Ancient Aliens: The Origin of the Moon (Season 11) | History

[music playing] NARRATOR: Humans have been
mesmerized by the moon since the dawn of man. And although many theories
have been proposed, scientists cannot
say with absolute certainty how this celestial
object came into being. When I was a
student, nobody really knew where the moon came from. But because it’s so relatively
big, this was a real problem. And I think that
there is a tendency to think that moons get somehow
captured by the parent planets. If you’ve got one body here
and another body coming along, it can’t just get trapped
into orbit like that. The difficulty there
is just basic physics. So this remained a puzzle
until about 20 years ago, when another theory came along. And that is that
proto-Earth was, very early on in the history
of the solar system, hit by a Mars-sized
body, hit obliquely that this Mars-sized body plowed
into the center of the Earth and became the Earth’s core,
and a lot of the outer material got stripped off by this
gargantuan collision and coalesced to form the moon. Now, they had to come up with
a very bizarre theory for how the moon came into being because
all the conventional theories don’t make any sense. The best theory of
the moon’s formation is phantasmagorically
catastrophic collision of two things, you know,
at just the right angle to form this belt of debris
that then formed the moon. But the moon, its exact
size is such that it gives us total eclipses. Its disk exactly covers the sun. And the chances
of that occurring are so literally astronomically
small, it’s very disturbing. NARRATOR: The sun’s
diameter is 400 times greater than the moon. And coincidentally, the sun also
happens to be nearly precisely 400 times further away. This is the reason that
the sun and the moon appear the same size
in the Earth’s sky, and why we on Earth can
experience eclipses of the sun. DAVID CHILDRESS: It’s just
perfectly in that orbit to eclipse our sun. The odds of the moon
being in that orbit accidentally are
a zillion to one. So that right there is
evidence that our moon is in a perfect orbit around our
planet that’s not accidental. MIKE BARA: In order to
have a solar eclipse, the moon has to be exactly
the size that it is, which is 2,160 miles. Not 2,161, not 2,159, but
2,160 miles at its equator. And there are people
out there that actually think that’s a coincidence. The fact is is that
that is by design. NARRATOR: Throughout
our observable galaxy, this relationship and others
have not been duplicated. Other moons are sizeably
smaller by comparison to their mother planet. Earth’s satellite not only
orbits closer than it should for its size, it is
also the only moon in the solar system that has
a near perfect circular orbit. And no other lunar
bodies are known to have such a stabilizing role
as the moon has with the Earth. WILLIAM HENRY: Recent
computer simulations have shown that, without
the moon’s presence, the Earth’s axis tilt
would be completely different than it is today. We might not even have seasons
as we know them presently. Without the seasons, it could
be very difficult for life on Earth. So the moon is
actually performing an incredible function. It’s life-sustaining. Without it, we
might not be here. ALAN BUTLER: There are so many
peculiarities about the way the moon has affected the Earth
that one might be forgiven for believing that there
is intelligence behind it, that something made it that way. The moon is so strange,
so odd in terms of what we find elsewhere
in the solar system, and particularly in terms of
what it does for the Earth, having made the Earth
into a haven for life, that one feels obliged
to ask the question, could such things have
come about by chance? Was it placed
there deliberately? Was it engineered,
maybe by aliens? And therefore, is our whole
existence a planned event? [music playing]

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  • This people talk about aliens all the time. You said there could be someone who made the moon perfectly that without it life on earth could be impossible and then you mention alien? How about uttering the word God?

  • Why do they need an explanation to everything? They cant explain just as the exsistance of all the million planets and solar systems out there. They are there and thats it.

  • So many experts. So much ignorance.
    We are the creation of something ET.
    If you cannot see the obvious you'll never perceive the truth. (U.K.)

  • By design it god simple as that no human wrap his head round that

  • We ARE the aliens lol school project ha

  • There was a time when there was no moon… research people's! Ase'

  • If the 👽 aliens created the moon then why not the earth or whole solar system or the universe why just moon doesn't make any sense

  • The father of Adam and Eve is very good to create all things. For us. Aman

  • Why don't you upload whole episode.

  • There is plenty of video of sun and moon been opposite each other in day time near the horizon, best one to watch is the one been filmed from a cockpit of an airplane. that’s what you call impossible on a globe.

    As Neil degrasse would say that stuff is flat

  • Well debates are settled. Go to sleep people.

  • I think its the death star

  • It’s not something made it it’s God Allah who created it for a specific purpose ☝️

  • i aint even watch the video yet and i already know they gonna say "WERE ANCIENT ALIENS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE MOON? ANCIENT ASTRONAUT THEORISTS SAY YES."

  • I have crippling depression
    Ancient Alien Astronaut Theorist says yes

  • The supreme being…

  • I have so many questions, i is brain dead after the watching

  • The best explanation, or, "theory," of the creation of the Moon is NOT, "phantasmagorically catastrophic," lol it makes PERFECT sense.

    It's hardly a stretch to imagine a Mars-sized planetoid impacting the young Earth during the period known as the, "Late Heavy Bombardment."

    An impact devastating enough to cast large amounts of the Earth's crust into a perpetual orbit.

    Besides, if I've learned ANYTHING from my Astronomy lessons, or my prerequisite Physics undergraduate classes, it's that the Universe is under absolutely NO obligation to, "make sense," to anyone.

    Least of all us talking monkeys lol who evolved on the plains of Subsaharan Africa to survive with the staggering limitations of our five human senses.

  • Can’t a creator be in this theory at least???

  • In Hindu culture ,,we take moon as a god.. we worship moon..

  • Yes our solar system is made by an intelligence. But not aliens but the Almighty Allah (God)

  • Elijah Muhammad told us it's origin.

  • The moon was shunted from Galaxy to Galaxy for millions of years, until it entered our Solar System, an for this to happen it must have, almost zero, magnetic an Gravitational attraction, an if that's the case, it has negligible influence on our tides.

  • Correct me if im wrong but if this is true wouldnt this mean that the moon should be significantly hotter than earth 🤔


  • "SOME people think its a coincidence…" Yeah, every scientist and rational person on Earth

  • This is where men simply can't answer gods magnificent Mysteries and for the none Believers out there I feel so ashamed and sad for yall

  • Jesus christ….so no mention that the moon is bloody MOVING AWAY from its orbit with the earth then??
    Millions of yeas ago the moon COMPLETELY blocked out the sun.
    At some point BILLIONS of years in the future it will never orbit us again.

    Talk about grabbing at straws.

  • God made it on purpose

  • Real 🔭🌎 had two Moon's you ant know that did you 👽👽 ×%/€£👽💯

  • Its called god
    Not aliens lol

  • That Intelligence who Planned to make it is Called "GOD"

  • Read zecharia sitchens the lost book of enki, and the sumerians enu ma ilish ( the 7 tablets of creation). Our moon was originally the planet tiamots moon. Tiamot was hit by 4 moons of nibiru 4.67 billion years ago, causing the asteroid belt, and earth in a new lower orbit. The moon PROBABLY has an infrastructure, built by the anunnaki with course correction gyros and stabilizing rocket motors to put it, and keep it where it is.

  • "The odds are a zillion to one! Thats evidence!" As much as I agree, that doesn't sound very scientific for someone being paid on tv

  • Ive learned over the years
    That if its on any type of main television
    Its a lie
    Cnn fox abc cbs lie to you everyday
    History channel is owned by one of these companies
    You think they are going to tell u the truth about this?
    Good luck

  • It is called nature.

  • The moon is actually a giant spaceship disguised as a natural astronomical body.

  • they can't say how the moon was created and how it makes a solar eclipse, without mentioning God, that's why they bring in the aliens lmao

  • Moon is put in the orbit by God

  • Moon used to be very close to earth when it formed, over time it has moved away and it will continue finally leaving earth. So its not fixed distance.

  • This is total proof of a divine creator who designed our universe. God is proven by science.

  • Our whole existence is most definitely a planned event. Planned by God himself. And our universe and world were planned, designed, and created by God. Perfection is never coincidence.

  • What it PROVES is that God does indeed exist.., a Divine architect who created the earth moon and stars…
    A zillion to one odds this happened.. It is described by the Anunnaki of how the earth and moon was created.. By an unseen hand… Only once we get closer to the end shall the begining be revealed to us… Who we are and were we come from… In the New Testament Jesus Christ explains it all to us.. Those who choose to listen that is..

  • Its comforting to know that scientists that make hundreds of thousands of dollars more than me are utterly confused at this and here I am knowing that God made it and that's all there is to it.

  • God did it all

  • Im High.

  • Forgot to mention another coincidence,the suns rotation is the same as the moons orbital rate around the earth

  • Almost sounded like they wanted to say maybe God exist

  • Bruh why can’t we just say it’s been there since the Big Bang like the moons on all the OTHER planets have been there too

  • What a piece of crock! Moon is moving away from us at the rate or 4 centimeters per year. Ages ago our moon was much larger presence in the sky. It has gradually moved away. We live in age when the size of the moon coincides with the size of the sun as we see it. It will get smaller over ages as the moon goes further away and we will stop having 100% solar eclipses like we have in our era. What will you tell me next? The moon is hollow and made of cheese?

  • Why is it always aliens with you guys?
    Ever heard of um GOD!

  • Why don't they just ask the Moon how it was formed.
    I have to do all the thinking on YouTube?

  • You should read vedas and shiv puaranas. You will definitely came to know how and why it's placed there.

  • God is the way !

  • they built the pyramids for protection because the ancients watchers were visibly watching the moon approaching the earth heading for a soft but catastrophic collusion with earth

  • Freaks

  • WE Live in an engineered universe. The moon was placed there for a reason. Its size, and distance from earth as he said is purposeful.

  • Whether it’s true or not, still very entertaining

  • Remember GOD did it thats why they are trying to recreate the big bang the GOD partical im still waiting for chimps evolve and fish to walk

  • Life may be so rare in the universe that Type 2 civilizations are out there manipulating a number of solar systems to mechanically sustain them.

  • And there's another fact to add: the rotation of the moon is at an exact speed so it only shows one side of it to the earth. So, that's not a coincidence, then what could be on the dark side of the moon to be hidden from us?

  • Transformers done it silent while one of them is on dark side of the moon

  • It was made by aliens God

  • Once the moon was a part of the earth and it came out.

  • Vsauce 4 be like

  • Not by chance

  • Ancient aliens will always push everything is connected to aliens

  • Its impossible to believe that the sun moon distance 400 this and 400 that could be a coincidence…..the only other possble answer is that the sun- moon – earth relationship, was, ahem, engineered… ?

  • If the moon was 2161 or 2159 miles in size, the odds of that happening would still be the same. It's like if you pour water in a glass. The odds of there beeing that exact number of atoms in the glass in that exact formation are smaller than we can even imagine. And yet, we defy those odds on the daily. And every time someone wins the lottery, it defies a million to one odds by picking that specific person out of everybody. But it had to be someone. In order for it to be truly amazing you have to deside what outcome you are betting on beforehand, otherwise it's pretty pointless.

    And the last part of the video even confirmes this. Humans might not exist without this perfect moon. So if earth wouldn't have gotten it, we wouldn't be here to observe it. So the odds of our moon beeing perfect is litteraly 100%, because if it wasn't it wouldn't be "ours".

  • I wanna see them do a flat earth! @HISTORY Do a Flat Earth Special for Ancient Aliens!

  • The only thing that matters is that the moon has an american flag on it… 'MERICA!

  • Plz episode uplode in hindi

  • Thank GOD.

  • I've always thought an advanced race dragged the moon into our orbit… maybe out of mercy or just good will..

    Fascinates me that ancient Indian or Chinese texts mention life before the moon existed, that's bloody crazy

  • So nobody not gonna blame it on GOD???……COME ON!!!

  • can someone tell me exact episode no of this

  • People believe that aliens exist but they will not acknowledge the possibility of their being a God. Rather interesting

  • So simple explanation is……God

  • I will watch this later when I get time….

  • aliens : how many piramids do you want?

  • why dont they take bruce willis to drill the moon ??

  • The moon was placed here for life to exist. We're in a test tube. Because they keep changing the bacteria being inspected. Dinosaurs, Neanderthals, mayans. And lastly humans.

  • What if the moon is so perfectly placed that this moon is the only one in the universe that is placed in this way and that is why there is no life anywhere else

  • Creation cries of God’s existence!! Only a fool say there is no God.

  • Allah is the best creater.

  • Our whole existance is indeed a planned event . Allah is best of the planner . Read Quran to know what the reality is.

  • The reason the Moon and Sun appear the same size is because of the moment in history we are in. The Moon is very slowly drifting away fro Earth. It used to appear larger than the Sun and will eventually appear smaller. While this is an interesting coincidence, there is no reason to believe that is has any particular value. Interesting but so what? Life existed on Earth long before this phenomenon and will continue to exist long after.

    Also, if it were necessary for the creation of life and put here by aliens, wouldn’t the same phenomenon be necessary for the aliens who put it here? The original aliens who are not the product of other alien intervention would have required such a coincidence to occur naturally.

  • Weed!!!!

  • That guy literally wrote a book called Ancient Aliens On The Moon.

    Lmao. I'm ded.

  • weird how all planets have moons

  • The moon 🌚 and the sun 🌞 are the same size

  • So the collision theory is bizzarre. But, this ancient alien creation theory is normal. This doped guys should stop their bullsh*t, man.

  • To start, there are quite a few reasons as to why this is a far fetched theory.

    First off, let's think about the possibility vs probability of this theory. Is it possible that the moon was engineered specifically by aliens to suit Earth's needs? Yes. Is it probable? Not exactly. While the Moon being able to form a solar eclipse with the sun is quite odd, there is no evidence to suggest that it has been engineered that way by ancient aliens (heh), and there is a low chance that such has actually happened.

    Second, there is a ton of evidence denial for the Giant-Impact Theory. This video never mentions how the Earth and the Moon have similar orientations, how the Moon's surface was once molten (as the Earth's surface was during the Hadean era, where the collision is said to have taken place) and how the Moon has an overall lower density than Earth, hinting that it is a fragment of it.

  • This show is the answer…. especially when I smoke some bud lol

  • When the rng is in your favor

  • Guess what…the Moon moves away from Earth 4 cm every year,which means in the future,the Moon wont cover up the Sun as it does in todays eclipses.Future generations wont experience the same eclipses.

    Its easy to contribute anything that seems too perfect to be coincidental to a higher being.

  • What if my ex still thinking about me? Ancient Astronaut Theorist say Yes!

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