America’s Historical Newspapers – Louisiana State Package

Today we’re going to look at the America’s Historical Newspapers Database — Louisiana State Package. This is a great resource if you’re researching local history or genealogy. Now you can find it on our list of databases. If you want to know how to get to this page or to log in from home, I recommend checking out our remote access video. So we’re just going to click on the database… And this will take us to the search page. Again, I refer you to the remote access if you’re off campus. Now we’re going to do a simple search here.
I’m going to type in Hindermann. And I’d like to do a custom date range. And I’m going to do before December 31, 1917. And then I’m simply going to click on Go. All right, this takes us to our list of results. And I’m going to show you the first article just as an example of how to get articles from this database to yourself. You can either view the article, or you can view the whole newspaper page that the article is on. We’re going to click on “View Article.” And when you get to that you can read the article. This is an article about the Immigration League out inspecting Avery Island conditions.
That’s where they were making Tabasco. Okay, and this is from December 10, 1907. Okay, so if you wanted this article, you can email it to yourself, you can download it to save it to a jump drive, or you can print it. So those are several ways that you can get the article to yourself. And if you email it to yourself, it will send you the citation information. Always double-check that with an MLA handbook. All right, now if you want to go back to your list of results, you can go up here and click on “Results.” Great! Now as I said, this is a good database for local history and genealogy. These are older issues of the newspapers in question, so let’s click on “Newspaper Titles” just to see some of the titles that they have in this database. Okay, so if we look at Times-Picayune here, we will see that it is covered from January 25, 1837–December 31, 1922. So these are older. If you do want, uh, newer newspaper articles, we do have the New Orleans edition of The Advocate in database format. All right, so that’s all for today on that database. If you need help with that or any of our databases, please chat with us, or text a librarian, email us, call us, or come by the library. Have a great day!

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