Ancient Aliens: The Crystal Computer (Season 12) | Exclusive | History

According to
Native American legend, there are 13 crystal skulls
that are the same size and shape as human skulls. And these crystal skulls
were left behind by the earliest ancestors from way back
in the mists of time. The skulls are containers of great knowledge,
great wisdom, information that is important
to mankind. In fact,
the legend also prophesies that at a time of great need,
all of these crystal skulls will be brought
back together again and that when that happens, they will divulge the knowledge, the wisdom that the Native
American elders believe is actually vital
to the very survival of the human race. The Mitchell-Hedges
crystal skull was considered the Rolls-Royce
of the crystal skulls. It was the most beautiful
crystal skull. It was discovered in 1920s by the explorer
F.A. Mitchell-Hedges in Central America. MORTON:
Mitchell-Hedges loaned
the crystal skull to scientists at
the Hewlett Packard laboratory back in the 1970s, and they were unable to find any kind of tool marks on it. One of the most interesting
things that they discovered was that the crystal skull
was not made of just any old bit of crystal, but it was made
from a type of crystal known as
piezoelectric silicon dioxide. And this is exactly the type
of quartz crystal that we now use inside all
our information storage devices and all
our communication devices. DAVID CHILDRESS:
Any quartz crystal object, including a crystal skull, can be encoded with information. And, in fact, a quartz crystal
can hold more information than a computer chip can. So any crystal object– and crystal skulls–
is, in a sense, a small,
mini computer storage device. And just a small quartz crystal can hold more computer data than even, uh,
the largest thumb drive that you’re able to buy today. MORTON:
When you think of the legend that said
that the crystal skulls were containers
of great knowledge, then, perhaps, if you think how much information
we now store inside a tiny
silicon crystal chip, then maybe there is vast amounts
of information, as the Native American
elders say, inside a crystal skull. GIORGIO TSOUKALOS:
Mitchell-Hedges was told by the locals that this skull
was given to them by their ancestors. Now, it was said
that their ancestors were the sky people. Now, whenever I hear references
to sky people, are we really talking
about invisible things that somebody just came up with? Or a being descending
from the sky in some type
of a flying machine? CAPTIONING PROVIDED BY

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