Ancient Aliens: Hybrid Creatures (Season 12, Episode 12) | History

NARRATOR: Ancient suggest that Earth may have
acted as a laboratory in which extraterrestrials experimented
with various lifeforms, and as evidence point to
the numerous ancient stories of hybrid creatures. Hybrid creatures
abound in mythology. All over the world, we get
animals that are partly one thing, partly another. In ancient Greek, we
hear about the cerberus, a terrifying
three-headed dog who was the guardian of the
portal to the underworld. The Greeks also
had the centaur– half human, half horse, a
large and impressive creature. In Hindu mythology, we
have the [non-english].. These are strange-looking
characters, serpentine at the bottom, human
torsos and heads and faces. Even in the Koran,
the horse that was said to have flown Mohammad
from Mecca to Jerusalem was a flying horse
with a human face. Either it’s all
fantasy or our ancestors witnessed these things. And if they witnessed them,
there’s two options to that. Either these creatures
actually came here, or whatever
extraterrestrials were here created them. And it’s a huge, huge question,
because both possibilities, in my opinion, are possible. NARRATOR: If the hybrid
creatures described in ancient mythologies really
did exist alongside humans and other intelligent
hominids, is it possible that Charles Darwin’s
theory of natural selection played a role in the
rise of humans after all? Could it be a case of
alien intervention on Earth creating numerous
species that were then forced to fight for survival? Perhaps further
clues can be found by examining stories of an
ancient cataclysm, often referred to as the Great Flood. The Bible teaches
us an ancient legend that there was a global flood. We all know that the
sins of the people would cause God to intervene. But yet the legends tell us
that the actual problem that occurred at this time was an
extraterrestrial involvement and manipulation
of human genetics. The Bible speaks in Genesis,
chapter 6 of the sons of God who came down from
heaven and took the daughters of men
as wives from which were born a race of titans– [non-english] is
the Hebrew word– and that they unleashed terror
and havoc upon the world The books of Enoch teach
us that these sons of God were the angels who
came down from heaven. The development was
going the wrong direction, and then they decided to start
the whole experiment again. They decided to
create a great flood. We have stories
of the Great Flood practically all over the world– not only in the Bible, not
only in the Gilgamesh epic, not only in the Enuma
Elish from the Sumerian. We have it in Central
America among the Mayans. We have it in South America
among the Kogi Indians that lived in Colombia. Always the Great Flood story. But in every case, there
was a so-called god who gave instructions
to construct a ship. And this is where ancient
legends get very interesting. Because while Noah was building
his ark and saving his animals, other legends say that
others of his generation took other precautions, some
building other types of ships which were to go to the stars. And what is also interesting
is that the legends tell us that not all animals
were included on Noah’s Arc. NARRATOR: Does the
story of the Great Flood provide evidence that
extraterrestrials have been experimenting with
different lifeforms on Earth for thousands of years? Ancient astronaut
theorists suggest that such experimentation
continues to this day, but that it is now being
directed by humans.

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