Ancient Aliens: Secrets of the Serpeant Mound (Season 9) | History

Pleasant Hill, Ohio 1848 the smithsonian institute surveys a 1,350 foot long three-foot high effigy mound built in the shape of a coiling serpent Like the lines and geoglyphs of Nazca This reptilian motif known as the Serpent Mound Can only be seen from high above the earth in the Native American legend we call in the plumed serpent Which is probably the same as a Coquette socorro down in the tribes in Mexico the the plumed serpent Theory is probably related to something that came from the sky It came from the extra-terrestrial territory Serpent Mound and other places of what the Indians used to call places of worship are Very important to study these things. There are certain things that are connected for the well-being of the planet Whether it be the magnetic system whether it be the ley lines whether it be observance points from other worlds that were existed here before according to historians and anthropologists An indigenous Native American culture called the fort ancient people built the mounds nearly 1,000 years ago But if so why? Serpent Mound is an extraordinary site. It is one of the most important sites in North America It’s almost as if somebody is trying to point out that for anybody passing from above He or she or it is about to approach a side of importance Why would a so called primitive people have constructed a massive earthwork? That like the geoglyphs and lines in Nazca went unnoticed and undetected By those on the ground for hundreds of years Perhaps a clue can be found in the fact that the Serpent Mound was constructed on the edge of a meteor crater That was formed approximately 300 million years ago Coincidence Was the mound’s proximity to a meteor site intended? To mark the presence of a very rare and precious element often found in meteors iridium iridium has great conductive abilities and one of the rarest elements we have and it tends to be Concentrated in unique areas for two reasons be there a meteorite crash at some point in the past or volcanic activity and lava floats Could the Serpent Mound be a marker where extraterrestrial? Beings mined iridium as an energy source as some ancient astronaut researchers believe and if so Might there be a connection between energy in the ground here and that found in the Nazca plain Perhaps more clues can be found by examining the mysterious crop circles discovered throughout the world Wiltshire England 1978 Here in this tranquil countryside 90 miles west of London strange crop circles begin to appear overnight in fields of wheat and corn Like the geoglyphs found at Nazca the designs are geometric shapes seen only from above there is a correlation between the ancient glyphs and the modern crop circles in that they’re both being Presented to the earth and what we would call star peoples using a higher technology Mainstream scientists have yet to acknowledge an extraterrestrial? connection to crop circles But ancient astronaut theorists remain convinced that there is more here than what Meets The Skeptical eye While some crop circles are undoubtedly the work of farmers and others trying to pull off a hoax Many cannot be explained so easily They appear to be made too quickly too perfectly Some magically appear within a few hours accompanied by strange lights in the sky Could there be a connection between these unusual shapes and the mysterious designs found at nazca? Somebody is trying to communicate with us And we are too stupid to understand the communication one morning. You have a simple Circle in a crop field now the human seeing okay circle It happens by the wind or by animals overnight or whatever. We all are too arrogant So we don’t try a communication Is there really a profound connection between the Nazca lines and crop? Circles as ancient astronaut theorists believe and might they contain messages That we have yet to decode if so, what are they trying to tell us? You

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