Ancient Aliens: Forgotten Kingdoms (Season 12, Episode 6) | History

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  • Only lies..

  • Nothing is endless on my end. So stfu and mind your own beez wax

  • I highly doubt aliens have visited earth, if they did in pretty sure they would've taken it over, because life is so rare.

  • I believe so called "Aliens" are actually demons they want a One World Government under the biblical Antichrist. Jesus Christ is not coming back to bring peace on Earth. Christ is coming back to fight his enemies. Christ will gather his chosen people who are the Native Americans, blacks and Latinos. Black people are the lost tribes of Israel the real Jews.

  • நாங்கள் இங்கே இருக்கிறோம்.
    நாங்கள் உன்னை வளர்த்துள்ளோம்
    நாம் கட்டுப்பாட்டில் உள்ளோம்.
    நீங்கள் எச்சரித்தார்

  • Atlantis is in Africa.

  • Way cool guys

  • I like this show but nope Atlantis is in the Sahara Desert. Look up the eye of Sahara. It is what Plato's describes. U got to remember the Sahara Desert was green Durning that last ice age. Plus Plato's learn the story in Egypt (cause it was one of the main trading empires of that time). If u just Google the image of the eye of the Sahara

  • it  is  big  ufo  ship-ssp  have…not  city—-ship

  • What if Atlantis is not on Earth but on a planet that is similar to ours and he thought he was on Earth the entire time.

  • I know an giant squid living in Atlantis

  • Something this show really needs to cover is the Inukshuks in Canada! They are gigantic ancient megalithic monuments that have no definitive explanation! These things are massive and built to resemble the natives early ancestors! Some of them are well over 20 feet tall consisting of stones weighing thousands of pounds! The most intriguing part is that they didn't even have any stone building techniques to utilize in the construction! Please consider this as a topic in season 14! 👽

  • God owned the atlantis because he dont want to expose the advance technology, people are greedy that time and nowadays

  • Look for the eye of Sahara for Atlantis under the sand

  • what a bunch of nonsense

  • kumari gandam

  • Anyone else watching this and getting more nervous about global warming?😂😂😖

  • Lots of people doesn't understand History Channel. It was an American company. For American, everyone else in the World is alien.

  • 0:45 ''Heraklion in Egypt'' Lol: Heraklion is the largest city and the administrative capital of the island of Crete. It is the fourth largest city in Greece.

  • Mahabharata was a book

  • Why would they write something if they never saw it, come on people think

  • Like this series? Check out another History Channel classic: Project Blue Book, premiering January 8th at 10/9c.

  • The fact that humanity still exists is solid proof that aliens have not come here. You know the rules. When a technologically more advaced spieces runs up on what they deem as primitives, they exterminate the primitives. Point blank, period. Nobody but humanity has ever walked on this shitheap of a planet

  • Please make me understand.. you said "In the beginning 7th century BC" do you know what that how many years we are talking about?

  • I think Atlantis is in the Bermuda triangle area……


  • anyone else chuckle every time they hear "ancient astronaut theorists"?

  • There is more than one Atlantis. They are connected.

  • My extensive research finds that Atlantis was not a continent or island
    but a huge intergalactic craft that settled on earth thousands of years
    ago. The craft came to earth to help colonize our planet. The beings
    who came with the craft also positioned the Moon in orbit around the
    Earth to help stabilize the planet and make it more hospitable for us,
    the beings created to populate Earth. Once the human being spawning
    project was under way, the "Atlantis" craft departed earth. This departure
    created giant storms and tidal waves as it disrupted the atmosphere and
    ocean, but it left most human beings unaffected. The beings who began
    this experiment left in place the Black Knight satellite and monitoring
    stations on the Moon to help keep track of our progress.

  • History is historical.


  • Guys I hate to break it up to you but atlantis is not a sunken city but a dried up one, numerous evidence is pointed to the eye of sahara is the lost city that everyones excited about.

  • We all know that the sealevel was higher a few thousand years ago we even have evidence here in Oslo for that, but it was also lower at some point and the evidence of that is under water, sunken cities outside India Japan Egypt is 1 thing we find today.

  • No Atlantis is where Plato said it was,in the Atlantic ocean..

  • how are we to find Atlantis if some or something keeps editing entire islands out of the world and some how people also keep for getting like the island west of Australia it was there until the mid 80's there has being 3 more and this one with people as evidence of being from this places .So either we are in between timelines ,dimensions or simply going back and forward in the future or back into it FACT IS SOMETHING OR SOMEONE IS MESSING WITH OUR REALITY….BELIEVE IT OR NOT , THIS IS A FACT

  • Aquaman enter the scene


  • Can someone make a movie about the Atlantis pls

  • People Atlantis is Albania.Mayby everyone thinks is a joke but if you go into the history you will understand the age of this state and the connection to Atlantis.

  • The Super Natural Controlling Power of God Almighty has contributed to the science of human science, its model is a science,

    ET Extraterrestrial Life How do we meet with them, at least 600 light years away, we do not have the technology that is in our hands It's Not Enough! Because Switzerland Billal Moore, we also know that we have to go for teleportary and time traveler, there are also two of them through trans magnetic field, we can contact the villagers, now we have problems here if they are more dominant than us are stronger Then we will have to, Elijah's technology will have to move us to use Elijah Apart from the very technology we have seen, we have to go to the same place, except for the dinosaurs in this world, how many nations have created this world in the knowledge of science, they have created their faction type in the science of science, not being obedient to the Creator, who destroyed these buildings under the sea today Architecture is available, it is understood that archeology and historians are sure to In the past, people were created in the world, many of us are not sensitized like us, as we were people of blood flesh, they were created like other human civilizations, they came to our world to come to the motherland, which has been written in three books, I gave a reference, Continent, Lost of Nation, Paradise Lost, So 4% of the Earth's land was now one-third of the ground, 3% water, they proved To destroy the people of the past, to destroy the world, the present water, the human being has preserved us here, so we have to respect the Creator. We must learn more about the fishery technology in the world such as marine fisheries technology, animal feeding technology, adrenal life style and technology of the sky and the position of the universe. We connect with other nations I can get this information from the past Mystery roller Greek Roman Persian Aryak Talk Indian Kailas temples are made from Vinegar Basi, which are made from Vinegar. It is not our planet's stone and we can do today's civilization, but how can we do 5000 4000 years ago. We have to accept Knowledge Knowledge more

  • Interesting

  • Looking for full episode

  • Or was a huge ship an di just pumped up the weels an moved on?

  • Island of Thera is what left of Atlantis

  • Eye of Africa = Atlantis

  • Have these people been living under a rock I found the lost city of Atlantis last year

  • That is ancient people before the flood

  • It's all myth don't take it to serious

  • What a stupid idea

  • Ancient Alien theorists surmise.. Ancient Alien theorists surmise.. Ancient Alien theorists surmise.. Ancient Alien theorists surmise.. Ancient Alien theorists surmise.. Ancient Alien theorists surmise..

  • what about the 4th eye

  • Yes Home of the Fallen Angels and their superior Technology.

  • Very interesting

  • What if what if show me a real life alien then I'll believe

  • Fake history !!
    Rewriting Real History has been taking place for 100’s if Years !!
    Careful what U get swayed to !!🖖🎶🎶🇨🇱

  • Atlantis is a mith for children

  • if Atlantis was "highly advanced" how did they end up under water? They didn't have "highly advanced" geologists? lol

  • Atlantis isn’t under water, is the eye of Sahara.

  • Plato wrote in the 4th c. BCE NOT AD!

  • In the future.
    Ancient Aliens – Harry Potter

  • That's most likely lenuria /mu not Atlantis…

  • new zealand has been recently classified as a submerged continent…most of it is still underwater…no ones searched the waters yet

  • The Eye of the Sahara is whats left of Atlantis

  • Planet X I call it star X when it comes out from behind the Sun it's judgement day Planet 9 is planet heaven Planet X is the star to planet nine

  • The Earth will flip upside down

  • Mauratania the richat structure is the real Atlantis

  • (Spit take) This is the first time I've heard the phase "ancient astronaut theorists" NOT end with a yes!

  • Atlantis was a ufo or space ship it landed on the Mediterranean sea and people lived on it … posibley it submerged like a submarine NOT SINKED. OR LEFT EARTH. Plato and other 4 people has seen it and they wrote about its copper and gold walls. It was metal made…

  • Atlantis is probably at the eye of sahara, or at least it's more similar to plato description

    This one is probably lemuria, in some stories are known as atlantis greatest rivals

  • The title of this should be "Ancient Theorists say's".

  • do you think they built atlantis to be submerged? are we looking for a continent or a city? story always changes to suit.

  • White man fake theori only.

  • They have explored space more then the oceans. They must know something they don’t want us to find.

  • Please search binuagan kingdom in the philippines its a myth about a sunken kingdom

  • It's a tease,I want more

  • Shocking….this changes eveything…

  • Atlantis was a Venus Colony it stretched from the Islands of the Caribbean to off the Coast of Africa.
    The People were the Atturians sent here from Venus to Recolonize Earth 33k yrs ago.
    They were Modern Humans 2nd Ancestor.
    The first were the BAACHI.

  • Go visit India, tamil nadu tanjore brihadeeswarar temple

  • There was no excuse for them not to find this earlier. Common knowledge and pure fact said that the ocean was several hundreds of feet more shallow from the land masses. This means all oceans and bodies of water that might be connected. It is amazing to me that what we call science is so ignorant. What's more most of the prominent findings initiated by locals who tried to help them understand stories of what might be found. Or it was found by accident by some young man and then reported.

  • The continents did not split up and shift the way we've been taught. There were several large land masses that are known and confirmed now.

  • I have crippling depression
    Ancient Alien Astronaut Theorist says yes

  • I don’t care about the hidden continent. I’m worried about the Asian continent it’s so big. It’s should separate into two. That’s why so many people are confused about different kinds of Asian.

  • Is the full episode 8 of season 12 available? I haven't been able to locate complete seasons and episodes on this site. I am glad Ancient Aliens episode 6 corrects the record! Atlantis is not a "city", it is not an "island" it was a massive continent that stretched between the coasts of present day America to Africa. The capital "city" of Atlantis was Poseidia. I wish the producers of Ancient Aliens would simply consult the information that Edgar Cayce brought through his readings on that subject. Speculation is unnecessary. Cayce gave the full information! Edgar Cayce was not mentioned once in the full episode. Surely AA knows about him!

  • Atlantis was very real and is located in the Bermuta Triangle.

  • they make sure the noses are broken even underwater

  • In future aliens

  • indiana jones joined the group.

  • If there was an atlantice doesnt mean they were alians come on fak.

  • Wait for evidence hahahahahah, like they didnt lie like today, if mofos wrote about it then , then you know its based on something.

  • Atlantis is the flat earth.

  • just say it,, Richat structure was Atlantis

  • they disappear because they fly.. thats all.. pls like if u agree..

  • Nice efforts by foreign scholars – DR.ALOK SHARMA ADV SUPREME COURT OF INDIA

  • First time ancient astronauts don't say yes right away

  • Anyone else starting to think think that these “myths” may not be myths?

  • Guess it was a black prison cus the nose gone

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