Ancient Aliens: The Potential Alloy of Atlantis (Season 12, Episode 2) | History

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  • The eye of the Sahara looks more like Atlantis

  • Ancient astronaut theorists say "f..k you, we're not doing this anymore" .

  • Bruh the thumbnail looks like minecraft with high quality

  • "They didn't have that tech back then."
    Well, obviously they did or the objects in question wouldn't exist, would they?!

  • Athenians ancient Greece,
    Had nothing to do with

  • Ummm apparently it is possible

  • Atlantis is likely in the Eye of the Sahara.

    Check it out Bright Insight's video on it.
    There's probably loads of artifacts buried beneath those sands, as well as thousands of stone "cannon balls".

  • Read the book of Enoch and you will find answers these are demons posing as extraterrestrial being that are filling the world and ancient Egypt with great knowledge

  • "They didn't have that technology back then" uh yeah, it's clear they did

  • Rofl they think the people where retards thousends years ago but that's not true they had just less knowledge available. people smart as einstein / tesla could also have lived 5000 years ago

  • Is it possible that all of us here on Earth undergoes reincarnation and we just dont remember it like if there will be a worldwide cataclysm that wipes us out and get created / reincarnated again then a million years later the next humans will dig out an iphone and starts to question what is it for and how possible is it that we had such technology in our time just like what happens now in our discoveries from the ancient world 🤔

  • the real atlantis was not taht impressive…. it might have had giants and some archetecutre that was impossible for nomral humans to make at the time…becasue giaints were stronger….

    it was off teh coast of cuba and it was called something like athlateuc…… its a city….. white people cannot handle anything….. these people that eixsted in the real atlantis were mixed people they were brown, light skinned people and teh giants were all different colours…..

    it is possible that it could have been brown skinned people mostly with some giants…… i thikn the city existed before teh flood….noahs sons might have known about it and told their sons, daughters about it……

  • noahs sons were the ones that carried on that human history before the flood……. technologically speaking they might have had crystal pyramids, things that giants can make easily…. but technologically speaking i think if you are tlaking about guns, things like that it wa smost likley giant tyep of technology…..

    but this is just my theory….. it is possible that they might have had access to gold which allowed them to flourish and advance themselves…..

  • Its like guanng padang the stones there are a mix of iron and other metals.

  • Yup that would be me the friggin God with the technology beyond your fn thinking why the f do you think I want the money idiots

  • My god stop with they didn't have the technology of course they did just admit people were smarter back then and since african people are the oldest race of people living today i cant imagine what my great ancestors saw and was a part of.

  • Plato got this transtripts from acient Kimetic texts out of old Egypt the reason you guys are so astonished a people having such as advanced Alloys at the time because all of this stuff predates Caucasian history

  • Narrator “in 29ad plato sharted a tremendous shart that it shook the earth”

    Commentator “ancient aliens had the technology of the shart and gave it to plato”

    Dude not everything is aliens

  • They could manipulate metal but didnt wear any clothes. I think someone got something wrong somewhere.

  • Alright. Everything that we cannot explain and understand is 👽

  • Yeah. They were the fallen angels. Not aliens.

  • Atlantice, Venus Project, egg 🥚, Alien future city ? freedom for humans all built into the structure

  • I voted for Trump

  • The thing that annoys me is when a historian says "They did not have the technology, advancements or ability to do this." Well you don't bloody know that do you.

  • Don’t get surprised by an alloy King Pharaoh Tutankhamun lived 1341 to 1323 BC owned a dagger made out of unique meteorite.

  • Is it hard to believe that perhaps in past, copper was not available in the form we have in present. aka no spelarite in past… 2cents

  • Ancient civilization is smarter than us now.

  • this program is so weird..they think only this days could make those things..they always point it to aliens😂😂😂
    idiots…do you think people are dull in old times..??

  • I suppose most people assume that aliens are superior, all knowing.
    Im sure they're not much different than the most intelligent of us. And like anything else that lives, it dies. Things are lost, whether by intention or by accident or tragedy, information, life, entire civilizations and existences are sometimes wiped clean with no known trace.

    I don't believe we are advanced or alone, but i also don't think we've been butt probed by anyone other than ourselves or our government.
    I also think that before we can get far enough along to know the truth, the process will start over for humans, such as a series of events by man and nature to destroy us again. Maybe a total slating or just the majority, im not sure.

    The temples and the so called gods had extreme knowledge but also possessed great ignorance and underestimation of nature.

    Regardless, it's all amazing and exciting

  • Why do scientists think the acients didnt have advanced technologies when they had metals and methods of building we cant duplicate…😒 and they definitely had flying devices…and monotonic gold…and roricalcum in abundence…our methods on making metal now is no diffrent from what they did then …if anything tv and radio was created to distract us from our true potential…if youve been lock away in prison and didnt watch tv u no wat im talking about…but not many will understand wat im saying

  • African you mean 4:30 🤣 the truth hurts .😎😎😎

  • The more we find out about ancient man the smarter he becomes.

  • Indonesia

  • Zinc plus copper = bronze

  • Anunnaki !!!

  • Visit the rechat structure or even gobekli tepe

  • I think The Krishna city of Dwarika may be the lost city of Atlantis

  • I think before the flood people where the same innovative as we are now, that’s why the flood came…. think about it!

  • Copper and zinc that sounds like brass to me

  • Wonderous spectacular assertion (unlike anything else…) but alloying copper and zinc is brass and that has been in use for quite a while people (from the third millenium bc at least)…and yes other elements do get included as process by products but hey look at the ingots that is rather ruff tech, nothing super advanced about it 🙂

  • This proves mermaids are real and they are the real aliens the whole time even in all religions there was a flood and when water receded a lot of city’s were built and knowing the hybrid titans were killing and were so uncontrollable they had to hit delete button on the project

  • All ufo activity is over ocean just might be the things we stereotype for jokes or myths is what the government wants you to believe I guarantee there is an advanced race in ocean just based on activity after great flood

  • U Morons…. Indians hv the knowledge to remove zinc way before more than thousands of year ago

  • The Richat Structure in Mauritania is the site of Atlantis.

  • Such arrogance to say the ancients are primitives and cannot possibly do that. Oh yeah mr smarty pants? Tell me, why have we not built a modern pyramid in this glorious future again? The ancients are laughing at US saying oh look at these idiots in the future, they cannot possibly achieve this! Humans in the past have achieved many amazing things that modern man cannot even begin to understand how to do it.

  • Love how they made a connection to spirituality and just went on to something else. Look into it and it all makes sense. We have a different level of consciousness than them and they probably possessed knowledge beyond our understanding.

  • …Cadmus is to Azezal as Poseidon is to Enki…Azezal was credited in Christian Biblical History as doing the same thing…giving complex metal forging and weapons manufacture to mankind…and Poseidon of Greek mythology and Neptune of Norse Mythology had their 3-forked spear…which was also an ancient Sumerian diety named Enki's symbol…I believe that these people/figures borh mythological and religious/biblical are the same throughout most ancient cultural narratives. They simply have different names. But they are portrayed the same, with the same symbols denoting their historical presences and the mythos surrounding them.

  • Remember when History Channel was about history?

  • If its not fit for their senses then they will always conclude that the one who is responsible for it are aliens.
    Ancient civilizations are not less smart nor everyone in the modern Society today are intelligent

  • The same books also say that man forgot history a few times before then. it would appear our true history is much longer than we believe. I find it more believable that a small group kept previous knowledge safe and passed themselves off as gods. I don't think it discredits the alien theory, but I don't think we know enough about our ancient history to know who knew what when and how they learned it. In other words, maybe we did learn something from aliens, but if so, it was probably long before then and before any time in history we are really aware of.

  • That "shipwreck" is way older. If thats atantian were talking 12k or more. b4 the comet hit and flood.

  • Atlantis is located in a desert in Africa… geographical features in the terrain look EXACTLY like Atlantis. When Plato’s explained it in his book it seems like he was describing this exact spot

  • Atlantis was found in the eye of the Sahara.

  • They always say they didnt have that technology back then smh as we could all see it’s obvious they did have it back then smh 🤦‍♂️

  • Holy Quran 18:96

    Bring me sheets of iron" – until, when he had leveled [them] between the two mountain walls, he said, "Blow [with bellows]," until when he had made it [like] fire, he said, "Bring me, that I may pour over it molten copper."

  • the alloy existed in Yemen and the built the Marib Dam with it.

  • It’s in Africa. Eye of the Sahara. Mauritania. RICHART STRUCTURE.

  • This is the time of king David beautiful time Atlanta as we know it’s gone truth is being hidden from us all by the birth of Rome as a baby he grew up around king Solomon time, the cave has been found

  • Why is it that everytime we don't know something on earth we relates to an alien tech? Stop spreading the false alien idea.

  • Gods were sophisticated savant time travelers

  • Atlantis its located in Mexico,thats why we have some many towns after that name: AzTLAN ,ZapoTLAN,JalostiTLAN,;JuanaquiTLAN and so on.

  • Made in China and traded there. Stupid!

  • My thing is if Atlantis was so great. Why wasn’t anything saved 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • They were smart and better ways of doing things and we the dum ones with all this technology that is killing the earth

  • I'm not surprised they exist on earth before…my question is how do they disappear n where are they now?



  • Here is my problem . When you restart a planet you are starting over . It's not like restarting your computer . It's like erasing the words you wrote,down . On that note I believe the richat structure is Atlantis foundation after the tsunami …

  • Time and time again we find relics that show such advanced level of tech and knowledge and our society continues to deem them as “cavemen”.

    The evidence is there, they were very advanced!

    This only explains advanced ancient civilizations, not necessarily aliens. This implies we can lose our knowledge again by another catastrophe.

  • This video was very interesting and insightful! However, an issue that the video has is a lack of solid evidence. The lack or suppression of real information causes the viewer to believe something based on mythical writings and assumptions. Many people are open to out worldly explanations, therefore are easily influenced into believing something with little real verifications. The video contains many theories as to how the metal got to its location and many of those theories hold questions regarding their reliability, possibility, and probability. An example is the theory that Atlantis was thought of as a civilization full of technological advances and never-before seen power. A second theory states that “it had come from the heavens”, and “that it had come from the sky.” Although some of these theories are written in ancient diaries and are believably possible, their probability, however, is very unlikely and up for debate. Based on Occams Razor, we can find ways to come up with logical explanations based on facts and observation, in contrast to mythical belief and insufficient confirmations. The video is also full of unknown or unknowable facts, making their premises questionable. The theories presented are cases of false dilemmas and/or “straw man”, where we are left to assume the answer based on a lack of evidence and logical proof of the actual remains of this “lost” city. Under some circumstances, the statements in the video were factual. An example is when they examined the metal alloy more in depth and were able to prove the specifics of its contents. This examination was a verifiable observation under controlled conditions, therefore deeming it a scientific observation. These were some of the things I thought needed some clearing up or lack relevant information to support certain hypotheses. Please don’t consider this as negative remarks, but as constructive criticism!

  • This video seems to be using pseudoscientific beliefs to make the claim that the metal found in this shipwreck was from the lost city of Atlantis. By applying the idea of Occam’s Razor, I would say that the makers of this video are making too many assumptions to back up their claims. By saying that the metal was from Atlantis, you are assuming that Atlantis even existed, for which scientists have no proof. You are also assuming that ancient peoples did not have the ability to create this alloy. The existence of the alloy alone should be enough evidence to prove that someone clearly did have the ability to do this. The makers of this video have clearly disregarded the burden of proof needed to back up their claims. They operate on the assumptions that Atlantis was a real place, and that humans did not have the capabilities to create complex alloys. While, of course, almost anything is possible, we must focus on what is probable. The claims made in this video are not probable. A more probable explanation is that ancient peoples experimented with mixing metals and creating unique alloys. Perhaps they brought this new metal with them on their oceanic excursion with the hopes of spreading this new skill base with other peoples. The alloy remained unknown for years as the shipwreck went undiscovered. This is just one alternative explanation that makes far more sense than operating on pseudoscientific assumptions of the existence of Atlantis.

  • This video illustrates many features of pseudoarchaeology; this video is making overly grand claims without evidence to back it up. They are simply making a hypothesis because there is no supporting data. It also makes the assumption that ancient people “did not have the technology, advancements or ability” to produce this alloy. In other words, they are denying the evidence that they may have had the technology to produce this alloy because they are reluctant to give up on their “confirmed” hypotheses. Occam’s Razor is best summarized by the quote "the simplest solution is most likely the right one,” and this is the logic that the video follows. They don’t understand it, so they are making an easy assumption by saying it came from the heavens/came from the sky. They are making many assumptions without any evidence or proof, meaning that their claims are not valid or reliable. They are assuming that Atlantis even existed and assuming that ancient people did not have the ability to create this alloy. Why is it assumed that ancient civilization was not intelligent enough or did not have the technology and/or ability to process zinc and produce this alloy? Instead of entertaining the possibility that an ancient civilization could have the intelligence to produce such an advanced alloy, they make grand assumptions. Occam’s Razor is not considered logical according to science/the scientific method; therefore, a more logical explanation for finding this alloy is that the ancient people did in fact have the technology to produce this alloy. This idea follows more logical scientific principles. The existence of the alloy gives proof to the fact that it must have been able to be produced. They said that the metal was mostly made of copper and zinc, which means that it also could have been brass which has been around for a very long time. These are some alternate explanations that are a bit more plausible than the assumptions of Atlantis and the alloy coming from the gods.

  • If god came in this world he will be in prison or mental hospital

  • It was underwater the size of a flying football field. Copper zinc whah you on about?

  • There is a metal from 6,000 years ago but we didn't have the technology for that???? Say what? Obviously we DID or there wouldn't be that metal

  • atlantis is located in indonesia..

  • PLEASE TALK ABOUT THE richat structure!!!!

  • Then maybe our ancestors were not a heathen of savages as scientific materialism suggests?

  • Can't believe I'm hearing about Atlantis, from the same narrator from Curse of Oak Island. Very confusing, lol.

  • Get the Ancient Alien theorists in, i wana hear a "Yes"

  • maybe dudes made experiments but didnt take notes and all that info got lost in time

  • See Ancient Aliens debunked. Ancient Aliens is a show that is full of half-truths designed to perpetuate belief in all the lies of our age… because it's easier to create a fake reality than it is to do the rigorous work of science.

  • the berber in north africa is atlantis people who already know still live in atlas mountain

  • People forget about Technological Regression. Just because it looks like an ancient people didn't have advance technology doesn't mean the people before them didn't have it.

  • Atlantis is in Africa & was founded/named after King Atlas not Poseidon.

  • That must be batteries.

  • I really like watching all these things so don't get me wrong when I say this.
    What if the gods from the past were no gods, but humans who just happen to have found the eureka in their specific subject. For example Mr. Poseidon was a marine researcher back in the day and the way we talk or bring over makes misinterpretations about these people. Maybe in 300 years people think Darwin is the god of evolution.
    On the other side what if the Greek gods all happen to be aliens on a colony ship with a balanced team of researchers who have enough knowledge to build a society. Zeus being the leader and captain of the ship. Mars is a leutenant and caretaker of security. Mercurry IT and communications specialist and so on. I have done no research about this but he, one is free to speculate of his own thoughts right? I do hope that one day we somehow find the truth about Atlantis, and all the other mysteries that may have and may not have been. Every now and then I read or watch something. And yes I like Graham Hancock and no I don't go to chirch.

  • 3:32 You've lost me..

  • Yes and there’s a Greek myth similar to Noah’s Ark but the only difference is that the Greeks say Zeus sent the flood not God.🙄

  • That's what the tips of the pyramids were made out of, not gold

  • Are the serious? Who knows what these people knew back in the day, just because they didn't destroy the earth like us doesn't mean they were stupid

  • talking about "god's" is not the same as aliens from another planet. Ancient Aliens has a bad habit of making every little thing about Aliens.

  • It was a " Tower Signal " A.I Tech

  • How is it that someone had the technology to make some alloy allegedly not known in that time, but couldn't do a better job on the ingots themselves? They look like someone ran thick lines in sand with sticks, and poured the molten metal in them, resulting in crude, rustic, non-uniform chunks, rather than what we call ingots today.

    Although ancient people might have considered this alloy "precious," none of the component metals are precious today. So the alloy would not be considered precious. I doubt that the ancients would have been unaware that metals like gold and silver were on a higher level than other metals, or alloys made from them.

  • the zinc process as weknow it is only that old , aliens ,if advanced would more then likely have other processes

  • Yes the combination of metals I expected. These are rods used to lift mega ton stone blocks and transport them hundreds of miles. Rods did not physically lift the stones but channeled energy perhaps earth’s magnetic field to counter force of gravity. As far as I know this was lost after 1350 BC. When the Colossi of Memnon were constructed of single stones 700 tons each too heavy to transport in the Nile 300 miles to where they were erected. They were of Amenhotep III at his temple destroyed 100 years later by an earthquake. His wife Queen Tiye is at his feet. They were the grandparents of Tutankhamen. After that we don’t hear of any more megalithic construction involving cutting and moving huge stones. The zTemple of Abu Simbal was carved in situ. Later cut apart and moved before being flooded by new Aswan Dam in 1960 our era. It could be the secret was lost when Anhkenaten Tut’s uncle and predecessor eschewed the worship of Amen for the Aten sun disc as the one true god. Tut restored worship of zAmen but by that time perhaps priests who knew the secret of moving huge stones had died or had been killed by Ankhenaten. BTW Ankhenaten meant “peace of Aten”. Amenhotep meant “peace of Amen”. It seemed to have involved holding two metal rods one copper and the other zinc. Many statues show figures holding rods. This may have included chanting to the gods. This has come down to us as Harry Potter holding a magic wand and chanting a spell to make magic happen. To the uninitiated Egyptians no doubt what they witnessed seemed like magic rather than some scientific principle Ancient Egyptians knew as well as people in South America that built megalithic structures that has been lost and strangely never rediscovered or maybe not. The guy who built Coral Castle in Florida claimed to have rediscovered it but died in 1952 never telling anyone nor letting anyone see him build it. Evidence of UFO’s seem to display this anti gravity technology that may not all be aliens but military that know as well and applied it to vehicles. So why huge rockets to get into orbit or to the moon? It could be some know and some don’t as way back in Ancient Egypt. A small cabal knows but not sharing the secret as a means to power like the Ancient priests of Amen. People haven’t changed in 5000 years. I’ve spent about ten years in this and could tell you more of what it could be but don’t want to be called a nut case as I can’t demonstrate as I don’t know the whole thing and I’ve got other things to do that is a job.

  • It came from the modern Richat structure, the ancient atlantis. It's not under water now days, it's in the desert. not far from Sicily.

  • fallen angels

  • they didn't have the technology back then.. but they did have brains unlike u whites.. why are these whites so dominant and dumb.. after all they did was steal people's land.. they dont have any historical achievement precisely.. so ofcourse.. i see where their thinking comes from..

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