Ancient Aliens: Was Poseidon an Alien? (Season 8) | History

NARRATOR: Cape Sounion, Greece. Perched on the headland,
surrounded on three sides by the sea, lies the
ruins of the temple of Poseidon, built in
440 BC, the second son of the Titan King Cronus. Poseidon was worshipped
throughout Greece, almost as much as his
younger brother Zeus. Poseidon was the
god of the sea. He was also the
god of earthquakes and, strangely, horses. When Poseidon was
in a good mood, he created new lands
out of the sea. He gave calm waters
for good voyages. When he was in a bad
mood, he destroyed ships and brought storms RICHARD RADER (VOICEOVER):
Poseidon does rule over the kingdom of the sea. It is envisioned as a kind
of a place where people live. And when he comes
out of that place, yes, he rides the spectacular
kind of like water chariot that is driven by
dolphins and he holds onto a really big trident. NARRATOR: In Greek
mythology, Cronus eats all of his children,
except for Zeus, who eventually rescues his siblings,
including Poseidon, from the belly of his father. A potion is prepared
that makes him heave up all the other siblings of Zeus. And they become the
gods of Olympus. NARRATOR: But
ancient-astronaut theorists believe this Greek myth
is actually a metaphor for an extraterrestrial event. They believe the notion
of gods being vomited up from the belly of
their father actually describes mutinous aliens being
expelled from the mothership. Any being which is swallowed
up into a living creature will not be able to
survive for three days. It will die from suffocation
and will begin to decay. Now, what we have here is not
a creature, but something else. It could have been
a object, which was clearly of man-made or
extraterrestrial origin. A mutiny took place. Some of the
extraterrestrials, they had sex with wonderful
Earthly females, women. They were not
allowed to do this. So one of these
extraterrestrials who were not allowed to go back
with the mothership had the name of Poseidon. Poseidon fell in love with
a beautiful human girl. And he made her pregnant. RICHARD RADER (VOICEOVER):
Poseidon is married, right? He’s got a child. He’s got some
grandchildren, right? There’s the whole cast
of sea nymphs as well. All of them presumably,
like, live in this place. JOHNATHAN YOUNG (VOICEOVER):
Poseidon has the power of the deep, the unseen places. If you look out at the
sea, you see a surface. And you are aware
there’s a whole world below that, suggesting powers
beyond that which meet the eye.

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