Ancient Aliens: Aztec God’s Visit (Season 12, Episode 7) | History

NARRATOR: Located just 30
miles northeast of Mexico City, the Teotihuacan
complex encompasses nearly eight square miles and is
dated to the first century AD. It is the oldest and
most sophisticated city of Mesoamerica,
an area that extends from northern Mexico
down through Central America. [music playing] The civilization predated the
Maya by at least 100 years. At its peak, it was
said to have supported nearly 100,000 residents. It was also the largest city in
the entire Western hemisphere prior to the 15th
century, and served as the major commerce
and religious center for the region. EXPERT 1: The significance
of Teotihuacan cannot be overstated. It is the Rome of Mesoamerica. The things that Teotihuacan
did set the pattern for all other city-states after it. [music playing] NARRATOR: The central
features of the complex are two large pyramids known
as the Pyramid of the Sun and the Pyramid of
the Moon, as well as a temple dedicated
to Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent. These structures stand alongside
a thoroughfare referred to as the Avenue of the Dead. Over 200 smaller buildings,
platforms, and pyramids are found adjacent to the avenue. And there are thousands
of living quarters just outside the complex. But as incredible
as Teotihuacan is, no one knows exactly who
built this metropolis or what happened
to its occupants. EXPERT 1: Teotihuacan,
despite its size, has no hieroglyphs whatsoever. There are other cultures
in Mesoamerica that were using writing systems. There’s nothing like
that at Teotihuacan. So we don’t really have a
clear history of what happened at Teotihuacan,
and we can’t really find evidence of their rulers. WILL HART: We have such
a sophisticated site that embodies engineering
principles, craftsmanship, art. Where did it originate? Where are the smaller
versions of this? Well, we don’t find any. So we don’t have a
progression, an evolution, to show where this came from. So we have to ask,
where did it come from? DAVID WILCOCK: We’ve
become conditioned to look at these awesome
works of stone architecture and think, oh,
primitive people did that, in these primitive methods
and primitive technology. But we have to rethink the
fundamental assumptions and come to a greater and
greater level of understanding that the technology required to
build these artifacts, in fact, is greater than anything
that they possessed. NARRATOR: But based on the
local lore of the region, ancient astronaut
theorists suggest that the original
builders of the site may not have been human at all. JONATHAN YOUNG: All of
the people in this area felt this city was a sacred site
connected to a divine realm. The population along the
coast were the Totonac. They believe that the place
was founded by a dozen sky gods, the lords of thunder. [music playing] Other nearby
Mesoamerican cultures had their own theories. One associated the site
with the feathered serpent god, Quetzalcoatl, who was
said to have come from Venus. [music playing] It was the Aztecs who
gave the place its name, Teotihuacan, city of the gods. [music playing] EXPERT 2: The name
speaks for itself. So one has to ask the
question, what gods? [music playing] Who were they? Were they just a figment of
our ancestors’ imagination, or did they see someone? Did somebody visit
them to essentially jump-start civilization?

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  • Those were landing pads. They went out with their spaceships

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  • we don't know (yes) they agree with me

  • The Spanish 🔥 it all ☝

  • First thing first I hate the tone in which every video of yours kicksoff.
    You say you don't know who the nazcas were, then end up saying the technology used is advanced, much more that what they possessed. How do you know what they possessed, when you have no idea who they were. Drop your bigoted assumptions to understand civilizations do not need idiots from Europe to be advanced.
    The mezo americans were a developed civilization before european settelers killed them.

  • The chamber under the Temple with the gold leaf on the wall and the balls of clay with a chemical that composition you don't know.. N.B. The gold leaf is a star chart relief. You should if you did not yet do this do this ….have it laser mapped and fed into a Supercomputer to find the orientation to what you know. This is what the stars look like from those who mapped it to be left here. You question the propusion system of mercury. Low mass drives use this however, Palladium is a better choice. Its three D relief is orientated below is showing direction orientation to the above ground complex. The Object located by the photographer is not a coincidence. That photographer that did that was chosen to do that at the time. The original time of his photograph is time code for binary words to English/language. Run that through a translator program. Second, see if that photographer is available for questioning he may have other information since these individuals usually show up to also communicate in thought transmission(dream or later profound revelation)

    Also, the 9th planet noted in the above ground situation is looking for confirmation is as of April 15, 2017 declination 23 at Pisces Constellation and move East relative to Earth at Earth point location South of Lake Ontario Grimsby at 8:58am at 3 moves to the east.

    If you confirm this I would like to know..

    Thank you.
    N.B. I have taken several pictures of both visible craft and craft in the cloud in this area that have a distinct outline of Possible Pleiadian spacecraft.

  • The last thing is Giza was under water 3+ million years ago…galaxy rotation is every 26,ooo years. you date Sphinx to 10500 but Leo(Lion) Constellation to 36,500BC. Man as you know it has been dated to 233,000year…try extending timelines of 3 million years since we already have 16, ooo, ooo-year-old Antrtica. realize these individuals were living with the dinosaurs in plain sight why would they live with present day man in plain sight.

  • Apply all he Gemotry to Giza and you will find everything under the sand the same even the 9th planet start digging in those places. This is going to be wonderful…when you find the giant monolith like that the rectangular waterway well that's proof your in the right place at Giza.

  • I grew up in Ohio but lived in Mexico for 1 year when I was 9 years old , I stayed with my grandmother and she lived a few miles away from Teotihuacán. If I told you I saw with my own eyes a huge UFO hovering what looked like an area around Teotihuacán/popocatepetl people would never believe me . I was on my own that day. All I can say is I feel amazed yet forever shocked to believe what I saw that day … it was unforgettable. I remember running back to get my mom to go come see it when we went back outside it was gone . Mexico has something special.i will forever be a believer in life outside our world .

  • Clearly the flying lizard was the reptilian anunakki

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  • To understand them first we must accept ourselves as Minds

  • Oh wow a temple for Lucoa-san

  • That’s right, we Mexicans are aliens…watch out gueritos lmfao…

  • It’s not that hard to figure out really. We built them and this is clearly a airport.
    Think if we all got wiped out now, 50million years go by and we have evolved again. How much would be left of our stay here from this time?
    Then the next generation of human will be doing the exact same thing we are doing now.

  • The civilization came to be after us humans split from Atlantis, explains how Egypt and this place are so advance and we don't know why and how

  • A realm of cannibalism. And, of course, lots and lots and lots of murder.

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  • And again with the aliens smh

  • “Feathered serpent” come on man do I even have to say it.

  • Aztec build those pyramids just like now mexicans build houses and buildings

  • sometimes I feel like I was born at the wrong time

  • This is not a city and no one live there with all that being said this was a airport in its prime rockets and planes what they call breathing dragons 🐉

  • Anything inside the pyramids??


    Aztec legend

    During the fifth Sun, under the worship of Quetzalcoatl, the gods met and decided to establish a new human species that would settle the earth. Quetzalcoatl went to Mictlantecuhtli, this was the lord of the underworld and lord of the shadows.
    Mictlantecuhtli exercised its sovereignty over the Mictlan, the nine underground rivers.
    Quetzalcoatl told Mictlantecuhtli that he was coming for the bones that were in his custody.
     He did not want to give them to him because he asked him to pass a test.
    He had to sound the snail that was offered and turn it four times around the inner circle.
    But the snail had no hole where Quatzalcoatl could go spinning around.
    Then he called the worms to make the holes and the bees to come in and blow the snail.
    When he heard it, Mictlantecuhtli had no choice but to give him the bones. He immediately regretted that the bones belonged to the past generations and his place was there, in Mictlán.
    Mictlantecuhtli sent some quail in pursuit and got Quetzalcoatl to lose the bones, Quetzalcoatl did not give in and as he walked to where those bones were he sent his double and made them believe that he was coming back to life. The bones of a woman and the bones of man were separate, it was only a question of tying them up and taking them away. Quetzalcoatl already ascended from Mictlán and Mictlantecuhtli thought that he still had time to recover the precious objects and ordered his servants to dig a hole. Rushing forward, they overtook Quetzalcoatl, who fell dead in its depths.
     As it fell, it released the bones, which quickly spread all over the surface.
    But Quetzalcoatl resuscitated and picked up the remains again. Outside was the maid Quilaztli, who ground the bones and placed them in a vessel of singular beauty, while Queatzalcoatl rested from his mission.
    Then the gods gathered and Quetzalcoatl poured his blood on the dust of the bones.
    All did penance and, finally, decreed the birth of the humans of the Fifth Sun.

  • The pyramid is were the space ship land on top thats the rigth way

  • The Mexica did not have gods.

  • New city found in Guatemala that had 20 million inhabitants.

  • The truth is before you but your assumptions make you blind. You will never see.

  • Why does every ancient aliens video have someone in the comments saying "So if they're not white had to of been aliens who built it" who said it had anything 2 do with race, stone henge was built in England probably by white people but people still think it was aliens, the mystery is how did they build them that long ago not because "they weren't white"

  • Aliens.

  • Ancient lost civilization and technology

  • I believe extraterrestrials had a role here and Egypt

  • I'm an Illegal Alien! Cool! My fathers drove UFO's!

  • Who built the pyramids? It's simple Mexicans did

  • I feel like historians/scientists are under estimating the old civilizations too much as if they're so weak and very dependent and can't live their life with out "divine" guidance and poor them (old civilizations) because the credits is going to nowhere they give it to the aliens that may or may not exist.

    Actually to be honest i kinda belive in aliens but in not yet certain im sure most of us are not yet certain too, but what im saying is: i'am sure there are Great Civilizations in history that doesn't have extra terrestrial help and some theorist still say yes😂 that it was because of aliens why those civilizations are great and people who helped to build that civilization, their legacy was just wasted.

    (And i mean: yes lets all give aliens their some credits to for helping us but i'am sure not all civilizations where helped by aliens)

    It's just my opinion

  • We don't know how they built this must be aliens,
    I don't know how a TV is made must be aliens

  • Defeated by Hamon

  • Where are the Aztec God's of fitness?

  • True story from a family member that went to the place. She said the walls of the living quarters were coated in anti radiation resin.

  • History: There's no way brown coloured people could've built that.

    Us: That's Racist

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  • Go and visit Africa you will see where is human beings come from 💯 yeah for real a lot hidden history is there but thanks God I know everything ✊🏿🙏🏿✊🏿✊🏾✊🏾🤩

  • I wish they would take care of the grass

  • History Channel is bunk which continues a long colonial tradition of ignoring historical fact by supplanting the truth with “aliens”. Archaeologists aren’t CERTAIN which ETHNIC GROUP(S) built Teotihuacan, but there are valid theories, like the Totonacs, for instance. Mainly, though, historians simply call these people the Teotihuacanos—the city is also said by some SCHOLARS to have been built by many ethnic groups. In fact, several “barrios”, or neighborhoods of the city, contained cultural communities from all over Mesoamerica—Mayas, Zapotecs, Totonacs, you name it. It should be obvious that humans built this place. Just as obvious as humans built ancient Rome. Did you know that before the advent of the field and process of archaeology itself, most people in Europe who knew about the Colosseum and other Roman structures thought they were built by a race of giants in medieval times? Don’t be like those people, History Channel. Actually grow up from a pile of medieval ignorant fools to people willing to listen to scholars. Maybe even consider how damaging and insulting it is to all the Indigenous Peoples of the Americas it is to eliminate them from their own history and deny their achievements and wondrous accomplishments!

  • Being's from Venus created this that actually makes more sense than slaves building it.

  • Karen arteaga

  • Satanic forces build those.



  • If the Europenas never came to this continent :,(

  • Aztecs probably got the idea from Egypt.

  • I know

  • My family is Aztec and they now the story.

  • All lot of people back in the day us colored people around the world used psychedelics

  • We got stupid as the years went on lol advance technology lol we out so complicated lol

  • Americans calling Mexicans aliens smh, they forget us Mexicans love construction😂

  • Blame the Christian

  • Quetzacoatl was a Mayan God, from the Mayas near Guatemala. Quetzal is their national bird and it’s on the Guatemalan flag. Ancient civilizations were usually killed by others. People had skills. So, why aliens haven’t built anything else for the past 500 years? Humans built the pyramids, ancient cities, aquaducts, we were able to do stuff.

  • This series really shows us how little we really know about our history. Millions of signs from the past and still unknown

  • It was all Sanctioned by The High Priest King of Atlantis , Thoth . It was after the sinking of Atlantis.

  • Why is it so hard to believe my people were just smart and ahead of the time…”no its to advance must be aliens”and completely undermine how intelligent they actually were

  • Those people look like ants from this view. That's all we are really when compared to the size of the universe. Even smaller, microscopic in fact.

  • Thats because the fycking spaniards came in and burned and killed everybody just like the british french portuguese!!! In all the world!!!

  • Backgrounder!!

    You are so pathetic!!

    It's universal law every action has equal reaction. Even God's operates on the universal principles.

    You push the water. The water will push you back. That's universal law.

    Gaand me danda de ke dusro se garam nahi hona bologe to kaise chalega? Pagal है क्या bhosadike?

  • 4:01 seductive God of Thunder

  • This site is an arena, just look at a modern air port we have stairs to board aircraft just as this site seems to depict each platform supported a craft piloted by one of the gods what a magnificent display , one would have been in awe ,i sujest to you that this was a landing port

  • I was here at Teotihuacan on 4th of July, 2019 ; and it is awe-inspiring, amazing, & humbling.

    However, to imply that Aleins built these 3 Pyramids by pompous, no-name Ametican Pendejos; and that our Native American Amcestors were too primitive & stupid for this accompmisment is pure Racism.

  • If we go instinct later, new modern people or alien will also ask
    “How can the my build a building and glass”

  • Ancient Astronaut Theorists always have som to say

  • I wonder why white people say our ancestors even though their ancestors were somewhere in the Caucasus mountains being dumbasses

  • it is worth to mentioned to you that the last part of the place name TEOTIHUACAN which is (CAN) is used in many places in Asia specially Ordo language as (Khan) which is means God or King of Kings … and so

  • Civilization and technologies are fragile….they come and go…all that remains is made of stone

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  • Otsutsuki clan

  • Those flat with stairs are landing pads there is a liquid that's supposed to run underneath that fills their engines to full the flow of the liquid is blocked unblock it they will return but some of the landing pads are damaged they need to be fixed

  • 7/19/2019

  • 👍

  • Better than worshiping gods is obedience to the laws of righteousness. Love is the joy of the good, the wonder of the wise, the amazement of the Gods.

  • They came from the sky

  • And even if u did know how they done it what does it Matter .the pyramids in Egypt were covered up in sand until they dug them up if they was any significant to us god wud have left them as they are .they don’t n god didn’t want us to dig them up because they were created by giants & aliens for their devil pagan worshipping that’s why god brought the flood to kill them off & bury what they built but we stupid people find them fascinating for some reason n if u like these structures u won’t be in favour of god

  • They took crazy physicidelic drugs, like psilosibin mushrooms, ayawasca, dmt, and other stuff. And contacted satan and demons to learn how to build stuff in turn for bloodshed. It’s what their “sacrifices” were for.

  • I'm Canadian & live 40 minutes from Teotihuacan. It's more impressive than Giza. From its precision mathematical architecture & labyrinth of tunnels to its acoustics – all are mind-numbing. The ancient city is 7 current countries in size. Humans DIDN'T build Teotihuacan. Infrared sonar has discovered 300 subterranean pyramid cities throughout Mexico which cannot be excavated.

  • Definitely extraterrestrial i love it….

  • Y'all just can't admit that the Hebrews date none of your fake guys we did that ancient Americans from Tamara capanna AKA turtle Island so f*** vest fusion

  • And we're not black and we're not African we are the original Americans we are the American Indians indigenous niiji copper colored race found here by the Europeans and the Europeans weren't all white King James was black

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  • Those are tombstones those are portals of snakes There’s other pyramids other doorways but the ones with the snakes are for the snakes in the heavens fight against it so the face of the lion is present

  • Pillar Man theme starts playing

  • Mexigods

  • We too often discount how intelligent and technologically capable early humans were.

    We ascribe their impressive architecture and the scale of their structures to, "Aliens," because apparently, as crazy as that sounds, for some people it's a more believable explanation.

    We've all got to really sit back and ask ourselves if it's REALLY more believable that Aliens helped, or built these ancient Monuments, or that we're just not giving these, "prehistoric," people enough credit.

    Because, as much as there's a lack of evidence for these cultures to have had the technology and Intelligence, the lack of evidence for Alien intervention is STAGGERINGLY non-existent.

  • Good video s

  • From Brownsville Texas

  • They always say yes lol

  • When we blow ourselves back to the Stone Age, which is inevitable, a thousand yrs from now they'll be saying the same things about our technology and intelligence, or lack of it…

  • it is worth to mentioned to you that the last part of the place name TEOTIHUACAN which is (CAN) is used in many places in Asia specially Ordo language as Khan which is means God or King of Kings … and so

  • Looking at those infrastructure,one can see that the site was an intergalactic airport.

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