Ancient Aliens: Strange Events at Fuxian Lake (Season 11) | History

[music playing] NARRATOR: Fuxian Lake,
Yunnan province, China, 1992. Expert diver Geng Wei
descends into this remote lake and discovers a
surprising phenomenon– the bottom is littered
with hand-carved flagstones and other stone relics. The mysterious stones lie
scattered on the bottom of China’s
second-deepest freshwater lake, which covers an
area of 100 square miles with a depth of 509 feet. What he saw was
quite extraordinary– hand-dressed flagstones, roads,
buildings, and it’s as if he discovered an underwater city. The clearest evidence of
dwellings at the bottom of a lake. It was built when
there wasn’t a lake. And that would mean that
we’re talking about a time before the last ice age, which
would bring the story of Fuxian Lake way more into
the remote past than what we’re being told. DAVID CHILDRESS: Geng Wei made
over 35 days in Fuxian Lake, and they even took a
submarine down into this lake to find stairs, and more
of these flagstones, and walls beneath this lake. So you have to wonder– did some kind of advanced
civilization exist at one time beneath Fuxian Lake? NARRATOR: In 2001,
archaeologists from the Yunnan Provincial Museum used
advanced sonar scanners and cameras to conduct
the monumental task of surveying Fuxian Lake. The evidence collected
convinced Chinese archaeologists they had discovered structures
of an advanced civilization, including an arena-type
building and pyramids. This mysterious
sunken city covers more than one square mile,
but the questions remain– who built it? And why? The pyramid itself is
very unusual, and it is said that the pyramid is as old
as the Egyptian pyramids are, and maybe even higher
than some of them. It’s an incredible discovery. DAVID CHILDRESS:
Ancient Chinese records speak of a city in the area
of Fuxian Lake called Yuyuan. However, studies of the
underwater structures at Fuxian Lake show
that it’s actually much older than this Yuyuan city. Could this be the
remains of some ancient and advanced
society that was destroyed in the Great Flood? NARRATOR: Is it possible
that an extraterrestrial base is located deep underwater? Ancient astronaut
theorists say yes, and suggest USOs, or
unidentified submersible objects, have been
well-chronicled in ancient Chinese texts. NICK REDFERN: According
to “Cheng Jang Fu “Zhi, a book written during
the reign of Emperor Daoguang in the Qing
dynasty, a horse-like monster lived in the lake. The animal was described as
being white with red spots on its back. More intriguingly, it
was a creature that could actually take to the skies. This suggests it may have
been part-USO, part-UFO. That’s to say, an underwater
submersible object and also an unidentified flying object. NARRATOR: October 24, 1991. A local fisherman named Zhang
Yuxiang was fishing on fishing on Fuxian Lake during a
clear and tranquil day, when a dense fog suddenly rolled
across the vast body of water. In 1991, Zhang Yuxiang, a
fisherman, was at Fuxian Lake when he encountered a UFO. Now, this strange
craft actually emerged from the waters of the lake. He described it
as a shining disk. This UFO was so
close and so powerful that it actually
tossed the boat around. And then rapidly,
this craft just disappeared up into the sky. Lake Fuxian is
clearly an area where there have been many strange
events over the years.

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