Ancient Aliens: The Extraterrestrial Agenda (Season 9) | History

NARRATOR: Houston,
Texas, December 1992. Eight members of the
Houston UFO Network separately report
being abducted in one of the strangest mass
abduction cases in history. Derrel Sims, a former US
intelligence operative, conducts the preliminary
investigation. All these people
independent of each other, and to my shock and
amazement, they all came back with the exact same story– the same craft,
the same entities. They identified each
other in great detail. Some of them didn’t even
know each other very well. All of these people described
being taken by a small craft and a small entity,
and the entity took them to a much larger craft. NARRATOR: After researching
numerous UFO sightings that were reported the
night of the incident, Sims makes a shocking discovery. Someone in Japan had filmed
the moon during this time and filmed a massive craft that
left a shadow across the moon as it crossed the moon’s
surface during the same time of the mass abduction. So there was the
corroboration that we needed. NARRATOR: UFO researchers
following the case believe collective details
gathered from the event may shed new light
on the abduction phenomena and perhaps
clues to understanding the extraterrestrial agenda. One of the people taken saw
a map-like thing on the wall. The map that this individual
saw that was on the wall indicated approximately
6,000 years of the aliens’ involvement with mankind. We were down to the last small
section of that map which was about a hundred years left. What we deduced from the
information from the abductee was simply that this experiment,
whatever it is, is almost over. NARRATOR: After viewing the
map, one of the abductees was led through
a massive hallway to another part of the craft. DERREL SIMS: It was a
huge room, enormous size. I said, what did you see? He said it looked
like a collection, like almost like a museum of
things that had been collected. They seemed to have
collected species, animals, people, all kinds of things. Then I said, and what was
significant about that? And he said, I don’t
think they were dead. I think they were all
suspended animation. This may explain the
reason why some people disappear and don’t come
back from an abduction event. NARRATOR: Do the
accounts from the Houston mass-abduction
event shed new light on the extraterrestrial agenda? If so, might the stories
of mass disappearances throughout history
be not fantasy but part of a program
to collect human beings and other Earth species? But for what purpose? DAVID WILCOCK: Perhaps these
abductions are not happening for some random reason. These samples are being taken so
that the human seed itself can be preserved in
the unlikely event of some mass ecological
catastrophe that wipes out human life on
Earth as we now know it. The evolution of
humans on this planet has been completely and totally
an experiment on the part of extraterrestrials. We’ll call it experimental
lab process on this planet. Intelligences are
cloning and hybridizing and mixing and matching. GEORGE NOORY: Earth could very
well be a farm, simple as that. It’s like “The
Island of Dr. Moreau” where we’re genetically altered. We’re mixed. We’re abducted. We’re taken. We’re brought back. This could be the
greatest melting pot of experimental
work in the universe. But, you know, as NASA has
said, they’re going to discover alien life forms in 20 years. I think we will find that
creatures on other worlds resemble us very closely. NARRATOR: Could it be that
extraterrestrials really have been coming to
Earth and abducting large groups of people
throughout our history? And if so, are other worldly
beings conducting experiments to upgrade the human race,
preparing us to become part of an intergalactic community? Ancient-astronaut theorists
propose that one day we will be reunited with
our alien ancestors, but perhaps for some of us this
reunion has already occurred.

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  • According to ancient neighborhoods, the land was created 5 billion years ago. The protozoa is the first age to see the emergence of living cells, such as metal balls, which were recovered from South Africa and are estimated at 2 billion years old.

    According to Ibn Katheer's interpretation of the verses of the Holy Quran and its reference to the tongues of the nations in Maton, the first mentioned books are that there are creatures who lived on the earth in a body closer to humans before the existence of man and jinn.

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