Ancient Aliens: Pyramid Power Plants (Season 12) | Exclusive | History

Ever since scientists
have been studying the Great Pyramids there
at Giza, there’s been speculation that they may have been
energy generators, some kind of power plants. And, of course,
the mainstream Egyptologists are saying, “Oh, these are just
simple tombs for pharaohs.” CHRIS DUNN:
But the Great Pyramid has the precision of a machine. And, so, when you consider it
as a machine, you see that there are
certain functions that each part
of the pyramid performs. The subterranean chamber
is evidence itself. And it has been demonstrated by an engineer
by the name of John Cadman, who created a model
of the subterranean chamber. And by feeding water in it, the chamber itself
seems to cause some very unusual reactions
in the pyramid. JOHN CADMAN:
The water would rush
down the shaft of the Great Pyramid down
to the subterranean chamber, which was about 330 feet. And it would bypass a valve, and then the valve
would slam shut. And it would cause a shockwave to be sent up
the Great Pyramid itself. And then it would shoot
towards the ceiling that was directly below
the King’s Chamber. It’s a freestanding
granite tombed room, and it would cause that
to resonate at a specific frequency. DUNN:
The granite is the same material that you would use
in a microphone or a telephone. It vibrates through
the introduction of sound, and it emits electrons. Well, you take that phenomenon, and you control it
inside the Great Pyramid. Then you have a machine
that can vibrate that granite as much as an earthquake would
vibrate granite in the earth and create
electromagnetic energy. CHILDRESS:
Christopher Dunn’s theories indicate that the Great Pyramid
was sending a microwave signal to a satellite. And, in fact,
studies of his working devices have shown
that this probably would work. We could have been
sending messages into space. It’s very similar
to the SETI program that’s sending out messages
right now, trying to attract
the extraterrestrials to contact us. Christopher Dunn’s theory will change forever
the way we look at the ancient Egyptians,
their civilization and where they came from and where they got
their knowledge and technology. CAPTIONING PROVIDED BY

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