Ancient Aliens: Machu Picchu’s Hidden Chamber (Season 12) | Exclusive | History

For years,
we thought of Machu Picchu as some sort
of sacred pilgrimage city. But the more we look at it,
and the more we understand the way Inca society functioned,
we now see it as one of the many exterior palaces from Cuzco for an Inca king. Every Inca king, starting with
Pachacutec and going onward, created many
of these personal residences outside of the capital of Cuzco, built somewhere in the late
A French engineer by the name of David Crespy
was visiting Machu Picchu, and he visited
the Temple of the Three Windows. And whilst he was there,
he was studying a wall. He began to see within this
the outline of a doorway. One that had previously
been unrecorded. And another engineer by the name
of Thierry Jamin came in, and he confirmed exactly
what had been discovered. And electromagnetic surveys
showed that behind this doorway
was indeed a room. But not just one room. Possibly several rooms
and a staircase. JAMIN (translated):
Then we detected, with other machines,
the makings of a cavity. The most interesting thing
is that this cavity was of human size,
as if it was a human grave. We used various techniques, such as
a molecular frequency detector, and we confirmed the presence
of important deposits of non-ferrous metals
in the subsoil, or rather gold or silver. And all of it makes us think that this is related to some
kind of funerary context. The most probable hypothesis is
that we are right at the site of the mausoleum of Pachacutec. BARHNART:
Pachacutec was the ninth king
of the Inca empire. In the days leading up to the
great battle against the Chanka, Pachacutec goes just south
of the city to a lake. Out of the sky
drops this mirror. And he see an image of
Viracocha, the creator deity. He gets this divine inspiration
from this mirror that he’s going
to defeat the Chanka. And mythology says that part of Pachacutec’s success
in his reign was that he constantly
had this mirror, and he was consulting it, and he could see the future
in it and see what to do. WILLIAM HENRY:
Emperor Pachacutec was believed to have had a special bond with the god Viracocha,
this extraterrestrial being. If we’re talking
about recovering his tomb and his artifacts, then we’re talking about
ultimately being able to recover the power that Pachacutec possessed. CAPTIONING PROVIDED BY

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