Ancient Aliens: Nazis in the Arctic (Season 11, Episode 1) | History

NARRATOR: Hamburg,
Germany, December, 1938. Four years into Adolf
Hitler’s reign as fuhrer, he is beginning to establish
his total dictatorship by taking direct control
of the German military. [speaking german] [cheering] But on the brink
of World War II, Hitler is also involved
in much stranger endeavors that are hidden to the public. He is committing every
remaining resource to searching for ancient
relics that he believes could hold incredible powers. On December 17th,
the German freighter MS Schwabenland sets out on one
of these top secret missions. Its 33-member team is rumored
to include scientists, military experts, construction
crews, and key members of the Thule Society,
an elite group associated with the
Nazis that focused on mysticism and the occult. 32 days later, they arrive
at their destination– Antarctica. The Nazis themselves
were fascinated by ancient civilizations
and legends of vanished super races. They were searching for
this lost Arctic home that they thought that
the Aryans had come from. They were looking
all over the world, and that included Antarctica. The Thule Society
actually believed that there were
mystics or channels who were able to communicate with
these beings who claim to be either extraterrestrial
in origin or claim to belong to this
civilization that lived in the Earth’s interior. And they gave a
lot of information about the building of
advanced aerospace vehicles, flying saucers. And I think this is where
Hitler’s Nazi Party got a lot of its information
about Antarctica, and that in Antarctica, there
is this ancient civilization or bases where they
could find a lot of these advanced technologies. NARRATOR: During their
time in Antarctica, the Nazis were believed
to have mapped huge swaths of the icy landscape by air. Ancient astronaut
theorists believe they also established an elaborate
underground headquarters known as Base 211. Hitler and the Nazis were
particularly interested in Antarctica. I think they really believed
that there were things going on deep under the ice. And there have
always been rumors that the Nazis, with
their submarines, have underwater caverns, small
cities, that they escaped there after World War II. When the Germans
got to Antarctica, what they found
were massive cities that were highly technological. And these buildings were
not just on the surface. They went deep down underground. So they began relocating a
massive amount of equipment and personnel to
Antarctica, re-pressurizing these ancient facilities
and reoccupying them. NARRATOR: In 1946, one year
after the end of World War II, the US government
launched its own large scale mission to Antarctica. Operation High Jump deployed
4,700 troops, 13 ships, an aircraft carrier, and
a number of sea planes to Antarctica. Although the government
denied it at the time, it would later become known
that one of the operation’s primary objectives was,
quote, extending United States sovereignty over the
largest practicable area of the Antarctic continent.

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