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  • If History is like cooking, this was a deflated Souffle. The ovine masses get the point: don't support Donald Trump because he is crass and doesn't know his history and will actually do what he says, which is sooooo scary, according to Niall. I guess he likes Establishment Hillary and all the certain mistakes she will make. He also wants the U.K. to stay in the EU because otherwise they will have to go back anyway to sort it out. What a terrible argument! He has clearly become too connected to the big movers and shakers and has lost touch. That comes from wealth and comfort and complacency. I guess being crass is really one of the most terrible things once can be these days. Lets all be elegant like Christine Lagard and not pay any taxes and counterfeit money and screw up the world. By the way, the EU is a protectionist racket, not what Donald Trump wants. Niall hopes you will get his PC establishment drift and follow like the sheep that he thinks you are. He must be reading too much J.K, Rowling political treatises to his child and believing it. I hope his wife hasn't been corrupted.

  • Will the esteemed historian pointing how many talking heads were wrong on trump prepared to come on public media and a year after trump presidency accept any
    mea culpa – in the evet that Trump made significant accomplishments? Not being a U.S citizen the sneering professor does not read the American priorities in the order that many voters do. he cannot get into his head that many will vote Trump just for keeping the supreme court out of the clutches of the Left, that a Trump presidency will move on the imigration issue, but the esteemed and most knowledgeable professor will have numerous platforms where he can explain, how he went wrong, will be fun to watch it.

  • I love Mr Ferguson's work. I have no interest in Trump or increased tariffs but I think Mr Ferguson should come to my village in Norfolk, UK and tell immigration is not a problem. I was racially abused by Turkish man (in the nastiest way..not a joke) in his shop in the town for no reason other than being English. There are serious problems with social cohesion here. It is massive and a genuine concern. But I suppose the negative results he predicts are the same weather or not he has seen the reality on the ground. He just sounds like a "politician historian" who is disconnected from factual events for ordinary people.

  • Niall Ferguson, I think you are disconnected like the elites. I am not saying I disagree with your work just that you are missing genuine realities for people on the ground. Your missing subtleties.

  • What happens when immigration is so large to a nation that it destroys social cohesion and eventually destroys the native culture that created democracy, freedom and justice? I am pro Jewish but ask the Palestinians how mass immigration worked out for them.

  • I'll forgive Ferguson's club tie beause I think it's intentional.

  • well I like Niall's understanding. Unfortunately time scales escape peoples broader understanding as they live and think in the moment. What is happening in this year as it gains perspective in your understanding is not what is actually guiding the world. Looking for patterns and key moments shows that we are repeating ourselves over and over. Our countries all like to think they guide events but they are really stumbling through the repeating patterns of history and learning little along the way. But hey! it's good to think you're in the driving seat! And when it goes off course you can always say "no one could see that coming", well not with your eyes closed and no perspective of how history repeats itself.

  • Thanks. Sadly I was not in the audience.

  • Trump phenomenon in the USA or even in the Philippine shows that the so called "politicians" in any party of the country could not be trustable, they represent only the interests of some particular groups, rather the majority of working classes. That is the reason why they could not finish their home work, and they have been even over their capacity to export their religious radical "Democracy" around the world, sometime with their military force. Invasion of Iraq, "Color Revolution", ISIS and so on, are the all real by-products from their radicals. Donald Trump tells a lot of truth that the parties, politicians and country leaders have been trying very hard to hide and cover. Trump let USA population clearly to know and deeply think what would be the priorities of the country and their leadership: home work! USA's enemy is not Russia, not China, not Muslim … USA's enemy is itself. There are too much liars in USA politicians, USA majority want to have another alternative: a CEO of company to manage the country, might be a bit naiv, at least he has long time experience of business, better than previous presidents, who even never have had any local administration experience, like Obama, except their lie or their good presentation.

  • Subversively pro-Trump, in spite of its surface. The "leftist complaint" made using the ideology of the right. A subtle, dangerous, dog whistle to the neo-cons and power elite.

  • Niall is going to have to find a new career in the next four years as he's quickly becoming irrelevant. He doesn't know how to communicate to the masses. the fact he had to be around his bodyguards to finally get the trump phenomena is why he's miserable as a critic of anything of the current time. He needs to stick to history. He doesn't understand the devastation of mass immigration to social cohesion.

    He fails to understand that when your standard of retirement is directly related funding it for the unborn that you'll buy what ever bullshit a politician gives you because no one wants to work as a Walmart greeters in their 70's because social security got whittle down. Plus no one in their 30's wants to carry on extra financial burden for the old people that put us there in the first place nor do they desire to give more to a government system for the future of their young. They'd rather believe the lie it can be paid by taxing the rich or go their own way and save their wealth to give to their children as we did in the past which is much smarter.

  • "A radical reform" without a world war? Have there been a successful example in world history?

  • Great talk, very nice to hear Mr. Ferguson. By the way, Trump will build the wall between USA and MX, for sure we are gonna pay it, but we will pay it with Trumps money, you will see, but he will not know, we are gonna get his money pay the wall and make more money with it.

  • He speaks of the security guards informing him, and of the CNN experts being out of touch with the public and getting it wrong simply because they didn't realise the anti-establishment mood of the people. Yet he rolls up in the UK to campaign for a "Remain" vote in the EU referendum.

  • Ah the Inteligenzia who are they. ABC BBC Judges Lawyers Bankers and their mindless masses who swallow their multicultural lie. Hopefully a strong leader exists out there who can articulate . Trump is not it. BUT BE WARNED , Hillary will create the next strong conservative leader who will smash this global inteligenzia who need to be exposed by their progressive agenda.

  • Genial.

  • When one talks about the Empire being 'good on balance', Niall obviously has no idea how India for example, would have developed without being ruled by the British for 200 years. India may have done very well if the country has been just a trading partner. One can never know!

  • National polls as a predictor of election outcomes a year or six months before election day is similar to predicting exchange rates a year ahead. These are genuine unknown, unknowns and to use polls to predict public moods a year ahead is simply infantile.

  • A huge thank you to the Sydney opera house and promoters for making this talk available, I've read all Niall's books and it's great to hear him to live too.

  • He says it wasn't culture but ideas that led to western ascendency. Culture IS ideas. Ideas make up culture.

  • President Donald J Trump Will Prove To Be The Greatest US President In The Past 100 years.
    Fascism Was The Aim Of The Obama Alinskyite Left Wing Socialists


  • What a guttersnipe.

  • @1:10:37 I like how he has to bash Paul Krugman even when he travels abroad

  • I think what Pro F misses, as well as other countries of the world, is the we ""populists" are tired of the world being hip deep in our problems in the US. We have babysat the world for 70+ years after Europe imploded and held the communists back other wise everyone would be speaking Russian or Chinese, We are 20+ trillion in debt and have paid for the defense of the world. We are tired, need to take care of our house for a while. We are not anti-immigrant but need to slow the rate of immigration, protect our borders and address the problems here. I do believe in free trade and the competitive advantage some countries have over others. What is needed is adaption and innovation to compete. But, the essence of any country is to stand up and defend its people and borders. The PC culture is an attempt to guilt and shame a group until the accused group backs down. Scarlet letter!
    I do like Prof F and have several of his books.

  • Sempre impecável!.. palestra fenomenal! ☺👌

  • No wall, ISIS defeated, very few tariffs. Hasn't been that bad.

  • 6 months before Trump is elected he foretells what populism would lead to. Anti immigrant, the Wall and Tariffs and followers would accept nothing less. Also says The China tariffs are going to be serious. (Niall also called the subprime crises a couple of years before it crashed) Stock Market investors best not ignore trading war becoming a growing trend and what that entails

  • Economic shocks like 2008 are quite rare? What a complete load of rubbish. 1870's, 1930s and 2008 – 2013 compromise entire generations and in the context of human lives, 3 massive disturbances in 140 years has GREATLY impacted every second generation at the very least. That's a MASSIVE amount of economic insecurity. Both of my grandfather's careers were destroyed by the great depression and my career was severely affected by the great recession. Only a blind supporter of unfettered captialism who lives in an ivory tower (away from the suffering) could come to such an idiotic conclusion. Some of his analysis is okay, but when he says things like that, It's clear to me how seriously out of touch he is with the every day person.

  • 51:19 — Ferguson was right about this point. Trump really HAS tried to keep his promises, as stupid as they were.

  • Don't rate the guy at all – he's a seriously over-rated metropolitan who isn't even liked by his own people. Pompous,aloof and pretentious.

  • I have all his books. Absolutely fascinating

  • 1:04:13 – The attitude that made the sexual revolution possible, caused Baby Boomers to try to remove themselves from the normal progression of human life — they were always to be in the adolescent-to-young-adult category, and never to be fertile in any productive sense.

  • You think that the protestant work ethic didn't contribute to the legacy of the West? Niall, you don't even understand the protestant work ethic. It had little to do with material gain; that was just a lucky side effect. The purpose was religious asceticism – The new testament battle against the flesh. In older times puritans, protestants and others would fast excessively, whip themselves on the back with lashes till they were bloody, and go to barbarous measures to abstain from sexuality in their battle against the flesh and desire to be one with the Spirit. Most sects of protestants finally settled on a more realistic spiritual ascetic that involved a lifetime of manual labor as a good middle ground. It was spiritual, not capitalistic. Capitalism combined with a religious people who worked hard for spiritual reasons is absolutely a strong part of the West's legacy. The Amish are a living relic of those times.

  • Australia gets away with murder because of it's location and time zone. (18th century). The manner in which they isolate and imprison immigrants make them a pariah in my mind.

  • he is right.america soon wont be no1

  • "[Is the Islamic State] actually gaining sustenance from Donald Trump's crass rhetoric?"

    …One of the more obvious of his many misrepresentations of Trump. This poor, selectively polite dope reports past history much better than he applies it to the present, and he applies it to the present better than he predicts it for the future. (In other words, what he offers is not so much a useful analysis as it is a mundane ideological perspective decorated with only partially relevant historical anecdotes.) I wonder if he has realized by now how socially constrained his political interpretations are.

  • Condescending prick. Now 2019 and the crisis on the Mexican border is PROVEN…after untold millions more illegals entered the US with no action by Congress. Three more years of China militarizing it's "civilian" islands, flooding the US with subsidized goods, and stealing intellectual property. Trump has been proven to be correct with his policies. Ferguson has been proven to be wrong…blinded by his Trump Deragnement Syndrome. Stop blabbering on about "free trade". There is no such thing as free trade and there has never been. Not with China. Not with the EU.

    Ferguson's big warning "Look out, Trump will actually try to DO the things he campaigned on!!" What a radical idea by Trump.

    And any type of "deal" with Russia is a bad thing when Trump attempts it? How about the reset button given by Hillary Clinton to Lavrov as a gesture of improving relations? Was Ferguson warning against that too? No, he wasn't. The world fawned over anything the Obama regime attempted and gave him a Nobel Peace Prize for "changing US rhetoric", yet when Trump seeks to actually improve US-Russian relations Ferguson raises warning flags? Was there Trump-Russian COLLUSION, Mr. Ferguson? You should work for CNN or MSNBC.

    I've lost all respect for Niall Ferguson.

  • The cookbook to inequality recipe is the twinkie deal, CEOs pay raise Rises 400% and the Baker's get an unleveling sifting pay cut. ( GOOD OLD AMERICA CAPITALIST DEMOCRACY. )

  • Re analyzing Trump, Ferguson's IQ drops to 60

  • Amazing what changes have occurred since this first aired…

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