Ancient Aliens: Were Mythical Fallen Angels Actually Martians? (S11, E2) | History

Earth seeded from Mars? Could we in fact be Martians? Ancient astronaut
theorists say yes, and suggest that
this seeding of earth may even have been
a directed effort orchestrated by
human-like beings that existed on the red planet. And they claim these extra
terrestrial ancestors can be found in the apocryphal
texts of the Hebrew Bible, represented as
the fallen angels. We know from ancient
legend, of the books of Enoch, that there was a group of
angels who descended to earth in violation of divine law. They introduced to
humanity ways, means, knowledge, which we
would understand today as science and technology. These angels were in human form. They were called in Hebrew
[hebrew],, which means men. They looked just like us. JONATHAN YOUNG: The
fallen angels were giants. They were at least 10 feet
tall, very striking to look at, enormous eyes, and no wings. WILLIAM HENRY: For
over 100 years, mythologists have
been contemplating this idea that the fallen
angels came from Mars to Earth. Even Dante described
this in the “Paradiso.” He called this the
fifth level of heaven. Is it possible that the fallen
angels came to Earth from Mars? NARRATOR: Could we reinterpret
the story of fallen angels as beings not from
heaven, but from Mars? Based on examination of
the astronauts living in the International
Space Station, scientists have
speculated on what physiological changes might
be seen in future generations of humans born on Mars. And ancient astronaut
theories suggest the resemblance to the
description of fallen angels may be uncanny. SUE ANN PIEN: One
of the most amazing things about the human body
is its ability to adapt. And if you look at
astronauts who go into space, they actually grow about
two or three inches. And when you have a human
that’s born on Mars, what’s going to happen
is the environment will change the structure
of the human body. And what you’re going to
see in a few generations is humans that are
taller and skinnier, because the gravity on Mars
is less than that of Earth. MIKE BARA: If humans evolve
long enough on the planet Mars, they could grow to be taller,
they’d have the bigger heads, they’d have the spindly limbs. They might actually grow
slightly larger eyes that were equipped to see
better in the dark, because you simply have
less sunlight on Mars than you do on the
Earth, because it’s farther away from the sun. They could also end up looking
like representations of angels and various other
godlike beings that we’ve read about in the Bible and
other ancient documents. DAVID CHILDRESS: These
attributes to somebody from a low-gravity
planet like Mars, or being in space
for a long time, may well be the attributes that
we see of the fallen angels being very tall and
spindly, and perhaps pale, and with large eyes. Something that we might
expect to be coming from another planet like Mars.

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  • Yeah, you have a lot of good information but you use this to deceive or are deceived yourselves. these are NOT mythical beings. they are as real today as they were then. They are only extra terrestrial because they are not of earth. These are Spiritual beings who once called themselves gods and now call themselves ancient aliens. Do not fall for the slick narrative or smooth presentation style that edits out evidence. These things will set up a world government and Yeshua (Jesus) the son of the living God will return and conquer them. See Tom Horn and Chris Putnam Skywatch TV for truth and research.

  • There is better information on this Subject through Skywatch TV, LA Marzuli, Steve Quayle Tom Horn Chris Putnam. the very BEST is CHUCK MISSLER.

  • Aliens, ghosts, Bigfoot, Dogman, etc. are all really demons/fallen angels of satan that try to fool people into believing such things are real. They are just demons/fallen angels of satan.

  • The book of Enoch is a false book.

  • The Bible tells you everything you need to know. Repent and search for God, read His word, and if it is your time, He will open your heart to Him and you will sense a sudden belief you did not have before. You will also feel guilty for things you didn't feel guilty about before.

    This is the Holy Spirit and it is the born again experience. I went through it, it's real. Only God can make you see. It is in our rebellious nature from birth to reject. When you choose to sincerely search, He will change you and you will see. It is up to you to take the first step. Unfortunately many of us wait till our darkest days to call out to Him.

  • Aliens are fallen angels. The proof is the ancient ppl themselves called them “gods” not little green men. This show is directly being supernaturally influenced by these fallen angels/ demons to deceive the masses so that one day this predictive programming will make them “believe the great lie”

  • Have an open mind. It makes sense.

  • Why is this on the history channel?
    Complete joke you know. All of you.

  • Rogue stars. Our planets.

  • A lot of times I think of the angels beeing the same beeings as the Olympians.
    And god sealed all away as punishment.

  • Such a nonsense, you idiots.!!

  • but angels are made of light

  • I want to see real one

  • Title would be accurate if it read: "Ancient Aliens: Were Mythical MARTIANS Actually FALLEN ANGELS?"

  • fallen angels are not giants.hibryds between fallen angles and humans womans are giants.the earth is full with with skeletons from them ,and fallen angels are not from Mars.

  • Because although they knew God, they did not glorify Him as God, not thankful, but became futile in their thoughts, and their foolish hearts were darkened. Professing to be wise, they became fools and changed the glory of the incorruptible God into an image made like corruptible man–and birds and four-footed animals and creeping things (and little green men😂). These scientists and historians are too smart for their own good. You need God-sense not common sense or logic. I wonder what you will look like when you come face to face with the incorruptible, all-powerful King of Kings.😭😨😱😱😱

  • Just because "it's in the Bible" it doesn't mean it's true. The Bible goes back a few thousand years. Mars has been dead for millions of years. There is no way ancient alien could have come from Mars in the last 3-4 thousand years. So once more, this is just a story.

  • The dogons tribe have a legend them ancensters was brought from the siriuus B system ,by the star people 40 thousand years ago, moreover the hopi indians and anasasi tribes from the new mexico ,have the same legend too,even they claim them ancensters was brought to earth by the ants people with a huge blue star kachina most probably a interstellar mother ship .Some better evidence was found in the temple from hoysaleswara from india ,there exsist a carved stone wiich show the arival to earth from first star travelers ,they all have the same space suits like our modern astronauts, they have the air tank fir life support too, them commander was the lord Vishnu .I thought this are a very good evidence what reveals the mankind could be brougt from another world by these star beings,and we should not ignore all this facts anymore, and considers this could be the true facts not only some simple legends sfmy spelling !

  • Is mark Zuckerberg an alien??
    Ancient alien theorists says yes…

  • LOL of course the white guy thinks Martians are “pale”. MF the white race is the only race that has no mythology or history that dates back as far as any other race.

  • Did joe rogan invent dmt? Ancient alien theorist say yes

  • You cannot fall from Mars to Earth. It is not the second floor.

  • Every living thing would have to be alien because at some point the earth would've been a giant ball of molten lava and nothing can live in lava. So really begs the question how did life even start to exist in the first place if everything started from an explosion.

  • People who have bothered to spend time seriously analyzing hundreds of images from Mars (not just "looking at it") are now fully aware of the existence of universal brothers and sisters. They know that NASA and other space agencies go to great lengths to "smudge", "blur" or "color out of existence" what is too obvious on these images. They are aware of the total embargo imposed on the subject by the mainstream "State media". They are also fully aware that scientists who parade on television to assure Earthlings that "nothing out of the ordinary" has been found on Mars are lying through their teeth and doing incalculable damage to the scientific profession. Because once the truth comes out (and it will one day, whether piecemeal or in full), the entire world will realize the extent of the scientific participation in a worldwide cover-up. And, justifiably so, Earthlings will forever doubt whatever scientists have to say next. For now, they are probably counting on the truth coming out only after they are long gone. Sadly, this does nothing to attenuate the repugnance of their (and the media's) willful ignorance or complicit silence in the face of such a fundamental truth. History will not be kind to them.

  • Thank you masters ✍🙏🙏🙏🎶🎶💃✡✡🧞‍♀️🧞‍♀️🕎🕎🕎🎵🎵🎵🎵💜💜👁🤳

  • Mars was dying out they where looking for a new home.

  • Seriously????? Yes😒

  • Astronaut theorists when to a whole other level no one can go to mars or out side the dome lol stop it

  • Martians titans wazuh difference

  • Must be attributed to science not God say theorists.

  • Stupid video there is no 5 level of heaven only 3 I think and God above all of it according to scripture and I always and forever praise Jesus Name amen

  • “Ancient astronaut theorists… Say yes”😂😂😂

  • venus what about venus don't forget them too

  • The other way around this martians are really fallen angels

  • There isnt aliens..but yes there are fallen angels

  • there is hope for shorty like me to grow taller.. I just need a ticket to space

  • Nasa say that, if funding continues, in 5 years they could be ready to fake a Mars landing

  • Lord cometh with 10.000 of this saints to Execution Judgement upon the people of the earth

  • Wtf.. There is nothing in mars

  • Lol he said pale 😂😅

  • how is that from mars? in mars no one can live, there is no food or water and you know that, they took allot of pictures for this planet and they didnt find creatures

  • Lucifer is the true God of ancient history the men of old and renown was his warriors. Some bad things happened but they are not all demons.

  • They are death angels and messengers, prophets, king's medicine men and warriors.

  • ILLUMINATIAN'S are here and we are rising 👁️ 👌 unity is what we want to defeat all those that are against it. So to the racist people yea you!#600#

  • This is very funny, I heard everything, but everything is wrong.

  • In Islam there is no fallen angels, but there are jinns who are relateable to all the conspiracy theories made today

  • Such a waste of time

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  • Striingcheesetheory

  • They were from Orion, not mars.

  • Or maybe the came from the farthest planet in solar system. The Nibiru

  • Ancient aliens is my favorite show but there is one thing which I don’t agree . Think about this ; after 1000 years they found the movies we are watching today which is only an imagination of Hollywood film makers .what will they say in the future .the extra terrestrials forced us to make this movies? You are declining human imagination .

  • No…they were not flesh and blood but princeapalitys…ancient ailiens forget this…

  • It’s the other way around were Martian’s fallen angels ??

  • Yes we are

  • I am asian and Native American and already look like this alien. 👽

  • History channel .. you have things backwards…. you think everything is aliens… no,, aliens are not just another species,, they are fallen angels

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  • Stupid. Just can't get over how the Bible is true. Very dumb uneducated brainwashed lawless people.


  • What about Eliyahu being taken up into the heavens in a "chariot of fire"? Sounds like an alien abduction to me.

  • Mfkers trippin they do get to see some cool places around the world and get paid for it tho

  • The title to this video. Lol
    Actually it is the other way around.
    Aliens are actually fallen angels.

  • Aliend beam me tf up already

  • Caucasian giants, makes sense

  • Does this mean those little gray guys came from a planet with stronger gravititional pull?

  • The question is being asked backward. Are martians actually fallen angels? Fallen angels are NOT mythical. That is a fact. The problem here is that Satan needs you to believe the reverse of whatever is true. So if the truth is that the fallen angels are making themselves into alien apparitions, then Satan wants you to believe that these apparitions are in fact real aliens and not fallen angels. Satan goes to great lengths to try to get people to not believe he actually exists. Also, with the Rapture and the Tribulation, it will be MUCH easier for Satan to cast the alien lie as to the disappearance of so many people (believers) to cause people to believe that these people were abducted rather than raptured by Jesus.

  • I was just reading the comments on here. Yous are all a riot!!! Cant get enough! I don't think the fallen angels were aliens but aren't we all basically aliens, i mean none of us were on earth before being born and when we die we go back to our home, in heaven! Also im glad they mention edgar cayce, he is a great man, also my mentor in heaven!

  • Just read The Bible …stop fabricating stories

  • Australia was being Visited by these people from Mars in 1972……….NEXUS MAGAZINE…….you might want too go and get the archives………..for your own research……..VENUS were here in 1981 and before that possibly…….NSW BORDER REGION MT WARNING NEAR LISMORE……….many sightings MOTHER SHIPS THAT BLUE RAY LIGHT ……4th encounter was mine from mars person………6 ft in height……wearing black robe……..telepathy and telekinetic abilities and a form of invisibility unusual…..had one following me around into buildings……..not frightened of that……….they are harmless……eyes shocking if you not ready for that EYES LIKE A CAT……try and imagine that there you are talking with a person just standing the dark ….and all seems okay and then you have a look at this peaceful being and he has CAT EYES!!………freaking out!!…..or perhaps they were special contact lenses too protect their eyes from our Polluted Atmosphere……..frightened the absolute B-Jesus out of me!!

  • Ugh. Protestants and their “Everything I don’t understand is Demons” comments. Literally almost every type of Religion on Earth is on board with the idea of Aliens except for American Protestants. The same ones that claim things like Harry Potter and Pokémon are from the devil. Don’t fall for their nonsense.

  • Angels don't have bodies with organs like us so they don't look like that due to environmental factors. Nice try

  • ….thinker 'cause AIN'T NO fast FOOD joints in Mars.🍟🍔🍕🍟🍗🍧

  • Answer: Yes but they were not MYTHICAL! They are Angels not Aliens. You just dont understand what an Angel is. Its not a cartoon character, they are what we would call aliens.

  • My father has been saying this since I was a kid. He told me Aliens were Demons

  • My father has been saying this since I was a kid. He told me Aliens were Demons

  • These Aliens Are Evil Spirits Or demons In A Body. Sounds Like These People Are Pulling A Nimrod. Fallen Angels Mated with 200 of 1 species. Of for each of he 200 angels. 200 Of Every Species. Unspeakable but yet portrayed in Art. Giants Were Giants,.

  • I always thought that god was an alien

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  • that's a realistic theory.

  • Humans have been slaves by ? For thousand of year's

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  • 1:15 Engineers?

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  • Aliens are demons

  • not mythical, real fallen angels, refer to "the book of giants" stop with your alien brain washing, if gov says they saw aliens, you know it's a lie, area 51, is a distraction

  • The evidence is not sufficient or credible enough to come to this conclusion. If giants were roaming the Earth, wouldn’t they be talked about in other sources than just one? Also how does Mars connect in anyway? Aren’t there other planets these giants could come from? If gravity affects the human body this significantly, why haven’t research studies been done? This inductive reasoning came to illogical conclusions that is reaching for connections where they do not exist. Correlation is not causation in any sense but especially in this because no correlations between any of the claims in this video make any sense. Other possibilities for these “fallen angels”: they were metaphors, they were people from another continent that were taller than the authors of this script. Both conclusions were made by following logical principles and not reaching to make elements fit my claims.

  • I like how people are saying Aliens are Fallen Angels, if they were where exactly are all their offspring, the Nephilim? Centuries of Exploration of Digging and not one Giant Skeleton has been found.

  • Those Angel's are hispanics and negroes guarantee when we broke gods laws he send us here to earth as a punishment yes we are your gods to the other nations and will serve us like God wanted it too once we come back to his laws

  • Not Mar`s but Venus , the angels came from but theirs lots of life out their , on most planets and lots of moons , learn to leave your body go have a look for your self . lots their to see ,and learn

  • Easier to fool people than to convince them theyve been fooled

  • The truth is not some thing.. but someone. & his name is Jesus Christ, Son of The Living God.

  • People have problems with angels but martians… that is something people can believe in. Smh.

  • Martians? Maybe but Extraplanetarians, for sure.

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