Ancient Aliens: Indonesia’s Lost Pyramids (Season 9) | History

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  • Yes it was Tamil civilization..

  • I can make huge pyramid.
    Indonesian: Hold my jamu.

  • Ancient alien theorists said yes

  • Why Gunung Padang said related to extraterrestrial visitors ? I suggest that you should try Nasi Padang πŸ˜„

  • So that's mean I'm alien?

  • santuy

  • Well maybe if you learn more about Lemurian or Atlantic nations because these 2 nations advanced in their time, and are associated with the many tribes and languages ​​in Indonesia, it could be that in Indonesia the center of advanced civilization in its time attracted various tribes to arrive, the oldest pyramid in the world, if it really will change history, because the great civilization began here, research on Mount Padang is also slow, even according to archaeologists of ancient human fossils in Indonesia along the Bengawan river solo fossils found to be somewhat old, if straightened in one thread straight maybe this relic puzzle might have a little answer, why not air it like the Pyramid in Egypt or Mexico or other megalithic discoveries, yes obviously the lessons of world history will have an impact, .there is one more that makes all destroyed, Mount Krakatau, Mount Toba, you imagine . thanks

  • TF is gohh – nahh – padanghh ? πŸ˜€

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