An Inconvenient History

hi everyone I’m Alexandra and today
we’re going to be talking about some inconvenient historical facts and I will
share my opinions along the way most of you have already begun to deprogram
yourself from the world in one way or another but since some of the things
I’ll be discussing today are touchy subjects I have to disable the comments
Ryan:”I was super nervous oh right I’m about to put it on YouTube where people are
just mean to be mean.” And I’m really sorry that I have to censor myself with
what I say so I will just be putting the words on the screen and just using
different terms in general so that I won’t get flagged by the bots like how
sometimes using certain words and comments can also do Customer: “let me say something maybe out of line” Lou:”oh yeah no please yeah it’s a free country I mean
sort of”. So here is a cheat sheet for the words that I’ll be using instead of the
words that might get me taken down brotherman brothers and brothermanry
the establishment Zs, Js and NZ’s everything else I will just put in front
of my face when I talk I’ve left links to the things that I discussed in the
description below this is gonna be a long one so hold on to your stress toys
we’re gonna talk about apostate churches we’re going to talk about widely held
beliefs that are not based on the Bible but are based on something else entirely
we’re gonna get into the New Age the establishments plans and the history of
indoctrination and infiltration and oh so much more dear friend while this
video is for those who follow the Word of God or Yah if you do not believe in
God you may discover that everything you’ve ever been taught about him is
wrong so be warned I personally do not follow any religion or Church I have
just found over the years of research that the truths in the Bible hold up our
a friends so how inconvenient is our history? Let’s find out we’re gonna build
a chart together to unlock as we go this chart will show how everything connects
let’s start at the top Gadreel the architect behind it all in the first
book of enoch in chapter 69 verse 6 it discusses the angels who came down to
earth and says and the third was named Gadreel
he it is who showed the children of men all the blows of death and he led astray
Eve and showed the weapons of death to the sons of men the shield and the code
of mail and a sword for battle and all the weapons of death to the children of
men do we get it he’s kind of a murderer and from his hand they have proceeded
against those who dwell on the earth from that day and forevermore you see
the suffix for the name God trial is important because -el means -of God Lucifer is simply a Latin description not a name while teaching at the temple Yahusha or in
Jesus Christ confirms the traits of God trial Lucifer when condemning the
Pharisees John 8:44 year of your father the devil and the
lusts of your father ye will do he was a murderer from the beginning and abode
not in the truth because there is no truth in him when he speaketh a lie he
speaketh of his own for he is a liar and the father of it whoa whoa whoa the
father of lies isn’t kind of harsh? Yeah well not when you
consider everything he’s corrupted it’s basically like Lucifer sneezed and
contaminated the entire world in the Garden of Eden there were many trees but
only one the tree of knowledge of good and evil was forbidden by Yah or God in
the beginning was the truth and the warning against false doctrines from the
father of lies from this street comes everything within our fallen world the
lie told in the Garden of Eden is the same lie being told today so atop this
charts it’s Gadreel Lucifer the dragon the Great Architect of the universe and
so on he has many names Lucifer and the other fallen angels were responsible for
the teachings yah warned about in the Garden of Eden and Genesis 2:17 but of
the tree of knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat for in the day that
you eat of it you shall surely die the Watchers had no problem getting a quick
start educating humanity with the wisdom which has now concealed in our second
point on the chart BAM – — these are the foundation of the fallen world and the
forbidden tree what is the exoteric or the mundane
meaning of K an article from the brotherman New Age
magazine on brotherman calm written in 1950 by a 32nd degree brother man
rabbi H Geffen says that K* is a knowledge of divine wisdom this truth is
the foundation stone upon which the regenerating and saving portion of every
true religion is based did you catch that their truth is the quote foundation
stone the base of every quote true religion most Christians assume the
foundation stone they mention is Jesus but it’s not Jesus said to them have you
never read the scriptures the stone that the builders rejected has become the
cornerstone these builders or brothers rejected Jesus their foundation stone
has a big G on it for Gadreel remember God trial means builder of God
or Mason of God from the beginning the Rosicrucians and brother men employed
Jewish mysticism and Jish Ka***list magic rabbi Geffen gives us some more
interesting information our brother man’s spiritual allegories are based on
the Kab***h which is known to us moderns as the
Ka****stic doctrine it must therefore if he well understood that the Torah
thus mentioned by the Talmud is not the written but the oral law or the Ka***h
transmitted by tradition from generation to generation until collected by Simon
Ben Yoshi and preserved in the volume of the Zo**r the systems of the K***
and esoteric brothermanry are identical and for this reason the brothers call
their temple the Temple of Solomon all the brother ceremonies have a
Kabb**stic base let me be clear Jesus as the Messiah is incompatible
with Kab**lah Kab*lah sees Jesus as an intermediary between the soul and God
which they believed to be a mental construct Ka***alah is thought to clear
away this veil of separation God is unknowable void of love and empty yet
you’re supposed to find peace and oneness in that in that sense Buddhism
and K***balah both pursue the same end and the same
insight so the Kab*lah and the Z*har are the fundamental books that most
occult magic and satanic groups base their activities on the Z*har is a group
of books that are mystical commentary on the first five books of the Bible so
when you can’t destroy the truth commentate on it so that the original
message is lost the books include scriptural interpretations theosophic
theology mystical cosmogony and mystical psychology all of those should raise red
flags but regarding thesophic theology according to theosophy the God of the
Bible is a tyrant and Lucifer is the one who came to rescue mankind from him the
Tal**dic Pharisees had Jesus killed physically and the Talm*d along with the
Kab**lah and the Zo*ar continues to metaphorically kill him in the hearts
and minds of people every day the most powerful government’s companies medias
and businesses were infiltrated long ago by men who were adept in the occult
knowledge of these books the lie spoken in the Garden of Eden is the origin of
all mystery religions Lucifer is the father of Gnosticism Gnosticism equates
to salvation through knowledge illuminated or enlightened people use
what they call the force Gnosticism believes that there is a
force that can be used for evil or good Satan represents the use of the evil
side where Lucifer represents the good but to me this perfectly represents that
this isn’t good versus evil this is bad versus evil this force describes the two
beasts of Revelation 13 the first and the second white and black light and
dark this force is the opposite of God and first John 1:5 it says that God is
light and in him is no darkness at all the mystery religions started again
after the flood with the Builder Nimrod and Babylon but after God confused their
languages people didn’t stop worshipping their false gods and the result was that
the name of Nimrod became Osiris in Egypt Mithras and Persia and so on the
mystery religions morphed into Egyptian paganism rabbinic Jism Greek
mythology Hinduism brothermanry in the New Age the gods of all these different
cultures had all the same characteristics and attributes they just
had different names the Pharisees from Jesus’s day practiced
the mystery religions in the K**alah these Pharisees perverted the faith and
hope people had in a coming Messiah which is why the people didn’t realize
Jesus was the fulfillment of their prophecies this is still happening but
we’ll get into some of that later the mystery religions have been
rebranded and repackaged for the masses today as the New Age and these teachings
have made their way into the Christian churches through very well-thought-out
strategies to infiltrate churches and spread disinformation and lies using the
brotherman speaking of which let’s take a closer look at the many branches that
have come out of Ka**alah brotherman I am specifically talking about the
esoteric traditions and the high-ranking members not the misled masses or members
who are deliberately lied to by their higher-ups and who have no esoteric
knowledge and haven’t done any research into their own organization the same
thing happens in all institutions work school church the masses are not part of
the elite leadership within a cult organizations like brother manry there
are two levels of plants the exoteric and the esoteric
within the organization’s there are also light and dark paths at the lower
levels the initiative an exoteric information they’re told things like the
G stands for God or a geometry as the initiative progresses through the ranks
they are given more esoteric knowledge if they are deemed worthy to know it by
their higher ranking members brother men like churchgoers are usually left on an
exoteric basis never knowing the true core history or agenda of the religion
or organization they were part of before even being considered a candidate the
prospective brother has to complete a form asking to be initiated into the
mysteries a poem from 1723 written in london called the brothers a hooter
brass tick poem tells the truth about the founding of brother manry one line
says if history be not ancient fable brother men came from the Tower of Babel
brotherman’s history can be traced from Nimrod to Solomon to the Pharisees then
throughout Europe where it was built on by secret societies like these as well
as the mystery religions like Mazdain to Mithraism like witchcraft, platonic
humanists and philosophers years after Nimrod. Ezekiel 8:15 through 16 seems to
describe a brother man meeting of the tribe of Judah then he said to me have
you seen this O son of man you will see still greater abominations than these
and he brought me into the inner Court of the house of the Lord and behold at
the entrance of the temple of the Lord between the porch and the altar were
about 25 men with their backs to the temple of the Lord and their faces
toward the east worshiping the Sun towards the east
Satanism requires its initiates to go through brother manry since it teaches
the symbology and thought process of the mystery religions not all high-ranking
brothers or Satanists but all high-ranking Satanists are brothers
according to the J* Chronicle dated December 20th of 1867 Jism is brother
manry and brothermanry is Jism if all roads led back to an Amazon tribe
or the Irish or the Swedish I would be talking about them but an honest
researcher or historian has to admit there is always a connection
– these people Israel – Leoben emmanuel de llamada Abraham Alexander who was a
rabbi and Moses Levy were original founders of the mother Supreme Council
Scottish Rite in South Carolina in Charleston today the original site of
the mother Supreme Council is commemorated by this marker where a bank
now stands Hezekiah Levy a J brother was one of the first members of the
Fredericksburg Lodge number four the lodge President George Washington joined
Benjamin Franklin is a famous J brother and Rosicrucian he was the founder of
the American Philosophical Society and became the head of the very occultic
Grand Orient brotherman when he was in France
Lucifer’s mischaracterization of God gave birth to all religions he took the
first truth and inverted it he’s the good guy and God is the bad guy at the
core of all mystery religions God is evil and Lucifer is the light bearer of
freedom yeah the thing is truth is not a religion God the Creator equals truth
and the truth is always true you don’t get to pick and choose truth you can
choose your characterization of it there are facts which are true unchangeable
our characterization of these facts is where we get our opinions stances and
thoughts about them again opinions don’t change facts a fact is there are
powerful organizations running the world and at the top level worship Lucifer my
characterization is that these organizations are generally bad evil in
fact and will be dealt with by the judge the most high others characterized
Lucifer as a hero but nothing changes the facts someone who picked and chose
the truth was Joseph Smith the founder of Mormonism he claimed that he was
given the lost key word to the higher brother man degrees by an angel
he thought he could create a high level super right of brothermanry. Smith
added esoteric Christianity taught by brothers to his new Mormon religion he
also changed Genesis to the book of Moses that included occult mystic
Christian teachings and Gnosticism according to the cyclopædia of
fraternities brother manry is quote directly or indirectly the parent of all
modern secrets society’s good bad or indifferent in the
30th to 33rd degrees of brothermanry it starts to become more evident that the
god of their organization is Lucifer in the book the hidden life and brothermanry author and Theosophist Charles W Leadbeater says it must of course be
understood the conferring of the higher degrees put certain definite powers in
the hands of the recipient later he explains what these certain definite
powers are the 33rd degree links the sovereign grand inspector general with
the spiritual king of the world himself that mightiest of adepts who stands at
the head of the great white lodge and whose strong hands lie the destinies of
Earth in awakens the powers of the triple spirit as far as they can yet be
awakened so the powers that are given at the highest degree in brother manry are
the powers of lucifer the spiritual king of the world since i am not a brother
man or an Eastern woman I cannot say for sure what this triple spirit represents
possibly the threefold flame or a possible reference to the three parts of
consciousness often spoken about in gnosis the multi consciousness consists
of the superconscious the self conscious and the subconscious these are
incredibly important to programming but that is for another day he even explains
how the brothers are given angels to ork with them the 30th degree gives the
brother an angel also a great blue deva of the first ray he also describes
gigantic angels taking over 33rd degree brothers the 33rd degree gives to such
splendid fellow workers spirits of gigantic size as compared to humanity
and radiant white in color he then explains how certain seventh ray angels
or ascended masters help out in the lodge or chapter and it’s sometimes the
type of angels who respond are different this suggests a ceremonial type of
high-level magic or witchcraft being performed to some of these entities now
these are just a few examples of many similar occult references to angelic
beings being attached to brothers if one really understands the occult or
Luciferian witchcraft nature of brother man read then it becomes clear why the
power of the lodge promotes the revival of the mystery religions the
religion of the fallen Albert Pike sovereign grand commander of the
Scottish rites southern jurisdiction created a highly secretive occult right
called the Palladium rite piladism originated in Egypt with pythagoras and
has a long secret history and Pike was instrumental in bringing it to the
brotherman lodges according to the ancient and primitive right of memphis
misraim Pike named the order the new and reformed Palladian rite is in
fact Lucifer who was worshipped within this Rite of brothermanry the holy see
of the dogma for the whole brotherman world was set up a Charleston the sacred
city of the Palladium Pike the sovereign pontiff of Lucifer was the president of
the Supreme dogmatic directory composed of ten brothers of the highest grades
who formed his supreme Grand Council of emeritus brothers the sovereign
executive directory of high brother man was established in Rome under Mazzini
himself the late New Age teacher Elizabeth Clare prophet of the Church
Universal and Triumphant stated many times that she is following orders from
the great white Brotherhood the great white Brotherhood is the same group that
Alice Bailey Helena Blavatsky the Rosicrucians and the esoteric brother
men follow that st. Germain on the right to the seventh ray brother book ancient
mystic oriental brother II says quote ancient wisdom religion is the thread
soul on which ur strung all the various incarnations and encasements of the
religious life begotten by that spiritual hierarchy the great white
Brotherhood in whose guardianship is the evolution of the human race brought
forth from them they the guardians of the mystic tradition give to those
children of men who are strong enough for the burden a portion of the real
teaching of the divine science the science of the soul concerning God and
man and the wonderful relationship that exists between the two the philosophy
behind the mystery religions brothermanry theosophy Gnosticism and the new age
are all based on the same idea seek out the fruit of the tree of good
and evil for it shall make ye a god God told Adam that if he ate from the tree
of knowledge of good and evil he would surely die it would separate him
eternally from God but god rile lucifer told Eve that if she
eight of it her eyes would be opened and she would be as gods the first lie ever
spoken is still believe today everyone in history has had to confront the exact
same scenario as Adam and Eve choose the truth of God’s wisdom or choose the tree
of supposed knowledge in other words if it seem evil unto you to serve the Lord
choose ye this day whom you will serve whether the gods which your father’s
served on the other side of the flood or the gods of the Emirates and whose land
ye dwell but asked from me in my house we will serve the Lord
in 1798 Scottish scientist John Robinson wrote in his book proofs of a conspiracy
about the various people who used brother man lodges for deceitful
purposes in several places he writes that the early lodges were used by the
Jesuits sidenote it takes 17 years to complete Jesuit training at this time
also the Jesuits took a more active hand in brother manry than ever
they insinuated themselves into the English lodges where they were caressed
by the Catholics who panted after their reestablishment of their faith and
tolerated by the Protestant Royalists who thought no concession too great a
compensation for their services at this time changes were made in some of the
symbols particularly the tracing of the lodge which bear evident marks of
Jesuitical interference by 1860 the Grand Orient lodges established
communism which took them one step closer in the implementation of the
establishments goals Jish brother Karl Marx was the leader
in the creation of communism Giuseppe Mazzini of Italy was even more
influential Mazzini and Garibaldi led a revolution in Italy and installed a
brother man government Napoleon also a brother man was in charge of
infiltrating France he continued the revolution in the name of liberty
equality and fraternity one of the most recognizable brother man phrases brother
man controlled the Church of England Italy Germany France and other European
countries in the 1800s and through Jesuit leadership brothers controlled
the Vatican and the Catholic Church possibly by starting the infamous P2 – or
propaganda due a lodge in the Vatican the p2 Lodge having ties with the Mafia
being as Mazzini was the founder of both most researchers
have come across the information about Albert Pike and Giuseppe Mazzini letters
about the world wars they wrote that it would take three world wars to destroy
the world’s love for nationalism and to ensure the people would demand a
one-world government the letter written in 1871 was sent to various brotherman
lodges and explained how three world wars were to be created to bring in a
one-world government one of the letters was displayed at the London Museum until
1977 where some claim it was moved to the British Library in London the
library claims letter doesn’t exist if the letter doesn’t exist then somehow
the wars played out exactly as this non-existent letter predicted prior to
the first world war there was no sense of urgency by the people who designed
this plan for these three world wars the letter said the first world war must be
brought about in order to permit the establishment to overthrow the power of
the czars in Russia and of making that country a fortress of atheistic
communism the divergence is caused by this agentur of the establishment
between the British and Germanic empires will be used to ferment this war at the
end of the war communism will be built and used in order to destroy the other
governments and in order to weaken the religions the brotherman were involved
in the assassination of the Archduke Francis Ferdinand it touched off a chain
of reactions the goal was to create enough chaos and remove Russian Tsar
Nicholas Romanov Z Vladimir Lenin had created a Workers Union called the
Bolsheviks after they executed Tsar Nicholas and his family they began the
Russian Communist Party so the First World War played out exactly his Pike
and mzee nice letters said it would the second world war must be fermented by
taking advantage of the differences between the fascists and the political
disease this war must be brought about so that NZ ISM is destroyed and that the
political Z ISM be strong enough to institute a sovereign state of Israel
and Palestine during the Second World War international communism must become
strong enough in order to balance Christendom which would be then
restrained and held in check until the time when we would need it for the final
social Cataclysm check Israel was created in 1948 with the help
of the Rothschilds England and the Balfour Declaration the nz’s were used
to exterminate the Hebrew J’s and replace them with Z’s the world now
sympathized with the Jewish people not aware that the Z’s had infiltrated J
ism and the Cabal was free to invade Palestine claim it for Israel and
completely eliminate the last true Israelites in 1961 an Orthodox J Ben
Hetch wrote the book perfidy where he shows evidence that the Z and reformed
J’s sacrificed the Orthodox J’s of Europe and that the emigration
bureaucracy of the Third Reich was run by Z’s the immigration officials made
sure the Rothschilds and reformed J’s got out of Europe but the Orthodox J’s
were abandoned in 1985 Z David Wyman wrote the abandonment of the J’s and
admits that the American Z’s concentrated on the creation of the
nation of Israel rather than try to say if the Orthodox J’s in Europe he writes
the unavoidable conclusion is that during the H the leadership’s of
Americans Z ISM concentrated its major force on the drive for a future Jewish
state in Palestine it consigned rescue of the J’s to a distinctly secondary
position communism also became stronger because in 1949 China became a communist
nation they just celebrated their 70th anniversary so far the first two world
wars seemed to have accomplished the goals set out by pike in Mazzini when
the public is distracted by things like war scientists are usually carrying out
the most depraved experiments since the fall and taught the weapons and working
of death humanity has literally been caged hunted and experimented on like
animals ancient writings of various cultures depict all sorts of forms of
torture unfortunately the scientists we often
hail as heroes or nothing but devils themselves or mad scientist’s this
section may be a little bit graphic for those who do not want to hear about
bizarre experiments or surgical procedures in the 1940s and 50s there
were plenty of Soviet scientists who were experimenting with all types of
things that modern scientism says were pioneers for things like organ
transplants the white was not strictly medical the point
was to figure out how the physiology works so they could manipulate it as
they see fit they perfected nerve gas torture techniques and biological
weapons they wanted to bring the dead back to life and capture consciousness
the ultimate goal was control over creation both physical and mental Ilya
Ivanovich even oaf made hybrids of mouse rats
zebra donkeys bison cows and guinea pig rats hey he even tried a few times to
make a half-human half-ape there was Sergei Bruconico who invented a
primitive heart-lung machine called the autojektor the most famous of his
experiments were with severed heads of dogs one of which was able to eat a
piece of cheese for the onlooking audience he did dog head transplants too
and brought executed dogs back to life and Vladimir Demikhov the dude that
sewed two dogs together if anyone’s curious soviet experiments on dogs were
recorded in the documentary experiments in the revival of organisms these men
play God they decide whether an animal lives or dies
they decide whether humans live or die they study whatever evil agenda they
have in mind during this time period there was always an esoteric reason
remember these are also above-ground scientists those in the so-called
underworld as the establishment calls it are allegedly working with hybrids which
is nothing new I mean Nephilim or hybrids they’ve
always been obsessed with gene the quote father of
biological warfare Shiro Ishii was chief of Japan’s biological warfare program in
the Japanese military between world wars whose record includes deliberately
infecting thousands of captives with deadly diseases and dissecting over
3,000 live prisoners without anesthesia we wouldn’t know how to properly warm
someone up from hypothermia without the grotesque freezing experiments conducted
by Sigmund Reiter he also killed plenty of victims with his portable pressure
chamber to see how much weight a human body can withstand in the name of
science of course racer also developed cyanide suicide pills this brings me to
the most notorious of all the angel of death
also known as Yosef Mengele or the father of modern mind-control was a
doctor of philosophy and medicine who performed horrifying experiments on
humans and was responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of
people the German SS officer and physician at the auschwitz-birkenau
concentration camps during this had a bottomless pool of condemned human
beings at his disposal you see the problem the mind-control doctor saw
their patients as subhuman his cattle guinea pigs
now participation by psychiatrists scientists and doctors were not just a
few random guys interested in mind control instead these experiments were
organized and systematic and involved many psychiatrists and medical schools
in good standing like Yale Harvard UCLA Stanford the mind control experiments
occurred with biological and chemical weapons as well as radiation all funded
by these people this did not happen the way that the establishment wants you to
believe that it did it’s a massive topic worth exploring if you haven’t already
the significance of this cannot be underestimated
some Christians receive spiritual warfare is something
happening on a personal level just the spiritual personal level the world is
not generally perceived as a threat the moderate victims of today are the
product of centuries of efforts by the Cabalists the brother men’s and occult
adepts to completely control human behavior the reality is the world and
the most powerful people are out to destroy them that there are real humans
and real human institutions the desire to do physical harm to us humans as a
whole when the monarch programming started the top men in the monarch
programming project were in the establishment Josef Mengele was the lead
programmer and had already achieved the rank of Grandmaster within the
establishment and was a skilled Kabbalistic magician he disappeared from
Auschwitz in January of 1945 when the establishment smuggled him to the US so
that his knowledge of programming which was fine-tuned on thousands of
concentration camp child victims could be put to the use on a mass scale in the
u.s. programming was simplistic before the NZ Germans came over the reason for
all the strange and horrific experimentation was for mind control
another successful Enterprise started by the NZ’s was via Operation Paperclip
and operation bloodstone to bring the NZ scientists to America to found
scientific organizations such as NASA and the CIA what about the coming third
world war well what if I told you that the third world war is over
according to Pike the third world war must be fomented by taking advantage of
the differences caused by the Asian tour of the establishment between the
political Z’s and the leaders of the Islamic world the war must be conducted
in such a way that Islam and political Zism mutually destroy each other
meanwhile the other nations once more divided on the issue will be constrained
to fight to the point of complete physical moral spiritual and economical
exhaustion we shall unleash the nihilists and the atheist and we will
provoke a formidable social Cataclysm which in all its horror will show
clearly to the nation’s the effect of absolute atheism origin of savagery and
of the most bloody turmoil then everywhere the citizens obliged to
defend themselves against the world minorities of
revolutionaries will exterminate those destroyers of civilization and the
multitude disillusioned with Christianity whose deistic spirits will
from that moment be without compass or direction anxious for an ideal but
without knowing where to render its adoration we’ll receive the true light
through the universal manifestation the pure doctrine of Lucifer brought finally
out in the public view this manifestation will result from the
general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity
and atheism both conquered and exterminated at the same time their
quote Global War on Terror plan has succeeded and true Christianity has been
replaced with mystic or Brother manic Christianity and atheism replaced with
pseudo pagan or new-age Allegiance all glorifying Lucifer’s gnosis the Scottish
Rite motto is order AB ko or order out of chaos the two beasts of Revelation
represent the right and the left the dark and the light white and black bad
and evil they’re part of the same checkerboard floor the left eye the
right eye same face one of the main goals of brother manry is to return to a
golden age a millennial hope that depends on some type of Messiah or King
to rule they believe in rebuilding Solomon’s Temple the exoteric belief is
that a physical third temple will be built in Jerusalem but the true esoteric
meaning that they know is that the temple is in us our souls the people who
have shaped our reality know that that is truly rebuilding the temple by
rebuilding humanity into their creation a lot of people think that the Catholic
Church is the one running the world and making all the plans but they don’t know
how to CIA the Communist Rothschilds and the brothers are the ones running the
Catholic Church when Pope John Paul the 1st suddenly died of a heart attack 33
days after his election in 1978 many believed it was because the brothers
were not able to control him so they got rid of him on his 33rd day Prince
Bernhard of the Netherlands and part of the black nobility had veto power over
who became Pope after the Second World War these things indicate that the
Catholic Church is controlled by a more power
force brothers infiltrated and took over the Catholic Church a fraternal summit
was held in 1967 on Washington’s birthday where leaders of the Catholic
Knights of Columbus and the leaders of the northern jurisdiction of the
Scottish Rite of brother manry discussed combining the two orders with the goal
of capturing the Catholic Church John Paul II first was poisoned by brother
man and John Paul the second a Polish J and a brother man replaced him important
members of the Bilderbergers now have veto power over who becomes the Pope the
brother men have infiltrated every position of power within the Vatican
hierarchy while the p2 Lodge continues financing corrupt causes the Catholic
Church has been the major power behind the ecumenical movement which is
purposefully taken Christian churches away from their doctrinal foundations
what’s important about the Catholic Church is its power and size after some
stops and starts the Catholic Church fell into line and is now aligned with
the forces who controlled them recently numerous priests have been discovered
molesting children and hundreds of lawsuits have been filed against them
but it is still not coming out that this abuse is connected to ritual
trauma-based mind control as a point of interest each of these has ties back to
this family now that we’ve laid the foundation we
can go a little bit deeper let’s take a look at the daughter of brother man REE
the new age contrary to the popular use of the term the origins of the new age
are as ancient as it gets in 1957 the New Age leader brother man
and Theosophical society president Alice Bailey said there is no association
between the one universal Church the sacred inter Lodge of all true brothers
and the innermost circles of esoteric societies she also wrote in her book
externalization of the hierarchy that the three main channels through which
the preparation for the new age is going on might be regarded as the church the
brother man fraternity and the educational field the establishment has
the power to control who the experts are pay attention to who was in these top
positions who gets rode scholarships academic positions media coverage or as
seen as an expert in any field look who gets their books published their songs
played their clothes worn their people are often placed in prominent
positions when thousands of better candidates are overlooked for example
here’s a clip of non-establishment youtuber anthony of ten second songs and
here’s establishments Lana Del Rey on SNL there is a power base the establishment
creates by influencing who we think our experts are the importance of distorting
history at the very beginning is so everything from then on is built on a
faulty foundation the mind works to protect this framework at all costs
which is why so many suffer from cognitive dissonance and defend their
tradition oriented beliefs instead of actual truth the reason this rewriting
of history is important is to hide events and examples that would expose
the occult rulers of not just the US but across the world who writes the history
books who pays to keep them written as they want in 1946 the Rockefeller
Foundation admitted in their annual report that they are subsidizing
corporations of historians to prevent anyone from rewriting history however
they haven’t destroyed any evidence or documents it’s just been occulted from
the public the truth lies just beneath the surface but they know that few will
look fewer will go through their gatekeepers and even fewer will put all
the pieces together like how maria montessori the founder of the Montessori
system has ties to the Theosophical society this inconvenient truth of
rewriting history can anger people because they’ve been led to believe in
myths such as George Washington and the other founding fathers were great
Christians according to George Washington Thomas Jefferson and
Benjamin Franklin were deists who worshiped the light and rejected the
fact that Jesus is the Messiah small groups who have been trained by leading
brother men have been infiltrating Christian churches for decades now the
main purpose was to rely on existing churches with new-age thinking in the
book the secret teachings of the brother man lodge by John Ankerberg and John
Weldon the education on historical commission of the Grand Lodge of Georgia
said quote let us take a look at the number of great Bible classes for
which have been organized by the church many of these classes are being led by
enlightened brothers these laymen are bringing to the interpretation of the
Bible many of the brother man’s great revelations Elizabeth Claire prophet
makes it clear she believes she is following orders from the great white
Brotherhood which is the same group that Helena Blavatsky Alice Bailey the
Rosicrucians and the esoteric brotherman follow the brother manic book ancient
mystical oriental brother manry from 1907 says quote the ancient wisdom
religion is the thread soul on which ur strung all various incarnations and
encasements of the religious life begotten by that spiritual hierarchy the
great white Brotherhood in whose guardianship is the evolution of the
human race this may all seem random but all of these characters eventually
connect Helena Blavatsky started the Theosophical society sometimes called Co
brothermanry with the help of a Rosicrucian group as the primary
sponsors it was her belief that Lucifer was the savior of mankind and that the
God of the Bible was the adversary of man and felt the name Satan described
God better than Lucifer once the key to Genesis is in her hands
the scientific and symbolic unveils the secret the great serpent of
the Garden of Eden and the Lord God are identical
she is insinuating the secret of K**alah is that Lucifer is God
Blavatsky and the Theosophical society see those believing in scriptures as of
fighting against divine truth when repudiating and slandering the dragon of
esoteric divine wisdom this stuff has even made its way into children’s shows
an episode of Arthur from 2017 shows the Tree of Life and tells the story of
trying to make a golem a mind-controlled slave
Lucifer’s mischaracterization of God gave birth to all the mystery religions
the Theosophical society speaks of the second coming of Christ as Christ
consciousness of man’s divinity returning to the human race theosophist
John H Dewey wrote it is not proposed be it observed to replace Christianity by
Buddhism nor Buddhism by Mohammed ism nor both by Jism nor yet all three by
spiritism but to bring each of the old religions back to its esoteric origin
meaning in purity and if they are found to be in essence one shall we not have
found the true religion of humanity while the entire point is to
kill God the mystery religions brother meant theosophy Gnosticism and the New
Age movement teach that true mystic or cosmic Christianity is the gnostic quest
for enlightenment q is the newest incarnation of promoting the same false
teaching thus continuing the idea that man can be God by seeking out the fruit
of the tree of good and evil this was the whole point of Pike and mizzini
three world wars for God to be replaced with the God of gnosis many have fallen
for the evangelical twist to accuse posts and Trump’s outward appearance but
it is nothing but mystic false teachings meant to bend the public into worship of
the state Georg Hegel the German philosopher who popularized dialectics
said the universal is to be found in the state the state is the divine idea as it
exists on earth we must therefore worship the state as the manifestation
of the divine on earth and consider that if it is difficult to comprehend nature
it is harder to grasp the essence of the state the state is the march of God
through the world just because something sounds good does not mean that it is not
a wolf in sheep’s clothing most hear the term New Age and think of
crystals or tarot cards or yoga but that’s its utmost exoteric form that
infiltrated popular culture I hope you’ve started to see it’s much more
complex than that the popular New Age movement in the
search for enlightenment is often tied in with natural drugs as well like
mushrooms Psychonauts are still looking for
enlightenment via eating of a form of physical representation of the fruit of
the tree of knowledge of good and evil hallucinogenic plants and substances
however there can be an aggressive lack of curiosity about the origins of trends
among Christians I Drive by a lot of churches promoting their yoga classes
and I want you to think about this when it is not corrupted by the occult but
rather incorporated by the occult you know which side it stands on the very
core is at its roots yoga originated from the ancient worship of Hindu gods
against the first commandment false prophets dressed up like lambs but
preaching Lucifer’s version of liberation will never lead to truth or
awakening or moksha in a lead to possession infestation and
oppression by demonic or negative entities remember how any pagan or
occult practices act as consent no matter how exoteric it looks Isaac:”I was
getting so lightheaded then finally when she told us to stop and like touch our
faces I felt like my face was like numb like I
could my hands I knew my hands were touching my face but it didn’t feel like
I was I guess it would be comparable to like if you’ve never tried like Vicodin
or something like that you just felt high and numb.” It all goes back to the hidden secret
knowledge of the serpent gods knowledge is free freedom comes from truth but
despotism thrives on ignorance astrology is another example of a trend that is
purely esoteric at its core the fallen angel Baraquael was the one who taught
astrology to men some like to claim superiority over Christians by saying
astrology predates it and while it does predate the organized religion called
Christianity it does not predate Christ and the Creator in the beginning was the
word and the Word was with God and the Word was God Christ and God did not
begin with organized Christianity the Creator predates creation one last word
of caution regarding the popular new-age practice meditation when done is a group
this can be extremely dangerous meditation puts you into an alpha state
or a flat state if you spend an hour to an hour and a half a day in meditation
after a few weeks there is a great probability that you will not return to
full beta consciousness the more you meditate the flatter your mind becomes
until thought ceases according to the psychonaut field manual this
biologically flat state is referred to as gnosis brotherman in their use of the
New Age had no plans to violently destroy the church but to silently
overthrow it New Age writer William Thompson states this new spirituality
does not reject the earlier patterns of the great universal religions Priest and
Church will not disappear they will not be forced out of existence in the new
age they will be absorbed into the existence of the new age Christianity
has systematically been assassinated and replaced by the brother man’s early
true Christians are still being persecuted by these brothers why do I
have to monitor what I’m saying why will I be taken down my voice silenced and my
free will to express my beliefs taken away I mean people who expose these
organizations don’t generally have great track records which is why I really
appreciate you guys keeping me in your prayers that means a lot
the truth is being persecuted not nominal Christians who sit in a building
and listen to trained pastors who were taught at their brother man run
seminaries the truth gets shut down at every turn but lies looking like truth
get promoted and followed why are we the truth speakers the minority because we
are like a drop in a wave because we metaphorically have to walk miles and
miles just to find another true believer we stand for truth and lies hate nothing
more than being exposed this is the reason that the mcchurches will never
be shut down they’re not a threat most of brotherman run organizations and
Satan will not divide his own kingdom he may use it to reach a synthesis but he
will never destroy it in monarch programming there are two kingdoms the
kingdom of Satan which is powerful and meant to be feared that represents the
world and the kingdom of light not shown to be good powerful or intelligent but
acts as a place to go to escape the fear and trauma of Satans Kingdom these two
kingdoms and Programming act as the brothers want the church to be a safe
place for the mind to recuperate from an overwhelmingly terrifying world but it’s
not intended to be a threat or have any power over Satan’s Kingdom a lot of
Christians treat Church the same way what can God do for me not what can I do
for God a place to socialize to see and be seen to to go for the sake of Phoenix
point is most of these types of Christians are still very active in
Lucifer’s Kingdom and believe because they accepted Jesus they have free reign
to act as everyone else but not be judged for it God sees this hypocrisy
and divides those who truly know him from those who just know of him
everyone knows the parable of the weaned the tares choose the wheat and leave the
tears but agriculturally it’s actually a fascinating metaphor wheat is a grain or a cereal type plant that is processed for food a
tare is a type of weed that resembles wheat during the early stages of
growth a tare is a weed also known as false wheat so the biblical metaphor
used just in the agricultural meaning wheat and tares represent not just
believers versus non-believers it’s actually the difference in true
believers and those that appear to be so to conclude this section the New Age
religion can be condensed into seven identifying beliefs according to Fritz
Springmeyer one God is impersonal to Christ is not all-mighty God but a good
teacher three Jesus is but one of many Christ’s for sin and evil do not exist
five man should seek instruction from the spiritual world six all religious
teachings are of Merit except those that are Christian and believe in absolute
truth therefore the religious views of Egypt Babylon India and the Aztecs are
held to be a value for us today and seven man can be a God speaking of wheat
and false wheat or tears we cannot discuss God riyals viral infection of
our world without talking about one of his favorite hangouts Church there are
three major fronts used by the elite for programming monarchs slaves and the
general population which are religious fronts the national security agencies
and the military as well as the entertainment business including
Hollywood in the music industry as a fourth the religious fronts have been
used for centuries by groups like the Jesuits and the assassins and more
recently the Church of Scientology the Church Universal and triumphant the
Church of Satan the charismatic movement and mega churches mega churches are full
of new age and frankly unbiblical teachings like casting visions and
prosperity preaching independent or non brother preachers want to uplift people
they want to share the word in a hopeful and loving way that’s not the brothers
intent at all religious fronts are important to the establishment because
they give them an outlet to balance their good and bad deeds as their
Gnostic philosophy requires unless someone does good charitable
deeds they can’t be high up in the Luciferian hierarchy just because
someone donates to charity or does something respectable doesn’t mean that
they are too high up Luciferian it’s actually a requirement those of you who
know about programming understand the complexity amnesia wall is involved in
the structure of altars if the programmers wants they can shatter a
front Christian altar level and create a new level of new-age believing altars to
replace the Christian one we have just witnessed an example of this one John
Cooper of skillet posted an article about the massive falling away of how
many church leaders are abandoning the faith in favor of the new age even
though our world and those who run it promote white witchcraft in the form of
the feel-good New Age the Bible is clear that all witchcraft is wrong there shall
not be found among you anyone who practices witchcraft for all who do
these things are an abomination to the Lord how can we expect churches to be
warning about the new age when they don’t even warned about the pagan
origins of Christmas or Easter or they don’t talk about the times were in that
may have been acceptable thirty twenty or ten years ago but in this age of
information remaining ignorant is untenable the establishment doesn’t just
program individuals they program entire nations the most influential people in
the establishment are the very ones who groomed the world to believe that Billy
Graham was a man of God the image the establishment created of Billy Graham is
not real the same establishment that created Billy Graham is the one who put
In God We Trust on the federal reserve’s money God is capitalized because it’s an
acronym guns oil drugs but it’s more than that it’s the god of this world
after decades of cooperation between almost all Christian churches worldwide
through organizations like the National Council of Churches the Billy Graham
Crusades and The Promise Keepers Orthodox Catholic Protestant and
non-denominational churches can all be thought of as one huge organization the
infiltration and control of the Christian religion was one of the
easiest tasks for the establishment since they are considered soft targets
by the intelligence agencies non-believers look to the hypocrisy of
churches and these false teachers and conclude that God must be evil and bad
or even just a fictitious idea but they never stop and think about Lucifer’s
role his free will and the army of people he has doing his work
throwing the true scriptures out because of the false scriptures of Christians II
ISM is an erroneous logical fallacy that happens all too often an honest
researcher will look into these fallacies and get down to the bottom of
it realizing the brilliance in awe of the one true God and the unimaginable
links that Lucifer will go to to convince the world otherwise look I get
it it’s not cool to follow God I know the way the world wants us to feel about
him but being treated badly by hypocrites and people who claim to know
him is no excuse for not getting to know him yourself
that’s like saying you’ll never eat vegetables because you hate vegans God
isn’t the God that Church created he’s a full of hate and legalism God is truth
and the truth is love it is through his truth that were set free if Lucifer
can’t destroy the truth and erase God he can make us forget the true teachings by
replacing them with charismatic leaders who teach their own doctrines like Billy
Graham although many may have been aided in their relationship with Christ
through the exoteric facade of people like Graham the reality of these leaders
is very dark Billy Graham became a nationally known figure in 1949 thanks
to multi-millionaire William Randolph Hearst influence and financial backing
all the presidents and many leading politicians worldwide have been close
friends with Graham strategic control and execution of the dark or light world
order succeed by placing key 33rd degree brothers at the top of political
religious and economic institutions Billy Graham’s first Crusades were
funded by people in the establishment the Vanderbilts the Rockefellers the
Whitney’s and Chase Manhattan Bank William Randolph Hearst media empire was
responsible for publishing glowing reviews of his Crusades just because
Billy Graham does good things or preaches the gospel does not mean he is
not part of the network or the establishment remember Gnostic
philosophy requires them to do good deeds to offset their bad ones some of
the greatest philanthropists also some of the highest-ranking
Satanists Billy Graham publicly supported the ecumenical mission of the
World Council of Churches and the National Council of Churches their
mission is to combine all churches into one unity Billy Graham did more than
anyone to bring about the one-world church Christians have been conditioned
to believe that Billy Graham is a great prophet of God by the establishment
media which in reality he was a 33rd degree brother man who had many angelic
attachments and was given an honorary knighthood by the Order of the British
Empire he was allowed to be with every president from Truman to Trump and was
called America’s pastor I mean do you really think that the establishment
would allow presidents and powerful people like Billy Graham if there was
any danger he would actually bring someone to Christ know they’d get rid of
him one way or another they wouldn’t be praising him the same way that the Pope
is venerated and loved by the world whereas the truth and the real Jesus
Christ of his teachings are trampled on and despised Graham’s Crusades were like
concerts most of the people there were his fans people who’ve never heard of
the band’s music usually don’t show up most of the attendees were already
Christians and most decisions were for trivial things like quitting smoking
after a crusade in Scotland for example churches there noticed a decline in
membership not the promised increase by the crusade staff but when the media
reported on the Crusades they made it seem as though thousands of people
became new Christians on may 28th of 1978 in the Japanese newspaper Mainichi
Daily News Graham said I think communism is appeal to youth is its structure and
promise of a future utopia Mao tse-tung’s eight precepts are basically
the same as Ten Commandments in fact if we can’t have the Ten Commandments read
in the school’s I’ll settle for Mouse precepts Jesus said woe to you when all
men speak well of you for so did the fathers to the false prophets in terms
of a paper trail we have the following Billy Graham’s books consistently refer
to basically only brothers Billy Graham endorsed the brother Manek de Molay
program of youth as God’s work this endorsement by Billy Graham is in a
brother man book that is used to educate people about the craft that book is the
clergy in the craft and it says that the people who are quoted
our brothers his closest associates were brotherman
like David and McConnell who was the director of the Billy Graham
Evangelistic Association and a US ambassador to the United Nations the
southern baptists of which Billy Graham was a member are controlled by the
brother men during the 1920s the Southern Baptist joined the brothers by
the millions the establishment made it a top priority in the 1940s and 50s to
infiltrate churches after an initial 20-year period of intense infiltration
they could count on their members to generationally continue their presence
and influence none of a Southern Baptist Convention’s presidents have opposed
brother manry Billy Graham gave away his association with brother men with his
prominent false teaching and brother manry of inclusive ism the belief the
followers of non-christian religions will also be saved what do you think is
the future of Christianity well Christianity and being a true believer
you know I think there’s the the body of Christ which comes from all the
Christian groups around the world outside the Christian groups I think
everybody that loves Christ on those Christ whether they’re conscious of it
or not they’re members of the body of Christ and I don’t think that we’re
going to see a great sweeping revival that will turn the whole world to Christ
at any time I think James answered that the Apostle James in the first council
in Jerusalem when he said that God’s purpose for this age is to call out a
people for his name and that’s what God is doing today
he’s calling people for it out of the world for his name whether they come
from the Muslim world of the Buddhist world all the Christian world of a
non-believing world they are members of the body of Christ because they’ve been
called by God they may not even know the name of Jesus but they know in their
heart that they need something that they don’t have and they turn to the only
light life they have and I think that they are
saved and that they’re going to be with us in heaven suspense dick I’m so
thrilled to hear you say that there’s a wideness in God’s mercy” verse this is false in
Luke 13:24 Yahusha Christ says strive to enter through the narrow door for many I
say to you will seek to enter and will not be able and again in Matthew 7:13
enter through the narrow gate for wide is the gate and broad is the road that
leads to destruction and many enter through it but small is the gate and
narrow the road that leads to life and only a few find it one of the biggest
evangelists you know Bible preaching you know religious figures Protestant
figures is a Billy Graham was the only pastor to lie
in honor in the rotunda of the Capitol building such a high worldly honor for a
true man of God or wasn’t honoring a brother man that had completed his
mission there’s a lot more to Billy Graham than meets the eye I have left a
link to an article about Billy Graham and his ties to sra with links for you
to research in the description if you’re interested the establishment created
Billy Graham and he started the evangelical revival or another Great
Awakening around the world but instead of making strong Christians he watered
down the faith merged it with all other religions and taught unbiblical doctrine
Billy Graham was the product of a decades-long infiltration of churches
that started primarily with john d rockefeller senior who was instrumental
in funding seminaries churches and colleges he claimed to be a member of
the Baptist Church but his gravestone gives away what church he really
belonged to speaking of Southern Baptists a friend of mine took this
photo in South Central LA where you can see the combination of brothers with the
Baptist Church the establishment also created mega churches what the brothers
did was create Mcreligions these massive fast food chain like
institutions are void of any real substance mega churches differ from the
60s and 70s churches and their appeal to a younger audience similar to their
older counterparts just updated they employ tactics commonly found in
behavior modification Jonathan Edwards was a preacher and
philosopher who began the first Great Awakening and spiritual revival in the
American colonies in the mid 1700s the Second Great Awakening happened during
the 1800s Edwards was one of the first to use
persuasion or brainwashing techniques on his congregations the preachers monotone
voice filled the Church of Northampton Massachusetts as the brilliant Jonathan
Edwards spoke he kept his eyes focused on the back wall of the church
gently Edwards’s words began to sink into the hearts of the assembly and
although his method of speaking lacked enthusiasm his words were powerful
revival followed during the 1730’s the Church of Northampton felt the stirring
of the Holy Spirit moving them from their lukewarm apathy to an awakening of
their souls delivering his most famous sermon sinners in the hands of an angry
god on July 8th of 1740 one in Enfield Connecticut Edwards helped spread the
revival a great commotion swept over the people and they began wailing and crying
and screeching loudly Edwards started brainwashing people the methods are so
ingrained today that most pastors news anchors or other people don’t even
realize the techniques they’re using have to do with behavior modification
the first step in religious or political brainwashing is to work on the emotions
of an individual or a group until they reach an abnormal level of anger fear
excitement or nervous tension this lets suggestions easily sway people since
their judgment is impaired a common formula and megachurches before the
service even starts second you walk in there will be repetitive music playing a
repetitive beat ranging from 45 to 72 beats per minute which is close to the
beat of the human heart is considered hypnotic and creates an altered state of
consciousness called the Alpha State this state makes you at least 25 times
more susceptible to suggestion then when in full beta consciousness this response
becomes conditioned and is easier to slip into with repetitive exposure like
going to church every Sunday next the guest speaker or pastor or
whomever will come out and prepare the audience for the service like a hype man
before a talk show previews before a movie and then a band will begin to play
to unite the room in older revival list type churches fear bonding
was common talking about fire and brimstone
but the mega churches of today are more of an anonymous group therapy session
they do not equipped believers with the factual information to defend their
faith or just spell all the misinformation about God from my
perspective these mega churches have made faith iasts people who act like the
world do the same things as those in the world do yet believe they’re saved
simply by saying they believe in Jesus the way that an atheist believes in
scientism or the state which created it when they don’t independently test their
ideas or test their pastors they tend to believe it at face value worshiping the
idea of God but not God directly reading countless books written by brothers
about God but not spending that time in the actual word after all that human
can’t save you that church building can’t save you your relationship with
the Creator belongs to you and him alone Christians know enough to be saved but
they don’t know enough to be dangerous to Lucifer’s kingdom a technique often
used by pastors politicians and lawyers is called the voice role which is a way
of talking to a specific rhythm creating a hypnotic effect focusing on speaking
during the exhale here’s an example to feel blessed joy to give back I’m sure
you all can think of a couple of examples one of those may have been a
president but let me be clear it’s technique it’s very effective movie
theaters and concerts work the same way some of the popular pastors are very
skilled at these techniques according to cheat sheet calm this is
the net worth of the 10 richest pastors Joyce you are little gods Meyer is worth
8 million TV prosperity gospel and positive thinker Jakes is worth 18
million Franklin voodoo donuts Graham is 25 million Rick The Purpose Driven
Warren at 25 million Billy brother man Graham 25 million Creflo that’s my real
last name dollar at 27 million Joel threefold flame Osteen
40 million Benney false healer Hin at sixty million and Pat lion’s paw Robertson at
100 million and the master of prosperity gospel preaching Kenneth Copeland is
worth a ridiculous 300 million dollars Yahusha Jesus had some strong words
for preachers like these Pharisees who were lovers of money heard all these
things and they ridiculed him and he said to them you are those who justify
yourself before men but God knows your hearts for what is exalted among men is
an abomination in the sight of God be careful who teaches you one of the
best-kept secrets of the intelligent agencies is their infiltration of
religious organizations loving you we actually serve the same God Allah to a
Muslim to us ever father God I realized you had built the world that’s a leader
that you’d liked to live in and his father Frank Houston he too was a
high-profile church leader but used his position and influence to abuse children
yeah yeah yeah okay Alexandra but what about fellowship what about us just
regular churchgoers the most important fellowship to be in is with our Creator
is with God second is with other born-again believers and if you’re a
social person then maybe church can be helpful but there are plenty of other
ways to meet up with other believers I mean Matthew 18:20 says for where two or
three are gathered together in my name there I am in the midst of them small
groups are great since everyone knows who’s leading them I don’t have enough
time here to do an expose but look at this I want to get this picture and on
Bible Gateway calm they say don’t miss our free CS Lewis daily email
CS Lewis was a practicing witch and his works are full of the mystic symbolism
I’ve been talking about this is exactly what I mean by places appearing to be
Christian actually pushing the mysteries you feel like because Bible gateway
supports CS Lewis he must be safe he is not according to his own autobiography
surprised by joy Lewis says he abandoned his Anglican faith at age 13 due to the
influence of a school mistress who was involved with theosophy Rosicrucianism
and spiritualism he developed what he called a lust for the occult saying
it is a spiritual lust like the lust of the body it has the fatal power of
making everything else in the world seem uninteresting while it lasts
he also said that he was strongly influenced by George MacDonald who was a
Universalist McDonald’s book Lilith is based on the Talmud of teaching that
Adam was married to a demon names Lilith before he married Eve by the end of
McDonald’s his book Lilith is redeemed and Adam says that even the devil will
eventually be redeemed back to megachurches they are part of a
centuries-long plan to stamp out true Christianity and the people who don’t
follow this New Age pseudo Christian mysticism the occult groups that make up
the establishment were the ones responsible for popularizing and
infecting churches with false doctrines like Christian theism and the idea of a
Third Temple the landmass known as Israel is a Z State created at the
expense of the Hebrew J’s after this and has no relation to the Israel of the
Bible one of the lives that has crept in is believing that a third temple will be
built in Jerusalem reintroducing sacrifices and bring in the Jewish
Messiah who Christians wrongfully think is a human called the Antichrist some
Christians think they don’t have to worry about it because they’re going to
be secretly raptured the idea of blood sacrifices being restored at a temple is
a slap in the face to Jesus and his finished work on the cross Christians
who believe this are called Christian Zs because they have been deceived by
their pastors who were taught under the Z funded brotherman run seminaries this
idea is part of a relatively new philosophy that has infiltrated
Christian Church is called dispensationalism
these pseudo scriptural ideas the brothers are introducing into the
churches include unquestioned Christian support for the State of Israel the
primary denomination pushing these doctrines are the Southern Baptists but
many have adopted these ideas by now regardless of denomination as I said
during the 1920s the Southern Baptists joined the brothers by the millions as
an example of Baptist doctrines the encyclopedia of Southern Baptists vol 4
states the millennial kingdom will be predominantly Jewish with headquarters
in Palestine and temple worship in Jerusalem brothers have succeed
infiltrating the churches and changing Yosha Jesus’s teachings these Talmudic
beliefs crept into Christianity primarily through the work of
theosophist John Nelson Darby and the Z controlled Cyrus Scofield and his
commentary in the Scofield Bible John Nelson Darby was a preacher in the late
1800s who used brother manic and theosophic language in his writings just
one example on one page of his book Christ the faithful witness he uses a
strictly brother man phrase and calls God
the Architect Darby was told about a Scottish lady Margaret MacDonald who had
visions of the rapture and the Christians would be gathered secretly
before Jesus’s Second Coming another influence on Darby were the
urbanites who helped Darby adopt the rapture theory the first source Margaret
MacDonald was a channeler or a spirit medium and the second source the
urbanites received their teachings from rabbi ben ezra which was the pen name of
a spanish jesuit emmanuel likova then there’s Charles Spurgeon a famous
English Baptist preacher in the 1800s also known as the Prince of preachers he
worked hard to get people used to hearing brother man language that is not
found anywhere in scripture there will be nothing there that is trumpery or
temporary everything there is the best of the best most suitable for the
inhabitants and most glorious to behold the very streets are paved with gold
exceeding rich and rare the best builders of Earth cannot be compared to
the great builder above the eternal architect the everlasting brother man
who has built those many mansions where his Saints shall dwell forever
another late 1800s preacher was Cyrus Scofield a washed-up Kansas lawyer who
had served at the US District Attorney for Kansas but was forced to resign due
to scandal and questionable practices z samuel unter meyer found him through a
network of contacts in the Jewish Theological Seminary Hunter Maier was
given the job of injecting Jayesh Z beliefs into Christianity thus creating
Christian theism or the people who quote stand with Israel
Samuel inter Meyer introduced Scofield to Z and socialist world leaders either
with Scofield shady past a criminal record in the fact that he had never
been to seminary disease were able to control the press do some public
relations work and along with their international Network he became one of
America’s leading theologians Scofield introduced the idea of dispensationalism
which includes the rapture and every building of the third temple through his
commentary in his reference Bible which was printed by Oxford University Press
in London which is owned by brother men the origins of dispensationalism can be
traced back to a channeler a jesuit priest, a theosophist, a washed-up
lawyer an a Z organization bound to determined to inject Ta**dic beliefs
into christianity since the false teaching of dispensationalism began
religious leaders like Oral Roberts Hall Lindsay and 33rd brother man a Southern
Baptist Billy Graham and David Jeremiah have promoted the secret pre-trib
rapture and the physical Third Temple ideas dispensationalism also teaches
that history is divided into seven periods or dispensations
I’m sure the similarity of the coloring in the seven dispensations of the seven
chakras is completely coincidental but I digress according to the Baptist press
in America the Moody Bible Institute the Bible Institute of Los Angeles now Biola
University and Dallas Theological Seminary played important roles in
spreading dispensationalism gradually other schools and even entire
denominations embraced the system Adrian Rogers Charles Stanley and W a Criswell
were among the most prominent Southern Baptist dispensationalists although
dispensationalism likely is the most popular eschatological position among
Southern Baptist today Garrett noted that it was a new
development in the 19th century with no antecedent in the Baptist past you had
Graves who had the Fort Worth pastor J Frank Norris and then you had W A
Criswell espousing dispensationalism he said but nobody back behind that period
was it all inclined and I would argue the reason is because they did it come
before the 19th century in Britain after Christ ran the people who were selling
ox sheep and doves out of a temple with a whip and overturned the money tables
the J’s said to him what sign do you show us for doing these things jesus
answered them destroy this temple and in three days I will raise it up the J’s
then said it has taken 46 years to build this temple and will you raise it up in
three days this dude is crazy but he was speaking about the
temple of his body in an act 1724 the God who made the world and everything in
it being Lord of Heaven and Earth does not live in temples made by man nor is
he served by human hands as though he needed anything since he himself gave to
all mankind life and breath and everything yah does not live in a temple
all sacrifices were stopped with Jesus died and rose again he is the ultimate
redemption for sin and he is our way to salvation the only way to salvation this
third temple idea is blasphemy and is based on a misinterpretation of the 70
weeks of Daniel this is the dispensationalist theory then he the
Antichrist a human Antichrist manju shall confirm a covenant or a peace
treaty with many Israel for one week seven years but in the middle of the
week after three and a half years then he the Antichrist shall bring an end to
sacrifice and offering the tribulation temple sacrifices and offerings
Yahusha, Jesus is the one who was cut down after three and a half years and ended
sacrifice this theology is a gross misinterpretation of Daniel and teaches
that Jesus is the Antichrist there is only one religion that believes that the
mysteries brother men are the ones who have looked forward to the Jewish goal
of rebuilding the Jewish temple however they know the temple is in us our hearts
which they call Solomon’s Temple animal sacrifices are nothing compared to what
the Luciferian cults do on Friday and Saturday nights across the United States
and across the world in covens they also meet on the many satanic holiday days
over 300,000 covens exist in the United States alone each having 13 or more
members a black prince or a black satanic magician once estimated that
forty to sixty thousand satanic human sacrifices occur just in the u.s. yearly
then there’s the issue of monarchs leaves worldwide there are people whose
freewill has been taken away by Luciferian programmers those of you
who’ve watched Lucifer’s playgrounds know exactly what I’m talking about but
one satanic ritual abuse survivor Katie groves was born in Central Texas into a
child snuff ring run by the CIA called Uncle Sam’s snuff factory or genocide
factory due to its participation in the systematic extermination of children of
color my name is Katie groves and I am a survivor of the child chef industry this
video is about my experience growing up in a child’s my friend known as Uncle
Sam’s sn** factory this ring was located in Central Texas it’s not
factory as soon when it’s genocide factory is the very literal definition
of how on earth indeed America is not the wonderful free place we were taught
it was as kids these examples hardly stand alone there are countless
underworld activities going on in every corner of the earth if that is not an
abomination I really don’t know what is churches should be the first to expose
the reality of ritual and satanic ritual abuse and help victims yet they were
being silent or worse they are some of the biggest perpetrators of human and
drug trafficking speaking of sacrifices in the god of sacrifice Moloch acts 738
through 43 documents the Israelites apostasy in the desert and yah calls
them out yeah he took up the tabernacle of moloch and the star of your god
remphan figures which he made to worship then and I will carry you away beyond
Babylon the star of remphan is an occult star not a reference to King David David
never had a star it is however a symbol used by King Solomon in verse 42 it says
yah gave them up to worship the hosts of heaven the fallen angels not long after
we witness King Solomon’s apostasy yah or God warned him not to marry foreign
wives but Solomon did anyway and started worshipping their gods like Astaroth and
milcom and Solomon did evil in the sight of the Lord and went not fully after the
Lord as did David his father Solomon built altars to Hamas Moloch and did as
his wife’s did burn incense and sacrificed unto their gods Solomon is
revered by the brotherman and venerated by all modern occultists even the
priests the heads of the house of jacob are called out for their apostate
practices who also eat the flesh of my people and Flay their skin from off of
them and they break their bones and chop them in pieces
as for the pot and is flesh within the cauldron let’s stop here and address
something that I’ve seen a lot people wonder how Jesus could have been born
through the line of Solomon please pause the video to read the slides scripture
gives us Jesus’s genealogy in Matthew which is on the left and Luke on the
right Matthew starts with Abraham and works
down to Joseph Luke starts with Joseph and works his way down to Adam both
genealogies agree until we get to King David Maddie says David begat solomon
but Luke says David begot Nathan after that point the genealogies are
completely different meaning they can’t both be for Joseph so what’s going on
here Matthew and Luke are describing two different lineages Matthew follows the
line of Joseph and Luke seems to follow the line of Mary who is the only blood
relation to Jesus Luke and verse 23 says Jesus himself began to be about thirty
years of age being as supposed meaning according to custom the son of Joseph
which was the son of heal I but Matthew says Joseph was the son of
Jacob here we have two lines from King David the line of Solomon in the line of
Nathan which can only mean the Gospels are describing two different lineages
Luke most likely provided the biological genealogy of Mary it’s my belief that
Jesus is from the line of Nathan and not Solomon the apostate King worshiping the
Fallen Angels has never stopped the religion that began in the Garden of
Eden with a lie has continued to this day and is the power behind the
establishment that controls everything the infamous temple on epstein Island is
physical proof that this type of worship and sacrifice is still going on
with the elite they don’t need a third temple in Jerusalem to make their human
sacrifices solomon’s temple that the brothers are building ends up to be
nothing other than lucifer the light-bearer’s temple he is standing in
the holy place where he does not belong the place where the holy spirit should
dwell in your heart is replaced with a search for gnosis there will never be a
physical temple built on the site where the Muslim Dome of the rock is in my
opinion the third temple is us it’s our hearts
our souls we are what lucifer wants to take away from our Creator sometimes
dispensationalism makes christians want to pull out of the world and just wait
for the rapture instead of marching out to the frontlines it causes people to
sit back and passively wait never throwing a punch the battle is now we
are in a war the soul world war I want to challenge everyone to notice how
often they use the future tense this will happen is going to the coming this
or that someday there will be once this or that happens then they then we
sometime in the future instead pay attention to what’s already happened and
what is happening at the moment before passing off an idea to some far-off
day-after-tomorrow the same can be said about those waiting for robots or a eyes
or an alien invasion to come take over the world or even some fantastical
technology that will change our DNA what magic really is is mental manipulation
either of your own or manipulating someone else
the Cabal wants you to believe in some AI or alien takeover but the reality is
we live in an artificial matrix that is transmitted into the lower atmosphere by
the royal and noble bloodlines priests rabbis Imams and different cultists
including but not limited to brother men and Jesuits who are mathematical and
geometric programmers of society this is the esoteric reason for HAARP it uses
wireless frequencies for its main purpose of behavior modification mind
control and mental harassment it’s also done on a smaller scale to targeted
individuals via smart phones or smart devices and even transformers radiation
changes DNA this grid radiates sigils or geometric designs into the atmosphere
that resonate like when a rock is thrown into a river and the water ripples
around it yes these are also used to enhance the resonance or shift of
frequency intelligence agencies track what people
read online and if they don’t want a person to believe something that exposes
them they radiate vibrations of confusion or deception notice the
pattern around everybody Sud me being against Fe except those that
the spells don’t work on everyone else feels irritated when the topic is
brought up so it’s generally avoided the Internet is a dangerous place where
sites are set up as decoys to take the pulse of people and then use the info
against them like godlike productions and Facebook are examples of weaponized
sites this is the reason there is so much confusion in the so-called truth or
community most of it is run by the very darkest occultists with the agenda of
destroying any hope for finding truth I see it as another reason to stick with
the word of God and stay away from anything of the world
I realize me a stranger on YouTube is telling you that but I’m trying to share
what I’ve learned on my journey but you won’t hurt my feelings at all if you
prefer reading the Bible to watching my videos electronics have changed our
reality one reason may be due to the human brain initiative funded by the EU
jesuit james bauer created a program called genesis which is a bio and neuro
simulator created to hack the human brain and body these frequencies are
emitted from newer electronics the black nobility the ka***alah centre the italian
mafia and the Church of Scientology also have neuro brain computers and many
Hollywood victims are involved in fact this technology is incites all over the
world the occultists deflect from their
endeavors by promoting propaganda about some future AI and alien invasion
electronic harassment mental and physiological modification is here right
now the mind is the most powerful and sophisticated computer in fact
scientists are now able to manipulate DNA to create computers DNA is a
material that will change when given a signal a lot like the language of zeros
and ones of computers but it will not overheat like computers do which slows
down their computing power scientists discovered this information during
research into Holograms about 30 years ago if the world knew everything that
the occultists actually had technologically which is at least 50
years more advanced than what they’re telling us they have we would go into
something called future shock because we can’t possibly imagine what’s actually
being used and just that exists based on what we have now it would be like taking
somebody from the 1920s and saying like hey guys here’s an iPhone
the people in power create incremental changes over time so that they go
unnoticed by most all of you here now are helping to use their evil technology
against them I use my iPhone and the internet to try and get any truth out to
as many people as possible because I can’t talk to that many people in real
life and you guys who mirror my videos and share my videos and stuff you’re
making me into a virus which is awesome because we’re infecting a lucifer’s
kingdom it’s great so everybody out there keep making your memes keep making
your shirts everybody keep making effie proofs and
do everything that you can let’s just be viruses it may sound crazy to think the
thoughts and intent or the will of these few occult families and groups are
transmitted or resonating through our atmosphere or is it principalities are
the entities that act like waves over groups of people or places there’s
obviously help from the demonic realm and accomplishing these goals but don’t
be afraid guys romans 38 says neither death nor life nor angels nor
principalities nor powers nor things present nor things to come nor height
nor depth nor any other creature shall be able to separate us from the love of
God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord regardless of what you believe about the
prophetic biblical timeline no one can justify sticking their head
in the sand and waiting for tomorrow everyone should take the John 7:17
challenge find out whether what we believe is from God or from men the
brothers fly the flag of another country to cause a war and go unnoticed by
blaming it on someone else they false flag to the churches and exchange the
truth with lies they turned salvation into a show walk down an aisle say a
prayer sing a song shake a brother man preachers hand follow the cool people on
Instagram the brothers joint churches sat on the
boards monopolized the seminaries and caused the entire true religion of
Christianity to be replaced with an imposter mystic Christianity or
Christian theism the brothers made the people believe we were a Christian
nation which is false there are true Christians in this nation but that
doesn’t mean we’re a Christian nation they brought as pagan festivals and
never celebrate the our museums are covered in brotherman
art or entertainment industry is dominated by their symbols our entire
history is the history of their conquests their architecture is
everywhere Lucifer is the god of this world the architect and nothing in
architecture is ever superfluous their religion is shoved down our throats
everywhere we turn we are the drop and they are the wave the secret knowledge
isn’t secret it’s everywhere you turn it’s just a matter of having eyes to see
and ears to hear or not hey honey do you need anything from the alchemical symbol
for gold store I’m just gonna get in my Ahura Mazda or my Subaru which is the
Japanese word for Pleiades or maybe my baby eater Alfa Romeo or Saturn simple
car and drive by the many brother owned shops on my way and pick up some GMO
quote unquote food with the quote unquote money we barely have from my two
jobs I work non-stop so we can download free podcasts about serial killers
they’re still trying to figure out why they snapped which has nothing to do
with MKULTRA and maybe watch a CIA piece of propaganda and a movie theater once
in a blue moon when we feel spontaneous oh and we won’t mention the Glen towers
always conspicuously placed nearby that’ll go home and do yoga or maybe
trance out in this piece of black obsidian which will show me anything I
want in the world just by asking it and because I’m out of time to catch up on
current affairs since I barely have time to read an entire recipe online I’m
gonna have my TV gurus tell me what to think so I don’t look like the odd man
out at work tomorrow at my job in computer science and systems analysis
where the language of terminology used a computer science and especially software
is all based on Greek demonology a perfect example of how mystical indical
are apparently secular society is anyway people are believing false doctrine
because they are believing in false Authority mystic Christianity is a
negation of Christ’s teachings Yahusha Jesus Christ was in blatant
disregard for the religious hierarchies of the day and set out to free the
Israelites and the world from false leaders he taught people they have
direct access to God without a hierarchy the New Age is the opposite of those
teachings they promised freedom but promote things that enslave us and it’s
still the great white Brotherhood hierarchy and in our own positive
thinking or magical willpower to believe in they give us gurus to do
for us Christ showed the people that they have permission to have access to
God but in India Babylon Greece and Egypt the religious leaders were
requiring initiations into their mystery religions these leaders acted as
guardians of this mystery knowledge allegiance to the power structure
allowed you access to secret knowledge these ingredients are the same things
that make up the brotherman structure and the Mcchurches bottom line is the
systematic infiltration of Christian churches by the brother men created a
radical departure from the original Christians and replaced them with their
own imposters brother men are told to carry the Temple of Solomon in their
hearts the New Age brother man Rees daughter religion uses very similar
terminology I did a video on st. Germaine a very long time ago but his
attributes actions and importance throughout history suggest he is behind
many influential occultists guiding humanity to his end goal Saint Germain
is just another name of many for Gadreel or Lucifer the father of lies and
of the mysteries the threefold flame of saint-germain is the presence of God
anchored in your heart it is the presence of God within you the flame
that burns within your heart is a cosmic seed of consciousness Temple of Solomon
threefold flame whatever they want to call it it’s the same thing they know
the Third Temple is spiritual not physical the very people giving churches
their false doctrines about building a third temple don’t believe it themselves
this central chamber called the altar of the heart is thus the connecting point
of the mighty silver cord of light that descends from your god presence to
sustain the beating of your physical heart giving you life purpose and cosmic
integration the Catholic Church has been using the threefold flame for centuries
in the heart of their Jesus figure this Jesus is also the teacher of the Piscean
age and st. Germain’s holy brother the threefold flame can be seen in many
other brotherman locations like the Statue of Liberty Elizabeth Claire
prophet gives us the new age meaning of the statue this flame of Liberty
inspired the building of the Statue of Liberty the statue does not just
represent the country of America but for all who carry the threefold flame the
flame of freedom in our hearts even the Dallas Theological Seminary has the same
threefold flame of st. germain the threefold flame represents the light of
God rail of Lucifer who wants to be in your heart which is supposed to be the
temple of yah Hosea 10 to describe parts of the Israelites who followed
pagan gods while claiming to follow the one true God their heart is divided now
shall they be found faulty notice in Psalm 86 11 says teach me thy way O Lord
I will walk in thy truth unite my heart to fear meaning to have reverence for
thy name only God can unite a divided heart America is extremely important to
the brothers and to st. Germain Samuel Columbus Shakespeare Bacon enter
saint-germain sponsor of the United States of America uniting mankind as a
melting pot is a brother man idea that is an inversion of what scripture tells
us in Genesis 11 where God separated tribes and tongues and nations of a
tower of Babel the same ideology shared by Nimrod is the vision of st. germain
his life started with secrecy being given to we thank the Medici family so
he learned to Lucifer’s Flame has replaced the Holy Spirit of God in our
hearts in the temple Lucifer’s many overshadowing is always involved
influential and revolutionary characters like Plato and Francis Bacon those with
great occult knowledge like Hermes and ties to royalty like the count of st.
Germain the exact opposite way that God sent his son into the world on a donkey
the very Pharisees prophesying a king missed him the new Atlantis is the title
of Sir Francis Bacon’s utopian book that was originally called the land of the
Rosicrucians a cult leaders of secret societies along with Sir Francis Bacon
felt the new world America was the best chance to create the new Atlantis they
can describe the brothers in the New Atlantis saying quote amongst the
excellent acts of that King what above all hath the preeminence it was the
erection and institution of an order or society which we call Solomon’s house
the noblest foundation as we think that ever was upon the earth Elizabeth Clare
Prophet describes Francis Bacon and the New Atlantis Ben Jonson offered a toast
to him in the form of a poem written in the sonic code the secret message that
runs through the poem shows that Francis Bacon was being honored not only an
account of the anniversary of his natal day but as
the founder of a literary rose across the Rosicrucian fraternity and Sonic
Brotherhood and that his royal descent was well known to the heads of the
Brotherhood that would explain why Bacon’s new Atlantis was reported to
contain the key to modern rituals it is widely accepted that America is the new
Atlantis and here we are at the last point in our chart the new Atlantis
America she goes on to say America is Jerusalem recovered and New Atlantis
reincarnated to answer this we must consider four things first of all the
role of the Masons in the American Revolution
second the symbology in our great Ceylon flag
third the mystery of bruton’s church in Williamsburg Virginia and for the wave
of religious fervor of the Great Awakening and millennialism all this
combined to bring about the restoration of Israel and Judah in the New Atlantis
Bruton churches a church in Williamsburg Virginia where a vault was buried in
1648 with Anna Grammatik readings on it that revealed it was Bacon’s fall placed
there as a monument to brother manry and a sign of his behind-the-scenes planning
in America George Washington Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry went to
church there when legislature was in session George Washington called the
United States the great brotherman experiment and he had a lot to do with
the Declaration of Independence and beginning this country saint-germain
then turned to the new world and as he had already been working with America
since its founding he stood by George Washington throughout the revolution
called for the signing of the Declaration of Independence and directed
the writing of the Constitution he anointed George Washington as the first
president principles found in Plato’s Republic and the book that new Atlantis
by Francis Bacon outlined the foundation of the government of the u.s. the
founding principles of those works were not Christian but part of the mystery
religions Plato believed that in the Utopia of the NWO genders would be
abolished Manley P Hall wrote in his book America’s Assigned
Destiney that he believed Christopher Columbus worked with Lorenzo de’medici
and a secret society to discover America Columbus even sailed with the Templar
orders red cross logo on his sales Hall is basically saying America was known
before Columbus ever came into the picture and it always figured heavily
into esoteric plans including to create Plato’s Republic or Francis Bacon’s New
Atlantis America is incredibly important to Lucifer synthesis despite what
biblical commentary wants you to believe this is their Millennial Kingdom and
they’ve worked on it for centuries as we are entering into the New Age of
Aquarius according to the Sumerians who is a key is the original man of Aquarius
an otherworldly even extraterrestrial being we are returning to a time when
Enki himself may return according to historian org Lord an key is known to
the new-age community mostly as saint-germain and he appears to us in
many forms one of which is the form of Lord Thoth those who can recognize the
true message of the new world order should know the saint germain through
his channeled messages was among the first who spoke about the new order of
the Aquarian age that will be governed by the ascended masters and not by the
bankers and the Dark Brotherhood or the Dark occultists you see how all of these
characters and stories are the same but just have different names the New Age
the Age of Aquarius the Golden Age Age of Enlightenment
it’s the ultimate synthesis of the plan put into place as a pact on Mount Hermon
by the fallen it is taken literally all of recorded history to reach this point
this can never happen again this is not a historic blip or a small piece of the
puzzle this is the entirety of human history the end of time to true
believers means the end to Lucifer’s Kingdom in the return of yahushua Jesus
Christ the Messiah the judge not the promise of a new age of enlightenment
where government gets to be the judge a new age without Jesus without God where
Lucifer continues to play God from behind the curtain in May of 2019 Trump
tweeted this is a bright new age the Age of Enlightenment Q post 144 even
references this new age of enlightenment when Trump was tanking in the polls the
New Age channels reported Trump would win no one believed them and
he actually did no one thought she would lose Trump is performing alchemy in that
he is turning lead the dark world order to gold the light world order he’s
playing you know he and chess the first beast to the second dark to light a
Great Awakening has always accompanied spiritual revivals this great awakening
of Q is initiating humanity into the Age of Aquarius or the so-called Golden
Age you can’t have a Golden Age without gold I’ve mentioned a worldwide
financial reset backed by gold in previous videos the key here is
worldwide how can it be worldwide because the Fed
owns all the central bank’s in these countries the Fed and the IRS fact the
US Federal Reserve is a privately owned company sitting on it’s very own patch
of land immune to the US laws the Dutch central bank recently issued a stunning
warning if the entire system collapses gold will be needed to start over
look what’s happening around the world we know the central bank system cannot
last yes the Patriots are creating a new economy for the people gold will destroy
the Fed first Kings chapter 10 of the Bible states the weight of the gold with
Solomon received each year it was 666 talents converted into today’s
measurements that’s approximately 25 tons of gold for each year of his
40-year reign to put that into perspective the Bible
says that King Solomon had more than double the amount of the u.s. gold
bullion deposits currently held in the New York Federal Reserve the exact same
phrase as the second chronicles 913 God does not repeat himself without reason
revelation 13:18 says here is wisdom let him that hath understanding count the
number of the beast for it is the number of a man and his number is 666 the
number of the beast is the number of a man the man to Solomon his number is six
hundred threescore and six of gold the new age claims that the saint germain
world trust is comprised of gold silver and precious gems and that saint germain
is the one behind Nesara/Gesara or the financial reset leading to presumed
world peace and prosperity disinfo sites about Nesara and Gesara
are owned by the Shrubbery family and comprise most indexed sites on google
Trump with the help of the light faction within the military has done more to
implement st. Germain’s debt forgiveness than any other president
Nesara/Gesara will bring in a one-time debt Jubilee we’re all debt is
forgiven the Fed controls central banks who sell your debt student loans and
mortgages to institutions or governments and it is on the verge of collapse
thanks to Trump pushing them no fed no debt but debt is an entirely different
topic for another day but since the Fed owns the IRS it will also supposedly be
dismantled under nosara and taxes will be returned to the people which is in my
opinion would most consider the mark of the beast I’ve discussed this in my
previous videos but everything we’ve talked about we’re placing the truth
with mystic teachings is the great falling away apostasy an apostasy is a
rebellion and abandonment of truth let no man deceive you by any means for that
day shall not come except there come a falling away first and that man of sin
be revealed the son of perdition who opposeth and exalteth himself above all
that is called God or that is worshipped so that he as God sitteth in the temple
of God showing himself that He is God do you not know that you are God’s temple
and the God’s Spirit dwells in you if anyone destroys God’s temple God will
destroy him for God’s temple is holy and you are that temple and the son of
perdition is not a man it is the spirit of Belial the spirit of Antichrist the
destroyer or the worthless one while I was with them in the world I kept them
in thy name those that thou give us to me I have kept and none of them is lost
but the son of perdition that the scripture might be fulfilled Jesus was
talking about Judas and the chief priests and scribes saw how they might
kill him for they feared the people then entered Satan into Judas Iscariot being
of the number of the twelve and he went his way and communed with the chief
priests and captains how he might betray him unto them Belial possessed Judas the
antichrist spirit the son of perdition killed Jesus
Bulai long reign is the first beast of the sea
the Cabal from Revelation 13 is over the son of perdition is being revealed to
the public for the first time in history the Cabal is being taken down and all of
his secrets of mind control ritual abuse and child sacrifices are being revealed
even though their being yes that makes sense with the way that
the second beast is described however judgment belongs to God alone
not the second beast the light world order there are only two choices to make
in who we choose to follow the plethora of religions based on the original lie
of Lucifer or the truth this is the most important decision we can make what
separates the wheat from the chaff the true believers the ones who keep the
commandments of God in the faith in Jesus and the fake believers the ones
who claim to be Christians but still follow the world and everything in it
one of the last prophecies in the book of Revelation gives us the outline of
the things we must overcome in this lifetime the beast or the dragon that
old serpent or Lucifer’s image his name and his number
revelation 13 17 says and he causeth all both small and great rich and poor free
and bond to receive a mark in their right hand or in their foreheads that no
man might buy or sell save he had the mark or the name of the beast or the
number of his name this verse says that all people will
receive a mark or the name of the beast or the number of his name
this doesn’t mean three different things it’s just different versions of the same
thing the mark is a spiritual sign that shows who you belong to God also marks
those who belong to him exodus 13:9 says and it shall be for a sign unto the upon
thine hand and for a memorial between thine eyes that the Lord’s law may be in
thy mouth in Exodus 13 16 and it shall be for a token upon thine hand and for
frontlets between nine eyes Strong’s Concordance shows the one of the
translations for sign and token is mark God seals his children with his mark and
the scriptures show that the mark is figurative not literal like some bio
RFID chip that’s a cabal brother manic lie to make the blind tears believe they
see people will no doubt be deceived when the financial reset happens because
they won’t be forced to get a chip and they’ll think that taking the money is
okay of course I don’t have any details of
how it’ll play out I’m not a prophet I’m just watching the signs revelation 15 to
talks about those who had gotten the victory over the Beast and over his
image and over his mark and over the number of his name
the Beast is Lucifer a God trail right the angel who deceived Eve in the Garden
and showed her the forbidden tree of knowledge of good and evil gnosis or
salvation through knowledge is the path to leads to death the only true
salvation is through Yahusha Jesus Christ
we must also overcome the image of the beast I have discussed this as well in
my video what is the image of the beast but if you haven’t seen that one in my
opinion is cute fits the bill for the image the entire world is in love with Q
and the promises they prophesied of ridding the world of the evil cabal and
offering peace and prosperity to everyone ending the endless wars things
only considered miraculous remember how there are light and dark paths within
esoteric organizations Trump took the path JFK did very few have gone the
light world order route they promise judgment to those who enslaved humanity
for millennia they even say that they and we are the saviors of mankind
there’s not going to be a second coming of Christ the second coming of Christ is
you there is only one Savior in his name is Jesus Christ Q struck like lightning
at the perfect moment to create a worldwide effect that was never possible
before and will never happen again put yourself in the shoes of your
distant ancestors and how they felt during the 1890s on the cusp of the
modern world seeing science progress at such an alarming rate we take that time
for granted now and nothing we have today would be possible without all of
history each tiny step of each era March dust steadily toward where we are now
none less important to God and none too insignificant for Lucifer to exercise
his plan so the mark is the same as taking the
name of the beast which shows where your allegiance is all of these things are
important to overcome because we are bombarded from all angles all the time
in his world I discussed the importance of not taking the Lord’s name in vain in
my video the two witnesses and I explained that taking someone’s name is
a metaphor for marriage if you take God’s name you are part of the Bride of
Christ but if you’ve still off the world you’ve taken the beasts name and are
part of the bride of Satan or as it’s called by the establishment the bride of
the Antichrist which tree are you from? the olive tree that includes the true
Jew and Gentile believers in God and Jesus or the Luciferian lies taught in
the tree of knowledge of good and evil the number of his name is 666
possibly the reference to Solomon’s gold brother men worship Solomon and brother
men who follow the light are the ones bringing in the financial reset backed
by gold the followers of the light are the military the Patriots the ones who
are doing the light World Order and pretending to be the good guys setting
us free when really they’re part of the second Beast of Revelation Trump only
has a facade of being Christian or upholding traditional values looking
like the lamb was speaking like the dragon according to certified angel
practitioner and Akashic record consultant Jennifer spell quote a few
weeks ago I was told in a message from saint-germain that Donald Trump was an
aspect of Saint Germain just as Christopher Columbus and so many
before him were according to her when she was channeling he said President
Donald Trump is part of the Divine Plan for the new earth his energy is that of
Saint Germain and he is ushering in the Golden Age the Age of Enlightenment st.
Germain or Lucifer has been working towards for centuries by controlling
both sides of the conflict he achieves the desired goal this is why the two
beast to Revelation work together this is the reason it appears Trump is a hero
and is taking down the evil cabal or the first beast
since the second beast exercises all the power of the first no there is no making
America great again for it was never great it was founded as the amalgamation
of the mystery schools an archived interview from 1976 between Harold
Wallace Rosenthal and Walter White sums up the point for this video mr.
Rosenthal was a US senators aide and worked for the Rockefeller Brothers fund
he was killed by a terrorist attack in Turkey months after this interview we
J’s continued to be amazed with the ease by which Christian Americans have fallen
into our hands while naive Americans wait for Khrushchev
to bury them we have taught them to submit to our every command this
submission has been made possible by the gradual adoption of Ta**udic concepts as
being Christian thus producing a Je*** society
it’s what rabbi Martin Siegel called the J-ization of Christianity when asked how
a nation could be captured without their knowing it mr. Rosenthal attributed this
victory to absolute control of the media he boasted of Je** control of all of
the media any newspaper which refused to acquiesce to controlled news was brought
to its knees by withdrawing advertising failing in this the Js stopped the
supply of newspaper in ink it’s a very simple matter he stated Rosenthal and
exposing certain aspects of the inner and visible world of J-ry revealed the
modes and tactics Js have used in destroying Christian civilization and
covertly attaining control over our lives and governments the result has
been a hidden tyranny upon us like the tyranny waged against the Saints by the
red bee system of Revelation referred to as Mystery Babylon we’ve just seen the
evolution of the original lie from the garden from the beginning to the present
day so what do we do I mean the ideal answer is to either reject this godlike
state by setting up our own governments or opposing the state politically
setting up our own banking system and so on but we passed that point long ago all
we can do is reject it passively by exposing its false godhood it has become
increasingly difficult to free ourselves from the order as it is constantly
trying to mold us into the slaves it wants those who were the children of God
are of the kingdom of God where he is the king in our lives if he’s not your
king you are not of his kingdom we are free remember that John 8:32 says
ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free everyone under the
confusion of Lucifer is in Chains by that definition everyone in the
establishment hierarchy are slaves they have all the money all the land all the
fame and all the power but they are the slaves we have something they never will
freedom don’t be afraid of deprogramming and don’t be afraid of questioning God
remember truth is truth it can withstand questioning most people run into slides
dialectics disinfo programs spoon feeder agents smoke screens controlled
opposition’s are flat-out lies that throw a wrench in people’s search but
before throwing out the baby with the bathwater assuming that the almighty
truth contradicts a new piece of information make sure that new piece is
true it is more likely that you’ve been deceived by the countless organizations
working tirelessly to destroy God that brings me to how much confusion might be
felt on your journey of breaking out but don’t lose hope God is not the author of
confusion with as much time energy and effort as the Cabal and the Alliance the
establishment have made to destroy and kill God ask yourself why why is the
world so desperately tried to kill something that they want you to believe
doesn’t exist in the first place an anonymous quote sums this up best you
can demonize the truth and bury it in the deepest pit of hell that still won’t
make it a falsity and someone who is intellectually honest will inevitably
find it again thank you all for watching this video I will see you next time bye

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