Ancient Aliens: The Mars Monolith (Season 9) | History

NARRATOR: 1998. The Mars Global
Surveyor snaps photos of what appears to be a monolith
on Phobos, one of the two moons that orbit the planet Mars. MIKE BARA: On the
moon of Mars’ Phobos, there’s a very, very interesting
obelisk or monolith there. They call it the
Phobos monolith. Buzz Aldrin, the second
man to walk on the moon, made a really big
deal out of this, and basically claimed
that it was artificial, and when we got
there and studied it, it would change
everything in terms of how we looked at our history. NARRATOR: Is it really possible
there is an obelisk on a moon of Mars, one that is not a
natural occurrence, but was, in fact, put there by
otherworldly beings? If so, might they have
created similar structures on other planets and celestial
bodies, perhaps even Earth, as some researchers suggest? DAVID CHILDRESS: Egypt has
a number of obelisks in it. And those obelisks are
4,000 or 5,000 years old. And the obelisks in Ethiopia
may be that old, too. Obelisks, they’re a piece
of crystalline granite. And within the granite
is quartz crystal. So obelisks themselves
are in a sense a crystal tower with all of
the properties that quartz crystal brings to technology. It’s an antenna. And any antenna can
receive a broadcast and it can give a broadcast. And then we have these ancient
obelisks that were at one point apparently all around the world. It would seem that there was
a worldwide system, similar to a wireless broadcasting system. These obelisks would broadcast
power into the atmosphere, and remote locations
around the world could pick up that power,
much like a radio today or a television set, a
satellite phone or a computer. This seems to be
the system that was set up by
extraterrestrials thousands of years ago on this planet. And incredibly, they didn’t
just do it on planet Earth. So we may well find
that when we go to Mars, we’ll find obelisks there. RICHARD LEVITON: You have to
realize that there is more than just the stones involved. There is a kind of
energy field around them, and it works through the stones
by way of their placement. When put in a circle or in
rows or standing singly, they would ground
celestial energy, transmit it, and download
it into the local landscape. It was meant to be a kind
of passive continuous input to the Earth from the
celestial and galactic realms. These tall standing
stones all around the world could easily have been part
of some kind of energy grid around the planet, connecting
up all these ancient cultures, connecting up the
energies of the Earth, all in different parts of the
world, and somehow harnessing cosmic energy with
Earth energy, and used for various, different
purposes we’re only just starting to understand today. RICHARD LEVITON: This sort
of megalithic landscape was designed to create
higher nodes of awareness in multiple places. Their placement was
specific to take advantage of implicit
energy aspects and gradients in the landscape. SAM OSMANAGICH: The location of
the stones is very important. For example,
Stonehenge, we now know that those stones
were positioned above the underground
water flows. The water moves,
generates energy, the stones receive the
energy, and slowly release it. The ancient people, they would
be around those monoliths, keeping their hands on the
stones, receiving the energy. RICHARD LEVITON: And if
the stones were arranged in a pattern, it would
create a kind of geometry of consciousness that would
have uplifting effects on people who were in proximity to them. Throughout the world, whether
they are stone spheres in Bosnia or
megalithic monuments in Avebury, what we’re seeing
is that our ancestors are saying that these stones are able to
hold energy, a soul, a spirit of our ancestors, of the gods. And so what we see
throughout the world is these monoliths, because
throughout the world, we are trying to establish
this link between us, mankind, and the world of the gods. NARRATOR: Monoliths,
interconnected by design, tapping into the energy of the
Earth, and serving as a beacon to link with celestial beings. Is it really possible that
ancient monoliths hold an advanced perhaps
extraterrestrial power we have yet to realize? And if so, just what will
happen when we unlock the mystery of the monoliths?

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