Ancient Aliens: The Most Ancient Continuous Culture (Season 11) | History

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  • These Aborginals are cursed by god they eat insects 🐜 & lizards 🦎 & 🐀 rats because god cursed them.funny thing is these aliens 👽 always interact with people who god doesn’t like or cursed .why haven’t any good people been visited by aliens ? Or Islamic country’s ? Middleast people who r mostly Muslim don’t even care about aliens or demons jinns because of the knowledge that Allah taught them in Quran & these scientists & governments make u think that they appeared by themselves is wrong because god created the whole universe & everything in it wether it’s other dimensions or aliens they will be judge by their maker god end of story.

  • 0:19 …yeah, and especially cause of the advent of photoshop.

  • That Grey Alien just smiled and gave me a vegemite sandwich.

  • I have crippling depression
    Ancient Alien Astronaut Theorist says yes

  • The Aboriginals are the cradle of humanity. First human being as we know – giving birth – to mankind! I am honoured to live here at this time.

  • sick of this rubbish. @3:00 "no knowledge of the Stars"….lie, rubbish n b/s. Cook sailed unknown waters, half the Globe away, guided by THE STARS. Knowledge handed down from Generation to Generation. So sick of Our Heritage being derided for weaker Cultures sake.

  • Aborigines should have killed cookie

  • The australia native arborigens had a lot of weirds legends which tell they has brought there by the star people , but even the african dogon tribe have a legend which tell they has brought by the star people from the sirius B star system .The ameridian hopi indians and the anasazi tribes have the same legends ,they tell them ancensters was brougt from another stars system, by the ant people .And a modern encounters with this star beings was writted in the book from the Crstofor Columbus ,when he was travel to find india , and he 've find the latin america .He have writted in hes own book ,how a round lighting orange thing had flying around them boat, and have observed them ,this thing had lighting in the night too and was very hot, this story are true but the chatolic inchisition had forbbiden columb to tell the other people what he have seen in his travel to america.The true fact are , even today we are been observed from them orbs , and we can not make nothing against it ,the black knight alien drone exsist realy of the low nord orbit from been 40 thousand years ,they does observe us , like we observe some labor ratts ,all the world governments know been all this facts , but they hidden this truth from us ,sfmy spelling !

  • You know the Government should just admit it already so we can move together on the same page as a whole and advance. 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  • There self-esteem was poor and they were jealous of everything lol

  • They r everywhere not just there, EVERYWHERE !!! They r not just Aliens !! They r actually DEMONS – DEVILS !!

  • There is nothing special about Aboriginals. They're just like every other black race. Superstitious beliefs (like God accept they call it "the rainbow serpent" & "dreamtime") and barely out of the stone age, primitive hunter gatherers. 700,000 individuals, over 300 different tribes and 150+ different languages. Can anyone name a single country with a native population with 150+ different languages? Oh, and someone please tell them that "whiteface" is racist. They don't like whites in blackface, why is blacks in whiteface acceptable? Story telling? What, like movies?

  • I thought the "Wan-gina" was the disease you catch when you get married.

  • Concord west sydney queen street between 8pm-10pm 2006. sighting UFO at tree level then shot to the sky at roundabout, just after concord west primary school. Numbing sound coming from craft. Loud but not a sound that would echo, hard to explain. No visible shape, light visible from craft. Cannot remember the colours. Watched until it could not be seen anymore. Headed out of space.

  • I chilled with 2 wandjina's inside a silver tear-shaped bubble. They kept asking me if it was alright for them to probe me as i had to repeat myself by telling them it was not ok, i had to say no over and over again, as they grew tired of my resistance they kicked me out of their tear-shaped bubble.

  • History channel has become irrelevant trash.

  • They can tell stories but dont speak

  • Too bad I didn’t see Shrek!

  • The actual footage at the beginning looks like it's edited on paint🤣🤣🤣

  • Read outloud… Alldee scom entsar maykinmy eyesenbrank ray zee.

  • Yeah my family and there ancestors date super far crazy

  • "Is it possible that humans were shat out from ground?" Ancient alien theorists say YES!

  • And yet not a single microchip among them.

  • Kangaroos are extraterrestrials disguising as an unintelligent beast.

  • Time to call spade a spade – European 'civilization' has been a horrid, disgusting curse on humanity.
    No other 'explorers' committed a more brutal genocide of cultural, social and physical dimension than 'civilised' Europeans. Be it the America's, Africa, Asia or the Australasia. They made a virtue of plunder, loot & murder whrever they 'explored'. Destroyed civilisations wherever they set their foot on and 'colonised'. Exploited people & resources, looted the wealth, and wipe out traditions only to impose their own brand of 'civilisation' . And all this was done mostly in the name of Christ – whom, today if HE ever was resurrected in flesh & blood, would not be allowed to enter any European nation, being from the Middle East and speaking of equality and respect for all, in a language they would be frightened of. Such sickening, repulsive hypocrisy.

  • Criminals colonize Australia just like America go figure

  • As an Australian I can’t confirm or deny that we are aliens

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