Ancient Aliens: Most Famous UFO Sighting in England (Season 12) | History

NARRATOR: Rendlesham Forest,
Suffolk County, England. 200 miles east of Rudloe Manor
lie 6 square miles of woodlands that has become notorious as
the site of Great Britain’s most incredible UFO encounter. On December 26, 1980, near an
airbase leased to the United States Air Force by
the RAF, strange lights are reported on the horizon
in what appears to be a possible downed aircraft. Two US servicemen are
dispatched to the site. According to accounts, radios
failed as they approached the targeted area, and the
air itself felt electrically charged as they closed in. Strange lights
were seen about 300 to 400 meters away from an area
that was called the East Gate. And the patrolling
officers of the East Gate saw the lights above the
forest, and they thought, potentially, it was
a downed aircraft, or an aircraft in distress. So the two of them,
Sergeant Penniston and Airman John Burroughs
went further into the forest. NARRATOR: Once at the
so-called crash site, the men observed a strange
triangular craft on the ground, approximately 3 meters
wide at its base. It appeared to be either
hovering or on legs, and it had clearly come down
into this small clearing and smashed some of the
branches off the tree. So there was physical evidence,
which was looked at afterwards. And so the men looked
at this strange object. I noticed that there
was an inscription on the side of the aircraft. I was expecting to find– I don’t know, USAF,
something like that. And what I find is glyphs– pictorial glyphs,
making no sense at all. And then I was running my hand
over the side of the craft. It was very warm to touch. At this time, we were getting
a feeling of electricity that was just bouncing. It was much, much stronger. There was this feeling
of being drawn into it, or being pulled into it. Like someone was holding
a picture of zeros and ones in my mind’s eye. NARRATOR: The strange visions
Sergeant Penniston had upon touching the craft has
made this one of Britain’s most famous UFO encounters.

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