Ancient Aliens: The Akashic Record (Season 12, Episode 10) | History

NARRATOR: Although completely
invisible to the naked eye, a virtual universe of
electromagnetic waves permeates our entire world. And this vast
network of impulses carries within it
information and data that we have come to depend
on in our digital age. [music playing] It is the backbone of
what is otherwise referred to as the cloud,
which remotely stores billions of gigabytes of data. When we think about the cloud
what we’re really talking about is data transfer,
information transfer. You’re sending bits of
information through the air, wirelessly, up to satellites
down to servers, back again, into your computer,
into your phone. And there’s close
to 7 billion people using cloud computing now. So you can imagine that pretty
much anywhere on the planet that has internet
access, you’re going to find these hidden, sort
of, secret patterns and codes that are floating around us. [music playing] NARRATOR: According
to historians, the concept of an
Intergalactic Computer Network was first proposed by scientist,
J.C.R Licklider, in the 1960s. However, ancient
astronaut theorists suggest that the idea may
actually trace all the way back to our ancient past. [music playing] NARRATOR: Korva
island, Raichur, India. Religious pilgrims
seeking enlightened wisdom travel here to a
temple dedicated to the celestial sage, Narada. According to the
Hindu scriptures, Narada had the
supernatural ability to gain access to
a hidden domain that most humans are
completely unaware of, the realm of cosmic knowledge. [music playing] Tales about Narada appear
in the Mahabharata, in the Ramayana, in the Puranas. Tradition has it that Narada
transcendent consciousness to gather his stories and give
teachings of great wisdom. DEEPAK SHIMKHADA: Narada
is called Narada Rishi. Rishis are like sages
in Western concept. So they have gained
this ability to be able to tap into the
knowledge, access that knowledge directly
from the cosmos. [music playing] Narada is interesting
specifically that he clearly had access to an essential
knowledge that is at the fabric of the divine cosmic order. [music playing] NARRATOR: This idea of an
otherworldly repository of cosmic information is
most commonly referred to today as the Akashic record. The term was coined in 1883
by author Alfred Percy Sinnett in his book,
“Esoteric Buddhism.” In it, he describes how
according to Eastern philosophy, universal
records physically exist in the ever
pervasive realm known as the Akasa, which
can be accessed by enlightened individuals. [music playing] DEEPAK SHIMKHADA: Akashic
is a Sanskrit word. It means the sky. So Akashic records can be
considered as cosmic knowledge. So it is belonging
to the cosmos. Everything is
written in the sky. It’s not belonging
to human beings. You simply cannot go and
bring it in a tangible form. It’s something that can be
accessed through your mind, through your brain
power, through your spiritual wavelength. [music playing] The Akashic feel it’s the
immeasurable potential of all that was, is, and will ever be.

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  • I wonder if Buddhists agree with all this?

  • Akasha (Sanskrit ākāśa आकाश): Word from Sanskrit meaning "Cosmic Universe"..Please highlight that also..The basic principle of Aakashic Records & Its origin can be traced to "Markandya Purana" of India dating back 10000 years…

  • Not nerata… Naratha… Please pronounce it correctly.

  • To Jeff Dont share ur problems with me, ur comebacks r even nutty

  • Lickliner lol

  • anything ancient astronaut theorists dont understand ~ ALIEN

  • In meditation, It’s accessing the entanglement of your atoms to all atoms in the cosmos. Your soul deciphers this information and translates it to your heart and mind. You are not your atoms, you are the energy that spins them and creates with them.

  • You gotta be stoned to fall for this

  • While we think the Akashic record is a grand wonderful treasure of wisdom don't forget it is the grand total summation of every thing and the greatest amount of it's bulk is absolutely horrendous, horrible beyond nightmares so we really don't want access to that. That is why the Dogon have Hogon at the portals to screen questions and deflect inquiries away from direct interrogation of the record which is a shiny black multi tentacle monster that when disturbed exposes concentric counterrotating circular rows of glowing white teeth, it has a bad disposition and doesn't like being disturbed… like Cthulhu … the deficit of good to bad karma in the record is so off balance you are the only one in the universe that can effect the karma of the Universe in any way, any advice from the record is negative so you are on your own, our karmatic survival is in your hands… good luck!

  • Where can I watch the full episodes of all the seasons?

  • But what does this have to do with aliens?

  • If YOU don't have access there is a reason for it…….The same as I sense that you "scientific" frauds are looking for that "missing element" that you have just not been able to find. What you want it for is not a good thing. That is why you don't have not been given access. Nor will you be allowed to use the sleep state that many are in to lead you to it. Remember the ALL KNOWS ALL.

  • This is mostly a hobby for these guys. Their main source of Income is professional Bigfoot hunting, or being the fifth dentist..

  • And it's on the history channel, here come the ? Marks

  • In Islam it is called Loh e Mahfooz.

  • Nice very nice……

  • Memory is everywhere and including the subtlest Space which is Akashic Record. Higher levels of Consciousness in Yoga and Meditation one experiences and taps into. Great thinkers like Panani and Ramanujam attributed their knowledge to this.

  • Intergalactic Google

  • akasha=cosmic universe

  • infact we as human being has a special ability that hide in ourself..everyone has their own super power inside their self..the matter is,how we get that power out and use it ..everyone created equal..what i can do, you cant do,,what you can do ,,i not able to do ..if able to do,,that must not greater than you because that is yours specialilty,i cant pro then you..

  • maybe our souls are like infinite data.

  • 2:01 say it 5 time fast :))

  • you are protected!!
    destination infinity

  • @00:48, wow, close to 7B using cloud. there are only 7.5B in the world, and only a little bit more than 50 percentages have internet access.

  • You can't handle the truth

  • I lost myself and knowing where this topic will goes at the word HOWEVER

  • Aliens live inside circuits… They told me.

  • Love this serial, history channel turned into amazing with this perfect job!

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  • Ununpentium (aka Moscovium), – was

    originally created by Russian scientists in 2004.

    With atomic numbers of
    113, 115, 117, and 118, the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry
    (IUPAC) announced the addition of these four elements to the periodic table,
    but one of them, Element 115 was already announced in 1989 when Bob Lazar, famous
    area 51 whistleblower revealed to the public that the UFOs possessed by the
    government were powered by a mysterious ‘Element 115.’ Of course, at that time,
    the claims made by Lazar were tagged as absurd as the scientific community had
    no knowledge of ‘Element 115’.

  • Prophet Muhammed got his knowledge from Allah.

  • Didnt Nikola Tesla talk about this too? Saying he could tap into this universal knowledge?

  • The "Odin Sphere"

  • I accessed this on a PCP trip.

  • 3:25 Nikola Tesla

  • The ancient asuras devas and nagas was aliens beings from another paralel universe, the akashic records was all them knowledge ,some people could have the power to can have acces of all this ancient universal knowledge bank, one from them was the indian Ramanujan and the other the Nikola tesla, the both persons have acces to all this universal knowledge bank,the reason because they can does that ,was the both was not usual humans , they would be some aliens hibryds, the both have said they can took mental with those alien entity, a lot of people have believed they was mads people , but they was sent here to help the mankind evolution ,sorry for my write greetings from dracula country !

  • Debility channel.

  • That might how kalidas get all the knowledge.

  • Vibrations and energy are all around you can’t see, but sound waves fly too and you can speak

  • We know how to explain the mystery called Big Bang, even this fact but the tip of icebergs fat

  • I am the Alpha with voice, my brothers are 2 and our pack size doubles like water in a pool – “Be water my friends”

  • Wow I didn't know the internet had a name
    Kinda weird callin it Akasha though

  • Beautiful and very educational i last saw on tv in Holland an episode about the hadron collider and the connection with a hindutemple (the inscriptures on the ceiling was identical to the hadron colider) i can not find this episode again, can u please put this on Youtube?. Namaste from Holland

  • You can receive it threw No Fapp !!

  • I have the feeling that Ancient Aliens and the Cannabis Legelization help each other.

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  • Wow people have such an issues understanding the cloud. The cloud is just a bunch of massive servers off site that can be accessed from a set point. There’s not data just floating over your head at all times.

  • Data not transfers…it was copying it in other….pixels……and other tec………….

  • Clouds are cloudy.

  • Astral only devine only access

  • The Akashic record is nature's internet.

  • Kuch vi behencho…!!!

  • Wow, thank you HIstory Channel for showing this

  • What if DMT, LSD, Psilocybin, Peyote, Ayahuasca etc are retricted/illegal or just outright frowned upon because they can help some tap in to this?

  • Kuch bhi bhosdiwalo 😂😂

  • Yes,I am one of this Planets Akashic Record Citizens,I believe it is called Cosmic Consciousness.

  • Akashic records.

  • We are all physic ! Example : I'm feeling the need to pee soon. Soon I'm peeing ! Manifestation in progress.

  • I love cocaine

  • Mushrooms will get you there

  • Madarchod!!

    Dusre mehnat kare to akashic record. तु kare to mehnat?

    Teri randi ma baithi thi record leke. Hawa me bhi lulla ghuma ke marta hu sambhal ke rahiyo.

  • It's narayana

  • The AKASA is The Bible…..thats all

  • How do we know it would not be possible for other species to send viral signals back to us and infect and take over global systems?

  • So the devil is making his own akashic records AKA the cloud

  • Akashic récords = Book of Life (western religions)

  • Wow it's interesting

  • Why isnt those enlightened individuals not able to solve global poverty, ISIS, Caste violence, communal violence, dowry killings, honor killings, totalitarian regimes like in China, DPRK etc using Akashic Records?

    … MOBI LIE
    … CELLU LIAR..,



    A.. ATOM

  • I. A. M..

  • Akasha Records is maybe the energy data that the pre birth essence spirit/soul gathers or contains, then uses or accesses in a given incarnation or dimensional existence. If we have trained our brain/body/field to receive , process and accurately distribute the energy data via code,language,Animation etc, then we are gathering energy and transforming it, maybe similar to how an organism or cell might use light, there is plenty of it, but it just uses as much as it needs for its processes. Same thing with Akasha. There's so much IN the akasha, How does a system gather, process and efficiently make use of the energy/data in the Akash? That is maybe the question that Ai might accurately present to us, Or God- like humans who have powers claim to gather knowledge from the Ether. Maybe it's natural? Maybe it's corruptable. Maybe it's already corrupted, Maybe this universe is so complex, so multi-dimensional, so dangerous and unusual, that maybe we might need Ai to run these processes. Maybe we need machinery to correctly reflect to us what's out there * what we already are doing, but It might not always be safe to open your E alone. You might let too much in, You might get flooded, You might overload and become crazy, delusional, un-grounded, unhealthy, You might get unwanted influences which can make people depressed, sick and suicidal. It DOES happen. People really Do go crazy trying to download things from the Akasha, Maybe especially in this time cus of 3G,4G,5G , world pressures, pollution and low quality living conditions etc. I think Akasha Dimension it's real, But One need be careful, because there are dangers involved, you NEED to stay away from people and info telling you to do it yourself. Remember. Priests, Rishieu and the Elite Ones are either training their whole existence for it, Or they are built for it and have been given the life line, knowledge, etc by special ancestry, lineage or direct relationship with the gods, who are maybe, Advanced beings from other dimensions or worlds, and that kind of path, that kind of life, is not Easy, It is not Safe. Never has it been never will it be. These galaxies has seen enough fallen heros. Maybe its our destiny to rise and fall, maybe well, it is all a Great cycle in essence.

  • 4 minute videos❓ What's going on ❓ More ads to sell. Disgusting ❗

  • Electromagnetic fields are dangerous to the human body. High levels of radiation from WiFi is a problem. accumulation over time is carcinogenic so is your cell phones..

  • The Akashic records are stored in the Orion Nebula.

  • Algo working good…

  • Why do all UFO style scientists look like nut case weirdo's.and they wonder why they don't get taken seriously

  • Intergalactic wifi.. soooo.. we're talking 7g lte?

  • you kill the name "Narada". You have to pronounce it properly please.

  • This ties into the simulation theory nicely. If our reality is a simulation then it’s data exits somewhere.

  • ????

  • The term "akasha" obviously does not originate from that white bearded guy. It's an ancient Sanskrit term, way before there were white people in America. That's the problem with white people, they tend to think that everything is invented by them… It's ridiculous.

  • Hare Krishna 😂 🛸🙏🧝‍♂️

  • T Lobsang Rampa talk about this its spiritual realm where your life is recorded aka known as the hall of memories !

  • Imagine if cloud computing is whats behind global wamring

  • Truly fascinating… Imagine the ancient sages who could access this


  • The Akashic Records … be weary of them. They serve the Astral Realm and the PR Agent Edgar Cayce existed to promote the White Light and it's soul recycle agenda.

    These beings who guard the records (which stole your memories and disrupt the intuitive field of everyone besides the high ranking handlers) pretend to be your angels and guides but facilitate False Light guidance that mixes truth with lies and maintains a level of drama and disrupted/bumpy life experiences.

  • Tesla created the cloud that these noobs take credit for.

  • The ancient aliens really believe ancient man was stupid and modern man is dumber. That they can not think of thier own ideals and have to have help from some alien database in the sky

  • I need to access this Akasa for get some adorable and beautiful girls everywhere.. and made me some source immortal life.. and created some intelligence machine that extraterrestial cannot do..hihi.. and have are nice day all..

  • Hey you please worship me

  • The CosmoNet

  • Not naradaa, all rishis had this kind ability…this is written all over scriptures…Vedas were written by such Rishis…such ability can still gained by humans by certain ways, Yoga being one of them.

  • Really? Where is the science?

  • Reality is the physical form of consciousness. The human body is a flesh and bone vehicle for the Spirit, an avatar for consciousness. We are all one in the same. Love always.

  • If I can access this I would be more than grateful without ego.

  • Check out Flat Earth….. Martin Kenny, Devin Madgy, Eric Dubay

  • Heaven, Valhalla, The Land of OZ, Fantasia, Never Neverland, Narnia, The Enchanted Forest. It's where We go when We sleep not just when We die. It's not good to be truant!

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