Ancient Aliens: The God of Medicine (Season 12, Episode 11) | History

NARRATOR: Vedic scholars
suggest that not only were the ancient Hindus able
to perform brain surgery, but other advanced
procedures as well. And much of this
medical knowledge was set to record in a Sanskrit
text dating back to 800 BC, known as the Sushruta Samhita. In 2017, at a local library
in Mahabalipurim, India, Giorgio Tsoukalos meets with
fellow ancient astronaut theorist Praveen Mohan to take
a closer look at the text. Now this is a
vast medical text that contains information about
more than 11,000 illnesses. It talks about 700 medicinal
plants, 64 preparations from mineral resources, 57
preparations from animal resources, and it’s
considered the foundation of Ayurveda, the
traditional Indian medicine. Oh, so this is the basis for
Ayurvedic medicine right here? Yes. I was able to find
a passage I thought you might find interesting. Right here. You can see it says
that surgical operations are of eight types. They are incising,
excising, scraping, puncturing, probing,
extracting, secreting fluids, and even suturing. So imagine we had
suturing 2,600 years ago. And this book was written
more than 100 years before Hippocrates, the
father of modern medicine. That is amazing. And how was this
information obtained? Like, what’s the
story behind this? Well, the title
Sushruta Samhita means that the author, Sushruta,
is not really the author. He did not write this book. He got this information
from a character called Dhanvantari, who
was an other worldly being. NARRATOR: Dhanvantari
is believed to be the physician to
the gods, and the father of Ayurvedic medicine. EXPERT: Dhanvantari
itself has a divine origin associated with the
churning of the milky ocean. The churning of the
milk of sea refers to perhaps the Milky Way. Dhanvantari came out
of that, and then he was the god of medicine,
and he then gave this knowledge of medicine to human beings. GIORGIO TSOUKALOS:
Dhanvantari was said to have originated from the Milky Way. And so all of a sudden,
you have a connection with this deity arriving
from the Milky Way. What more do you want? The knowledge contained
in this document known as the Sushruta Samhita
was brought here by an extraterrestrial visitor. NARRATOR: Ayurvedic
medicine is considered one of the world’s oldest and
most detailed healing sciences. Is it possible that it
was really handed down to mankind by alien sources? Ancient astronaut
theorists say yes, and suggest that
other texts clearly reveal this
extraterrestrial connection.

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