Ancient Aliens: Secret Crop Circle Messages (Season 10) | History

NARRATOR: In 2004,
a mysterious rock was found near the Roswell crash
site bearing the same image as a crop circle that was
discovered in Chiseldon, England, on August 2, 1996. On the Roswell rock,
you have an almost identical symbol in England. To me, it’s very
fascinating, because it essentially shows
that they’re trying to somehow communicate with us. So the idea is that perhaps
some of these crop circles indeed are messages
from elsewhere, and elsewhere, in
my opinion, means of extraterrestrial origin. NARRATOR: Could it
be that some crop formations serve as a medium for
extraterrestrial communication? Many crop circle researchers
say, yes, and suggest further evidence of this
can be found by examining the advanced
astronomical, scientific, and mathematical equations
contained within them. One formation had
everyone baffled, and people were saying,
well, what is this? Then, a mathematician
had to look at it, and said, wait a minute,
that’s a representation of pi, and it’s correct down
to 10 decimal places. It’s a representation of
pi in a geometric sense. It’s kind of interesting,
because the way you get pi out of it is the lengths of the
different arcs in each segment. And what happens is there’s
these little notches in the spiral that let you know
you’re at the end of an arc. So you actually have
to measure the arc lengths as you go
around, and their lengths give you the digits of pi. And there’s a little circle
to give you the decimal point. So it’s a really
interesting example of using geometry as a
code for representing digits and numbers. NICK POPE: It just shows
the level of knowledge, mathematical knowledge,
geometric skill that goes into making these things. Many of the most
famous crop circles actually derive from
fractal patterns– the Mandelbrot
set, the Julia set. To make things you have
to have knowledge of math. Mathematics is, of course,
the universal language. If we ever encounter aliens,
they’re not going to speak English or French or German. We’ll speak and we’ll
communicate via mathematics. Could crop circles,
as some believe, be an attempt from an
alien civilization to reach out and communicate with us? DAVID WILCOCK: There’s
a consistent amount of sacred geometry– tetrahedrons, cubes,
octahedrons, and even more complex geometric patterns. Many of our best
and top scientists are now saying that
this geometry is the secret keys to
the higher dimensions, and it’s right
there in the crops. As if they’re giving us
a trail of breadcrumbs, showing us how to get to
the next level as a planet.

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