el –MedinaThey suggest thatthiswasa town in thethat sex was not a taboo subjectisprobablynot behidden or theown there are certain images that we look at a coupleofevents melsex in the presence of childrenwhatindicates that the idea ofthis type ofactsmust be hidden enemiesIt is aWestern concept andpasses meenticesEuropean traditionand if welook at the history of Europewe90 lookouts give severalcenturiesfamilies lived all together in housesGuebel small sharing the sameroomand sometimes the same bedI think we have toreconsiderour sensitivities in this regardwe have to overcome the idea that ritual is something really formed part of lifefortamingEgyptiansexpect theseintermingledeasilythe more the findings are examinedthe eagle and makes evident medinaEgyptwas a place where thesexual depravity was not criminalized in thevillagebread is athiefand murdererwith an insatiable sexual appetiteisHe slept with all the women of the villageearning the enmity of manytheirbehavior was reportedand iscollected in the court registry shouldgo in medina which thescribecollects testimonies that saythey areto be August with several womenfluid married a woman ditching himand her daughter who then gave hisECTI son who slept in their area and hasasked the scribe passesverywell andenjoyscollecting theseay testimony against zinc panewhen writingthe wordshave sexual intercoursealvear sitel written documentswith many flourishes that give the feeling that he really enjoyeddefaming and corduroynamebut his conductwas only objectregistration butnotto punish theToday suchacts wouldconsidered a crimebut not in theancient egyptITSON if they tried tosomething reprehensible embarrassing butThey demonstrated a very practical attitude torespectMr. adultery wascommon and therefore does not deserve the punishment of deathand marriageIt appeared to bein frequent 0town records attest that theDivorce was alsowhatthis really is marriages series regularpeoplemarrythree or four timesthere we knownwomenalso they married with several men at different timesmaintainparallel relationsconcept of marriagewas veryinformed the phrase used to refer to Marriage was not find a home togetherceremony had just lived withyour partnerno civil codesmarriage was not regulatedandmonth discoveredthatsomeliving arrangements inthemedinawho wouldbe surprisingwere women who were already theslaves in the husbandbrought homewhen his wifebecame pregnant om nfin this way the man could followtaking and harassmentor were 20 ofthefamily and sometimesthese children reachedNotable people marryslaveobviated meanwhileherhowHe raiseditsstatus andpast formcoexistence of the home was verywere flexible and modalities foreveryonewhat our eyesIt is really amazinginappropriatefor the Egyptians worked very welltheancient Egyptiansliberal antelwho did not worry about virginityin many societiesvirginity later constitute aprerequisite that mustberespected until marriageAncient Egypt was no such beliefthere is noconsensusandspecific mentiontexans wepossess in this regardvirginity of children illegitimate or related issues paternityso much emphasis onlosses and the ability to haveandWe have not had whybecome established onediscrimination of any kind withrespectsex as it would be implemented laterinmedievalsocietiestheirthe evenyou I came this emphasisFertilityis something that is not yetit’s very clear some experts have suggested that there was an attitudethatHe acceptedsome level ofpromiscuityin the hermetic world court Pharaohcameto think that eventhegods maintained relationsgayliterary textsIt retains much information about thesexuality and how theycontemplatedeveryday life is possiblethat the first sentenceof flirtationhumanity appeared on a papyrus is onein which a god tries to seduce anotheris one of the first situationsCold gay historyengine where God comes to tellthe horus godI love your assup juice andthe likeadultery there are lots of references to homosexuality in literary texts of ancient Egyptbut noevidence of historical figures were homosexualsis howeverthere is a gravetaken twoUNEAC men called a sloganthat werebarbers of one of the kings of formerregimeandit hasalwaysbeen successfulI thought that inarelationshipFlash homosexuality anddivorceconsidereddeviations bybut laterlegionsin Egyptsexual values ​​seemed more relaxed one of the keyslies in thebioclimatic characteristicscountrylife in Egypt wasprecarious theDroughts inthecountinginfant mortality was very highsoil fertility and itsinhabitantswas a concernWe equipillos constant could not berestrictive even in the fieldIt is sexualrepresentation and doubtssexual activity are positive are considered a source of creation centrality and in many cases protectionneverlooked 5Negativelythey havewithrescued evidence of settlements in the authorization of imagery both in homes and in the tombs and mythological storiesgibbous moonthe creation of the worldI think we are in a position to affirm that sexualitywas a partessential forroad andandnotHe limited to a sphere of privacyinCosounderground asit is nowAlthoughit would be wrongwithfinish this societyas a utopiasexualwatchingwouldvitiate the excessthatis a culturetherealreadyseveral thousand yearshe made forAncient Egyptians sexwassotypicalof the human condition that eitherdeserved big discussion is not whethersome psychoanalyststo guessannan about fantasiessexualoy about itsmeaningbutit is just one more aspectofday to day the ancient Egyptians were far fromfeel hascompleted hisguiltyrespect sexon the contrarythe fear that existand infertilitythepair could still be supportedof the godsbut ordinary people do notThey have access to the royal templesThey had to settle for useminor gods andthefarmhouse3,500 years ago Dynastyancient Egypt known as the new Kingwas not the epicenter of theexpeditingalthough citizenscurrents as the architecteach andmaintain an attitudehunter meritrelaxed regardingsexthere were certain fears as onlyfire or had complicationsduring thewholeprocessartrequired the protection of magicthe center of each houseIDL medinaThere is a raised platformfor a longtime was considered that thesethe structures werebedsand distinctive characteristic of manyof the village housesare theseRIVIERE enigmatic structures and masterThey are more closed and longtimethought werethe equivalentofFrench bed but if you lookin sizewe realize thatwouldnot look a bit anxious andlink month that he believes are altars inhonor gods lower fertilitythese protectors that probablycult structure paintedimages of the god pensásvélez had a god look whatIt is may be representedchasing away the demonscanespecially appreciate how he draws thean attitude particularly languageaggressivewithout this is the closestfolklore that we have discovered in theAncient Egyptb was used to scare away demonswho hid behind the visible mantle the worldwith eachdiseasedeathbruna droughtor reverse destinationHe attacked the work of a demonevil spirit or even the ghost a relativemiserya womanandmean itcouldhiresamán servicesforPERFORMEDa ritual lessThat is likely toresort to godslocal to pilgrimages andsuccessesVAT rate as domestic sharestheoffering of food to bruce ionsand thatkind of things above all womenresorted to magic and the fourth the seachildbirth wasone of the momentsdangerous in the life of a woman consists us that the mortality rate child was very high from whatexisteda very high demandfor ritualsand Homunx protection of all typesos in the period immediatelypostpartumalsocontemplated potentially coromoto dangerous to the health of the motherandsonbut also by the presenceI could have spirits demons entities or anything that couldaffectthe samemany gadgets adrados of cultureThey havearrived in good condition until3000days like these rodsismanifiIt is usedbymagicians andhealerintothe protectiongoalschildren and womenand sowhatduring and after childbirthare you there were many demonsthatmagicians invoked forthe reverse proposition is presentby inscriptions that describe theritual process protectionfor him100 andmen of ancientEgyptalsoIt has beensubjectedto magical processesensure fertilityits main goal was to have aBorunda aspell offspring amancould conjure for awoman sleep with himif he gotmixing essenceof cis giving pink andahead dried fish nileIDL writings found in medinaalso they provide instructions how to perform the sexual acttomenenhance their effectivenessPomocawrote in magic formulas in hisstanding to invoke the blessing of thegodslickformulasmade themmorepowerful the concerns about fertility the Egyptians did not stop with the deathditto some death ritualsidentical to those practiced during birth ceremonies and celebration where annualrenewedvitalitynubile young emperorThey executed the same erotic dances at funerals to equip Benazir dead in the afterlifedavid before and after deathcorresponds to a natural process it is andsexual activity was something theThey expectedthatservices willcontinuethe other geniusof afrovides walkThere are many references in textsFuneral of people enjoying sex in the hereafter thereborn dead were representedoftenand your powerflowersexualwere placedin tombsfertility charmshow are youfigures of nude women This concernwas placentinapresent in all areas of theEgyptian civilizationclasses morelowthey resorted to his own magicbuttaking as an example the Pharaohand thegreat pharaoh Ramses secondeverdisappointed inMany paintings tell us that he was father of more than100we knowlittle about the familypayers in many casesor we know the names of womenweencounteredmany problemsWhen establishing relationships logicalnotknowwhere they areburied the sons and daughters of the KingsRamesessecond is an exception thisHe forced a lot because their childrenhada place of honor those chronicles theless the children of their women morenotoriouschildrenwere young they couldhave chosenhis blood washisfather andin his case at leasthad funeralsStatehere in the Valley of the Kingsbut no one has found the graves of none of the children of the French cinema sold in 1983he decided in weeksexcavate in a small tomb which she issimply known askv 5I wanted to check its contents before thatbecamethe area on aclean parkingwhen howard carterTutankhamen’s tombwas set inthisHe considered unimportant tomb andcreatedused it as a warehouse forresidues produced by their ownmilitates excavations by the entrance toconcert and earth theweek the group took more than sixyears to unearth the first chamberat the end there wasa door or rawcrossed the thresholdandentered acorridorwe saw that it was thelargest tomb of the valley of the kingsto decipher the hieroglyphsentrylearned that not onlyHe was the largest tombitfirstthing we saw whenpassing the thresholdThey were a series of recorded scenes Wall here we have a couple holding handshellsare the hands of Ramesessecond behind him appearsheads of ayoung maninthe columnsHe found the hieroglyphs aboveusThey indicate that it is the eldest son ofmon coeur king that these arewritten their namesto theirtitlesSuddenly we realized thatwe had discovered the tomb of a son ofone of the pharaoh Rameses moreimportant in the kingdom of Egypt Egyptologists have believed forRameses long time over a hundredchildrenbut so far there hadfound evidencejust weekpublish its preliminary reportskv5 think you may have found atombs unique complex commissionedFrench to bury their childrenmany of them survivedit was probably the single virtueor family mausoleum oldEgypt andblue but you egthis wonderfulfigure bee bullbeautiful face unfortunately he has suffered many damage caused by floods Nile in any caseit is clear that thesell morethan 150tombsit is30 meterswas excavated inthe skirt of the hilla number of doors16specifically arranged on each side of broker is exactly asWe have not found anyprospectingequipment here has onlyexcavatedpart but have alreadyfoundthetombs offecessegunto sons of race and the remains offour we found the mummified remainsfour children ofbranchesThis is a big challengeis inbadconditions andwe have not yetcleanedd’angelo touchHere we have another skull lower jawof thisI ampretty sure that it isa son ofRNE be secondwe also have a complete skeleton in the second chamberbluefin tunaWe’ve covered again to avoidany contamination we hope to be able topracticarlesomerecordscannotbe evidenceadn at leastx – ray analysisthe statistical materials compare with the mummified remainsSETI first rap besecondinernetIt is with those who may have had a relationship150 tombs ofcaudé5suggest thatRameses had holy childrenas statedwill go a message for generationslater Pharaoh their land and its peoplewere veryfertile jazz in ancient Egyptsexpart of the day – to – dayreligion of superstitionsandlifeand even domestic spacespublicbut soon arrive intimes when sexthenconsideredcultorPrivateladen with guilt and give sos

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