Ancient Aliens: The Tomb of the Alien Pharaoh (Season 12) | History

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-(wind whistling) GRAHAM PHILLIPS:
In 1907, a good few years before Tutankhamun’s tomb
was discovered, another tomb was discovered very close by
Tutankhamun’s tomb. It’s known only as Tomb 55, because no one really knows
who the occupant was. RAMY ROMANY:
This tomb had nothing inside it. Bare walls. And all the way inside, there’s a burial chamber
with a body inside and four magical blocks
around the sarcophagus. But this tomb was different. The four magical blocks
were not turned outwards, were turned inwards… as if whoever did it
didn’t want to protect the mummy from the outer world, but instead wanted
to protect the world from the contents of this tomb. PHILLIPS:
This was done officially
by the priests, because there was
an official seal on the door. And what was strange
is that the mummy was still in the middle
of the tomb, inside a coffin,
except that the depiction of the face of the coffin
had been ripped off, just leaving one eye. The name of the occupant
that was written on the coffin had been
completely scratched out. ROMANY:
On the way out of the tomb, on the right side of the wall, there’s heretic inscriptions, which is the language
of the high priests. Those inscriptions say: “The evil one
shall not live again.” They didn’t just want
to wipe him from history. They wanted to wipe him
from the future. PHILLIPS:
So who is the occupant
of Tomb 55? We know from the records
that survive from ancient Egypt, from the walls
of tombs and temples, that there was a pharaoh
called Akhenaten who reigned for 17 years. ROMANY:
Akhenaten believed in
a complete different ideology than all the ancient Egyptian
cults and religion at the time. And there was a struggle between Akhenaten
and the high priests. Akhenaten believed
that there’s only one god, not multiple, and that one god is god Aten. He is the power
behind the solar disc. WILLIAM HENRY:
So what is it about Akhenaten that makes the opening
of his tomb so powerful? Because Akhenaten
was potentially of extraterrestrial origin. This ultimately goes back
to Akhenaten’s introduction of the teaching
of the celestial disc. GIORGIO A. TSOUKALOS:
Perhaps that sun disc that Akhenaten prayed to could have been
an extraterrestrial giving knowledge
to the ancient Egyptians. CAPTIONING PROVIDED BY

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