Ancient Aliens: The Vittala Temple’s Puzzling Pillars (Season 12, Episode 8) | History

NARRATOR: Hampi, India. Here lie the ancient
ruins of Vijayanagara believed to have been
constructed between the 14th and 16th centuries AD. At its center stands the
Vittala temple complex, a masterpiece of
Indian architecture and the largest and most
revered temple in the city. DEEPAK SHIMKHADA:
Vittala temple was built with the mind of creating
a celestial palace here on earth. With that in mind, the king
assembled the great architects, and great engineers,
and then great craftsmen to create this
wonderful building that can also have a wonderful
sound that will please God. LAYNE LITTLE: Attached
directly to the temple is what is called the Ranga
Mantapa, or the stage pavilion. Here there are many
pillars, some reaching to a height of nearly 12 feet. There’s a series of what are
called compound pillars, where you have a central pillar
surrounded on all sides with smaller colonnettes. These colonettes are
famous because when they’re struck they emit
beautiful and haunting sounds. [music playing] NARRATOR: According to the
local guides at the temple, the 56 pillars are individually
tuned to one of the seven notes of the Sarigama, an ancient
Sanskrit musical scale dating back thousands of years that
is still predominant in Hindi music today. LAYNE LITTLE: Certain
groups of these pillars have been crafted to
represent the tonal vibrations of the scale
for different instruments. [music playing] Some being crafted to
represent Woodwinds, some being crafted to
represent percussion instruments, et cetera. JONATHAN YOUNG: The British,
when they were in charge of India, were mystified
by this amazing quality, and actually cut one of the
pillars to see how it was done. But it was just
granite and it was just very careful workmanship. NARRATOR: While the
stone pillars themselves seem like simple
technology, recent analyzes have revealed they
may be comprised of an advanced geopolymer
blend of granite with silicate particles
and metallic alloys. But what continues
to puzzle scientists is that the first basic
geopolymers were invented in the Soviet Union
during the 1950s, hundreds of years after
these pillars were crafted. ROBERT SCHOCH: As a
geologist, how this was done is really baffling and amazing. I’ve heard reports of
people trying to mimic it in modern times to try to just
do a little section of it, even one pillar. [music playing] And people just haven’t
been successful. So what were they
doing back then? We just don’t know. According to Hindu priests,
each of these pillars was specifically tuned
harmonically in order to communicate with the gods. [music playing] So you have to wonder, did
extraterrestrial beings come down and give
instructions on creating these specific frequencies?

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  • Same, seek and destroy indigenous cultures

  • This is awesome ancient work,but it should be narrated by people of India

  • Westerners are the experts on all darker nation's I see!

  • Credit goes to Sri Vyasaraja, an avatar of bhakta Prahlada, who was an expert in 64 skills, headed an international university then with 18k teachers, and was the kula Guru of the Vijayanagar Emperor Sri Krishna Devaraya. He later incarnated as Guru Raghavendra Swamy.

  • Built in west???… built by humans

    Built in east???… buit by aliens….

    Logic level—its over 9000

  • By this speed very soon these noble humand will claim indians as descendents of aliens..

  • We are the Aliens, did you just destroy our rich culture ,science and engineering ,took everything from us and taken credit for that .Whatever you are thinking now,that had been there in our country long time ago. You can only say Ooooooh, sit back and enjoy the story. Dont comment foolishly

  • They are not aliens, but bharatians have built it.

  • Someone tell them bloody Indians to stop trying to scam me on the phone.

  • So it has to be aliens that did the engineering and not the indigenous people of the time in India??? I know that many of the ancient stories in these cultures say they had contact with the gods but please give some credit to the ancestors of these people. At one point in time some of the greatest math and science came out of India. Not just this structure but many of the structures in India are mind blowing.

  • After some time, they will start saying that Taj Mahal was also built by the aliens…… 🤩

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  • that is so stupid thumping on the pillars

  • Incomplete video. The sound of only one pillar stone is shown. I have seen this temple. It has hundreds of pillars. All the pillars give different sounds when they are hit with hand or an instrument. The temple is partially damaged, but, yet a spectacular one.

  • Humans are capable of music and rhythms, let us not take away from human achievements of creativity.

  • so basically it was an old school dj booth

  • Self knowledge is the way

  • Master builders

  • No, they came down and created it.

  • Question is can we rebuild such structures today???

  • Wonderful sound that please God,specifically tuned harmonically in order to communicate with God. 5i★

  • 2:40 Let it go. Obviously not the first.

  • Wrong Information!
    Sa Ri Ga Ma Pa Da Sounds were from the Nature and it's belongs to Tamil Civilization and Tamil language origins. Greatest Tamil King Ravanan (who ruled over Sri Lanka from 2554 to 2517 BC) is a great Musician and Scholer, there are thousands of Tamil Literature proofs and Archological findings were the solid proofs.

    Please research on Tamil Language and Literature for more true information of ancient Bharatham (not distorted British India).
    There were external forces trying to "rename" to their foreign dialects and mask out the truth. If you research more, on the fake origins- you can't find the roots. But in Tamil Language, you can find roots and true meaning of every sculptures and associated with ancient literature.
    Tamil is the oldest surviving language from the ancient world's (7900 BC). According to Tamil Literature, the period of First Tamil Sangam (Tamil Academics), led by Siththar Shiva-peruman and 4000+ Tamil Scholars. There massive Tamil Literature works are the evidence!
    வாழ்க தமிழ்!

  • It's amazing how Caucasians call engineering, a work of aliens. Can't you just accept that ancient Indians mastered some crafts ?

  • Very nice video, But why do you have aliens involved again. Maybe there were expert craftsman in that time.

  • Hello History channel ..we are not Allen's..mind it.

  • This is the wonder of Kannada dynasty
    Not aliens

  • I think people are being hypersensitive here. I thought only us Americans had devolved into a culture with people trying to get offended easily. Congrats India! You have joined us in political correctness. Also, for anyone who has actually seen this show; they have linked everything from Greek and Italian structures, to Stonehenge, to findings in North America to Aliens. If it exists, to some of these commentators on the TV show, it is related to Aliens. So, frankly, your comments fall on deaf ears and you seem foolish claiming this is some kind of racist conspiracy against India. If it is, it is also a racist conspiracy by the TV show against, East Asians, Europeans, Native Americans and Africans. Not likely. Grow up or real examples of racism will be missed.

  • As always, utter nonsense by history channel in which anything that they can't explain becomes work of aliens as if those who constructed it were stupid!

  • Wow tuned and harmonically to communicate with God !! Now people make guitar and they don’t communicate anymore with God !

  • Remember if I cannot be done you it doesn't mean that no can do it.
    Americans and europeans cannot accept that India had such advanced technology thousands of years ago
    Proud to be a Indian

  • Simple…. everywhere white people go, they destroy or hide the teachings of other cultures and then say beings from other planets did the creations. if God is real, is waiting for you guys in the afterlife with the biggest belt know to all plains of existence.

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  • Its beautiful but if the columns are hollow or course they are going to make a sound .There are no aliens hiding inside

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  • Accept the fact that Indians are great artist, and engineers , period!!!!

  • Not man made

  • Amazing how the purpose of this space has been forgotten. I don't hear any different sound. 😂

  • Many temples have such musical stones in Indian temples.

  • Its not aliens…its rich ancient technology of India…thats it🙏🙏

  • We have a written history who made these temple under whose reign it was made bt History channel has nothing to do with it,it is made by aliens

  • Come on these Westerners can't pronounce vijayanagar empire properly. Such a same.

  • No extra terrestrials exist. There was advanced understanding and knowledge, which is not there now. If one cannot accept this,then one says Extra terrestrial might have helped. This is utter nonsense.

  • Pride of our Karnataka state

  • Find out where they studied to construct


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  • What ever Santana Dharma followers achieved in the past was aliens bloody stupid white idiots. That technology is indigenous to India. Accept it fools

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    Our ancestors are smart, don’t use your standard level of intelligence and project it into the past.

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  • These every engineering marvel Is by the great Viswakarma Shilpies

  • meanwhile White's: every surprising architectural monument of India and indian architectures around the world weren't build by the Indians…… may be Aliens.
    they never accepts the truth and they are seeing our ITHIHASA (history in SANSKRIT) as mythology. bloody thieves.

  • Hinduism is the most scientific religion. Sanskrit is the most scientific language.

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  • Did the Britishers know how to do anything but ruin stuff? They are the reason the Konark sun temple is in ruinstoday, as well.

  • Hindu religion ultimate

  • Hehehe another funny news… I heard it somewhere that people who lives in snow only knows how many types of snow falls would be…but people from desert regions can only describe that as one white cold snow… Only my sanathana Dharma and my vedaas know the truth in variations of this entire universe….don't worry kids you will soon agree like you are doing already 😂

  • they were demon assisted '' they obviously have many demi-gods they believe in ' , so there you go'' , either the knowledge and the assistance or both? but the mathematics were way beyond  the knowledge they knew , not that man didn't have this technological capabilities within them ' , they just didn't have the tools, god has given man these abilities of math, art, mental , and spiritual powers , and what do they do? let satan deceive them that he was the one that gave them these gifts'' and is still doing it till this day, and worship evil'' wow'' this world is so easily connived ' like the history and discovery channels with the guys on their saying oh were so happy that these demi-gods and or Lucifer the light bearer gave this knowledge ? sheeez'' , but denying jesus Christ '' , all the while , isn't that special''

  • Iam very proud to be an Indian and also Kannadiga. Hampi built by The king Sri krishnadevaraya. ಜೈ ಹಿಂದ್. Jai Hind ಜೈ ಕರ್ನಾಟಕ jai Karnataka

  • Very good that the 'great architects' of today have no explanation whatsoever about how The Vittala Temples can make this music out of stone.
    Our Ancient ancestors had the ability and were not barbarians as we are taught to believe. There were no aliens. Foolishness!!
    'So put that in you all pipes and smoke it.' !!!!!

  • What audacity of the british they cut one pillar just to satisfy their curiosity. Culprits should have been boiled in water to death. And let alone the pisslam invaders.

  • It was a diplomatic kingdom like rome, whatever that was built was built by humans..then why u don't say same for western art work.

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  • These baffled western folks know nothing about the rich culture of this country called India.
    Instead of praising the technology of ancient indians. all of these jealous western know is to put the honour on aliens, though there is not one documentation of so called aliens so far.

  • Please let everybody knows that, pillars should only be tapped with sandalwood to get the music. Or else it will lose the speciality

  • If they weren't whites then they were aliens.. thats all this channel is tryna show..

  • In India when a craftsman or architect create God statue or temple by heart and soul God himself comes into his work and show his presence clearly. Like in this case this is God who has made this creation unique. India is full of mysteries one can not imagine what Indian has done centuries ago are now upcoming.

  • 😱MG! Even Ancient Alliens taking credit from Indian Sculpture Masterpiece! 😂😂😂 Ahha Kannada Nādina purvajarē, nimage koti koti namanagalu!

  • have you ever like…built a palace which was also a musical instrument

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  • Our hindu culture itself is a science. Dont say that it may done by aliens. There are so many great engineers in India from the Begining.

  • Guys, It's all about sophisticated technology that was used to carve the sculptures in ancient days which is not even possible now. In that context, our present civilization should be advanced than the previous, but that's not the case, hence they have used the word aliens. This is not all about any racism which started less than one thousand years, it's beyond.

  • Work so hard that our future generations would think it was build by aliens!

  • Amazing craftsmanship.. wonderful workmanship ….. This is India.. we need to restore lost civilization again.

  • Your extraterrestrial phobia is huge

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  • They can't digest the truth that's why this alien theory

  • So a thing cannot exist till a white person invents it?? World had to wait till 1950 for geopolymers to be invented by a western country..

  • Bharath is well established even before forefathers of europeans roaming in jungals🤣🤣

  • Nothing alien about it. Ancient Indian temples are reminders in stone of the advanced technology and architecture prevalent in India at that time . Check out the Sun Temple at Kornark, The rock cut temples og Ellora and Mahabalipuram. Our country is full of such wonders.

  • There is nothing to do with extra terrestrial beings over here.

  • What will they say about the Gupta iron pillar kept in Delhi built 1000yrs ago even when this temple was not made. This iron pillar still jas not rusted which is a mystery in metallurgy. Still engineers have not been able to make rust free iron.

  • The British cannot digest the truth. Because of there colonial outlook, the time has come for them to perish in the Time to come

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