Ancient Aliens: The Impossible Stone Blocks of Puma Punku (Season 9) | History

NARRATOR: Bolivia,
South America. Here, 45 miles west of
La Paz, isolated high in the Andes Mountains, lie
the mysterious ancient ruins of Puma Punku. Spread across a desert plateau
at an altitude over 12,000 feet, the megalithic
stones found here are among the
largest on the planet, measuring up to 26
feet long and weighing more than 100 tons each. These are the
mysterious ruins of Puma Punku, nearly 13,000 feet
in the Altiplano of Bolivia. What you have here
are massive blocks of granite scattered like
some kid’s toy blocks around the site. It’s like some
giant cataclysm just wiped out this entire area. Archaeologists are baffled
by what Puma Punku was, how it looked, and
what the purpose of this enormous
structure would have been. NARRATOR: Mainstream
scientists believed the site was
originally constructed about 2,000 years ago. But in 1945, archaeologist
Arthur Poznansky proposed that Puma Punku
was much, much older. By examining the structures
and what he believed were their original
alignment with the stars, he dated the ruins to 15,000 BC. HUGH NEWMAN: Arthur
Poznansky was a researcher. He was part Bolivian. And he worked at the
site for many decades. And he concluded that the
site must have been built about 17,000 years ago by
studying the archaeoastronomy of that particular site. PHILIP COPPENS: We don’t
know how old Puma Punku is. We have had some
circumstantial dating, but we have been unable
to date the stones of Puma Punku themselves. They could be thousands, if
not hundreds of thousands of years old. We don’t know. GEORGE NOORY: I think
the fascinating thing about Puma Punku is, how did
these structures get built? We’re talking about stone
that is 25 feet high, stone that is hundreds of tons. BRIEN FOERSTER: Puma Punku
is so unique in the way that it was
constructed and shaped and positioned that it
is the most intriguing ancient site on the planet. Of all the places
I’ve ever visited, Puma Punku is the
one that I go back to time and again because no
one can solve the mystery. NARRATOR: Mainstream scholars
believe the andesite blocks found at Puma Punku
were formed by hand with primitive stone tools. But some researchers point
to the intricate stonework as evidence of the use of
advanced precision technology. One of the amazing
things here at Puma Punku is the precision of the blocks. You can see with
his block of granite that it’s really been cut at
very accurate right angles. Not only do these granite
blocks have precision corners, but they also have these
difficult drill holes that are going right through the rock. NARRATOR: But how could
such primitive people, living perhaps tens of
thousands of years ago, have produced such
flawless stonework? Might the ancient
builders of Puma Punku have fabricated the
megalithic stones with advanced
technology, technology of an otherworldly origin, as
ancient astronaut theorists believe? If you look at
the stones carefully and you get a magnifying
glass on some of them, you can see some intricate
stonework, as though they used machine tools with lasers. It’s absolutely incredible. I’ve seen nothing like it
anywhere on the planet. When an architect or an
engineer looks at Puma Punku, one thing jumps
out immediately– that whoever built this
place had knowledge of planning, of
logistics, and had access to advanced technology.

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  • They were ancient lego blocks of the giants and fallen angels.

  • Why don't they ask for a psychic from India to help them. He maybe wrong, but you'll be lead somewhere. Many people in india claim to have a divine third eye awakening, where they could see the past, present and future.

  • Are any of these guys not authors of pseudoscientific books??

  • When is mainstream science going to admit that we aren't the first advanced technological society to live on this planet?

  • those H blocks looks like the H from the history channel..

  • U clearly see that this are moulded blocks that come from a mould like concrete i work with concrete and i can say to you that im 100 % sure of this

  • I wonder how the actual archeologists and scholars feel about the bumpkin-dinner pontifications proposed by this Oak Island narrator, along with the people who participate in these fundraiser publicity pieces? Or how about the use of the word, "Theorists" in reference to hypotheses?

    Am I expected to take this guy in his blue shirt with his right angle seriously? The fact that he's boggled by the 90 degree angles shows the power of Abrahamic origin indoctrination (as the world before was nothing but lost darkness of pagans and devil worshippers 🙄) and imperial conscience – where it's right to assume we are so very intelligent and evolved beyond our ancestors from thousands of years ago. And so we come back full circle to the Abrahamic entitlement and self righteousness.

    This show is yet another codpiece.

    ETA: 4:02 Oh nevermind, I see my folly: I was under the impression this show was to be taken seriously. Not only is it not educational, it's sincerely misleading the naive with origin fairytales of alien races. I see why it has so many likes and so few dislikes.

  • Archeologist says everything is 2000 years old. They are full of Sh*% and a person would be better off asking a 5-year-old.

  • Maybe before humans are giants and because of a massive distinction humanitarian survive but evolve into what we look like now…. hmmm 🤔

  • The blocks appear cast, but not concrete. I think the are poured lava from a solar furnace . Somebody had a big lens ……

  • They knew how to pour forms from stone dust to make these blocks

  • Maybe its not carved, maybe its molded and designed

  • I do not have any questions about how it got built. I know someone built the city. I want to know how or who destroyed Puma Punku? Given the size and weight of the stones there, a very powerful violence force had to have been used to knock the city down.

  • Pre Noah’s flood (last great cataclysm)technology.

  • Either aliens helped build them or some human actually figured out how and then aliens feared human became advanced too early so they had their memories wiped

  • If this is thousands years ago BC if you believe in the Bible the people at that time were like giants. So it is possible built that big H blocks hmmm Just saying

  • I read somewhere these weird blocks are not made of regular stones,somebody has research it and has find it are made of Geopolymers ,a artificial stuff, same like the temlpe from India the Ramappa or Kailasa Nathar or Hoysaleswara , or all these huge walls from Peru , it are built with the same Geopolymers stuff as well .Moreover there was used these keystones technology ,it was used around the world ,that mean it was built by same arhitects and might long time before our mankind civilization .True fact are even today the modern science , can not dating the oldes from any stones , i mean from any anorganic material, they can dating the organic material like the wood remnants ,or bones only ,what was found around this temples,they can dating it with the carbon 14 technology. All these temples and pyramids around the world ,could be over 20 thousands years old , and might could be built by one antidiluvian civilization, long time before our civilization .Recently the scientists 've found some submerged pyramid in Sud Africa , they 've found some death corals of it ,what was daying over 10 thousands year ago ,who have built this pyramid ? i am pretty sure it was not built by the ancient egyptians , i have no doubt, sfmy spelling!

  • Using the word "Primitive" on the beings who built this is offensive. I find it really offensive. You don't even know how they did it yet you still have the balls to call them primitive. Shame on you.

  • puma 's stones are discarded pieces of molds to make spaceship parts for maintenance purposes. someone destroyed most of big molds in half. aliens used to come back to puma and collect parts and take back and fix their spaceships.

  • So many theories,it to me is the most interesting place on earth🖒.. cA

  • History Channel? I am SO outta here….

  • I'm interested in the quarry – or whether one has been found – we know now that Romans used volcanic ash in their concrete and it turns to stone over time: are their other recipes? But we have seen the quarries for some sites and they obviously had cutting tools more advanced than copper chisels and and saws. It would require a lot closer inspection but I don't see a lot of errors on the old work – this is inconsistent even with modern tools you make the occasional slip. Interesting field of study for sure.

  • I don't understand why these very wealthy people in the world don't invest in fully excavating some of these incredible sites that have only been scratched at the surface. Imagine the draw & revenue it could bring in with the discoveries of answers they would unveil and find! Possibly enough to put these puzzle pieces together and show what it was really for. Next to traveling to another planet, these are the things we would love to discover more about, right here! The info is buried. Deeper discoveries are needed

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