Ancient Aliens: SCIENCE VS. RELIGION (Season 8) | History

NARRATOR: Every religion seeks
to answer the same question. Where did we come from? Philosophers, sages, and priests
have pondered our origins since the dawn of
humanity, while science has looked for
evidence that might one day give us the answer. Both religion and science
approach the idea of where we come from with a set of rules. Science has the
scientific method. Religion comes at
the same question with its own set of
rules, a presupposition that a god or gods exist. Religion gives us a
certain view of reality. Science gives us a
different view of reality, and yes, there are
points at which these two worldviews are compatible. Science and religion
at their best moments are searching for
truth, as is philosophy, especially at moments like
the moment of the Big Bang, the moment of
creation, the genesis. These streams of
thought converge. In effect, science and
religion and philosophy are all searching
for the same thing. It reminds me of
Einstein’s question, what were God’s thoughts when
he was making the universe? NARRATOR: If science and
religion are both searching for answers to the
same questions, then why do we so often
consider them at odds? Is it necessary that
one negates the other? Science speaks nothing
whatsoever about the existence of God, and because
of that, there’s still an opening for God, right? There’s still a possibility
that God stands behind all this, that God is responsible
for the Big Bang. JONATHAN YOUNG: In
the ancient world, the philosophers
were the scientists. There was no clear distinction
between hard research and theological speculations. All serious thinkers
were trying to figure out the nature of reality. Now, we consider these
to be separate pursuits. ARIEL BAR TZADOK:
If we truly want to bridge the gap between
religion and science, we must recognize that
religion needs to become more scientific, and science would
benefit by becoming a wee bit more religious, not
in the mythological sense, but by looking back to the
religious [INAUDIBLE] the myth and say if there’s
any legitimacy, reality to this, what is it? Let’s explore it. Let’s discover. Let’s find out
what the truth is.

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  • 'Ancient Aliens' is not science, its a religion. Science has backed up all Bible statements so far( for instance, air having weight and much more). Not so with "Ancient Aliens" unless you are referring to the Fallen Ones that have interbread with humans ( and continue to mess with Abductions ). That is fact and you can find scientific evidence in DNA. Just look.

  • Can't wait lol

  • Is there only 1 God?That is the religion that is pushed, but why is there more than 1 religion? How do we not know there are many Universes with many Gods?

  • When will humans be happy with there lives now and not feel the need to worship something that may or may not exist and then only achieve happiness if the worship something no one has ever seen before just correct enough to make it to some world that may or may not exist after this life? Why cant people just be happy with now

  • I am so happy after watching this new video and request you for uploading videos fastly

  • One day science and religion, (Christianity), will come to terms with one a other and work together to see that they are both right. That one can be used to explain the other. What a beautiful day that will be~

  • mature spiritually!!!

  • This is my most favorite show ever i can do anything to watch it

  • The Police said it best-“We Are Spirits In The Material World”. Why? To Improve

  • more garbage and misleading information……we know exactly what GOD is………

  • New Video:

    Ancient Astronaut Theorists say YES Lmao

  • The truth lies within one's self

  • High level science, astronomy, mathematics, and philosophy is part of religion.

  • 👽👍🏽

  • If you wanna search the scientific answer you will get this answer scientifically follow Hinduism Scriptures and read bhagvad geeta

  • Science is a religion. It is the belief that observations have meaning and purpose.

  • WE have the facts 𒅔 Innana Queen of Heaven symbols written everywhere, and the reason they are always seen in a Triangle. I have met Her when She visited me in Juneau Alaska. Fact not fiction or conjecture. She is your Mother Mary, mother of Jesus Christ, Wife of King ANU.

    They are revealing themselves in the clouds as promised. ANU wrote the Quran to dispel all lies and corruption of the Torah and the Gospel. They took Enoch home in a spaceship. I pray to be next.

  • I don't care how we got here And after I'm dead I don't care what happens to the planet

  • Science does suggest that our existence is the result of an intelligent hand at work.


    -me 2019

  • 0:06 where did we come from where did we go where did we come from kye eyed joe

  • Some actual scientists have decided there IS A CREATOR by the evidence they have uncovered. I did not say they all became Christians. I said, they determined by their extensive research that the evidence of this planet, and all it contains, was Created in a very intentional manner. You can find all this info if you just look for it. It's up to you to find the truth. Just look in all the places they don't want you to look, for starters..

  • Not every religion is still seeking an explanation.

  • Read Qur'an its enough..

  • One should have there PhD revoked for being on Ancient Aliens.

  • God had to be outside of time space and matter to create time space and matter and we will never be able to understand God fully.

  • Science and Religion are not compatible and seek very different things. Science is a tool used to explain things like the natural world and, religion is purely based on a fabricated belief until proven otherwise. Science can't prove the existence of a god because that's something exclusive to the human imagination. What religion does is assume there is and always has been an answer to our existence and purpose, Science do the hard work and actually find out what's really going on and eradicate our lack of understanding, unintentionally causing the concept of god to become smaller.

    Pardon if i sound insensitive, but based on my observations, you have two spectrums, People who want to understand how it all works, and then the people who aren't really interested in what's really going on and details don't really matter. This stuff is complicated! Suppose aliens are real, and they have anything to do with the contribution of life on this planet, That would destroy the Abrahamic god. On the other hand, if we discover lower alien life forms, that would also change everything about what it says in the religious texts. I'm curious to know will humans accept this new information, or will it be treated like any other scientific discovery.

  • As I have always believed. Religion has been created for the sole purpose of control. I honestly think it's for the type of people in this world who are scared to face reality. It gives people peace of mind believing that they are going to go somewhere after death. It is what takes their fear away. I mean if religion helps you get through hard times then keep on doing your thing, however, only one side has time and time again been able to show visable and physical proof.

  • Religion has phucked this planet its up to science to help fix it 😍 Sending love to the world even the evil ones peace love and justice to all .

  • Those of us who are Quantum Affected . Also known as the Mandela Affected . Are aware of our – (DNA)- being dramatically changed , altered , adapted or orchestrated . As the Earth is being re-sized in it's changes . The past is moving up fast now and the ancient worlds pyramids are now in multiple phases as they all line up and point towards Orion . My Earth had (1) . Large . (1) . Medium .(1) .Small. Pyramids. NO side terrace type entrance. Also (3). In comparison all very small pyramids. " Pharaoh " Also was adorned with just One (1) . Cobra snake , no adjoining vulture ! The Yucatan peninsula was bigger and set just under my State of Texas , also bigger . This Earth is in dynamic fluctuations with shrewd and deft terraforming changes brought on by folding space and time . On Giza multiple formations of pyramids will line up with their staggered counterparts. The Straight of Gibraltar is closing and as of October 2019 only 15.NM. wide . My old reality Gibraltar was the " Straights " of Gibraltar with the Rock in the gap about 45 est . NM.wide . – Antartica ancient civilization is rapidly growing and coming into this space with a dramatically changed continent. Water levels below crust immense. ETA – Ancient Antartica civilization could be here in as early as 2020 !?!? – Sincerly. QUANTUM JUMPER ..Outeredge 80,000 light years from GALACTIC Center. Arm unknown others say Sagittarius ?? End Communication.

  • "Yes there are points where these 2 world views are compatible" ummmmmm no none that I know of. Science and religion are very incompatible in every aspect.

  • What a tease. I was expecting the whole episode. I feel ripped off

    ………………BOOOOOOOOO…………… .

  • Gods ain't real. They're just aliens or time travelers.

  • Aaaand the bots are coming to the comment section

  • We are the Motherless Extraterrestrial
    On earth…!!

  • Quran is Full Of science

  • Science has its own form of religion

  • Not "VERSUS" BUT "AND"
    In religion state the base
    And science give explanation
    Try not separate this two and combine it
    That the answer

  • And religion wins

  • Religion has actually convinced people that there's an invisible man living in the sky who watches everything you do, every minute of every day. And the invisible man has a special list of ten things he does not want you to do. And if you do any of these ten things, he has a special place, full of fire and smoke and burning and torture and anguish, where he will send you to live and suffer and burn and choke and scream and cry forever and ever 'til the end of time!

    But He loves you. He loves you, and He needs money! He always needs money! He's all-powerful, all-perfect, all-knowing, and all-wise, somehow just can't handle money!
    Religion takes in billions of dollar, they pay no taxes, and they always need a little more!

  • Ancient astronaut theorists say “yes”

  • For one thing we are alive anouther is we will never know who or how or why but we can only except it just is,.! to live and thrive only we serve this lie to serve and die the riddle we call life

  • Hinduism is better than others on science

  • Atheism isn't science. It's about ignorance, logic-deficiency and stupidity.

  • Big Bang Theory says a dark dense point violently exploded
    Then came
    1. Matter
    2. Energy
    3. Space
    4. Time

    Shav(dead body, matters ) + Energy ( Shakti, soul) = "Shiva"

    Shiva Another name is
    Kaal represents 2 things
    1. Time
    2. Black space

    That's why
    We see a dark black shivling
    We see a dark black Vishnu
    Bcoz Space is dark black

    Big Bang Theory further says
    The dense point was highly charged with
    1. Proton +ve
    2. Neutron= Neutral
    3. Electron -ve

    Hindus says the same
    When a Shivling busted
    Entire universe came into being
    Shivling represent the power of Trinity gods
    1. Brahma the creator +ve
    2. Vishnu the preserver = neutral
    3. Mahesh the destroyer -ve

    Shivling is an ellipsoide shaped surrounded by a ring
    It's the source of everything we see today
    That's why we put shivling near water bodies and pour water on it to cool it's energies down and get benefited from those energies

    Everything came from nothingness Nothingness is "0" zero
    0 is in the shape of Dark point in the Hindu scripture

    When an egg(0) busts, chicken comes out
    When Zero(0) busts, infinity(number) comes out
    When Shivling(0) busts, another infinity(universe) comes out

    Not only Big Bang Theory
    But Darwin theory is also inspired by Hinduism

    Darwin theory says
    "Life started inside the water "

    1st Avatar of God Vishnu( the preserver of Earth) is a Fish 🐠 (Matsya avatar)
    2nd Avatar was Kurm (Turtle 🐢 )
    Where he came on land

    Science says Energy(Param atma, God) is everywhere
    It can neither be created nor destroyed only translated(reincarnated) into another form

    Science says
    "Every action has equal and opposite reaction"
    Hindus says it "Karma"

    Today Robots can chant bible Kuran Torah at one go but
    No Robot can meditate God
    "Human should do what we are best at "
    That is Yoga and meditation
    Yog is + of 2 things
    1. Atma(Soul)
    2. Param atma (supreme soul, God)

  • Hindu sages conquered everything
    Conciousness is the cause of all cause

    Even the big bang theory is inspired from Hinduism

    shivling is the source of everything we see today…
    It contains trinity energy…

    Shivling is an ellipsoide(egg) shaped and
    It contains the power(energy) of
    Trinity Gods
    1.Brahma the creator +ve
    2.Vishnu the preserver = Neutral
    3.Shiva the destroyer -ve
    Who created the Universe

    -egg(0) busts , Chicken comes out
    -Zero(0) busts, infinity (numbers) comes out
    And when Shivling(0) busts, another infinity(Universe) comes out

    Modern Science also say the same
    In Big Bang Theory an egg busted
    With Trinity Energy
    Proton +ve
    Neutron = neutral
    Electron -ve
    And the universe came into being

    And all the Scientists
    Nicole Tesla
    Werner Heisenberg
    Erwin Schrodinger
    who gave Quantum mechanics gave credit to Hindu scriptures like Upnishads Vedaant…

    Darwin theory says human started off being a 🐠
    And if you see the 1st avatar of lord Vishnu (the preserver of 🌍) is also a 🐠 (matsya avatar)

    Zero (0) also came from Hinduism "everything came from nothingness "
    [Whole world uses Indian number system Today ]
    0 is Shiv(formless)
    1 is Shankar (formed)

    Tu hi sunnai(0) hai
    Tu hi Ekka(1) hai
    Jiske Bhitar Bassa Shiva hai

    Between 0 & 1
    Between shiv & shankar
    There is infinity
    The one who holds the entire infinity(universe) within himself is Shiva
    In his childhood Lord Krishna show entire universe to mother yeshodha in his mouth
    3 functions of Brahman(universe )

    0 1 are Binary codes that run computers
    Without Shiv
    All are Shav
    All are dead

  • Science is of the devil science did not create the Christ of Heaven , all things were Created Through Him and for Him nothing was created without Him that was created.

  • Knowledge itself comes from God. God created this material world, space and time scientifically.

  • Science and history actually confirm the Bible, but not necessarily religion. If there were aliens u feel it disproves religion? Maybe, but again, not the Bible. There are actually aliens or et's, and they are known as spirits. There is God himself, his son Jesus Christ, aka Michael the Archangel, the angels in Heaven, Satan and his demons running around the Earth ruling and misleading as many as possible before his destruction comes 🏃⌚😁

  • Some actual history would do you good one of these days, History Channel…

    Ancient astronaut """"theory"""" is nothing but pseudoscientific and pseudohistorical garbage.

  • Religion didn't seek for truth, it tell you a story and forced you to accept it as the truth, if you don't believe it, you're an infidel and can be killed or tortured.

  • History you are on the right track now…keep it going one day you will find the truth..

  • More seasons in Netflix please

  • Ok, I write a novel.
    There are many civilizations in space. The most advanced civilization manages all civilizations.

    Only allowed civilizations can enter the space.

    Bad civilizations are will destroyed before entering space.

    Destruction proceeds quickly and completely.

    In this case, it is only natural that they exist on all planets.

    And than humans think more the space was kept for a long long time.

    Advanced civilization can be a religion. Even their simple communication equipment is possible.

    What should humans do?

    Watching 'Another Life'🤣

  • I’d like to speak forward and speak out my opinion on this and pursue discovering evidence as a professional

  • Jesus is the only truth

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