Ancient Aliens: Story of Sirpur (Season 12, Episode 11) | History

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  • There are some stupid hindus here which link ancient Indian technology with Hinduism. lol, it is as stupid as linking modern technology of NASA and western world with Christianity.

  • So is the Hindu God "Krishna" was an Alien!!!??
    Sorry to Say this but As a Muslim (Even my best friend for 24 years is Hindu) i think Hindu Culture was the first advanced/civilized culture in this world even The Great Alexander lost the Battle in Hundu Kush and I couldn't find any exact story of where "Krishna" came from, i mean exact !!!! all i am hearing is might be, may be but no confirmation.
    If anybody can tell me on this regards it will be helpful for some knowledge.

  • All are contributions of Viswakarma people to this country.. !!the refence about aliens are great insult to our community..please stop propagating false news and we know what is your interest behind it.

  • The Indian gentleman is impressive.

  • Ayurveda is not the same as Vedic Architecture! 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • They been here bsfore us

  • So vedas are written by aliens

  • my fevrout tv show i love anciant aliance

  • ये जगह तो अपने छत्तीसगढ़ में है। मैं गया हूं यहाँ पर सेल्फ़ी लिया है मैंने but alian capture ni huaa😝

  • Ha I get it, so we Indians are aliens, who got stuck in the earth with no way to go back to out home planet. That explains why white wimmen are terrified of even talking to us, may be they see our extra-terrestrial powers and are overwhelmed by the energy. This show finally answered the Indian dating conundrum .

  • This "Show" is Hollywood BS. They give you elements of the truth, but then slowly crank up the lunacy until you reject the whole thing as a conspiracy. Go watch
    Brien Foerster for some proper information about really interesting things about Egypt and Peru.

  • I love this programe in Tamil language ♥♥

  • I don't understand why Our South Indian brothers don't give respect to Sanskrit and Hindi,
    Every ancient Hindu text was written in Sanskrit.
    There is not hinduism without Sanskrit.😥

  • then Jesus is alien too , cause his name is jishu brother of joseph (joshua) he is 3rd son of Hindu god .. learn bible American saying Hindu god alien means saying Jesus alien.. so dumb you all are actually its lack of education , learn fools..

  • worlds biggest idiots , all Americans

  • o shut up plz vedas were written by lord bhramma

  • can anybody tell me the name of the book mentioned in the video

  • Thanks historytv…

  • This is enough. If they are ever gonna say that the events in India are done by Aliens, Indian Government will take a severe action on this. We will start a petition!

  • Lol. I'm gonna stop following you History channel. You guys could have hired someone better.
    The old guy, is so fake and your scrip too. Ayurveda is branch related to medicine not architecture. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • I have seen them HISTORY TV good show

  • what is the name of the book

  • Arey ..History channel ..please stopping call us Ancient Aliens 😳…. if you doesn't know the truth keep can you say that Aliens bulid..

  • Work so hard in your life that your work will be considered the work of an Alien

  • why subtitles for Indian..cant u understand his English.

  • It's really or not….

  • Guys those who build these temples have gone out to other planets along with aliens to build different temples again just for time pass.
    Thats how our ancient people use to hangout with aliens, exploring the entire universe and confussing all the being from different planets.

  • reached that much level of advancement that these jackass people start comparing you to aliens..
    thts real SAVAGE ancients😂

  • Apna sirpur

  • @2:14 , why is the spelling "pherm-joining" than firm joining ? Plz do correct it .

  • That old man is an alien

  • If it was all built by aliens then why they built all myaterious temples in indian subcontient not whole part of world .its all about our indain ancestors who had vast knowledge still which our modern scientist doesnt know…scientifically our indian brains are less in size compared to rest of world we are something gifted mankinds in world

  • Simple fact is are brains won't as advanced as are brains now, but technology been stolen from the old books written by advanced people, or aliens, there's a episode that talks abut a book and shows all the construction and flying ships they had made. You will freak when you see it.

  • Dear history channel. If you can't find out how ancient temples were built then please don't relate it with aliens. Our ancestors had such a wide knowledge on engineering but we simply say that's the aliens way of getting it done. This shows that our generation have less ability to figure our things

  • Anything good that was not made by White is mythology / Alien.

  • Ohh bhudde uncle unko yeah knowledge kisi other planet wale se nahi mili thi yeah knowledge unhone khud ki research se ki thi

  • Huge blender…..

    (Hultholia,Xylia xylocarpa – stain caused by an insect's action in these plants known as shellac(kolarakku in malayalam)
    Kozhipparal(in malayalam word)

  • India was land of aliens and then Aryans, Mongols and British came.

  • You can see the stone and its hev Words te Words are ushsushsuhxhxghsbshsu

  • These monuments and temples are all the examples of the advanced technology of ancient India.. No aliens involved.. Only very bright Indian minds.

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