Ancient Aliens: Secrets of Teotihuacan (Season 12, Episode 7) | History

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  • 🔺🔺🔺

  • It was somebody with an AR drone! Taking pictures form hi above! And people had to make a big thing out of it! Lmfao!!😂😂😂😂☺

  • I’ve been there and it’s amazing. There’s a hole at the top of the pyramid that blows out air for some reason!?!?
    It’s a must see, visit place.

  • Seeing is not truthfully truth

  • The aliens hav big frizzy hair. For real.

  • At least some one is there who believe beyond God and busy human life that stop us from being more conscious and practical.

  • I'm Mexican

  • The great filter

  • History tv please confirm their time

  • came for the thumbnail. stayed for the meme

  • How does the pentagon itself say publicly that they dont know where ufos come from and people still laugh at this like its not a real thing. Jesus christ get perspective and step out of the bubble you live in. These exist.

  • History channel see what I’ve found in southern colorado!! Yesterday I found what looks to be the Great American Giza yes I said Giza contact me I found three pyramids and a fourth one off to the south of the valley these are real they’ve been being defaced by the government for over 100 years where the gold and treasures artifacts from the pyramids are who knows

  • While others saw only 2 UFO. I saw 4. After the second photo was shown. Two UFO still remains on my screen. Upon closer inspection. My screen is dirty. I wiped it off. UFO is gone

  • Time is made up by man. Years are made up by man. So this is true so how do we really know how old the universe is. We don't. We have no idea. Some guy 2000 years ago said let's make religion then we can get people's money, control them. And we got a hold mine. Seems to be working.

  • To understand the activity at the pyramid, you'd have to understand what the pyramids are all about. Architects can only guess!

  • Algún hablante de español, estando aquí para adelantarse los episodios!?

  • I am convinced these idiots will be the cause of America's downfall! No one can be THIS stupid!

  • who wants to go to tayo-tea-wuh-con and have a bonfire kegger?
    it's big enough to get a real party going.

  • I do believe all these ancient world wide pyramids have only one use ,this great civilization have built all these pyramids, for to does accelerate them space ship in the other space.If you look very careful in the almost all those world wide pyramids was founds a lot of( liquid mercury) ,which they would have used to does created one powerful electromagnetic catapulte for to does catapult them space ships in outer space .I thought it would be a very cheap metod ,to can escape for the strong earth gravity.The hitler scientists have discovered, all this infos in some old sankrits vedas ancient text ,which definitely wasn't some usual humans , there was found all the built specification from them flying Vimanas , it have used this liquid mercury too, or the built specification from them( brahmaastra) them nuke weapons them world destroyers .The ancient sankrits and the sumerians , definitely wasn't some usual humans ,they was much more advanced even more advanced than our today civilization.I have big respect for all the world scientists and for all this ancient aliens theorists , which all together try to open our minds ,to can see the truth, greetings,for all world wide ancient aliens fans, i hope the ancient theorist will find much more better evidence, and will share with all of us, sorry for my spelling ,greetings from Romania !

  • Fake photo

  • Awesome! I want to go there and feel. My grand dad was a Rocrussian I love this stff. In 76 I was a senior. I did many papers in high school on it to laughyer by students and teachers. Im 60 now still love it.

  • I think it is drone

  • The History channel may as well give Alex Jones a show too lol

  • It's edited idiot

  • with brown skin people it's aliens.with whites it lost technology.

  • nice edit

  • yeh duniya sirf ek chaalava hai….asal main humare aas pass kuch bhi nahi hai hum aaj bhi 0 hai or aage bhi Zero he rahenge…..bhagwan ki is shakti ko dekh kar Surprise ho jata hooon……kaise unhone is nakali univers ko create kiya…….yeah duniya sirf sir wale log ko he dikhti hai……

    jab human technology ke us level par chale jayenge jahan se hum har cheez ko smjh skte hai…us din bhot scientists or bhot logo ka dil toot jaye ga….kiyon ki kuch esa pata chale ga jo hume janana he nahi chaiyetha…..kahin saare log us baat ka pata karne ke liye apne jeevan tiyag denge…kahne ka tatpariya yah hai ki us din humans tham jayen ge…..or usi baat ko alg alg tarike se sochenege….itne saalo ki mahanat bekaar ho jaye gi….jahan se shuru kiya wahin a pahochenge…..

    …jab shree krishan arjun ko yudh main lotane mai asafal rahein tab unhone use kuch esa bataya ki arjun ke toh mano pero tale zameen khisak gayi ho
    …..unhone use bataya ki wo jis duniya ke logo ki parwah kar raha hai….wo sab asli nahin hai….yeah sab ek maya jaal hai jo brahma vishnu mahesh….ke duara banaya gaya hai
    …hum sab us dimaagi duniya ke pare sab ke baavjoot yeh duniya tum sabhi jeevo ke liye asli he hai…..chahe apko yeah baat bata chal jaye ki its all just a illusion of mind but even that it will never be let you out of reality….har cheez sirf dimaagi hogi…par insab ke baavjoot bhi apko yeh duniya nakli nahin lagne degi…..jab ap fan on karoge toh apko huwa aaye gi…jab tv dekho ge toh apka entertainment hoga jab piyaaz kato ge to ansoon aayenge….jab ap pani ke niche jao ge na toh apko sans nahi aaye gi…humara dimaag kabhi is reality ke bahar nahi aa paye…..agar koi esa karta hai…toh wo ek esi duniya main chala jaye ga…jis ki kalapna bhi entire univers ki most of most civilization bhi ni kar skti hai…..meditation yeh apko super human bana skti hai agar ap itne mahir ho jao ki apne mind ko puri ya 99.9 tak control kar skte ho…tab ap kuch esa kar skte ho jis par science ko vishvash he nahi hoga…..

  • That's both objects are Alian UFO 👽.. And They Are Traweling More Than Sunlite Speed

  • Wtf my birthday is may 4 😱😱😱 I liked my own comment so yeah thank u hehehaha

  • Y'all should somehow be open minded it aint impossible

  • American westerners and their Alien theories smh it was my indigenous people that built the pyramids not aliens. Aliens are demonic Fallen Angels.

  • It is rumored that my cat, General Eisenmeower, is the great
    God known as Pussypaws. He's come back to Earth to claim
    his rightful place as leader of all cats and other beings who
    are descended from the Star People. The Star People live in
    multi-dimensions and travel from these dimensions to Earth
    and back to sample our delicious mice, salmon and cream
    cheese. Alien Theorists believe that General Eisenmeower,
    otherwise known as Pussypaws, will some day reveal to us
    our true origins and where we fit into the many layers of
    universal existence. Until then, The Great God Pussypaws
    is lying on his favorite chair, waiting for an offering of cream

  • I love how none of them can say the name of the place haha

  • And we're supposed to take that dude's word that the second photograph was taken exactly 10 seconds from the previous?

  • Its birds…..

  • Stupid aliens came for free energy recharge 😝 earth don't do that anymore

  • Its drone 😂

  • Like this series? Check out another History Channel classic: Project Blue Book, premiering January 8th at 10/9c.

  • Two horse flies, mom and baby fly..

  • A balloon. Why do we think aliens have disc shaped ships? Ancient Aliens the series, that's why!

  • Um ….drones

  • Buy some drones

  • You know I have a friend that used to work for the government at a place kind of like Area 51 it had Air Force and anyhow he was telling me stories about all the different things that he and his crew quickly threw together and sent into the atmosphere as a balloon. I'm not telling you what they did but I will tell you that they had jet scattering leaving a network hunting down a UFO passing it a hundred times and not knowing why. So some of these things have been admitted and others are real. So long story short if your around an air-field and you see jets scattering back and forth above you somebody may have pulled a prank on you guys.

  • Teotihuacán nothing discovered extraterrestrial by the actual archeologist actually working the site. Seriously why does the history channel allow such nonsense.

  • Probably the worst and least convincing aspect of this episode. The full episode has some excellent information and rare footage of inaccessible parts of the complex, such as megalithic stones behind the Temple of the Feathered Serpent and mica covered chambers below ground.

  • We will find, we(humans, all 7.7 b of us) are the future. It’s just most have still to believe

  • The wolves believe, we have no choice but to see

  • Went their last summer, it's amazing and really surreal. There's something special about being in a place were people built pyramids hundreds of years ago.

  • I believe they've gone stealth mode after a few secs…

  • It’s a bug on the lens of the camera

  • Pyramids are just filling station UFOs

  • It's a bee near the camera lens.

  • love this show i feel like i can laugh a lot
    and just for the records UFO"s are unidentified flying object
    meaning we dont know what they are
    it could be a cat flying up there, could be a dog a plane or supercat
    we dont hints why we call it a ufo
    if every ufo we seen was an alien
    we would not have any work at least labor work on earth (haha)
    a lot happens in our sky all the time the facts are we dont know what is so we always say its an alien when in fact aliens have not been proved at least not to the public (all proof ive ever seen is questionable and ive seen a lot about aliens been studying my whole life )
    just saying

  • I've seen star-like objects in the sky move at rapid pace and then disappear I am truly convinced that all this hoopla about conspiracies is b***** they are out there turning this world around

  • Most of these peoples in the comments are living in a bubble they cannot distinguish fact from fiction they are the dumb ones of this Earth like the neighborhood idiot that's what you guys sound like if you don't believe

  • why they tease you with just a piece of the video

  • Do you want me to fix it?

  • With the current technology why don’t someone just point a 24hrs surveillance cam at monitor Edfu?

  • I went Mexico October 2018 for a funeral. saw 3 ufos zooming through the pitch black sky together

  • Drones? The drones at Disney move really fast.

  • Ancient Photoshop 😧😧😧

  • Can You say….2 Drones ? … omg…You mean Drones can be considered UFO's, if no one identifies them, as being Drone's ?

  • i like what they are smoking

  • Did u ever think that if u were traveling as fast as a UFO and wanted to travel from planet to planet u would need a landmark or place to start your travel in a straight line. Could be y all these pyramids and ancient sights line up with the stars. Just a thought.

  • £>=%*/+₩£}ฯθΩ||©}´

  • It's something underneath all those buildings

  • May b it popped

  • It don’t focking matter it’s all evil aliens are type of demons there are different types of demons & are all evil but some are not .the ones that are not evil leave humans alone to get on with their worship to true god & ones that are evil try to get close to humans to stop them from worshipping real god & instead make us worship idols n sun n moon u fools

  • Havent they heard of photo shop HAHAHAHAHAHA u cant take these guys seriously.

  • Just drones that's all. Of course I wasn't there so I just can't dismiss it outright. Just saying though. Why would they appear and than just disappear like that and not even say hi.

  • There is no point… even if something incredible was found, they would sneak out there, rush rush, nobody would never know!!

  • They were drones you dummy
    From a tourist

  • It is valid to bills channel real or fake

  • they will coming soon… at the Right time.. their technology can't reach by humans technology.

  • There are so many things that I don't understand and one of them is is many things that you guys guess you don't know either and you get paid money for guessing I want your job I guess maybe maybe going to 10 seconds and it was gone look at an airplane in the sky count 10 seconds it'll be gone in five you're idiots that get paid to scare people

  • They are drones. 👍😁

  • How crazy would it be if, they kept digging and came across a Alien egg?? Straight out of the movie Alien and everyone got face raped! Next thing you know we have a gosh darn, Alien giant cockroach infestation because no one can read the writings on the walls!! Stupid humans!! 😜😃😂😂😂

  • I am an ancient alien and you all have been smoking too much marihuana or some kind of illegal drugs.

  • Omg .. there real !!!!
    REAL FAKE!!!

  • If that was a shutter shot i am sure those disk still hovering

  • its not aliens! they are time traveler!! we are in the 21st century
    they are from the 50th century.. its not a big deal!! they are monitoring are natural resources!! meaning stopping us from killing the planet!! It began on January 1, 4901 and ended on December 31, 5000.

  • they are using pyramids for refueling, we use pyramids for just walking around and looking

  • 0:50 this guy's hair is more mysterious than the pyramids

  • What if humans left the world because they found a better one with other beings on it.

  • these are recharge centre for ufo, if you dig deep in Tesla's endless energy concept , about 10cm³ of space yes just space had about the energy to boil the oceans.

  • Fock the aliens n their aircrafts .they were created by god not aliens creating humans.everything u see is created by god

  • Sucks these videos are short

  • Pyramids are there source of energy

  • Ill tell u if someone stays there overnight theyll get abducted

  • It could be a fly(insect)

  • Why is this on "History"? This is all speculation and inference based on scant information…

  • Just an alien tour guide showing their tourists what was built when they enslaved humankind and ruled earth

  • Ever hear of a drone

  • The saf part is spaniards raided and looted most of what originally found. Whats left is the scraps of a civilization. As christian as the spaniards professed to be, they either killed by action or by disease most of what is now Mexico. The main cultures being Inca, Maya, Olmec, Aztec, Moche. But there are so many sub-tribes of those cultures just extinct now and not much of their culture left to discover

  • Makes you wounder if someone had said around the 60s we will have connection to the world with cordless phones and laptops most would think you neaded help. Looking back now that makes most people stupid. Like all you shut minded people

  • Those things are not disc shaped

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