Ancient Aliens: Alien Architecture Designs (Season 12, Episode 4) | History

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  • This is true..

  • I am from india

  • So, where is the Stargate?

  • This is ancient tamil technic.
    our ancestors build many of the temples with this technics.

  • They're rocks. Aliens couldn't make steal?

  • Maybe there was a ancient society that was cleverer than us today. Not aliens. Unless the Aliens spliced our dna with theirs to create us to mine gold for them.

  • Iam from Indonesia

  • "The only conclusion." ?!?
    How about: Man discovered metals earlier than we thought.
    Saying it's the only conclusion is like the argument that we don't know what created the Universe therefore there must be a God. Er, no, we just don't know, yet.

  • Ancient aliens on the history channel…..


  • Completely fake

  • Yes aliens fly from lightyears away on spaceships no one can fathom and teach humans to carve stones. Wow that's some high tech stuff.

  • Your so called Aliens are actually God(s), that knowledge; knowing the difference. If only you are spiritually guided and backed by scientific evidence, you would have gotten the answer long ago. And the search continues…..

  • It seems that this show makes us think that ancient people are so stupid that they are not capable of doing something good and that aliens are the only ones who have brains.

  • That hour glass shaped insert is called a dutchmans patch. Commonly found in boat repair. Everyone found out about these without communication, just like the bow and arrow.

  • Yeah cause alien are so advanced they carved stone for structures.

  • Best show

  • God gave man expanded knowledge to his creations DONE ✅

  • They could give 2 %$# about the how many thousand of years they would last. They had stone. Well that's handy! Who are these "experts"? Oh from Ancient Aliens, Duh.

  • No forerver es lo unico q abia

  • people wouldn't think of?
    you mean like rebar in a skyscraper nowadays?

  • We are so arrogant that we think we are it right now. We are like babies in the scale of evolution compared to the Ancient people. We are so arrogant!!!

  • Cycle of civilization. We are all from another planet, hybrid of alien species.

  • And the rabbit hole gets deeper and deeper

  • Showcase ancient artitecture as extraterrestial in sci fi movies. Later exploit that association for AA.

  • The alien's came to a back water turned humans into salves you bet they stayed after they made the scenery look something like their home world.

  • Please, give our human ancestors some credit yo for their craft and ingenuity. This dude constantly lays all causation towards extraterrestrials just because we cannot fully explain it. Its getting old and utterly useless for the advancement of knowledge.

  • "Ancient aliens" did it for me

  • Who taught the aliens to build like this?

  • Humans were carving, and stacking stones 1,000's of yrs. before these structures were even built. When you look at these structures you're looking at craftsmanship pasted down from generations. Every building has a door, floor, roof, walls, rooms, ect.ect. This is nothing more than an evolution in construction.

  • It's a proven fact that the earth has been reset multiple times…most recently 11000 and 12700 years ago…Ya when you get hit by a meteor or comet…it restarts life..hence all underground structures…

  • they say people before written records were stupid that they need aliens to do this.

  • Something restarted our human cultures and technology. I won’t be surprised if history repeats itself again such as reinventing technology and start building structures like these again instead of expensive buildings and houses that won’t even last 100 years.

  • Satyug's humans were pure nd highly intellectual due to constant connection from their creator "God" or " aliens", dwaparyug nd tretayug people started getting influenced by the worldly pleasures nd put in their own mind into creations for their own comfort, now here come the kalyug, were humans have turned into such false doings nd deluded within our selfs, mahakal (apocalypse) is yet to come!! This is how I guess our planets cycle work.

  • ancient humans were much more intelligent than we think. They knew were much more sensitive towards nature.

  • Can anybody tell me the show timings!

  • A time traveler

  • 2:15 – "Insignia of Inquisitor "

  • 13000bc? Nope.

  • Anything that scientists can’t find the answer to they use Alien and GOD as there answer

  • "Ancient Alien Astronaut Theorist" …. is the Scientist version of a Pro Wrestler.

  • Thank goodness the aliens showed up to teach people to use the materials they had available!!! I have also noticed that ancient people the world over wore clothes, planted crops, etc. The only conclusion is aliens!

  • Fascinating ! 🙂

  • The aliens flew millions of light years to teach us how to fix rock, they could have tought us directly how make cement even internet 🙂

  • My mother in law is an alien. She knows everything

  • Melted alloy imbedded in rocks around the world?!? … It MUST BE ALIENS!!! 👽👽👽

  • 😅😄😆😉

  • The Ancient Egyptians learned how to harness the Mirage Effect, KNOWN AS THE

  • It also can be used to create electricity and huge magnetic fields

  • Time to rebuild and return to space

  • Come find me , im poor lol
    Australia vincentia nsw

  • Ancient Astronaut Theorists Drinking Game

  • Aliens taught us how to make durable structures and they had a part in these artifacts,then who taught them these technologies..How could they become so brainy….WHO CREATED THESE ALIENS??

  • Gen 10:25 a man named Peleg is mentioned. The reference says Peleg was alive when the earth was divided. This was about the time of "The Tower of Babel". Some Bible history types including me…believe at one time the earth was one big land mass, many advanced people were allowed to flourish and build. Pelegs story is that (my opinion) God caused a slow tectonic plate shifting to enhance the confusing of the people of earth. Slow enough that it didnt destroy these amazing structures. I have a cassett tape of H.A. Ironside of a 40 yr old teaching on Genisis, he theorized these structures have similar building techniques because at one time there were in one land mass…easy to import building ideas to other people…then tectonic plate shifting happened…separating land into continents. The story of Genisis, Tower of Babel…indicates a superior kind of people that were different then other people were building the tower. It had to have been more then just a bunch of sun baked bricks…

  • Reverse Darwinism 😌😌😂

  • We go by nature’s trees, even Fibonacci felt the breeze

  • Also 3,6,9 =we,dark, light . Nikola Tesla knew this too, yet many thought a fool

  • Yet he provided light by the pool, our knight

  • He is one of our pasts as well, not me but Alpha A

  • It’s how we have this tech, now we forge futures deck, the mythology Epic of our time is here, thousand years and legends we too will be

  • My problem is that I doubt aliens care about us that much

  • I think we have risen and fallen many times over the span of our existence. I don’t necessarily think aliens “had” to have intervened. It’s possible, I just think my first idea is more plausible

  • Stone structures not only survive through time, they are time anchors and time portals. The beings who built them are still living there in another time slice. Go there, be respectful, and ask about their wisdom. You will be surprised.

  • if the pyramids were build in the US of A, I am sure we would never stop hearing about how smart they are

  • The comment section is proof man still has one foot in the cave..nothing to see here folks consume, throw away, repeat. Now that’s what I call a high civilization!!

  • Anunnaki architectures in engineers

  • Haha, ” the only conclusion… Aliens!”

  • Everything is fine until you see the dude with the crazy hairdo and right after a UFO shows up.. lmao

  • I'm pretty sure these ancient people/aliens used ultra high speed tools to cut the megalithic stones, speeds that far exceeded today's stone cutting tool requirements. Keep in mind, if the speed is high enough a meat cleaver can cut through steel like butter. With the right equipment, cutting angles and fitting them was an easy task. They cut one stone with various angles, affixed the stone in place, next, they placed a second stone slightly behind the first stone and traced the angles of the first stone onto to the second stone, trimmed the second stone and slid it into the angles of the first stone both stones would fit like a jigsaw puzzle. Rendering the stones with angles was necessary, the angles acted like anchors helped to secure the walls. The question we need to ask is what type of technology did the ancient people use to achieve such "ultra high speeds" without causing the cutting blade or drill to fly off the handle? As far as lifting the megalithic stones is concerned , the ancient people may have used super magnets to levitate and transport the megalithic stones.

  • The giants helped the aliens 👽 to help humans to build these structures & pyramids around the world 🌍.i hate it when these scientists lie to us & keep saying who or what built this & that like they don’t know .im not educated I didn’t sit my GCSE’s never mind college & university & I know who built these buildings & structures that seem impossible because they had giants help move big stones around with their power & the cyclops aswel helped.the world was very different to ours because it was more magical & them people could see demons & work with them because prophet Solomon had a ring given by god to control all demons the most powerful ones aswel he had lions 🦁 & other animals in his army so we are nothing compared to the ones come before us .it was like Jurassic park trees 🌲 reaching the skies 🌌.but these scientists & teachers lie to us history is written by winners & they write what ever they want .out history is false & changed .we think we are most modern civilisation to ever live in reality we might have cars,planes,trains & rest is nothing compared to the civilisations before us.most likely they had same & better versions of what we have .

  • these "Ancient Alien Astronaut Theorist"

  • Stone buildings still stand todsy because stone is the longest lasting building material.

    Wood rots, oven made bricks fall apart.

  • If babies can do it with blocks why is it so hard to think that ancient peoples could do it.

  • They are earthquake proof.
    Earthquake 9.1 : hold my beer.

  • Finaly the ancient alien theorist have find the evidence all this civilization have used these (keystones) but you have to watch almost this ancient civilization have used these ancient( handbags ) too, i thought it was some advanced comunnication device with it they was in connection with each others, and i suppose all this ancient civilization was part from same alien civilization , they was not humans beings ,.Laiter after they have leave our earth, them slaves have claims them own ancesters was the true builders from all this world wide pyramides and ancient temples .But NO WAY the mankind to can does reply a whole pyramid ,i have seen recently a real experiment in egypt .There the modern egyptians want to does recreate how they would 've built all this pyramides ,they 've tryed to does carried the huge 6 tons heavi stone block with a boat made of wood ,it was amost sinked in the nile river, after they've try to does carried of sant this huge monolit, they've use a lot of metods , all from it was a huge faillures.The scientists 've said it's amost impposible to can carried these huge stones of the top of this huge pyramids without any advanced technology ,sorry for my spelling !

  • Following this last guys logic then aliens helped us build all the skyscrapers too… No thanks…

  • Rest in the good news

  • My bumble match just sent me this. Is this what love is like? 😂

  • The ONLY conclusion there is is aliens???? I love his type of conversations but when you come to the conclusion that the only possibility is aliens that just doesn’t sound right

  • Guys I figured it out. Someone went to all these different places after we discovered time travel in the future. They went back to preserve our past better, but ended up accidentally being immortalized by the local population because they were so advanced.

  • I want what they are smoking… from XD

  • "The only conclusion"…Because there's no way, ancient civilizations could have possibly been intelligent enough to erect any such structures, that Scientists & Historians of today, can not only, not solve these mysteries, but in no way, replicate them…Stupidopolis, you're a fool.

  • Stop with your aliens theory please

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