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  • Tune in to Alien Invasion Week on History starting Monday 9/30 through Friday 10/4 for new Ancient Aliens, plus the premiere of In Search Of, new UFO Specials and More!

  • Occorre una traduzione in lingua italiana facendo scorrere le parole sul dispositivo

  • I love the narrators voice, kind of reminds me of Alex Trebex. LOL

  • Nobody :

    History TV : Is iT pOssiBLE?

  • And chuppa mi pepe was one too

  • I think they went to inner earth

  • They went to inner earth

  • No you got things a little off. The mayans did leave yes, abduction no, timing important to them yes, to aliens no, to the other 6 migrating tribes that they had all separated from and left long ago yes with the plans of reconverging as one tribe once again at the end of their journey here in north America in the mid 1700's during what the native Americans referred to as the meeting of the 7 great tribes. It required and was the big powwow of all the tribal chiefs who got together and met it was thought to discuss the coming of the white man in their ships but no, it was said that tribes from all over came from out of the forest and the night sometimes 70 to 80 in number. The tribes of the west reported that the scouting party of their forefathers had left a long time ago. The city of Avalon. They decided a new city should be erected for more tribes were bound to come so they erected cohekia (I'm sorry if I spelled that wrong) in the middle of the Kansas Arkansas plains. This is where the Mayans went to, to rejoin with their people.

  • WHY is Taurus revered by ancient cultures?

  • I have a simple Explaination "Spainish Conquistadors"

  • So you mean those people who sacrifice people, torturing and killing innocence, taking men's heart out, etc are the civilized people and they are being taken to somewhere by aliens lol.

  • The Aliens came back & took them, they said SHE GONE lmao 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Alians took them to harvest thair planets

  • Mayan Aztecs Neanderthal Spock's wat left n disappeared n vanished took off or print left n all civil so called be Atmos see or Nephilim n kids fallen heads no envire at all n E T earth or home n breath that's breathe n seas Sosa or angels see n writ n pic Egypt n king's no depict

  • I’d recommend a Anyone reading this comment to read the book by Dolores Cannon called “The Keepers of the Garden” and you will find some interesting information on where the Mayans truly went

  • Don't tell anyone but the gate keeper opened the star gate over Playa Del Carmine and sucked all the Mayans into the afterlife and closed the gate after them. They all went to heaven. 👽👽👽👽👽👽

  • I believe that life is out there and are just like us because life came from space on the meteorites and comets that crashed to earth.we could have another earth like planet just at the other end of our galaxy and we wouldn't know because of the vast distance.imagine life in the Andromeda galaxy.we may not know in a million years

  • They were stupid. Maya. They believed in a fake calendar and just left. Lol.

  • Washed away by the great flood.

  • Provide hindi dubbed

  • I come here to read the comments 🤣🤣

  • Some said below Maya in Sanskrit means illusion. Maya in Ethiopia is something you can see with. It could be an eye

  • The Mayans never disappeared , they were all killed and converted by Cristian machineries and their army , to hide this they are creating a fake history and also they made Hollywood movie like apocalypto to show that their own civilization killer their people. The movie has been made in such a way that there own people raped killed and destroyed by using their riligion practices so that at the climax Cristian machineries came and rescued them to convert.
    Cristian machineries using media , Hollywood to create false history and brain wash the people.

  • Why must their disappearing have been an Abduction ? Please keep in Mind, people, that our very Own Bible tells us of an event called: The Rapture ! so, by Any account, the Myan event may have Also been a Return to Home World ! Remember a Battle on Earth, Long ago, between the Anunaki And the Pleadians ? Forgive my incorrect spelling, for i don't recall the correct way ! at Any rate: the Anunaki/Pleadian Battle, may Be the Very reason for the Myan Disappearance ! so View it As such and Not as a Tragedy ! God Bless you all !

  • They dissapeared because they were all killed by Kars and The Pillar Men

  • Mayans in South America? WTF LOL

  • it is said that many tribes large and small have just suddenly vanished.

  • The Mayans were highly spiritual beings. They had a spiritual awakening as a group and were able to transcend to another dimension that is their home. Much of what is going to happen here on Earth when we the Species are awaken.

  • Super bullshxxx lolsmh

  • man we sure are a dumb race

  • Disappearing Mayans and occupants of all the abandoned cities around the world throughout history.. Disappearing national park attendees. etc. Lifted off the earth by aliens. To be slaves, or to populate empty worlds. To fluff out worlds whose people have died out to below the number required to maintain a population. They take over populated cities and use the occupants to populate new worlds. Or all of the above.

  • Has anyone watched Apocalypto from Mel Gibson ?

  • They committed mass suicide.

  • They were deported. Ice baby

  • It’s Central America!! Not south! They got it wrong

  • Greetings & Peace!
    Again, Oh what a great video presentation, along with the theories & hypothesis that were given, makes reasonable sense to me.

  • Again, Greetings & Peace!
    The Temple EL AZAZEL, in San Lorenzo, in the Yucatan peninsula, shows 2 OLMEC statues, wearing definitely EGYPTIAN style headdress, along with Sun disks on their foreheads, & prostrating before their "sacred cat", the jaguar.
    Thanks for your program!

  • In the English language. Maya means baddie.. They also disappear when the time is right.

  • The fountain of youth that’s where they went .

  • The Mayans went home🤔sounds to me like an Ascension event aka rapture like in the bible or like the solar flash prophecy only we the righteous and the selfless will be saved and everyone else well, they go some where else and continue their soul mission to learn how to awaken to ascend,, the evil ones have to pay for their wickedness against creation and humanity. I pitty them. The beings from the Pleiades star system came to get them, I think that event will happen again soon…to us.

  • Ancient aliens bred humans because we are a tasty and challenging hunt.
    They send warrior hunters to earth on a regular basis, picking off lone travellers in remote areas, like national parks.
    When the overall human population becomes over bearing to the earth/environment, the warrior hunters return en masse, and kill and harvest 90% of the human population, leaving the remnants to recover and rebuild a new civilization and grow until it all happens again…and again!😈

  • I love how america is changing history once again

  • Maybe disease to them was a mass death to all so they all went and died together in some deep underground cave in order to not make the same fair fall on future civilizations

  • It was the predators and their games

  • Mayans were alien hybrids. They left to inhabit another environment. However there are descendants.

  • If you came to listen to Arnold Schwarzenegger's Dad, forward to 1:04.

  • Guatemala is not in South America (0:07). What happened to You (History Ch.)?

  • Google PUMA PUNKU. There no way that the ancient CIVILIZATION could cut rock or stone that perfect without machine tools or electricity. Certainly not by hand. So i believe we are not the first advance civilization. I believe we distory our selves before. Because 7 countries now have nuclear weapons.

  • Mayans were alien hybrids but with human features and skin

  • The democrats must have had something to do with this disappearance ! !

  • Pure stupidity. Aliens were visiting for thousands of yours but none anymore. BS, just like over playing Egyptian and sumaira. Americans obsessed by Egypt and dinosaurs. Lol!

  • When your ancestors may have all been abducted by aliens😎🚫🧢

  • The Mayans found a portal to another dimension, and hasta la vista baby.
    Some people at this era, are waiting for the Rapture.

  • Who else is watching the this because it had 666k views

  • They probably got sick and died

  • The Mayans had a Flat Earth cosmology, or "Ancient Cosmology".

  • Guatemala is not located in south America.
    It is located in central america

  • Illuminati

  • Mayans were inducted lol no they just do a lot of human sacrifice

  • Overpopulation, soil degradation, and drought led to the collapse of Maya. It's no mystery. Look how fast Oklahoma was degraded. They didn't have replenishing techniques at that time either. Theres a difference between jungle soil and crop soil.

  • If your a star i guess the sky isnt the limit

  • My ex's name was also Maya and she disappeared just like the Mayans.

  • I think what happened was the mayan's realised they were becoming too capitalistic and started living in forests and villages

  • The true story is so well covered up !!!

  • Conquistadores did it smooth

  • It means whoever was left had to start a new calendar unexpectedly. Possibly not making the exact calendar over or setting forth to a certain date. Which we rely on files and formats to calendarize configured dates to notify ourselves of things or something basic and short like a timer in the kitchen. Should we know? Does this seem made up or is it intentional to think that it seems made up because the truth sometimes is unbelievable? I believe it either way. Just as I believe I have been in presence of the earth since it has been created and recreated by forms of life and sharpened to calm aerial areas. The range of some places are equivalent to pitch and adjust such as mountain peaks and hills would allow an enertia and motionless energy to turn in flight of it's own weight.

  • Viel of maya

  • this is beyond ignorant

  • 0:07 he really said South America

  • Guatemala part of South America? OMG! how come you start a documentary making such a false statement! shame on the History channel!


  • To me I feel like they were taken somewhere else outside this world. Maybe they were never regular humans being and they had special abilities. I mean know one knows how they knew so much info and how their structures were created. And the star pattern that they formed is where they are

  • I like this stuff but Tikal is in Central America and I read about the pre-Columbian people many years ago. The place is amazing, feels like you are on a different planet when you are there in the jungle. Thanks for the views.

  • Why these morons never talked about Vedic maths , which the Einstein & Stephen Hocking used to find their discoveries

  • grandparents lived near Tikal beautiful place brought back some actual jade as well. yaxha is cool as well

  • in our maori historys it states for 50 years man had to live in caves about this time europe was migrating to the colder climates the result was vikings in polynesia migration sth to colder climates to shield from the suns rays

  • Aliens are fake people, they are Demonds,
    under the command of bezubul which is
    under the command of satan, CHRIST
    clearly said MY PEOPLE WILL PERISH
    (1Timothy 6:20) Oh Timothy, keep that
    which is committed to thy trust,
    avoiding vain babblings and opposition
    of SCIENCE falsely so called.

  • Kulkulkan came back and took them. Kulkulkan even had his own space shuttle.

  • The Mayan live in the inner earth. Theyve always lived inside the earth. They just went deeper. We have many species of humanoids living in the inner earth. Sasquatch, stonemites, mayan ….

  • The Quran mentions all these ancient civilizations who ventured around the world and who gained great knowledge and tried their best to reach the heavens, yet despite what God has given them, they disbelieved. Therefore, God has caused them great destruction. We see this with all the ancient civilizations, Mayans, Petra, Ancient Egyptians (not the ones who stumbled upon the pyramids) etc.

  • the Mayan decent still remain on this planet…we will always be powerful and this will always be our land.

  • A while back I read about an ancient alien race, I'm trying to remember the name. It sounded like a Hawaiian name. Can anyone help me with this? I'd like to do some research once I get the correct name..

  • They uppedsticks because their leaders said the "end was near". It wasn't. They dispersed to various areas and some survived as Mayans.

  • "Tikal, Guatemala. Deep in the northern jungles of South America…" If they can't get even the basics correct, how much faith can we put into the rest of it?

  • Since when is Guatemala in south america 🧐

  • They are the purge.. they didn't dissapeare.. be careful. I don't need it!!

  • Thought they went Cambodia and built Angkor wat after the olmecs kicked them out for doing human sacrifices

  • They didn’t disappear there’s still a whole bunch of brown people in every city in Mexico Central America and South America that’s them you clowns their definitely not European! They were colonized and assimilated into European culture in those places they just left their pyramids and cities and made new cities and towns it’s not complicated or a mystery!

  • People so want to hear about mysteries, higher beings and advanced civilizations etc..the truth is they forget that most of the mayans were just stupid humans who probably followed their priest into a mass grave somewhere.

  • MAYANS DID NOT DISAPPEAR!! There are over 6 million today and they would love to share their history with you. Ask a Mayan not Ancient Alien show.

  • Mexico is North America not South America this guy's an idiot

  • But then, what was supposed to happen on 2012?

  • If you would like to know where the ancient(classic) Maya went and who they are known as today YouTube search Olmec untold America history.

  • I was tuned in but once i heard the Alien BS i got so disappointed 😂

  • Building a city in a layout that looks like a group of stars DOES NOT 🚫 translate to the builders having come from those stars or going to those stars ✨.
    From Earth 🌎 at night without artificial lights 💡 the Pleiades is rather bright & striking 🌌 but, if you were on a planet 👾👽 by one of those stars you would realize they don't look 👀 like the pattern we see from here.
    They are really far away 🚷 from each other & the qualities that cause us to link 🔗 them as being a related subgroup is they are 7 seven brighter than average stars ✨ that appear 🔭 to be close to each other from many many trillions of miles away……
    …..They don't make a shape of anything and, it's not like constellations set a high bar 🔝 for strict resemblance to the name sake like, have you seen 🧐 Orion?
    Ain't nobody looks like that……

  • They had a plague

  • Two bactunes later the cathars disappeard

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