Ancient Aliens: India’s Flying Saucers (Season 12) | Exclusive | History

The Sanskrit texts of the Hindu
and Buddhist tradition talk about incredible
flying craft called Vimana. They’re sort of a cross
between a modern stealth fighter and a flying saucer. They describe
several different types, including types that can travel from place to place, craft that can travel
across the country, craft that can travel
from planet to planet. GIORGIO TSOUKALOS:
The ancient Indians
were very clear in describing
how Vimanas were used for the gods to come down from their heavenly abodes
to Earth. Now, this is not
in just one text. It’s in all
of the ancient Vedic texts, this discussion
of flying machines. And it describes
the propulsion system. It describes
what they were able to do, like go really fast,
become invisible. They had powerful weapons. I mean, it reads like Star Wars. DEEPAK SHIMKHADA:
In the Indian texts, Mahabharata or in the Ramayana, they are able
to kind of take off, uh, without having to run. Uh, so it’s not like, uh,
our airplanes. It is something that can hover. It can fly. The Vimanas are circular
in shape, so they are pretty much like
the flying saucer. There are other things
that were observed by our ancestors here on Earth. We have descriptions of some of these vehicles
being involved in battles. They were able to fly
incredibly fast. They had weapons
on these machines with which to shoot down
other Vimanas. Many of the Sanskrit texts
on Vimanas speak of using mercury as part of the propulsion. And this would be
exactly what NASA is planning to use right now, an ion thruster-type spacecraft
which is using solar energy
to charge mercury particles that are discharged
from the back of the craft, giving it thrust
and propelling it into space. So, it’s really fascinating that engineers at NASA are on the same wavelength as these ancient Vedic texts,
which were given to the ancient Hindus
by the gods. HENRY:
When we encounter
these incredible craft, we have to be open
to the possibility that these are some kind
of extraterrestrial craft or the builders or designers
were of extraterrestrial origin. CAPTIONING PROVIDED BY

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  • I'm Hindu
    And yes I admit our religious books describe about the flying saucers.
    But without any advance weapons to fight in battelsπŸ˜†

  • Used to love ancient alien show , but sad ☹ can't watch them anymore on YouTube

  • I don't want to give credit to aliens

  • I haven’t watched this video yet but the moment I saw heading I can’t resist myself so, let me tell u straight bloody they were not ALIENS … nd for u so called β€œI don’t care History Channel” ur westerns are now bloody crazy for these aliens. So, kindly correct ur vocab. ohhhhhhh hold on and here u r unsubscribed and at least I will ensure 10 more my close ones do the same .πŸ™

  • The Mysteries Of Ancient India!!! 🀯

  • This Hindu gods were not any god…cause who created us cannot be just like us…they must be different from us…but we can see in Hindu, Buddhist,Greek or Egyptian myth that so called god was just like human…does it make any sense?There are only one creator of all creation….

  • Flying saucers work by manipulating aether around it with extremely high voltages with geometries involving hexagons and pyramid convergence point. Check videos by Viktor Grebennikov and Dan A. Davidson. Its the same for ancient vimanas. Ancient people 10,000+ years ago were advanced civilizations. Also read books "Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion" and "Uncovering the Missing Secrets of Magnetism".

  • YA I FLEX NUTSπŸ’ͺπŸ’

  • This is why Indians are good at IT

  • Well I can see why it would mark consern if aliens or "Extraterrestrial" life forms are staying or "working" with the feds or are captive in Area 51.
    Surely that means their among us in other areas in life for if they have that kind of capabilities they must be able to reach the furthest marks in gods good universe or multiverse has well.

  • Please uploaded for Tami dubbed all of episodes sir please please please please please 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Star wars, superman and everything was created based on this history.

  • hmm.. an author or a writer of fiction and non fiction story was already started when the human learn how to wrote.. so be wise what is to believe in and not to believe..

  • ISRO.. Should really re evaluates the roots of our own history

  • Season 11 episode 15. Shanti

  • The Holy Vedas is such a mysterious book

  • Hinduism is a science not a religion people of western cultures understand its value but our own Indian people relates it with superstitions that's y they are still undeveloped.

  • Or they were man made by men from a separate continent that were more advanced than the rest of the planet. Then used it to there advantage by seemingly becoming like gods to the rest of the world but were really just more advanced.

  • Ancient alien theorists say yes to any theory as long as aliens could be involved.

  • That dudes hair can also hover and take to flight and shoot down mosquitoes.

  • I am prety sure they was not ancient indians they was ancient alien visitios from another star system the evidence are in the temple from Hoysaleswara where exsist a carved stone which show the arival to earth from first star travelers ,they all have the same space suits like our modern astronauts ,even they have in them own back the air tanks for life support .Them Vimana commander was the lord Vishnu he have carried of his shoulder the kackra the powerful energy weapon ,with it he have wanish all his enemy .I bet with everyone they was not ancient indians ,the indians was them servants only ,some from them was them shoulars and have learn from them knowledge, and after they have leave the earth and returne to their home planet, the indians claim they have built all this temples around india, but they never were not be capable to built a temple like Kailasa which was made from a single hard granit mountain .The ancient sankrits have cutted this huge mountain like it was made of cheese ,and there was find the evidence who made this temple had used some advanced cutting mashines for.I thought it's time to accept there was involved a alien advanced civilization, because there exsist a lot of evidence , which does reveals this facts, but the indians still claim they was this ancient builders but they never were not be capable to build a temple like Kailasa NO WAY this are like a visit card which show us all them capability and skills , to claim this temple was built from us the humans, are like some primitive cavemans will claim they have built a space roket, sfmy spelling !

  • i have a doubt, why you are giving like this fake news? the details which you have given in this video is not related for indians i mean not for Hindi people. the plan, which you have mentioned in this video, was handled by Raavanan who is a tamil king from sri lanka. there are no plan in mahabaratham. plan has been mentioned in Raamayanam that also under the name of king Raavanan. if you want to give a news please do a proper research and give. because in india, tamil people have different histoty and hindi people have different history. so please mention the name properly and publish. you people are having the responsibility to give the correct history to the new generations. so give the correct history.

  • Weed

  • Lagta hai Deepakbhai k pas or koi kam nahi hai…. Ancient astronauts theorists ban k baithe hai.

  • They are text ,it is just a imagination.


    P.S. I AM REFERRING TO THE "Ancient Alien Astronaut Theorist says yes


  • God is alien..

  • Disappointed
    History channel is now wasting time on ancient superstitions and absurd theories .
    Why don't they Tell about that Giant god monkey of India who used to flew into space and ate the sun πŸ˜‚

  • When I get high I begin to float without any propulsion . What do ancient astronaut theorists say about this ?

  • Funny the Bible talks about it too but it was chariots and angels

  • Actually the mercury used in ufo's isn't in a form of jet fuel. It is used to spin around a large disk that's housed in the center of the saucer to create anti-gravity.

  • I read the Briefings of the Allies of Humanity and reading them was as exciting as it was frightening. It's modern and in plain and clear English and they are free available online. It is a 21st century reality of the ancient aliens. If you like the Ancient Aliens series, i very much recommend these books. And, as i said, they are available for free online πŸ™‚

  • This is t series doings from the start

  • So, this God's are extraterrestrials? Nice, I like.

  • Very nice video

  • Translate in hindi

  • Ravananda tamilanda

  • Just because they were advanced that doesn't mean they were aliens.

  • 2:45 – look, I can believe it so far as to the texts mentioning the crafts, but they did NOT have propellers, as they would not work in space…

  • Don't assume other species needs H2o and O2 like species on earth, they may probably breathe hydrogen.

  • Don't assume other species needs H2o and O2 like species on earth, they may probably breathe with hydrogen.

  • Ancient indians !!!

  • This just mythology, not work practically

  • 3 mins πŸ€” I need more

  • Lmao yo the books telling about God's miracle. There are no UFO 🀣

  • Ancient astronaut theorists say no

  • They are making a mockery of every single religion and cult on this planet. Christianity Mayan Egyptian Hinduism Buddhism you name it ancient aliens theorist say yes.

  • Or their just time travelers

  • The amazing thing about this show is that second guy with the strange looking hair.

  • what's the use of rotors for a space craft?

  • Admiral Byrd in the 1950's interveiew said there are beings on the other side of Antarctica or in the center of the Earth that have flying machines that could travel North pole to South in a matter of seconds, Way much more advance then we can ever imagine . They may even be our creators

  • Should I light up another joint? Ancient astronaut theorists suggest.. YES!

  • Are these the nephilim? That is why you hide!

  • It is not Indian, it is Dravidian ancient texts.

    India never existed before 1947. Indeed India is a union not a nation.

    And, Dravidians live in the Southern parts of India. They are real inhabitants of the subcontinent.

    North Indians migrated from Persia.

  • Had not Nalanda University's Library burnt down by Islamic Invaders. This world would have been much developed scientifically and spiritually.

  • We have so many stories of UFOs and stuff……
    Look up ravanas vimana.
    They still have a model in a temple somewhere

  • I love India and Indian culture
    From Israel πŸ’™

  • Mercury? You mean the same stuff that was in the pyramids and that's where the spacecraft used to go get refueled at

  • Wimana is Lankan rawana air craft.not indian

  • Just wondering why are we not recovering the remains of the vimanas' that were shot down.

  • India's culture and history is divine

  • That is, dots not feathers.

  • The Moghul invasion and Great Partition had destroyed this great ancient civilization

  • No wonder until today, we still can see the undeveloped india funny Bollywood!

  • Fallen angels back then fallen angels today, same technologies

  • If they were alien, then why they didnot return now.. Its almost 2000 years they should have come again if they exist

  • Please check the facts , sanskrit is not the oldest language , Pali and Tamil are the oldest language of India. There are no proof of sanskrit being older than 9century AD. Do you believe that humans were born by different parts of animals, humans , soil etc. If they have vimana and nuclear power why they are depicted carrying bow , arrow ,swords etc. These are all human made gossips , all their so called Hindu temple are Buddhist temple originally. Even Ramayana etc were written in 9 century AD.

  • Please, read and understand story or mythology from India, I promise u under why??

  • Want to see an insect-sized Ufo somersault and pop out of our dimension? It's on my channel (Richard Magill). The 19 minute video. Fun starts at the four minute mark, bottom left of the piece of paper. Tell all your friends. You know why there isn't too much hard evidence proving aliens are real? It's because I have it all.

  • The greatest religion without a doubt, older than the oldest, yet survives because its so great and vast-full of knowledge from gods to sages to regular humans, Vedas have only been truly decoded less than 10% can u believe that after billions of humans have lived on this planet!!

  • You fool , don't judge Indian Mythology using your funny concept

  • A god or statue 6 arms form or face n seek or beak breathe human being see all Atmos sea s n craft that's make n made any say

  • Our ancient indian text is the only reason which is still igniting my interest in our ancient culture

  • All these technology advancement by Germany, USA, England r made from reading ancient hindu scriptures and they call it that they have invented the technology

  • yll should listen to the interview of matilda from the Roswell alien .. they talk about this . the vedas are the most close scriptures that are linked to our history

  • If you learn ancient hindu mythology carefully, you will get your all answers right from vimana/UFO, tteleportation, multi verse etc. Because Hinduism not a religion, it's a way of living life

  • Please spike in Hindi πŸ‘

  • There were many vedic books full of scientific explanations which have been destroyed by Islamic invaders

  • If the concept of Vimana is from Western countries, may be the Western scientists would have discribed it man made object, its from India ofcourse they are tribes how can they built a flying object, Western Scientist saw the Vimana built by AliensπŸ™ƒπŸ˜‚πŸ€£. The concept of Airplane was stolen from India idiots😠.

  • Star wars matrix avatar and other where copied from hindu mythology so that why they sound like star wars new hope or first star wars is actually copy of Ramayan the legend of Prince Ram their is Japanese anime movie on that

  • Aliens also have there ancient aliens show

  • One of oldest civilization in the earth

  • So, media declared Hindu demigods & God are Aliens πŸ’
    Aliens is Good to Good but Bad to Bad 😈
    God created Angels πŸ‘ΌπŸ‘ΌπŸ‘Ό & demons😈 for a reason

  • If you believe in god or the gods, you also believe in Aliens, or in extraterrestrials.

    Because that is the definition of a god, or an other worldly being.

  • if they had all the knowledge why didn't they know it would be kept a secret and denied for so many years

  • Oh. I think Jesus is also an alien πŸ‘½ πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£

    On behalf of all followers of Shiva πŸ™

  • Half the time I can't tell If this show is for or against aliens. Like put some more moose in your hair and look crazier please..not enough people think I am also nuts.

    I could see this show being a deterrent instead of attracting people.

  • Ancient Aliens, my allies & wonderful/ intellectuals!

  • These ancient civilization's depictions weren't playing some random practical joke, thousands of years in advance mind you, to trip us out in modern times. C'mon.

  • Vasudhaiva Katumbakam
    (the world is one family)

  • Now that the white people are telling it Hindus will start believing in it.

  • im here only because of south park

  • Most of the veduc texts was destroyed and burned during wars.
    What if they got time travelling!!


  • But they have not left any proof on earth. The Rishis had great vision. Kalki the destroyer is the next Avatar.

  • Where were these battles?

  • "Crafts that can travel from place to place"
    "Crafts that can travel from country to country"

  • These people cannot be wrong or overimaginative. Some of their claims have no explanation like Ancient Atomic bombs description in the vedic texts and its consequences,or the radioactivity on the skeleton in Mohen Jo Daro ruins. A myth is a myth until it is proven to be a fact.

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