Ancient Aliens: Pyramid Power Plants (Season 12, Episode 7) | History

Teotihuacan– along
the Avenue of the Dead, multiple structures
show evidence of a catastrophic
fire that consumed portions of the temple complex. The damage has been attributed
to an uprising at the end of the sixth century, just
before the population entirely vanished without a trace. This structure in
particular, in spite of the many modern restorations– NARRATOR: According to
archaeologist Leopoldo Batras, who surveyed this site
in the late 19th century, the damage seemed too
extensive to be attributed to simple torch flames
leading researchers to explore alternative explanations NARRATOR: Could the curious
finds of mica and mercury at the site help corroborate the
theory that the burn marks we see along the Avenue of
the Dead are from some sort of mechanical explosion? Ancient astronaut
theorists say yes, and they suggest that like
the Great Pyramid at Giza and other sites
throughout the globe, the structures at
Teotihuacan may have once served as an
electromagnetic power plant. Researchers proposed
that the pyramids constructed around the world
are, in fact, power plants. This is based on
our new knowledge that they in fact
are designed to tap the resonant power of the
Earth, and then to distribute it around the world. Teotihuacan matches
precisely this model. It’s built over caverns. It had liquid mercury and mica
incorporated into its design. And we know that the Gods
came and left from this place. So when we put all
the pieces together, we’re looking at Teotihuacan
as yet another example of the power plants of the gods. If it was a technological
system that was generating a lot of energy at
some point, there could have been a malfunction in it. But there was energy. The mica found at the site
was supposed to shield it. And mercury was also
found at the site seems to have been used. Perhaps we had some
kind of accident there at some point in time. NARRATOR: If Teotihuacan
served as an ancient power plant, generating
electromagnetic energy, just what role did the
liquid mercury, recently discovered at the
site, play in such a scenario? There’s stories of mercury
being used in spacecrafts. And some of the
ancient Indian epics talk about mercury as
part of the vimanas and the mechanics
of these craft. So here we have the idea
that this mercury, that’s being found at
archaeological sites, is really part of the
propulsion of some of the craft that the extraterrestrials
we’re using here on Earth.

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